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Box Office Alliance Season 1 (Full Season Here)


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  1. 1. Who should win Player of the Season?

    • The Dark Alfred (placed 1st)
    • acsc1312 (placed 2nd)
    • CEDAR (placed 3rd)
    • Fake (placed 4th)
    • Townzy89 (placed 5th)
    • XenoZodiac (placed 6th)
  2. 2. What was the best team of the season?

    • The Firerisers (Games 1-14) (Game 15)
    • The Shadowlords (Games 1-13)
    • The Wild Cards (Games 1-13)
    • The Epic Losers (Games 1-12)
    • Amazingly Adequate (Games 1-10)
    • The Beasts in the Bushes (Games 1-9)
    • Stark Brothers (Games 1-5)
    • The Pirates (Games 1-4)
    • The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was (Games 1-3)
    • Team Avatrek (Games 1-2)
    • Team Hunger (Games 1-5)
    • The Icelords (Game 15)

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"A STARK SUCCESS" - Game 4 Results

Things heat up in a close three-way race, and there's no clear frontrunner for the season at this point. Spaghetti was eliminated last weekend, breaking up "The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was" and leaving JamesFord92 to side with two new partners on "The Beasts in the Bushes." This week produces some surprise results, the first of which can be seen in gold: Metta World Peace has been eliminated for three strikes, and his score is not averaged into his team's average. Now onto the results:


Electric: 82.39%

EmpireStrikesBack: 82.39%

AVERAGE: 82.39%


bigm10: 0% -2 (-2 2nd strike)

Mattrek: 88.48% +1 (+1 highest Journey 2)

Metta World Peace: 0% (3rd strike; eliminated; score not counted)

AVERAGE: 44.24% -1


Fake: 88.32% +1 (+1 highest Safe House)

Schumacher FTW: 68.96%

AVERAGE: 78.64% +1


The Dark Alfred: 90.98% +2 (+2 90%+)

Townzy89: 87.22%

AVERAGE: 89.10% +2


Cjohn: 91.18% +5 (+2 2nd team, +2 90%+, +1 highest Ghost Rider)

Dom Cobb: 92.27% +5 (+2 2nd team, +2 90%+, +1 highest The Vow)

AVERAGE: 91.73% +10


acsc1312: 92.45% +6 (+1 3rd team, +2 90%+, +3 4 weeks in top 3*)

XenoZodiac: 90.84% +7 (+1 3rd team, +2 90%+, +3 4 weeks in top 3*, +1 highest This Means War)

AVERAGE: 91.65% +13

*Immunity for 4 consecutive top 3 placements


RichWS: 95.02% +10 (+3 1st team, +3 1st individual, +2 90%+, +2 2nd time 1st place team)

Totem: 94.30% +9 (+3 1st team, +2 2nd individual +2 90%+, +2 2nd time 1st place team)

AVERAGE: 94.66% +19


CEDAR: 93.64% +3 (+1 3rd individual, +2 90%+)

Roger the Alien: 0% -1 (-1 1st strike)

AVERAGE: 46.82% +2


DerekVI: 80.96%

JamesFord92: 82.82%

Kalo21: 78.43%

AVERAGE: 80.74%

Stark Bros win and may choose one of the options PMed to them. NOTE: The Shadowlords cannot be chosen for The Challenge because they have won an immunity for 4 weeks in the top 3.

Game 4

1. Stark Bros

2. The Pirates

3. The Shadowlords

Game 3

1. The Pirates

2. The Epic Losers

3. The Shadowlords

Game 2

1. Team Hunger

2. Team Avatrek

3. The Shadowlords

Game 1

1. Stark Bros

2. The Shadowlords

3. Amazingly Adequate

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Don't understand what the point is in having a partner? If one of the teammates forgets to answer the questions, the other teammate has no chance of winning.....

The objective is the game is to form alliances (hence Box Office Alliance) and it is based on working with your partner. It's more challenging but also different from most other games (Survivor is team-based, but as far as I know every other game is virtually independent). BOA focuses on how people work together.

Also, Stark Bros points have been changed.

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Want an easy way to earn a couple extra creativity points to inflate your point total? Well, here's an exciting opportunity!

Submit via PM a motto for your team. 9 teams remain (it may go down to 8 if a Challenge is chosen). You can choose any motto/slogan you want. For example: "We're the best you've ever seen." (You cannot use that one, though.) 1 creativity point will be assigned to each person in the team (for a total of 2 creativity points), but only one of you need submit a motto/slogan.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I'll have it fixed next time I update the chart.

Right now Schumacher, you have 0 points. Sorry for the confusion.

Progress is very slow this week due to the delay. I know usually the weekend game would be up. It might be different, so just stay tuned. Also, the process for the Challenge is not going as fast I had hoped. It would be quicker if the winning team would post their picks in here and/or PM their picks so that immunity purchases can be handled. Right now, Stark Bros have chosen CEDAR and Roger the Alien, but both can buy immunities if they wish. Fake has been chosen as a runner up, and he cannot buy an immunity since he has only 4 points. I need confirmation from both CEDAR and Roger before moving on to the Challenge.

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Ok, the Challenge is delayed, which means those people participating may predict these for naught (well one of them anyways) but I'm going ahead and posting this week's game.

GAME 5 - Due Friday, February 24 At 11:00 P.M. Eastern


2. Safe House (Gross difference between last weekend (3-day) (23.64m) and this weekend. If you need clarification ask)

3. Ghost Rider 2's FRIDAY PERCENT INCREASE (from Thursday)

4. The Vow TOTAL GROSS THROUGH SUNDAY (not its weekend gross; its weekend gross+everything its made through then)

5. This Mean's War % DECREASE

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In a break from the norm, the Stark Brothers have chosen an option other than The Challenge. They have re-scrambled a team. And that team is...

The Pirates

Dom Cobb and CJohn have been great partners all season. Combined they account for 23 points. Now they have each been reassigned to new teams. CJohn will join the Stark Brothers, and with his 10 points the Stark Brothers stand at a hearty 43 point total. Dom Cobb will now fill in Metta World Peace's spot on The Beasts in the Bushes, and with his 13 points, the team's total climbs up to 15 points in 4th.

Rankings stand as such:

1. STARK BROTHERS - 43 points

CJohn: 10 points

RichWS: 19 points

Totem: 14 points

2. THE SHADOWLORDS - 21 points

acsc1312: 9 points

XenoZodiac: 12 points

3. TEAM HUNGER - 19 points

CEDAR: 12 points

Roger the Alien: 7 points


bigm10: -2 points

Dom Cob: 13 points

Mattrek: 6 points

eliminated: -2 points

5. THE EPIC LOSERS - 9 points

Fake: 4 points

Schumacher FTW: 5 points


Electric: 3 points

EmpireStrikesBack: 5 points

7. FIRERISERS - 7 points

The Dark Alfred: 5 points

Townzy89: 2 points

8. THE WILD CARDS - 3 points

DerekVI: 1 point

JamesFord92: 1 point

Kalo21: 1 point

Also, because a Challenge was not chosen this week, The Shadowlords retain their free immunity for 4 consecutive top 3 placements to be used at a time of their choosing.

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