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Investments - June 2013

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Man of steel-100%Monsters university-100%The heat- 50%White House down- 50%


You can't buy all these, you have just 100M,




I think there's 30% of MoS left, so I will take that. :D




This is the End - 100%

The Heat - 100%


Not enough mony so I  take just Thisis the End  - 100%

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Ah, lol, I was tired an I forgot about that, I did not take it into account when i made the calculations for every player.



Ok, so you got This is The End - 100%


Also, I have money left, so I buy The Heat - 100%

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Posted Image




50% monsters university

20% man of steel

Is this allowed



As you can see MU budget is 150M and MoS is 225M.


You get 50% MU and have 25M left, so you can't buy 20% of MoS, you can get maximum 10%. Do you want 10% or nothing? :)

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