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  1. Makes sense, that read like it was reviewed by a fan of the original film. They'll be the hardest on it tbh. It sounded like he begrudgingly watched in hopes for the old. Just the reality of it
  2. That's good tbh. It's really one of the main flaws of the movies, especially Innocence where there's an insistence on navel gazing
  3. Wheat other things did you like? The original film is known for some long winded pontificating on one's identity and philosophy. Is that still there? Thanks!
  4. The entire Collider crew enjoyed it, so there's that
  5. Yeah, the ones in the anime looked deceptively human, which kinda highteins the sexual fantasizations. I'm not sure if it was feasible to imitate that with how practical their approach was. Maybe they could gone more CGI?
  6. 😂 yeah, no way Robbie. Fantastic Four was horrendous. This is Power Rangers too