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Anyone ever see Song of the South

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Even though it won't see a home video release anytime soon, the film can be watched on YouTube. The animated sequences are wonderful, but the live action scenes tend to drag a bit. As for the depiction of the African American characters I simply look at the film as a product of its time. It's not how you would portray the characters today but it's a film that I would like to see released. Besides one of Disney's most popular rides is based on the film, so it's not like they've completely ignored it,

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Are people still watching movies based on Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and Herriet Becher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin? "N.i:g.g.e.r Jim" and "Uncle Tom" are definitely not political correct (to say the least).

On Austrian (and German) TV you see a lot of movies made during the war. These films reek of fazist sentiments. "Blood is thicker than water", "the simple life counts more than any ill-gotten money", "German virtues will win in the end". From time to time you can still look at them and apreciate other qualities in them.

There are some terrible movies ("Jud Suess"), that show jews in a degrading way. Nobody watches them any more (except in a museum or a classroom maybe).

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No, the mindset among privileged white people at the time really was that African Americans were happy people in the post civil war era. Which is of course far from the truth.


The thing that's wrong with this film however, isn't really clear to a general audience today. Not everyone is a Spike Lee type of intellectual cinema historian.


I can't imagine anyone being genuinely offended by it. The live action scenes drag a bit, but the animated sequences are among Disney's best. It's a classic. 

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