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The Derby Summer League is here!
There is no cost to play the Derby League.  You just have to be a forum member. Each League will contain 10 members. Each week you will be pitted against a fellow league member. Your weekly Derby % score determines the winner. 1st 9 weeks will be a round robin format against each league member. Last 3 weeks will be the playoff. ( 6 teams... 1st & 2nd receive a 1st round bye ) The middle weeks will be ranked competitions ( 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, 5th vs 6th, 7th vs 8th, 9th vs 10th ) For ties in number of wins... Total % over the league will be the tie-breaker Late entries - I've been generous in accepting entries PMed to me after, but close, to the deadline.  To win a league match YOU MUST have your entries in by the deadline.  For those of you that wait until the last few minutes to enter you picks you might want to change you strategy.  Put in your picks earlier and only attempt to make edits late.  The only exception is multiple people report website issues near the deadline in which case I'll extend the deadline.  
1st-3rd place in each league will receive prizes:
1st place: 3 Months in the 'League Champion' winner group ( gold account equivalent )
2nd place: 2 Months of premium ( $20 account credit )
3rd place: 1 Month of premium ( $10 account credit )
To join a league post you name in this thread of PM me.
I need to know by the 24th.  I'll post the team members on the 25th.  1st match is the weekend of the 27th.
If you've never played the Derby before it would be a good idea to play this weekend so you know how it works.
Current signed up players:
Rolling Thunder
That Ambitious Guy
The Fast and the Furiosa
Lights Camera Action
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Goddamn I just made a good grilled cheese sandwich. 
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We have updated the site to 4.2.0! We are happy that we're finally live with this update for numerous reasons. Please note there may be some bugs so please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket or to PM Water Bottle/Telemachos.


Please note of the following changes:

[*] Autoembedding is back. No longer having to manually put stuff in if we support automatically embedding it!

[*] Reactions instead of just likes. ALL REACTIONS ADD ONE LIKE POINT TO A USER'S LIKE COUNT. EVEN THE CONFUSED REACTION. All reactions count towards your like limit. I guess it's a reaction limit now.

[*] Clubs are live. Anyone can create a club and they'll have SOME moderator privileges over that club area. I've created some clubs for popular franchises. If you wish to take over the club and have a clean record (no recent warnings or suspensions), let me know. Please know site rules still exist and violating these moderate privileges will lead to your club being taken away from you. Please one club per franchise unless you can justify it's own existence. Clubs don't have to be related to movies.

[*] Franchise forums will close soon since clubs can take the place of it.
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