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YourMother’s 2018 Domestic Box Office Predictions

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Since everyone seems to be doing something box office wise for 2018, I might as well wet my beak and hop into the pool. 


We will start with the most vivid and thriving month for big box office numbers: January.




January 6

Insidious: The Last Key ($20M/$40M)

- I am 99.9% sure this’ll perform like most throwaway January horror movies but being an Insidious movie helps give it some leverage.



Molly’s Game ($10M/$35M)

- I can see a solid run for this. Reviews seem good enough and it can gain some more buzz before it’s too late.


I plan on having a month finished by each day. I’ll do the rest of January later.

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January 12th:


Paddington 2 


Bold Prediction: $25M (3 Day)/$33M (4 Day)/$105M


Sure, none Lego wise, Warner Bros for these past few years have had trouble selling family films and Paddington 1 did okay but with glowing reviews it has and WB having a strong marketing machine I still see it possible for a breakout.


Proud Mary ($18M/$25M/$65M)

- This movie reminds me a lot of Atomic Blonde. Buzz has been a bit quiet as of late though. I thought this had a great chance of $100M at one point. Nevertheless this should be fine.


The Post 


Bold Prediction: $20M (3 Day)/$28M (4 Day)/$140M 


With solid reviews, Oscar buzz, and with the U.S’s current political landscape, I can see this resonating and be one of the surprise breakouts of 2018. If things play out well for it, I can see it topping The Revenant.



The Commuter ($10M/$13M/$30M)

- This looks like and will perform like a C-grade action movie.


Condorito: La Pelicula ($3M/$5M/$10M)

- This will be the Norm of The North/Rock Dog for animated movies this year, and like those two it was distributed by Lionsgate.

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January 19th:

12 Strong ($15M/$50M)

- This seems like Only The Brave but on a bigger scale in terms of appeal. I’m not seeing this do too big but it should have a decent result. I see a performance similar to 13 Hours, a similar movie in 2016.


Den Of Thieves ($7M/$18M)

- Oh, STX. This won’t work well for you.


January 26th:

Maze Runner: The Death Cure ($25M/$60M)

- Alas, the long awaited ending to the Maze Runner franchise. While the fans left should flock to this, I think it’s safe to say that the GA doesn’t care anymore. 




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