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  1. 3/5 from Den of Geek 3/5 from GamesRadar film critic
  2. It's certainly influential but it's an obscure property for the general audience. I was surprised to even hear from the likes of people at Collider, that they haven't seen the original film
  3. 3/5 from Independent too. Praise Scarjo as one of the best actresses of this generation 3/5 from The Gaurdian
  4. 3/5 stars from Empire. Well made and entertaining, but not as groundbreaking as the original
  5. Positive review added to RT
  6. They brought up the embargo, so it's lifted now. Not sure why
  7. That's the weird and flawed thing about Rotten Tomatoes. What the review is submitted under isn't necessarily reflective of the critique.
  8. TheWrap gave it a positive score