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Game of Thrones (TV ONLY) [Leaked Spoilers prohibited]

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HBO seems to be sending thatspecial box to every celebrity who's openly declared their love for GoT.  It is a wooden box with "House *insert celebrity's last name here* " inscribed on the top and inside are the Season 1 and Season 2 blu-ray box sets, a couple of collectibles and a T-shirt with that "House *insert name* " on it.


Interesting marketing concept.  Everyone who's gotten one so far seems to have tweeted about it, lol.  Anna Kendrick isn't the only one.  Mindy Kaling, Scott Ian, Michael K Williams, Steve Harvey, and some more I can't remember.


AND, if you look on the @GameofThrones twitter timeline, they're asking several other celebs (Jon Favreau, Seth Rogen, etc) to follow them so they can DM them, probably about sending them a box.

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They should ask the celebrities what sigil their house is.



I'd love to get a personalized House shirt with a kickass eagle swooping in for the kill on the front.

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Just had the latest Entertainment Weekly delivered with John Snow and Daenerys standing nice and comfy next to eachother. Does EW know something we don't! :D


Well without spoiling anything, the characters haven't even met through 5 books, let alone even heard of the other.

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