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  1. SALE HAS STARTED! 50% off Gold Account for One Month ($7.50 instead of the usual $15!) 50% off Premium Account for One Month ($5.00 instead of the usual $10) 50% off Gold Account for One Year ($82 instead of the usual $165) Now is a perfect time to jump on board BOT and support us! Thanks to the box office shutting down, we've seen donations decrease in general so help keep us going now that the box office is back and consider donating if you can!
  2. Tomorrow morning I'll remember to start the sale. But it will be 25% off one month of Gold, 25% off one month of Premium!
  3. For more information, check out that thread. Here is the trailer again: You can watch Northwood Pie now! If you like the movie, feel free to leave a review on IMDB and on Amazon or whatever store you bought it from! Let us also know what you think in here! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6159156/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  4. Netflix works pretty well. You can also use Amazon's app. Plus HBO Max just came out which has a bunch of movies but it's somehow not on Roku. Vudu also has movies. Plenty of apps with movies!
  5. 1,211 people are talking about this And this is why you have to thoroughly vet who you give money to...I feel bad for everyone who gave money expecting it to have an immediate effect. Right now, it's not going to...and it may never, since this was only outed accidentally by the fund itself...who has finally stopped accepting donations it wasn't using... https://www.fastcompany.com/90517597/the-controversy-over-how-the-minnesota-freedom-fund-is-spending-its-donations-explained I wasn't expecting an immediate effect. But that doesn't mean the donation is wasted or bad or that every protestor is going to be helped.
  6. So basically what I'm hearing is just stay in my apartment until I get vaccinated.
  7. Did you know I have a history minor? Yeah very interesting. I'm still not doing a list. 😂
  8. My church is having virtual services only for the foreseeable future. This includes the sermon and praise & worship.
  9. Please note that while China's initial reaction to the virus was problematic, this is a global problem. Saying this is "China's fault" shows a very reductionist way of thinking. Almost every country has bungled the response to this virus and it's believed this virus to be a natural mutation. Even if China hadn't messed up, there is still a strong chance that containment of a highly spreadable disease during it's asymptotic period would have still spread across the globe. As for whether it came from a bat or another animal, it's still folly to blame China.
  10. Technically it's still alive. Just not active. But yes you can use that. If you aren't part of it, let me know and I'll include you!
  11. I'm not a lawyer but unless there is proof FOX News knew how bad it was going to be and they deliberately misled viewers, I imagine there won't be a case against them. Even then, I believe you need to establish that people got sick and/or died due to their reporting...and that's going to be a very tricky thing to prove in court.
  12. You know the Spanish flu pandemic hit right before the Roaring 20's. 👀
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