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  • Welcome to The Box Office Theory Forums!

    We formed in 2011 with the incredible support of charter members who helped make this the chosen home for film and box office enthusiasts. Their and your contributions remain vital to building the foundation of the forums. We eventually transitioned over to a large site where they hosted us for several years. We were known as the BoxOffice Forums and we grew beyond our wildest expectations.

    Now, we are an independent, member-funded forum. We believe that with the same staff and with your continued donations we can keep growing this community so that it remains a friendly and popular destination for movie fans everywhere.

    If you have found us, we welcome you with open arms! Take the time to introduce yourself. We're a very inviting community that welcomes diversity in opinions and many other aspects. Like any
    place, we do have rules and guidelines we'd like for you to follow. You are urged to please read them as to ensure that your stay here is enjoyable.

    Thank you for joining and I hope that you make this site a second home for yourself!

    If you have any questions, please contact the Community ManagerWater Bottle, via personal messenger and he and the rest of the team will help in any way they can.

    Kind regards,

    ShawnMR, Founder
    Water BottleCommunity Manager / Co-Founder (E-mail)
    & the Forum Staff


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