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  1. Updated. Tree did not reach 10 points yet (but is close) so suspension lifted for now. We apologize for the mix-up. This is a reminder: if your points don't expire as they should contact me (2 weeks per point).
  2. It's a factory. Shouldn't impact quality. Derrickson was fired I guess for trying to break out of the MCU mold. Wonder how long that mold can stay fresh though.
  3. lol the MCU won the 2010s. Easily. Star Wars came close but then TLJ happened and TROS/Solo followed. But I think Spiderman Homecoming wasn't that good. Hard to get into it after Endgame. We'll see. But right now Phase Four should win the box office for a couple years.
  4. I should hide this post but I'm just going to shut this down: peddling conspiracy theories with no real evidence other than you heard from unknown online people is not a good look. I never said my theater said it looked like it was sold out: I knew going in it only sold a few tickets. I'm not even in the United States currently. I saw the movie in Mexico City and I imagine the dubbed screenings are selling better than the subtitled ones cause of the family/kid aspect of the movies.
  5. Oh the other former stormtrooper? Eh Jannah is fine. She had a purpose (provide the horses and a way to get to the second death star) and a nice connection with Finn due to their shared past. But like it didn't really have time to establish her better.
  6. I liked Rose in TLJ fine but I also don't really don't care she got sidelined. Like, why force her into a bigger role? The movie was packed enough as it is.
  7. My 11 AM showing was almost empty. I got the trailer (not prologue) for Tenet and my dad was confused what it was supposed to be telling me it's not a good trailer for the GA. Also got a trailer for Top Gun: Maverick and a clever teaser for the new Minions movie. 3 trailers and a bunch of ads. Lol.
  8. My ranking: 1) ESB 2) ANH 3) TFA 4) ROTJ 5) ROTS 6) RO 7) TPM 8) TROS 9) Solo 10) AOTC 11) TLJ TPM/TROS might flip in a future viewing.
  9. I'm such a Star Wars fan I saw that Clone Wars movie in theaters. All these posers complaining about TLJ or TROS didn't.
  10. the one good thing is it looks like Cats will do less than Spider-verse so Tele will have to watch Detective Pikachu.
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