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    By Water Bottle

    We have updated the site to 4.2.0! We are happy that we're finally live with this update for numerous reasons. Please note there may be some bugs so please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket or to PM Water Bottle/Telemachos.   Please note of the following changes: [*] Autoembedding is back. No longer having to manually put stuff in if we support automatically embedding it! [*] Reactions instead of just likes. ALL REACTIONS ADD ONE LIKE POINT TO A USER'S LIKE COUNT. EVEN THE CONFUSED REACTION. All reactions count towards your like limit. I guess it's a reaction limit now. [*] Clubs are live. Anyone can create a club and they'll have SOME moderator privileges over that club area. I've created some clubs for popular franchises. If you wish to take over the club and have a clean record (no recent warnings or suspensions), let me know. Please know site rules still exist and violating these moderate privileges will lead to your club being taken away from you. Please one club per franchise unless you can justify it's own existence. Clubs don't have to be related to movies. [*] Franchise forums will close soon since clubs can take the place of it.
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    Hey guys!   So we've made some changes to the franchise forums.   I looked at which franchises were on the front page and which were sub-forums and have thus changed them accordingly.   Star Wars got to stay on the main page because of Rogue One coming out in December. Star Trek got moved to the main page because of Star Trek Beyond, it's 50th anniversary, and upcoming television series. The DC movie forum got renamed to DC Media and was moved to the main page because of Suicide Squad. The Marvel Cinematic Universe forum got renamed to Marvel Media and got to stay on the main page because of Doctor Strange plus the upcoming Netflix Marvel shows and the new season of Agents of SHIELD in addition to the planned X-Men TV series. Harry Potter got moved to the main page because of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.   (Animation Station remains on the main forum due to the constant release of new animated films)   I have also closed due to inactivity the Middle-Earth Tales sub-forum. The sub-forum might be re-opened if a new film set in the universe is made (it's the reason we're keeping the Fast and Furious forum alive even though it's dead of convos).   I also went ahead and changed the descriptions of many of the franchise forums to better reflect their status.

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    We have updated the site to 4.2.0! We are happy that we're finally live with this update for numerous reasons. Please note there may be some bugs so please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket or to PM Water Bottle/Telemachos.


    Please note of the following changes:

    [*] Autoembedding is back. No longer having to manually put stuff in if we support automatically embedding it!

    [*] Reactions instead of just likes. ALL REACTIONS ADD ONE LIKE POINT TO A USER'S LIKE COUNT. EVEN THE CONFUSED REACTION. All reactions count towards your like limit. I guess it's a reaction limit now.

    [*] Clubs are live. Anyone can create a club and they'll have SOME moderator privileges over that club area. I've created some clubs for popular franchises. If you wish to take over the club and have a clean record (no recent warnings or suspensions), let me know. Please know site rules still exist and violating these moderate privileges will lead to your club being taken away from you. Please one club per franchise unless you can justify it's own existence. Clubs don't have to be related to movies.

    [*] Franchise forums will close soon since clubs can take the place of it.

  3. So, Captain America: Civil War. The second movie about dueling superheroes this year. Or, as it's likely soon to be known, "the one that actually did it well."



    "What? You thought you were going to have to wait before I started shitting on BvS? You don't know me very well, do you?"


    Okay, now I've got that customary (and entirely deserved) jab at BvS out of the way, let's talk how I felt about this movie. I'll try and avoid raving about the stuff everyone else has already mentioned (the airport scene, Spider-Man, the airport scene, Black Panther, the good development for characters like SW and Vision, the fucking airport scene holy shit that was good) and talk about some of the less appreciated stuff I can analyse in more detail. Be warned that I'll be going pretty heavily into spoilers for this. So if you haven't seen the movie yet, go out and watch it. It's very good. Got it? Okay, let's get started.











    Out of all the standalone Marvel movies released so far, my favourites have easily been the two Captain America movies. Despite admittedly slipping a little in their third acts, they did an utterly outstanding job developing a character who I'd probably call one of the most difficult superheroes to write for. They managed to craft a fantastic persona for Steve Rogers while still keeping to the spirit of the comics (and, in some cases, surpassing them). So I was interested to see whether they'd be able to go three for three in creating great CA movies and possibly topple Nolan's Batman as my favourite Superhero trilogy. And the result was... yes and no. Yes, in that it's a fantastic movie. No, in that, despite the title, I can't really call it a Captain America movie. It is Avengers 2.5. I can understand the confusion because it's a different type of Avengers movie than Whedon's entries, but it is an Avengers movie. Whedon tried to balance screentime and story evenly between all of the Avengers, which worked fantastically for the first film and... not so much for the second (which is why we got shoehorned-in subplots like Thor's cave, just to give him something to do). The Russos, on the other hand, seemed to have decided on the 'Fox X-Men' method for this movie. Specifically, they chose to focus on a couple of key characters as protagonists, while giving the rest of the ensemble their own smaller moments to make it feel like a team movie. In this case, Cap and Tony both feel more like joint protagonists with their own stories. If this was a Cap movie, Cap would be the protagonist and Tony the antagonist, like I originally assumed they were going to go with (and no, antagonist does not automatically mean 'villain'). But that's not the case. As such, we don't really get as much exploration into Cap and the themes and ideas surrounding him specifically as we would if he were the sole protagonist. There are bits here and there, but not as much I was expecting. So, as a Captain America movie, it's a little disappointing.


    With that said, as an Avengers movie, it's fucking fantastic. Despite AOU's best efforts, this the real 'Empire Strikes Back' of Marvel Movies. Darker, bleaker, willing to develop its characters more and add new dimensions to their interactions but, unlike BvS, this movie actually knows how to pull said dark moments off and make them feel satisfying. Plus it has a very bittersweet, bordering full-on downer ending. It may not be as direct a cliffhanger as Han being frozen in carbonite, but ends with a lot of characters in a dark place, emotionally or literally. Speaking of, despite the added focus on Cap and Tony, none of the team feels massively neglected (although some added Hawkeye and Ant-Man earlier on would've been nice). Plus SW and Vision got some much needed development that AOU really should've provided. Honestly, it's the sort of movie where I came out liking pretty much every side character even more than I did before. And that's the sign of a really great team-up movie. 



    "Yes. Even Hawkeye. 


    I will say though, the first act did feel kinda sluggish for me. It took me a while to work out why, but I honestly think it was maybe a little too serious. The main players in Act 1 (Cap, Tony, Winter Soldier, Black Panther) are all largely serious and brooding thoughout, since Tony had his wisecracking cut down (which completely works for the guilt-ridden mood his character is in through most of the movie). And while there's nothing inherently wrong with being serious and brooding, and this movie avoids the trap BvS fell into by actually having the characters and debates be complex, well-written and interesting, it did start to wear thin on me after a while. The more consistent comic-reliefs (like Ant-Man, Hawkeye or Spider-Man) aren't introduced until around halfway through and I don't think it was a coincidence that the movie seriously picked up around then.


    Speaking of serious and brooding, I also think another problem I had with Act 1 here is the heavy focus on Bucky/Winter Soldier, whose subplot was easily probably the weakest because the character himself isn't really all that compelling. He kinda worked as the silent, unstoppable muscle in TWS, but as a heroic character, he's fairly bland and uninteresting. That said, despite what I've heard others complain, Sebastian Stan is not a bad actor. If there's anything I got from rewatching CA1 before this movie, it's that Stan can be a very charming mofo if he's allowed to be. The problem is that the Winter Soldier's character is a literal emotionless assassin-turned brooding emo loner. And that's difficult for any actor to make charming. Hell, Stan gets to show some his charm towards the end of this movie when he and Cap are working together and banter some. I'd like to see much much more of that sort of Bucky going forward, personally.



    "Either that or give him his own 'Odd Couples' sitcom with Falcon.


    On the more positive side, despite many others understandably dismissing him as 'typical lousy Marvel villain', I actually really liked Zemo as an antagonist. Admittedly, I didn't like him until the final act where we a) get to learn the full scope/aim of his true plan and b ) he gets that fantastic scene explaining his motivations to Black Panther which both actors blew away (seriously, one of the best character scenes in the entire Marvel movie canon, imo). In the first two acts though, he really did seem like an extra generic Marvel villain. But the second he blindsided me by revealing that he killed the other Winter Soldiers (who were seemingly his entire goal up until then), he began to evolve into something new, interesting and more complex that I only wish we'd been able to see earlier and hope we see more of in later films. Also, while I've been trying to avoid too many BvS comparisons up until now, there's just one scene I really need to compare to show why Zemo really grew on me. It's after the main villain (Luthor for BvS, Zemo for CW) has been incarcerated and is being visited (by Batman for BvS and a severely underutilised Martin Freeman for CW). Luthor goes on this big silly rant that is supposed to seem intimidating but comes off as silly, especially when he ends it by going 'Ding ding ding'. Zemo on the other hand, only says two words in his scene. Martin Freeman taunts him from outside his cell and tells him that he lost. All Zemo says is "Did I?" And God damn did that line speak more than any of Luthor's ramblings. Especially when it's immediately followed by a montage of the remaining Avengers looking largely miserable. Because Zemo did win. He got exactly what he wanted. The Avengers crumbled from within and they it did by their own hands. He created a rift that cannot be fixed easily and the ending of the movie shows it. The bad guy won. How's that for the 'Marvel always plays it safe story-wise' crowd?


    Speaking of, despite the airport battle being unambiguously the best action set piece of the movie, I was surprised by how much I liked the actual final Siberia battle. I'd heard people say it was a bit of letdown after the airport but, for me, it was the perfect companion piece and contrasted it perfectly. To elaborate, in my opinion, the airport battle embodied the 'fun' side of superhero vs superhero conflicts. All the characters got to let loose and bounce off each other, ability-wise, in interesting ways. There was a lot of joking and carnage and, while there certainly were stakes at hand, it definitely felt like there was an air of fun pervading the whole thing. The Siberia battle, on the other hand, embodied the 'serious' side of superhero conflicts. Anger and emotions run high. There are no witty one-liners. It is brutal and bloody for each side involved and comes from not just one movie, but an entire cinematic universe's worth of build-up of emotion on each side. There is no misunderstanding they can solve. There is no magic 'Martha' quick fix to make them drop their grudges. There isn't even a common enemy to force them together. It's just Cap, Bucky and Tony fighting until the other side simply can't get up any more. It's personal and dark in a way that the airport battle wasn't and in a way BvS wishes it could've been. And the contrast between the tones of the airport battle and the Siberia battle manage to emphasis and improve them both. I've always been on the opinion that darkness works best when you have light to balance it out and I think this movie showed that really very well with these two fights.


    Okay, I think that's most of the more major stuff I wanted to talk about and probably a good time to start tapering off. I do have a list of the smaller little stuff wanted to mention.


    • Peggy Carter's funeral hit me with all the feels. It says something about how great a character Peggy was that Sharon managed to become a more interesting character solely through her relation to her aunt. Speaking of, if God ever smiles down upon me enough to renew Agent Carter, I want an entire season of Peggy just being a badass Aunt to kid Sharon.
    • Speaking of Sharon, she kinda disappeared halfway through the movie, didn't she? Sure there was enough going on elsewhere that I didn't miss her, but it felt a bit weird considering how much she was in the first half.
    • Also the Sharon/Steve kiss didn't feel nearly as icky as I feared it would be, considering the... 'implications' of that relationship normally. I think a large part of it is that they developed their relationship before Steve found out she was related to Peggy and it really doesn't feel the two are only interested in each other because of Peggy. They're just two grown adults engaging in a romantic gesture, who happen to share an important figure in their lives.
    • I liked the little character moments between T'Challa and Black Widow. The two only had a few scenes, but they had surprisingly good chemistry.
    • I also liked that the Widow/Bruce relationship was barely brought up. And I would be perfectly happy if it never got brought up again.
    • I wasn't actually all that fussed about Martin Freeman being underutilised, if only because it really feels like he's being saved for something in a later film. Also, I found his attempted American accent hilarious. 
    • I was kinda irritated that they killed off Crossbones though. He seemed like he'd make an interesting recurring villain. That said, did we ever find out who he was trying to sell that infectious disease thing to? 
    • Falcon's new bulletproof wingsuit is awesome.
    • Despite my dig at him earlier, Hawkeye continues to be the most underrated Avenger, character-wise.
    • Spider-Man was handled pretty much like Wonder Woman should've been in BvS. He didn't feel like a glorified cameo nor a shoe-horned trailer for his own movie. He helped add to the movie, both by helping Tony develop and, like Ant-Man, by bringing some much needed levity to the airport fight. Also actually having some kind of personality helped.
    • If you're complaining about all the BvS comparisons I've made so far, believe me when I say that compared to all the comparisons I could've made, this is pigeon feed. There's a fairly high number of similarities between the two, if you really look. Not to say either is ripping off the other (despite my point below joking about it), just that there are a lot of points to compare. Of course, I avoided most of those because they would inevitably cause me to go on another rant about how incompetent BvS was and, considering I've already written a 5 part blog series on that, I don't need that distraction again.
    • Really though, at this point, I can't help but feel Marvel is deliberately trying to show up DC by doing everything the latter does but actually doing it well. DC releases a movie attempting a darker taker on a commonly light, idealistic character and creates one of the most divisive SH movies ever. One year later, Marvel does the same with Winter Soldier and it's one of their most acclaimed films. DC attempts to build a reputation for telling 'dark, serious' stories. Marvel releases several dark-as-hell Netflix series to massive acclaim. DC attempts to have two of its biggest heroes in an epic fight and, well, you know the rest. I almost feel sorry for them. Then I remember that Snyder is still doing Justice League and all pity washes away like tears in the rain...


    So yeah, to sum up, it was a very good movie. Maybe not the Captain America sequel I would've liked, but still a very strong movie in its own right. Admittedly, I'm not entirely certain whether the Russo's will be able to pull off Infinity Wars (since an epic space saga is a lot different from what we've seen in TWS and CW), but after this I feel confident they have a good chance. Unlike a certain other director helming a certain other superhero movie.



    "What? Rupert Wyatt was a poor choice. Who did you think I was talking about?"



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    Water Bottle
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    Water Bottle's Monthly Movie Guide

    January 2017


    February 5, 2016


    The Choice (Adaption)

    Genre: Romance

    Movie Stars: None

    Minor Stars: Teresa Palmer (Star Power: 0.87), Tom Wilkinson (0.46)

    Director: Ross Katz (Director Power: 0.00)

    Writers: Bryan Sipe (Writer Power: 0.00)

    Important Producers: Peter Safran (Producer Power: 1.19)


    Logline: Travis Parker falls in love with his brand new neighbor Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer).



    WB's Box Office Prediction: 11.44/27.51: A confusing marketing campaign (I saw a trailer and had no real idea what the movie was about) and the recent box office performance of Nicholas Sparks doesn't inspire much confidence. I believe the only people who will choose to see this movie are the Sparks die-hard fans.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 38%: Nicholas Sparks movies simply don't get good reviews. That seems to be a rule and there's nothing whatsoever to suggest that the Choice is going to break that mold to get a fresh from the site.


    Hail, Caesar! (Original)

    Genre: Comedy

    Movie Stars: George Clooney (1.02), Ralph Fiennes (Star Power: 1.16), Jonah Hill (Star Power: 1.44), Scarlett Johannson (Star Power: 1.24), Channing Tatum (Star Power: 1.22)

    Minor Stars: Josh Brolin (Star Power: 0.85), Frances McDormand (Star Power: 0.61), Tilda Swinton (Star Power: 0.47)

    Director: The Coen Brothers (Director Power: 0.57)

    Writers: Joel & Ethan Coen (Collective Writer Power: .50)

    Important Producers: Joel & Ethan Coen (Producer Power: 0.55), Tim Bevan (Producer Power: 0.37), Eric Fellner (Producer Power: 0.41)


    Logline: Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) is a Hollywood fixer who has to collect $100,000 to rescue movie star Baird Whitlock (George Clooney) after a kidnapping.



    WB's Box Office Prediction: 36.33/96.84: This is a very difficult movie to predict since there is a lot of star power and the Coen brothers do have a fanbase BUT it is a comedy that in it's second weekend will face not one, not two, but three different comedies. This will mean it's second weekend drop will be harsher than normal and I believe that will stop the moving from hitting the $100 million mark.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 66%: The Coen Brothers are great directors who have made some might fine films but they aren't perfect and this movie got stuck in February for a reason. I imagine this means the movie is good but it's not great.


    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Adaptation)

    Genre: Horror Comedy

    Movie Stars: None

    Minor Stars: Lena Headey (Star Power: 0.55)

    Director: Burr Steers (Director Power: 0.63)

    Writers: Burr Steers (Writer Power: 0.94)

    Important Producers: Natalie Portman (Producer Power: 0.49)


    Logline: Elizabeth Bannet and Mr. Darcy must fight off zombies as they discover their romantic feelings toward each other.



    WB's Box Office Prediction: 7.96/17.03: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opened to $16 million and made a total of $37 million in June. This suggest there's a limited audience for this kind of movie. There's plenty of other comedies coming out this month so this movie suffers a lot of competition. I don't see this doing well at all.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 49%: Reviews have started to come in and I have a feeling it's going to stay negative. If it's lucky it'll stay within the 50% range: one that suggests the movie is mediocre instead of bad. This has to be better than the Nicholas Sparks movie, right?


    February 12, 2016


    Deadpool (Franchise)

    Genre: Superhero Action Comedy

    Movie Stars: None

    Minor Stars: Ryan Reynolds (Star Power: 0.92)

    Director: Tim Miller (Director Power: 0.00)

    Writers: Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese (Collective Writer Power: 1.50)

    Important Producers: Simon Kinberg (Producer Power: 2.53) and Lauren Schuler Donner (Producer Power: 1.47)


    Logline: Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a mercenary who is left with superpowers after an experiment. He hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.



    WB's Box Office Prediction: 57.86/158.47: The X-Men franchise is pretty popular and while Deadpool could have benefitted from more high-profile X-men characters, there's no reason to believe this movie won't do well. A strong marketing campaign definably sets Deadpool apart even if it's R rating will limit it to adults, teenagers and apathetic parents.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 41%: Ryan Reynolds so far appears to be cursed to appear in only badly recieved superhero movies (remember Green Lantern? X-Men Origins: Wolverine?) and the humor frankly seems juvenile. That might make it true to the comic but that doesn't mean it will make it a good movie.


    How to be Single (Adaptation)

    Genre: Romantic Comedy

    Movie Stars: Leslie Mann (Star Power: 1.18), Rebel Wilson (1.68)

    Minor Stars: None

    Director: Christian Dittier (Director Power: 0.00)

    Writers: Dana Fox, Abby Kohn, and Marc Silverstein (Collective Writer Power: 3.31)

    Important Producers: None


    Logline: Sex and the City but with Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann?



    WB's Box Office Prediction: 52.35/176.79: While Deadpool is appealing to men, How to be Single will take the women. Rebel Wilson will add yet another hit to her resume and introduce Alison Brie to a larger movie-going audience. I feel like this is a good counter-programing move to the male-oriented comedies.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 40%: It's February, the director isn't promising, and Dana Fox has a habit of writing hits that are poorly received. This is all to suggest that How to be Single will not be a well received movie.


    Zoolander 2 (Franchise)

    Genre: Comedy

    Movie Stars: Ben Stiller (Star Power: 1.46), Owen Wilson (Star Power: 1.39), Will Ferrell (Star Power: 1.42), Kristen Wiig (Star Power: 1.01)

    Minor Stars: Penelope Cruz (Star Power: 0.52)

    Director: Ben Stiller (Director Power: 0.95)

    Writers: John Hamburg, Ben Stiller, Nick Stoller, and Justin Theroux (Collective Writer Power: .57)

    Important Producers: Ben Stiller (Producer Power: 0.95), Scott Rudin (Producer Power: .69), Clayton Townsend (Producer Power: 0.98)


    Logline: Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) re-unites with Interpol to take down an assassin of famous musical celebrities.



    WB's Box Office Prediction: 26.13/97.40: You know what's in right? Superhero movies. It's facing Deadpool and that's going to hurt Zoolander 2-especially since the first movie was only a modest hit in theaters. Will Ferrell has only gotten more famous since the first movie and the first movie remains popular so it should still increase from the first movie's adjusted gross.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 55%: The first movie had a good, if not spectacular, reception. It's hard to make a satisfying comedy sequel: it's almost impossible to do that when more than ten years have passed. It does have a talented team and Ben Stiller is a good directo so expect a mild reaction to this.


    February 19, 2016


    Race (Original)

    Genre: Biographical Sports Drama

    Movie Stars: Jason Sudeikis (Star Power: 1.30)

    Minor Stars: None

    Director: Stephen Hopkins (Director Power: 0.00)

    Writers: Joe Sharpnel & Anna Waterhouse (Collective Writer Power: 0.00)

    Important Producers: None


    Logline: Jesse Owens overcomes racism as he competes at the 1936 Berlin Games.


    WB's Box Office Prediction: 11.28/31.07: This should do well for a sports movie as it has Americans beating Hitler at the Berlin Games while being an inspirational story about a black man who struggled with the times he lived in by excelling. It's a great American story.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 33%: The writers and the director give me pause behind-the-scenes as well as the lack of a strong producer. A February release suggests that Focus Features doesn't have a lot of confidence in the final product.


    Risen (Adaptation)

    Genre: Epic Historical Drama

    Movie Stars: None

    Minor Stars: None

    Director: Kevin Reynolds (Director Power: 0.94)

    Writers: Kevin Reynolds & Paul Aiello (Collective Writer Power: 0.14)

    Important Producers: Patrick Aiello (Producer Power: 0.24)


    Logline: Clavius must investigate the mad claim of a risen Jewish messiah while having to squash an uprising in Jerusalem.


    WB's Box Office Prediction: 11.07/39.99: Christian movies have done well recently and a story that concentrates on Jesus' resurrection should play well with that crowd for a decent box office gross. Alas, this spiritual sequel isn't an actual sequel to the Passion of the Christ otherwise this could do a lot better.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 43%: Alas, Christian audiences don't exactly hold these kind of movies to high standards. With Easter a month away from the release of this movie (being the exact right time to release this movie) suggests to me Colombia Pictures doesn't have confidence in this movie.


    The Witch (Original)

    Genre: Horror

    Movie Stars: None

    Minor Stars: None

    Director: Robert Eggers (Director Power: 0.00)

    Writers: Robert Eggers (Writer Power: 0.00)

    Important Producers: None


    Logline: A Puritan family living alone at the edge of New England fear their daughter is a witch as they suffer an attack from an unknown evil.


    WB's Box Office Prediction: 0.27/12.50: This movie will likely have a limited release before it expands. The movie should more than recoup it's $1 million budget as it builds up word of mouth.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 91%: It got a great reception already at Sundance and the marketing looks amazing. I'll be shocked if this movie turns out to have a mixed or negative critical reception. More exciting is this points to a strong directing career for Robert Eggers.


    February 26, 2016


    Eddie the Eagle (Original)

    Genre: Comedy Sports Drama

    Movie Stars: Hugh Jackman (Star Power: 1.75)

    Minor Stars: Taron Egerton (Star Power: 0.90), Christopher Walken (Star Power: 0.56)

    Director: Dexter Fletcher (Director Power: 0.00)

    Writers: Sean Macaulay and Simon Kelton (Collective Writer Power: 0.00)

    Important Producers: Matthew Vaughn (Producer Power: 0.49)


    Logline: A totally nonathletic guy makes it his life mission to represent the UK in Olympic ski jumping because why not?


    WB's Box Office Prediction: 12.75/45.59: It's hard to imagine Americans being interested in this specific story nor has the marketing for this movie been impressive or even noticeable. I'm not sure there's a lot of awareness in this movie which will lead to a soft opening. Some word of mouth might give it good legs.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 35%: Brand new writers and a February release makes me skeptical that this movie is that funny. Even though early reviews are promising, this doesn't just strike me as one that's going to end with a positive rotten tomatoes score.


    Gods of Egypt (Original)

    Genre: Fantasy

    Movie Stars: Brenton Thwaites (Star Power: 1.47), Gerard Butler (Star Power: 1.15)

    Minor Stars: Chadwick Boseman (Star Power: 0.87), Geoffrey Rush (Star Power: 0.85)

    Director: Alex Proyas (Director Power: 1.00)

    Writers: Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Collective Writer Power: 2.96)

    Important Producers: None


    Logline: Bek (Brenton Thwaites) unites with Horus to stop Set (Gerard Butler) from ruling the Egyptian empire.


    WB's Box Office Prediction: 42.96/121.00: I'm not sure that this is going to start a new franchise but I do feel like Gods of Egypt could become a low-end blockbuster hit. I don't feel like general audiences care about the whitewashing and this does have a lot of action plus people do like mythology. In an era where Marvel has turned Thor into a franchise, this could be a sign that there is an audience for this.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 50%: The movie itself might not be that good-and I feel like critics are really going to punish this movie for whitewashing even though this is a systemic problem not a movie problem. This isn't to say this movie would get a positive reaction if it wasn't for the whitewashing just that critics would be even harsher on the movie that they would already be.


    Triple 9 (Original)

    Genre: Crime Thriller

    Movie Stars: None

    Minor Stars: Casey Affleck (Star Power: 0.71), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Star Power: 0.83), Anthony Mackie (Star Power: 0.96), Woody Harrelson (Star Power: 0.94), Kate Winslet (Star Power: 0.86)

    Director: John Hillcoat (Director Power: 0.21)

    Writers: Matt Cook (Star Power: 0.00)

    Important Producers: John Hillcoat (Producer Power: 1.95)


    Logline: A group of corrupt cops must kill a cop (Casey Affleck) to distract the police while a group of criminals pull off an impossible heist.


    WB's Box Office Prediction: 13.59/48.61: I don't feel like marketing has been that strong in this movie plus it's premise is a complicated sell. This feels like a movie that will fall under the cracks of the audience's attention.

    WB's Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 50%: A February release probably means this former Blacklist script didn't translate to a good movie. It doesn't help that I haven't really heard anything about this movie. It does help that Hillcoat does make well received movies so Triple 9 probably isn't a bad movie: just a difficult one to market when it will only get a mixed reaction.



    Major February Films:

    Original Films: 6 (50.00%)

    Adaption: 4 (33.33%)

    Franchise: 2 (16.67%)

    Total Films: 12 Films


    Major 2016 Films:

    Original Films: 12 (52.17%)

    Adaption: 7 (30.43%)

    Franchise: 4 (17.39%)

    Total Films: 23 Films

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    Welcome to a little blog which intend to write reports on the Australian Box Office on a weekly basis.
    I did start doing one of these previously, but never continued with it.

    The Australia Box Office Thread in the International Section of the Forums is located here:

    [url="http://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/141-australian-box-office-jw-od-27m-3rd-biggest-2015-tracking-for-big-12m-ow/"]Link to Aussie BO Thread[/url]

    The first weekend report will be for Jurassic World which is already opening fantastic with a 2.7m OD.

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    Hey all,

    I don't know if anybody is reading this but I hope somebody is. I ended up getting an iPad Air 2 64 GB (Wi-Fi). If I need to use cellular, I'll tether it to my phone. All in all, I love it. In some ways, I've used it more than expected so that's nice.

    Life is going ok. I've adjusted to my team lead leaving but there's still apprehension in filling the void he leaves. But as he leaves, our group has never gotten along better. I think we're trying to cherish as much time together as we can. But the last few days at work have been a ton of fun. I found out my brother is coming to Houston, but his girlfriend isn't. Her car broke down and she's trying to save money for her trip to Vietnam. I tried convincing her to come but she didn't seem to want to listen and was upset I was doing that. I'm not sure I understand. She already bought the tickets, so it's essentially a sunk cost, but unfortunately it seems like she's made up her mind. So it'll just be the family...but I feel like Christmas is going to go very badly this year without her around.

    I am super excited for video game Indiana Jones ripoff, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and I was super happy to see gameplay footage. The combat looks so dynamic! More verticality, the ability to sneak around in combat, and more tools at your disposal. The design also looks marvelous. So many options of combat. Visually, it looks gorgeous, but not as beautiful as the teaser suggested back in May. But if you know how much I love Nolan, I love the developer Naughty Dog nearly just as much if you can believe it.

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    Okay, here it is!

    I want to start a weekly thing where I watch a really shitty movie on Netflix chosen by you guys. I'll watch it and report all the shenanigans back to you guys. I want to set up some kind of format or some rules to follow for each entry. Here are some of my ideas:


    Something Good(I have to find one good thing about it?)

    Famous Faces(are there any recognizable people in it?)

    Actual Dialogue(dialogue so bad, you can't believe it)

    Those are my first few ideas, but I want to include you guys with it every step. So please comment and tell me something you'd like to see.

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    Phil in the Blank
    Latest Entry

    Welcome to a blog of madness, where I shall be posting random thoughts that I have always had, but never seemed to be a good fit to talk about on the forums before. Caution is advised when reading future entries. But if you have ignored my warnings than sit back, and enjoy the random musings of a mad man.


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