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---Round Two---


The rankings for Round 2 were determined by your score in Round 1. So here's the new competitions.



Competition 1:

Punishment (a rank 1) versus

New York (a rank 4)


Competition 2:

4815162342 (a rank 2) versus

Michael G Scott (a rank 6)


Competition 3:

Spaghetti (a rank 1) versus

CEDAR (a rank 5)


Competition 4:

Alfred (a rank 2) versus

RICZHANG (a rank 4)


Competition 5:

Glassfairy (a rank 3) versus

CJohn (a rank 5)


Competition 6:

DoctorWho (a rank 3) versus

JackO (a rank 6)



And these are your questions to answer:


1. Predict 42's Monday per theater average


2. Predict Scary Movie 5's Sunday gross as a percentage of Scary Movie 4's Sunday gross for its opening weekend


3. Identify the name/brand of the perfume found in Vesper's bag in Casino Royale (2006).


4. What is the first American movie to show a toilet flushing?


5. Will the Croods' combined Sunday and Monday gross account for more than its Saturday gross? AND identify the difference (the difference between its Saturday gross and its Sunday and Monday gross combined).


DEADLINE: Sunday, April 14 at 11:00 P.M. Central (midnight on Monday Eastern).

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Alrightty then. Because it was short notice and only a few of you answered, I am offering you all this special offer.


These are a second set of questions for Round 2. However, if you answered the first set, you can choose to answer these or not. If you answer these, though, the others will not be scored. I will not take the higher of the two as extra scoring will delay scores. So bottom line, if you predicted, you have the chance to choose whether you want to do these ones or not. If you did not predicgt, this is your last opportunity to do so.



1. 42's total through the end of the weekend was 27,487,144. Predict what percent of its weekend gross its Wednesday gross will acount for.


2. Predict Scary Movie 5's Thursday per theater average


3. Identify the name/brand of the perfume found in Vesper's bag in Casino Royale (2006)


4. What is the first American movie to show a toilet flushing?


5. Will the Croods' make more on its combined Wednesday and Thursday grosses this week (combine the two) than it did on Wednesday last week?


DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY, April 17 at 11:00 P.M. Central (midnight on April 18 Eastern)

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WAR Round II


The results are in for Round II. It was split into two different portions because of the mishap among some of the competitors. I thought about having those players just match up and reshuffling the match ups, but as it turns out, it doesn't affect the results at all because the same people would win in any scenario. So without further ado, here are the match-ups and the results.


Competition 1:

Punishment: 82.10%

New York: 71.77%



Competition 2:

4815162342: 97.28%

Michael G. Scott: 0.00%



Competition 3:

Spaghetti: 93.76%

CEDAR: 95.55%



Competition 4:

Alfred: 51.60%

Riczhang: 91.92%



Competition 5:

Glassfairy: 83.00%

CJohn: 71.16%

Glassfairy wins!


Competition 6:

DoctorWho: 82.15%

JackO: 80.19%




The winners will now be matched into Round III against each other.

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War Round 3


The remaining 6 players will now be grouped into groups of 3. The winner of each group moves on to the final round of War.


Each remaining player is ranked with either a 1, a 2, or a 3. The two players ranked at 1 are...



Team 1:



Team 2:



Joining each of them, with ranks 2, are...


Team 1:



Team 2:



And joining with ranks 3 are...


Team 1:



Team 2:




So that means the final teams are:



CEDAR, Riczhang, and Punishment



4815162342, Glassfairy, and DoctorWho



The winner of each team moves on to the finale. Here are this round's questions:



1. Predict Iron Man 3's Friday per theater average


2. Predict The Great Gatsby's Friday and Saturday per theater average (add the two)


3. Predict Oblivion's Friday gross as a percent of its Saturday gross




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The results are in after much delay. 



CEDAR: 89.52%

Punishment: 90.85%

Riczhang: 89.40%



4815162342: 88.08%

Glassfairy: 90.08%

DoctorWho: 86.14%



The winners are: Punishment and Glassfairy.


Because the season is coming to a close and we don't have time to do a final round, as both players are probably absent anyways, the prizes are going to be PMed to both contestants and will be available for use in subsequent seasons of Box Office War.

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