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  1. If you want to support an independent box office site, the best box office community, then please donate money to out site! https://forums.boxofficetheory.com/subscriptions/ We promise not to hide any relevant stuff behind a paywall!
  2. Fandango/Studios shouldn't open national ticket sales but rather go day by day with a different region of the country (by time zone). Would likely lead to a lot less traffic congestion.
  3. Just wanted to get some community feedback on something the staff is discussing. What do you all think about moving all clubs to the Box Office Clubs forum? The idea is that it'll make it easier to find them since when they move here they can get easily lost based on how active the forum is as a whole. Or do you guys like the status quo?
  4. Just re-arranged the forums a bit. Box Office Clubs is now on the main page. A few other changes as well.
  5. We have found our new staff members! Please welcome @captainwondyful, @ZeeSoh, and @Eric! to the staff! I am sure that they will all do a great job at moderating the site!
  6. We don't need anyone to step down to make room. There's no limit or cap on staff members.
  7. I feel like you totally intended this pun despite your protests otherwise.
  8. BOT has decided that it's time to bring new blood into the staff in an effort to continue our endless war against outright trolls and concern trolls. If you want to apply please submit an application letting us know if you have What's App/Telegram as well as how active you believe you can be and any experience. Also with your application or seperately please submit a list of community members you think would make an excellent addition to the staff. Please send this to me via PM. We are looking for active people with good reputation with the staff and community.
  9. 'Cause when we set up that stuff Discord wasn't a thing.
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