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Chasmmi's Summer 2016 Game: Worldwide Top 10 Standings

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This is the last update for the worldwide weekends. No one predicted Pete's Dragon or Sausage Party, sadly. The maximum that anyone got was 4/5 including me, awesome. 


Ice Age completely face-planted, Suicide Squad was a mild surprise


Knock on Wood


Top 5 WW W/E Standings


If your prediction is in ORANGE, then you are within $10 MILLION and get 25,000 points!

If your prediction is in PURPLE, then you are within $20 MILLION and get 20,000 points!

If your prediction is in GREEN, then you are within $30 MILLION and get 15,000 points!

If your prediction is in BLUE then you are within $50 MILLION and get 10,000 points!

If your prediction is in BLACK then you are SAFE!

If your prediction is in RED, then you are over the film's final total by at least $70 MILLION and lose at least 10,000 points!


Ice Age: Collision Course (12/37)

Blank Panther - 327M

Grey Ghost - 230M

Baumer - 224M

Jayhawk - 223M

ThatOneGuy - 215M

DexterofSuburbia - 210M

Dajk - 210M

Jj99 - 200M

Infernus - 180M

Films - 170M

Bcf26 - 115M


WW Weekend: $53,062,069


Nardiadis - N/A


Star Trek Beyond (1/36)

Jj-8 - 219.4M

WW Weekend: $89,257,500


Suicide Squad (23/36)

Blank Panther - 337M

24Lost - 300M

Chasmmi - 288M


WW Weekend: $266,982,258


Jj99 - 260M (Bonus 10,000 for being the closest!)

The Panda - 250M

Simonski - 235M

Infernus - 230M

Glassfairy - 225M

Grey Ghost - 220M

ThatOneGuy - 210M

Jake Gittes - 209.9M

Kayumanggi - 205M

Exxdee - 202M

Alpha - 200M

Damienroc - 198M

Wrath - 190M

#ED - 190M

Darkelf - 175M

Wrathofhan - 160M

Treetrunk Special - 160M

Cmasterclay - 140M

Empire - N/A

Movieman89 - N/A


Current Top 5 Worldwide Weekends - Summer ‘16 (as of 9.08.16): Thanks LAguy

1. Captain America: Civil War - $396,139,142

2. Suicide Squad - $266,982,258
3. Finding Dory - $185,748,273

4. Independence Day: Resurgence  - $140,540,124

5. Warcraft - $130,066,110

CURRENT TOP 5 WW W/E TOTAL: $1,119,475,907

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