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  1. Tomatometer at 40%, soon it'll go into the 30s, I'm dead. This is a big disappointment to the franchise as a whole. No other movie was perfect but they always went above 70%. Now a 40%, what a brutal drop. Maybe this movie will have a good box office anyway, but the fans and all the general audience deserve something better.
  2. It feels like this movie could easily have more than 3 hours, the story is too dense and complex. They cut out too much things, I'm shocked. I missed even some basic things as "transitioning scenes". For example, Newt and Jacob traveling to Paris, they go into the portal key, cut to another scene, they're already walking on the Paris streets. Calm down! Why not show them arriving, seeing the city around them, with a song playing? Nothing essential to the story, but it would improve the experience of watching, it would give a better sense of continuity to the scenes.
  3. Just saw the movie and unfortunately it's a big mess. I'm sad because I'm a great fan of the Wizarding World, and I wished the reviews were just being exaggerated. What a tragedy, they're so right that if the toamatometer keeps above 50% I'll think the movie is being overrated.
  4. I'm gonna watch it in a few hours , knowing all the spoilers and reviews, so I think I'll be able to catch more details and won't be watching with high expectations.
  5. It seems like almost all the fans will have already watched the movie until friday. A lot of theaters are going to show the movie tomorrow and on wednesday.
  6. I don't understand his 2.5/4. It seems like he hated almost everything.
  7. EW gave a B- for both movies. They thought "Where to Find Them" was too few. Now they think "Crimes of Grindelwald" is too much, haha. The main problem with this new saga is the rhythm, which can be blamed on the screenplay and on the edition too. Potter films used to have 150/160 minutes, maybe a little more time would help.
  8. Venom debuted with $111 million in China, now I believe everything is possible. Maybe FB2 really can have a better box office than FB1.
  9. The critics are all talking about the same main flaws, here in Brazil too, some problems that everybody is noticing. I think these negative reviews will keep coming. Can't see any small possibility of a 70%, even a 65% already seems to be a very very optimistic scenario.
  10. 3 of the positives were added, so we still have 6 positives and 2 negatives to be added. The percentage would rise to 62%.
  11. I think that Rowling, being a book writer, is very used to have all the space she wants to create multiple subplots, hundreds of characters, explain things in 10-pages dialogues, so it's very hard to write a screenplay of a 2-hours movie.
  12. The previous film had more than 300 critics. 35 is just 10% of that. We'll have a better notion of the real critic consensus with at least 100 critics. Right now this is only speculation.
  13. When we compare the films by the RT percentage it seems like FB2 is a complete disaster. Let's compare average rating. HP1 - 7.1 HP2 - 7.2 HP3 - 7.8 HP4 - 7.5 HP5 - 6.9 HP6 - 7.1 HP7 - 7.1 HP8 - 8.3 FB1 - 6.8 FB2 - 6.5 I can't say this couldn't be concerning because, well, in fact it's a downgrade from the 7.x averages of the HP films, but at the same time it's not so bad. With some simple adjustments I believe the films can easily get better critics again.
  14. If a judge has some serious personal issues with the person he is supposed to judge, he doesn't judge! Of course a movie critic doesn't have the same impact in someone's life as a judge has, but I think it follows the same logic. It is unprofessional.
  15. Average rating in Rotten Tomatoes is 6.5 right now, wich is disappointing compared to the HP films that always had at least 7.x, but it's not too far from the 6.8 average of FB1. 32 reviews counted, this number can rise to more than 300. Anything can happen, for better or for worse.

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