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1.2 Dark Skies Approach

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Week 2


Last week, we saw the beginning of what's sure to be a strong first season of Box Office War. Unfortunately, Jim fell just short of making it through to week 2, and had to go home too soon. As I've mentioned before, this game uses different formats each week for an added twist. Because of this, there is a different scoring format, as well as the introduction of points! These points can be used many different ways. The purchase of immunities, special powers, etc. We had some very strong scores this week with the addition of Oscar prognostication questions. For an unfortunate few, however, reading too quickly through questions cost them some major percentage points. Tricky questions are there for a reason, please read each question carefully :) Let's get to the bonuses, shall we?


OW Olympiad: Snitch's 3 day gross

Same awards as last week.


Actual: 13.17m


Alfred- 12.54

5% bonus next week, immune this week


ChD- 13.89

1% bonus next week, immune this week


Punishment- 12.50

immune this week


Bonus 2: The Snitch's placement in the Rock's OW

Actual: 15th place

Anybody who correctly predicted this gets 2% added to their weekly score

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You were asked to predict the following:



The difference between Dark Skies' OW gross and 14.83: 6.64


3. It's Oscar Weekend! Which Oscar nominee will have the highest 3 day PTA?  Unclear, thrown out.


Die Hard 5's % drop from last weekend (3 day): 59.1%



Part 2

Worth 1000 points each. All percentage drops are from last weekend's 3 day grosses


1. Will Safe Haven remain in the top 4? YES


2. Will Escape From Planet Earth drop OVER or UNDER 37.5%? UNDER


3. Will Silver Linings Playbook drop less than 6%? NO


Part 3Oscar Special!

These questions test your Oscar smarts and box office smarts!


Predict the Best Picture winner's domestic gross through Sunday: 129.65


Best Director's film gross this weekend: 1.61


Domestic gross of the Best Actress winner's film through Sunday: 107.18


Team BOA

ChD: 62.4

Alfred: 50.3 

JackO: 77.07

CEDAR: 88.79

riczhang: 74.95

RichWS: 55.79 

fanboy: 44.15 (Placeholder)

Totem: 44.15 (Placeholder)

Team Average: 62.2


Team Survivor:

Spaghetti: 77.3

CJohn: 67.71

Punishment: 88.01

4815162342: 90.43

Goffe: 44.16

Iceroll: 70.82

ClaireHolt: 44.15

Team Average: 68.94


Team BSG

Edward: 77.3

Fakhir: 44.15

DoctorWho: 70.2

Michael G Scott: 88.28

Glassfairy: 78.93

Gopher: 44.15 (placeholder)

tylerdurden365: 44.15 (placeholder)

Simionski: 49.15 (5% bonus from last week, placeholder)

Team Average: 62.04


Congrats, Team Survivor! You're the highest scoring team this week, and are all immune. Team BOA, you are second. Sorry, Team BSG, you are unfortunately the lowest scoring team again this week.


Strikes (3 and you're out!)

RichWS (1)

Fanboy (2)

ClaireHolt (2)

Iceroll (1)

Gopher (2)

Glassfairy (1)

Simionski (1)

Tylerdurden365 (1)

Totem (1)

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You may be asking yourself, "What about part 2 this week? Where are those scores?" Well, that's where the points come in. You get anywhere from 0-3000 points, depending on how you answered the questions (each 1000 translates to 10 points). Here are those results (and other point additions due to being a great predictor).


Edward: 30

CJohn: 30

4815162342: 30+10 for highest score this week= 40

Goffe: 30

CEDAR: 20+5 for getting 100% on SLP's domestic gross+ 5 for second highest score this week= 30

Punishment: 20+ 5 for getting 100% on SLP's domestic gross= 25

MGS: 20+ 2 for third highest score this week= 22

glassfairy: 20

iceroll: 20

Riczhang: 20

DoctorWho: 20

JackO: 20

Spaghetti: 20

ChD: 20

Alfred: 10

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Numbers, since you have the highest score this week, you get to choose which THREE players go into the challenge this week. I need you to send me a list of your rankings of who you'd like to see in the challenge. You may select anyone from Team BOA and Team BSG, so long as they are not immune (in blue). 


Everyone else not in bold blue or on Team Survivor: Immunity costs 25 points this week. PLEASE PM ME if you have enough points, and would like to use them on immunity. I will not be sending out reminder PMs for this, so do it quickly. YOU MUST PM ME BY 3PM CENTRAL TIME ON TUESDAY IF YOU'D LIKE TO BUY AN IMMUNITY

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It's now time to unveil this week's challenge. This will work like a traditional BOA challenge. I will ask three players (chosen by this week's winner, Numbers) questions regarding Wednesday numbers. The player with the lowest score will be eliminated.


The three players chosen for this challenge are:







Your questions for the challenge are as follows:


1. Tell me the percent drop of Identity Thief's PTA from last Wednesday. (This Wed's PTA/last Wed's PTA)


2. Snitch's percent drop from Tuesday


3. Combined gross of the top 5 on Wednesday




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Come on now Creator, third player is Team BSG.


Besides, I only knew to pick riczhang and JackO because of you inviting me into Box Office Alliance as a guest "boss" for the final round(s).

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