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1.10 Obliviate

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Let's see how high Tom Cruise's name can get him!


Predict Oblivion's 3 day OW (Olympiad question)


Predict Scary Movie 5's % drop this weekend


Predict The Croods' domestic cume through Sunday


Predict the gross of the top 10 this weekend


Predict Oz's 3 day PTA


What will be the biggest Saturday jump (predict the number)?


Where will Oblivion rank in Universal's opening weekends?


Where will Place Beyond the Pines place this weekend?


Will 42 drop O/U 42% this weekend?





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HOLY WOW, scores were phenomenal this week. Glassfairy was left alone after last week, so she'll be moved to Team C with Alfred and MGS.



OW Olympiad: Oblivion's OW


Actual: 37.05



Simionski- 36.88

5% bonus next week, immune this week


Riczhang- 38.5

1% bonus next week, immune this week


CEDAR- 34.77

immune this week

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You were asked to predict the following:



1. Scary Movie 5's % drop- 56.6%


2. The Croods' domesetic cume through Sunday- 154.6


3. Top 10 combined gross- 96.48


4. Oz's 3day PTA- $1,469



Team A

Spaghetti: 97.28

Simionski: 99.2

CEDAR: 98.28

Team Average: 98.25


Team C

Alfred: 90.59

Michael G Scott: 86.42

Glassfairy: 95.46

Team Average: 90.82


Team D

riczhang: 92.87

DoctorWho: 94.81

Team Average: 93.84


Team E

4815162342: 97.68

Goffe: 97.33

Team Average: 97.51


Great job, everyone. Fakhir is eliminated with 3 strikes. Simionski, you ruled again!


Strikes (3 and you're out!)

Fakhir (3)

Iceroll (1)

glassfairy (1)

Simionski (1)

Goffe (2)

MGS (1)

DoctorWho (1)

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