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  1. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    got the new Mario Tennis game and bought the racket peripheral. took me too long to figure out how to put the racket and controller together.
  2. @That One Guy has been banned as my friend for 120 seconds for poorly editing this GIF. I can see the Alan under my name!
  3. This looks like it might be good but I think this is from the same director who did LA La Land so yikes.
  4. Sometimes its way more heated sometimes less. Sometimes people just post the dinosaur saying Alan over and over again because they can't be clever on their own.
  5. My ranking: 1) Jurassic Park 2) Jurassic World 3) Jurassic Park: The Lost World 4) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 5) Jurassic Park 3
  6. Saw Jurassic Park today. Such a great classic I love how well executed Spielberg's film is. Every time I watch I catch new stuff he did that just works so well. I then went to Jurassic World because I didn't think I had enough time for JP2 and JW. Man that movie is a blast. I don't get the hate at all. I just have fun from beginning to end, the dino fight in the third act is amazing. I am so pumped for Fallen Kingdom.
  7. By the way I'm currently playing through Final Fantasy VI. In terms of story and characters, it's the best Final Fantasy game I've played so far (I've been playing them in order). But in terms of gameplay and game design, it's my least favorite so far. I'd say maybe the best Final Fantasy gameplay so far is either I, III, or V.
  8. Well guys it's official no matter what Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is better than Jurassic Park because the technology is better now.
  9. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    You know nothing about TV if you think the subtly brilliant Young Sheldon (on CBS) or the funny The Goldbergs (on ABC) have anything to do with the madlibs comedy that is Great News (on NBC). But sure as always show your fandom by shitting on other properties other people enjoy.
  10. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Oh he was a rapper. Well hopefully he rest in peace.
  11. Water Bottle

    One Movie from Each Country

    The next movie will be The Battle of Algiers Picked this movie because it's a part of the Criterion Collection and probably the only famous movie out of Algiers.
  12. Water Bottle

    One Movie from Each Country

    Saneamento Básico (Basic Sanitation: The Movie) Budget: Unknown Box Office: R$1,066,051 N/A Rotten Tomatoes Critics Consensus: N/A Recommended by @Goffe This is a 2007 Brazilian film made that seems to have gotten a theatrical release in Brazil only. I also went into this blind: I knew it was a comedy and that it was on Netflix. Since it was an easy find and it was free, I picked it for that reason. If you want to check it out: It's on Netlfix in the US There is no extra reading material to tell you more about the film as far as I can tell. Review: There Will be Spoilers

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