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  1. Man is the Avengers fun or what? Such a fantastic movie with an amazing third act, an entertaining second act, and a first act that sets up the rest of the movie pretty well. It keeps it's plot as basic as possible and depends on some familiar tropes but that's to be expected for a feature film with an ensemble cast like it does. Also, everyone talks about how great the circle shot is. Sure, but that long take in the middle of the battle featuring each Avenger? SO MUCH BETTER. Also Tom Hiddleston KILLS it in this movie. If it wasn't for The Avengers, Red Skull would be the best Phase One villain but The Avengers really gives Loki room to shine. But for the actual Thanos take: Thanos was wrong. Loki was lent a scepter (which had the mind stone) so he could retrieve the Tesseract (which had the space stone). Loki lost both, his army was defeated, and the so-called king had united his enemies against him. What a fool. Thanos was wrong to believe and trust in Loki. Thanos will have no option but to find Loki one day and kill him. There's one thing Thanos can't stand and that's failure.
  2. Okay time for The Avengers. The best MCU phase one film obviously. Something tells me that for Thanos will not be happy with this movie's villain for my Thanos villain thingy I'm doing.
  3. Right I meant in terms of Depp playing the same character over and over again and audiences getting tired of it. Depp is a better actor with actual range though.
  4. Chris Pine ain't an MCU Chris. But Chris Pine did a good job with Star Trek but really Wonder Woman was where I went "holy shit this guy is a legit movie star." He was easily the best part of A Wrinkle in Time: could have probably saved it if he was in it more. Chris Pine is the best Chris I'd agree.
  5. Hemsworth is only known for Thor and outside of his funny role in Ghostbusters has failed to establish himself outside the MCU. He had to carry the hacker actor movie and failed. There's a reason funny Thor is the only good Thor. Chris Evans may be known as Cap (which duh it's his biggest role) but he did solid in Snowpiercer, gave a great performance in the drama Gifted, and did a great job as the comedy relief in The Fantastic Four movies. The only thing holding him back from really going after big roles I think is he doesn't want them. He has the range to have success if he did. Chris Pratt has zero range. Both his JW and GOTG characters are ripped Andy from Parks and Rec. Once GoTG is done, he's going down the Johnny Depp path.
  6. Captain America: The First Avenger is without a doubt the best Phase One solo film. Seriously, great action scenes, amazing cinematography, great editing, the musical score works well, and the montages are amazing. It has some of the best lines in the whole mega-franchise. It's loads of fun, the period setting really helps set it apart, and come on, Chris Evans kills it in the role. My one criticism is that Chris Evans' voice should have been changed a bit so he doesn't sound so deep with his skinny body. That and the post-credit scene segues into a trailer which is bad because now every time I play the blu-ray at the end I get a promo. Anyways the Thanos villain take: Hugo Weaving gets the first full-on comic book character villain of the MCU and he knocks it out of the park. The character design, especially when he rips his mask off revealing his red skull, is fantastic. He simply looks menacing in a way the other villains haven't. He leads a large army of HYDRA soldiers and while they might not exactly be loyal to the Nazi regime, they are still pretty bad who would destroy the world to rule it. He's the perfect antithesis to Captain America and thus makes a great first villain for him. Now Thanos has some quibbles: Red Skull shows some disloyalty to Germany after all and Thanos values loyalty. But the loyalty Red Skull inspires in his cult is impressive. That he's able to delegate and take over when necessary is good. Thanos likes how ruthless Red Skull is such as killing the man who survived a battle because he didn't fight to the last man. So far, Thanos is most impressed with Red Skull of all villains. If he knew where the Tesseract sent Red Skull, he'd consider bringing him on.
  7. Chris Evans really should be a bigger star. The best MCU Chris. No doubt. But yeah obviously talking about The First Avenger.
  8. Man is Thor really rad. It's so much fun, has a good compelling character arc for Thor, and Darcy is the best. Natalie Portman did a very good job as well. There's very little to like in this movie, it's nice to go from city destruction to small town destruction, and I always really like the fish out of water element for Thor. Normally I don't like it when characters lose their powers temporarily but Thor nails it. Anyways enough on my opinion of the movie. Time for the Thanos villain breakdown: Laufey The king of the Frost Giants who lost a massive war thousands of years ago and wasn't able to rebuild his civilization since then. Thanos wonders why he didn't just kill half of his people off. Then maybe they would have had the resources to actually build a new city on the frozen remains of the old. Seriously Laufey is pretty pathetic for even a side villain as he lets himself be manipulated to be a puppet for Loki's whims pretty easily. Thanos does not miss the Frost Giant king. Loki Thanos thinks Loki has promise. The man clearly knows how to strategize: this is crucial for leading armies to victory. You can see this as how he manages to not only get his brother exiled (or at least stop his coronation) but also trick Laufey into attempting to kill Odin in order to justify destroying the Frost Giant planet. Thanos thinks killing ALL the Frost Giants probably suggests he's a little too bloodthirsty but then again they are a pathetic stagnant race. Loki also knows when to delegate (such as using the Destroyer) and when to take matters into his own hands (such as being the one to activate the bifrost bridge). Yes, Loki has promise. Thanos knows there's an infinity stone on Earth. Maybe with the stone he already has, Loki could be of some use...
  9. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I think it's likely WB does what Disney is planning to do: create a bundle for DC Universe and it's separate streaming service. Disney wants to do that with Hulu and Disney+ and ESPN+.* If Swamp Thing's production really did balloon like that though I imagine it won't be getting a season 2 for that reason regardless of what happens with DC Universe. *I could also see Amazon or another big company start to work with Netflix/CBS All Access to create bundles of their own. In this way, streaming could ironically become like cable where instead of individual streaming services you pay for multiple through a bundle.
  10. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    You have no idea why they cut Swamp Thing down a few episodes. Trying to make assumptions on decisions we have no idea on why they were taken is something people love to do on the internet but just wanted to point out: Titans early renewal was probably based on DC Universe network executives having faith in the product. Meaning they saw the early cuts of the episodes and decided to renew it based on the quality alone. I mean come on. Expecting them to renew everything right away is silly. Netflix can take weeks or months to renew/cancel a show. Broadcast networks will sometimes renew things before they premiere and then wait until the very last second before upfronts in May to renew/cancel another show.
  11. Iron Man 2 is done: arguably the worst MCU movie and now it's out of the way. That's the only movie on the schedule for the day but tomorrow will be Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Anyways my Thanos villain write-ups continue with: Justin Hammer First of all, yes Sam Rockwell absolutely kills it as Justin Hammer. His performance is so on-point that many times he can steal scenes right from Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke. That's not easy to do! He gives his character a lot of personality that helps him set apart from Obadiah Stane. The final battle might not be against him but let's face it: he is very much an antagonist as Ivan Vanko is. This isn't to say that Thanos would respect or admire Justin Hammer. Thanos could understand outsourcing his weaknesses; after all Thanos has sent out multiple minions to get infinity stones for him. But the difference is when Thanos needs to get his hands dirty, he's competent. Justin Hammer is utterly incompetent. Thanos wouldn't even consider Justin Hammer for court jester: Hammer's journalism joke falls flat during the expo after all. Thanos looks down at Justin Hammer. Ivan Vanko The real "villain" of Iron Man 2 is played by Mickey Rourke who...does an okay job. Often times, Marvel asks their actors to try to elevate the material given to their more standard antagonists. Rourke, who can be a great actor, doesn't really rise up to the challenge but rather coasts through the movie. Except for when he asks for his bird. Anyways, Vanko's a pretty forgettable villain who wants revenge on Tony Stark for what Tony's dad did to his father. Okay, sure, why not? Thanos doesn't like that Vanko got captured pretty easily and needed to be bailed out by the incompetent Justin Hammer. But even less Thanos doesn't like that Vanko showed disloyalty to the man who saved him rather just using him. Thanos is a firm believer in loyalty. Thanos respects Vanko's drive but not Vanko himself.
  12. The Incredible Hulk is done. Such an underrated movie. Seriously great action scenes, the narrative that plays like a solid B-movie monster story, great score, one of the best opening credit sequences in the MCU: what more could you want? Well...a great villain would be good. You have the General who is a pretty stereotypical military general but while he's a major antagonist the final battle isn't against him. Plus while Thanos would appreciate his ruthlessness, I'm not sure Thanos would appreciate his failures or his white man ability to rise up in his career despite those failures. No, the final battle is against the Abomination and the real problem with the Abomination is he just wants to fight the Hulk. Like he turned his body into this monster. What was his plan if he beat the Hulk? Just destroy everything until he's killed? While the serum he took probably explains his desire to gain more power so he could take on the Hulk, when we're introduced to him he's an alpha who explains he'd rather keep fighting as long as he could rather than take a desk job. Thanos would understand his desire for power but Thanos got his power to fulfill his twisted vision. Thanos looks down on Abomination getting captured as well. Thanos does not approve of Abomination. Thanos is also disappointed that despite the teaser of Dr. Sterns becoming a supervillain, he has yet to reappear in the franchise. Come on MCU: give us the Leader already!
  13. I have begun my MCU rewatch. In honor of THANOS, I will be going over each villain of the MCU leading up to Endgame. First up is Iron Man. Obadiah Stane is actually a pretty fantastic villain and it's all because of the man who plays him: Jeff Bridges. He sells the role PERFECTLY. He makes you think that he's Tony's business partner and best friend, a man who helped his father build up the business, a man that Tony had no reason ever to mistrust. But then when he finally reveals his true colors, primarily in that gala scene when Tony finally confronts him, he turns menacing. There's a lot of tension when Pepper Potts finds the video of the Ten Rings terrorists demanding more money to kill the great Tony Stark and he finds her. He ends up with a less conservative suit that's big, bulky, and when it flies it creates a large cloud (nice detail!) that is the perfect opposition to the sleek, modern Iron Man. He's ruthless, determined, pragmatic, and practical-willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants...Thanos would respect him. Later tonight is THE INCREDIBLE HULK. (I am disappointed I couldn't find a GIF of Obadiah Stane running towards the suit when SHIELD agents/Pepper arrive.)

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