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How many "Phases" will the MCU get to before a complete reboot?

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    If I had any say in marketing and strategy within Marvel Studios I'd say they transition terminology after Phase 3 anyway.


    Phases 1-3 giving us trilogies for the following: IM, Thor, Cap and The Avengers....tidy, big bow and all.

    The "Phases" was for the Avengers and core MCU introduction launch.


    Use the Defenders has a backdrop to center the action, use Period/Stage as your terminology.

    Stage 1: Hulk, Namor, Strange 2(introduce Valkyrie), Ant-Man2(hes been a Defender also) then the Defenders film. 

    Stage 2: Hulk 2, Namor 2, Strange 3, Ant-Man 3, Iron Fist then Defenders 2

    Stage 3: Hulk 3, Namor 3, Iron Fist 2 (introduce Luke Cage[assuming he's not on TV with SHIELD), Darkhawk(he was a 90's era Secret Defender you know) then Defenders 3


    That's just off the top of my head. Heck maybe somehow get Jack of Hearts involved, increase the cosmic awareness for the team, Jack was a member deep in the titles run. Be nice to have Silver Surfer, whose a founding member but alas Fox Studios...argh.


    Then spinoff a Heroes for Hire concept with an established Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Use another term again for a 3 tier concept.

    Period 1: 

    Period 2:

    Period 3:


    I don't really like Period but you get what I'm saying...right. Drop Phase, continue the MCU while avoiding a reboot. 


    Whatever concept, just use a uniting concept again. I wish Marvel still had the rights to use their old Champions team concept. That would be another possibility. Heroes for Hire is the next biggest "team" concept that is earth based. Nightstalkers is available but not likely. 

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    Phase 1-3 = Avenger related films centered around RDJ (2008-2018)


    Phase 4-6 = Marvel Knights, Defenders, Inhumans, Runaways and other potential break out, B-level superhero squads (2019-2029) 


    Phase 7-9 = Avengers reboot  with re-acquired Fantastic Four (2030-2040)

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