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  1. Or how the British left the French to be captured by the Germans. I don't see how that's a defense.
  2. That's good I guess for your personal experience, but I hope you can understand how a sizeable contingent of the French press feels irritated by a film being lauded for its accuracy, missing the mark in recognizing their involvement. I would rather not go into spoilers either. Knowing the French's sacrifice, I could simply not agree with you, on even a factual level.
  3. The criticism is their contributions were left largely ignored
  4. Its an important subject to touch on for those whose people are being depicted or excluded from a portrayal of a historical event. It's ridiculous to call the French here moronic for voicing legitimate complaints. I wouldn't say it's hard to convey adequately different perspectives in a war film. We've seen directors like Tarantino do that well. I think several acclaimed war films achieve that balance or at least come close to it. There's a viable solution that doesn't require the film being overly long. The problem arises from Nolan's specific choices.
  5. Came upon this. So much for its praise for being historically accurate. "The Battle of Dunkirk is here fully British. A dozen of seconds is dedicated to a group of not very affable French soldiers, defending the city, and a few more seconds are given to a supporting character disguised as a British soldier to flee the massacre. Not enough to really depict the vital implication of French forces in this crazy evacuation. (…) No one can deny an artist' right to focus his point of view on what he sees fit, as long as it does not deny the reality of which it claims to represent. Where are the 12,000 French soldiers who also evacuated from Dunkirk ? Where are the other 40,000 French soldiers who scarified themselves to defend the city against an enemy superior in number and weaponry? Where are the members of the first army who, after being abandoned by their allies when all seemed lost, still prevented several divisions of the Wehrmacht to arrive in Dunkirk by holding them up in Lille? Where is Dunkirk, a city which was half destroyed by bombings yet is almost inexistent on the screen?" http://mobile.lemonde.fr/cinema/article/2017/07/19/dunkerque-un-deluge-de-bombes-hors-sol_5162278_3476.html?xtref=
  6. Curious, have you seems films on opening weeekend that get mixed or poor responses from critics?
  7. I mean, we can definitely go down this road. Would Rotten Tomatoes select someone as a top critic because they have influence, be it even controversial and contrarion like Armond White or because they may view a person of his writing as quality? That idea I'm not comfortable with.
  8. McCarthy's review wasn't exactly quality writing. That criteria gives me some pause because what do they determine as quality
  9. I think they're referring to an earlier tweet that criticizes the film's characterization of female characters.
  10. I'm disappointed. That was a half baked story for the most well known super-heroine. The supporting characters besides Trevor are forgettable (he does not do much for me quite frankly). The villains are underdeveloped. That plot twist is anticlimactic and predictable. Some of the monologues towards the end reminded me of typical things reserved for battle anime. No Man's Land, ugh, was that seriously it!? The score, the score. I'm surprised her theme was scarcely used, and I still can't remember anything more than that. It's the polar opposite with Man of Steel, especially in the final act. I thought it was severely underwhelming. I can't believe it
  11. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/foxs-new-mutants-casts-newcomer-blu-hunt-danielle-moonstar-role-1009703 Blu Hunt cast as Dani Moonstar
  12. To be fair, modern iterations depict him with lighter skin. Right now, they're casting for an actress with native ancestry for Moonstar. That makes a lineup of Dani, Magik, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Warlock. I hope they can find a black actor
  13. I'm surprised this unsubstantiated rumor lives on
  14. I may be wrong here, but Roberto's mother is a white American woman. Henry Zaga was born to Brazilian parents who are not white.

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