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  1. ThIs thread is a pure shitstorm. Young adults and people with heart will love this, those familiar with manga culture most likely will too. Fans of original works as well. Asia loves it. Fans of visual spectacle, one of a kind action sequences or tragic and surprising twists will love this. Intelligent folks with a sense for philosophical flavour to life will love it, those who ponder upon technological singularity too. There's a perfect GA in the whole wide world. If they want to see this, they're already sold by the trailers. Truly, a shitty reviews aggregation site like RT that's worth no glance seems relevant only to the US surprisingly. And it's circlejerked on BOT forum no surprisingly, with mob mentality that's out of touch with anything because of the attention fixed on every single detail flowing in the stream of information. The world would rather judge a movie by IMDb or Metascore, YT clips, WOM... and mixed reviews would only nudge them to see this by themselves. I give up on trying to follow anything with you guys, I'd rather go see this movie, and bring 50 people with me with ease. So long.
  2. Oh, this story is very hard to fit in a box, because some villains are there as a tragic obstacle on Alita's path. There's a beautiful side side story in the original manga that depicts how fates cross path in this story and someone is meant to be stepped over. That's how this narrative mostly moves on. Even greatest villains... [I can't spoil that.] And Alita herself is kinda an anti-hero at some points. In the end, you enjoy the journey of a vulnerable human's introspection, finding strength to stand up to fate (almost literally), getting over grief and doing the right thing. [as corny as ot sounds...] How they've adapted such an intangible plot is yet to be found out. Maybe its plus points come down to garnering affection for a fully CG MC (very meta, huh), relationships, visual spectacle and the overall theatre experience for a casual viewing. If we disregard that one review, and hear about the sequels already being in demand - which are, in a way, gently getting nudged onto our plate, together with infrequent talks about this being an origin story - and the audiences recognise all that, then we're on a roll. If not, at least we had one loveable chance at it. And the manga author had his dream come true!
  3. You can know all about the violence in the movie here: https://www.bbfc.co.uk/releases/alita-battle-angel-film
  4. You guys want this thread to be locked again. Oh, well... There's nothing at the time that can make you guess BO anyways.
  5. Thanks for sharing. Here we can see how promotion didn't do it justice. If you will, let it shine in all its glory, in motion, on here in the best possible quality: https://www.foxmovies.com/movies/alita-battle-angel The amount of details in her face is astonishing yet when you see it in low quality, it undermines all the hard work and every word they stand behind. There's nothing strange about it when they go full power onto 3D projections in the marketing campaign, because that's what this kind of movie is made for and why it's justified in their bold exclamations. Production is confident in the product that public hasn't even properly seen.
  6. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Anonymity on the Internet is what makes one post bold statements. Would anyone want to associate everything he does with who he wants to be in public? We started taking privacy for granted. We don't even care anymore. But I guess turning everything inside out has always been civilisation's passion.
  7. Boy, it's called a press junket for a reason. They went for a screening, to film promo material and for some tidbits they ought to share on SM to show they had a good time. This is business and not kissing an ass.
  8. I don't know... You folks know this is a good movie by now (in a sense, it won't suck). It's gonna sell good to those who see it, and then they're gonna sell it around. Big eyes or no big word about it doesn't matter much when it goes out. It'll be out in the world for everyone to see. Fixed point in time. By that point, there's gonna be some publicity blitz. Physical posters. Upcoming pop star single. Perhaps one more clip and one more big ad push. Aside from that, already a number of people have seen or heard about Alita. They even have an opinion! You can count that as a success because they're gonna change their minds with WoM stirring them up. My own experience with her eyes is also a negative one. I had to show it around because I was immensely creeped out and wanted to see how others react to it. If the marketing team is trying to play this well, they're absolutely not being overbearing because the project itself carries a momentum. What gathered buzz were the following key points: JC working on something called Alita, the first trailer (+reactions) and the delays. Now they haven't fired out all the shots since the delays have done their job in making some impatient or irritated at constant and latent Alita presence. What's important to consider is that this is a unique project (like every movie is): people are interested and simply hope it's going to be at least a good movie (lucky for them - some trailers were really hit n miss), my opinion being based on every single social content on the web I can find. Those who are bashing this are longing to confirm their suspicions and they're in for a surprise. What's left for the marketing, since they have no platform to release regular promotional bits from an original source unknown to their targeted audience, they are condemned to push talents, get by through the word of enthusiasts, to collaborate with a wide array of potent advertisers, continue with official channels of a film release... But all of that going step by step. I actually wonder whether some of their "mistakes" were a good way to lure in whoever they could, how much of this was a blockbuster in construction, why they're so silent with promotion, how people who're discussing something like box office fail to remember someone's gonna get millions for an elaborate profession of monitoring and garnering social interest. You never ought to be naive in a world where one can earn money by telling false truths. This is my very biased and emotional opinion. I look forward to seeing how this is going to play out and I'm enjoying learning about all of the processes involved.
  9. Excuse me, what do these two have in common? Thematically and spectacle-wise, they're miles away. Why do I seldom find RPO mentioned? (New one here, just had to drop in.)
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