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  1. :o and here i thought i was being smart and played on words without actually spoiling anything


    i'm sorry , but come on there's one line in there that conceivably  bothered you talking about some future reference , why did you have to put the rest in the spoiler tag , come on, be fair...the rest i'm only saying that i liked certain scenes in the episode


    please fix it ! i admit i'm wrong on onee itsy bitsy line, but the rest i've reread like 5 times now , doesnt deserve to be in a spoiler tag



    I spoiler tagged the whole part because I was afraid the rest of the post contained more spoilers and I did it without reading the whole post at the risk of inconsiderately being spoiled again. Please be more careful in future, myself and others are really big fans of the show and we definitely do not want spoilers regardless of how big or small they are.


    I'll fix your post now.

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  2. well they sure got me, for a sec there i thought there was something wrong with the video lolllllll


    you're so deep into the scene, and then the voices cut off, and you're not sure if that's normal or some technical problem and then bam there's goes the hand! i was having  2 conflicting  :blink: moments mixing up!


    is it me or does daenerys scenes in astapor going a bit too fast? i hav to try take into account the 10episodes format hmmm

    can't wait for that man who keeps insulting her to get a taste of her dragon sweet tooth


    loved the blackfish and nephew in rivverun, oh and love the table scene with the council, tywin stoic face as everyone hopped to a chair  :lol: it must be trying to be surrounded by that lot when you're fighting and strategizing a real war!



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