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Best IMDb Thread Ever - Remove One Letter From a Movie Title and Describe New Movie

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Finding Emo - An emo kid goes missing and not many people care. 

Happy Fee - The government goes crazy and starts taxing people for being happy.

Patch Dams - Dams around the world are cracking, and many will die unless one man can patch them up in time.

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Star Wars Attack of the Cones  : Tattoine is invaded by ice cream sellers and Anakin Skywalker is driven nuts by the music of their trucks and ends up killing all the sand people...even the children!


Captain America : The fist avenger ---  Captain America fists his way in 1945 Germany


Transformers : Revenge of the Allen  : Tim Allen gets to rework all the autobots and screw up the way they transform and end up not being able to transform anymore.  No sequel made after that. 


Pirates of the Carribean : The curse of the black pear : JAck Sparrow eats a cursed pear and loses his taste for rum.  He sobers up and goes to college to become a fine accountant. 


The sith sense : Anakin Skywalker sees dead people and enjoys his life a lot!


Jaw : An injured great white shark that lost its upper jaw is nursed back to health by a young boy and end up jumping over the coral reef to freedom and a summer of multiple human killings. 


War of the words : tom Cruise argues with South Park creators for 2 hours about the merits of scientology.


Sins : A pastor who lost his wife to a car accident finds love with a bunch of aliens in his corn field during a hot summer. 


Beauty and the Best : A very beautiful girl finds the best man in the world and becomes the happiest stay at home wife in the world. 


30 : 30 spartans walk to war and die at the first battle. 


World War : For no reason whatsoever a world war erupts and a U.N. expert travels the world to try to understand why it was not caused by zombies...


Mr and Ms Sith : 2 married Sith discover after years of marriage that they follow the same religion undercover.  Chaos ensues and the galaxy is torn apart. 


What women ant : Mel Gibson can hear the thoughts of a half woman half ant and discover his half woman half ant side.  Weird shit...


Plane of the apes : Samuel Jackson stars in this disaster movie where apes invade a plane. 


Cash of the titans : A bunch of semi god come to earth to laugh at the poor people. 


The hat : Two female cops from different background find a magical hat that make them solve crimes. 

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The link won't work for me, dammit....


Ill Bill: Bill gets a nasty cold. Decapitations ensue.


True Git: The Piers Morgan story.

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The one ranger-a movie starring armie hammer without Pointless Johnny depp schitck with a bird on his head while pretending to be an Native American because he's covered with makeupLice in wonderland- lice find their a wonderland in a poor country where the citizens are unable to afford shampoo or medicines to save their scalpsBattlehip-as Liam Neeson finally succumbs to old age he is forced to battle his painful hip replacement because his pain medication has been takenRave-Pixar finally makes another movie that receives universal praiseThe urge-one night of the year....all sex is legal resulting in massive public orgies

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Trading Laces - A star basketball player trades in his laces for a pair of Velcro shoes and his career goes down from there.

Pretty in Ink -A biker chick with lots of tattoos falls inlove with a rich preppie guy and the girls biker friends aren't too happy.

Foot Lose - A guy can't dance anymore because he lost his foot in a freak escalator accident

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Mad Max: Fry Road. Max decides to open an outdoor fish fry call the gates of Valhalla, the natives really love it, until they find out eating there doesn't grant them immortality.


Pretty in Ink a girl runs a tattoo parlor, and falls for an very inky guy there.


Batma Begins - a mother bat decides to fight crime after her babies are kidnapped by an evil butterfly, who forces it's captives to make butterfly knifes for his forthcoming uprising, it's up to batma to stop him.


Fifty Shades of Gey (the e sounds like an a)  ;)

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