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4.3 "The Return"

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"The Destroyers of Evil" so narrowly beat out "The Shadowkillers" this week, and thus they get the immunity. Chasmmi and Spaghetti now must rank all other members (minus the two unidentified legends), and the players must sort out immunities. The top two candidates unable to or unwilling to purchase immunities will go into The Challenge. The price of immunity is +2 points this week. You can purchase however many you wish, but points will only be deducted if necessary.

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The following members can all afford at least 1 immunity. Please tell me here of via PM asap if you wish to purchase one. No points will be deducted if they wind up not being used.


24Lost: 8 points (can afford up to 4)

DoctorWho: 2 points (can afford 1)

SchumacherFTW: 5 points (can afford 2)

4815162342: 2 points (can afford 1)

ChFloppit: 5 points (can afford 2)

Jay Salahi: 7 points (can afford 3)

Acsc1312: 6 points (can afford 3)

CEDAR: 13 points (can afford 6)

Riczhang: 6 points (can afford 3)

Jim Shorts: 3 points (can afford 1)


I need decisions here or PMed to me by tonight preferably, so as soon as you see this or the PM let me know.

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The Challenge (cont.)


The candidates have been chosen. After immunities were sorted out, we have our two contestants for this week's Challenge. Players were asked to buy immunities. Only immunities were taken from players who were ranked high enough that their names came up for contention. The following players will each have the 2 point immunity deducted from their current point tallies: CEDAR, DoctorWho, 4815162342, Acsc, Jay Salahi, and Riczhang. Anyone else who purchased immunity will not have points deducted as their names fell below two people who did not or could not purchase immunity, and those two players will be enterring this week's Challenge. They are...






Good luck you two. Now you will probably both want to go ahead and answer this week's questions, or you can choose to make your answers the same as your partner's, because the results of this Challenge are so late in the week that you won't find out who is eliminated until after the weekend actuals are published, which will be well past the deadline for this game, and should you survive, you'll want to be able to score well next week to avoid this re-ocurring. So, here is your Challenge:


1. Predict Oblivion's Friday gross


2. Predict 42's Friday percent increase from Thursday


3. Predict The Crood's Friday per theater average


DEADLINE: Friday at 8:00 P.M. Eastern (7:00 P.M. Central) - but I'd recommend submitting these at the same time you submit this week's questions, which are due 3 hours earlier than these.

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One final thing before moving on to this week's scores.


The Challenge - Week 3 Results


Iceroll versus JohnnY.






A good score, but will it be enough to top JohnnY?



No, because JohnnY scored 94.56% on this Challenge. So Iceroll is eliminated and Johnny moves on to the next round!

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