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Disney's Pete's Dragon | August 12, 2016

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4 hours ago, goldenstate5 said:


It's a modern-day live-action Disney remake/reboot. It's literally the only card they got right now.


The only exception will be next year's Beauty and the Beast which I hear is really more like a film adaptation of the Broadway show. And hell, you already KNOW that the teaser will also be "epic". 


Just shrugged at this one. I feel hard pressed to actually care (don't care for the original either) but it amuses me on how similar this feels to Jungle Book at the moment.


Yeah, I know that. The teaser didn't real reveal much about the film itself, but it certainly made me a bit intrigued I'll admit.


That being said, the film looks quite drab like most Disney live-action remakes. Outside of Cinderella, almost all of them seem to have really grey cinematography, which is something I don' t really appreciate.

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5 minutes ago, CJohn said:

I still don't understand this. They are not similar in any way. 

That "music video" is funny as hell (and super catchy too). That's why.


I am not Jessica Chastain

I'm the one from Lady in the Water

For Christ sake, I am Ron Howard's daughter

So behold this sad refrain


I am NOT Jessica Chastain

So don't you tell me I was great in Interstellar

Go up to Jessica instead and you can tell her

See her face and know my pain



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