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  1. This was the most fun I've had in theaters all year. Of course it gets a C+ in Cinemascore and is gonna disappoint at the box office. Should do well enough to keep the franchise alive in streaming. But not sure if the rebooted continuity will get a sequel.
  2. Every movie has behind the scenes trouble. That's a huge part of filmmaking: overcoming problems that come up lol.
  3. Dark Phoenix is far worse than Origins. DP is one of the worst "blockbusters" in recent memory. About as bad as the Tom Cruise Mummy movie. (Every other movie is good (like Apocalypse and The Last Stand) to fantastic so I'd agree with the second part of your post.)
  4. It's a suggestion we've made to Invision (the fine people who make our forum software) to no avail. There might be something on the marketplace (https://invisioncommunity.com/files/) which we'd consider adding in but generally, we don't have an admin responsible with the forum software code. (While @AndyLL develops the derby and the website with the derby but both run on a different coding language than the forum. I think he does a wonderful job running the derby but his title is more about that then any IT work on the forum.)
  5. If people insulted you by calling you dumb or using other derogatory terms, please report them. This is a pretty big site with lots of posts with a volunteer staff and we don't always read every post-even when we are in the thread.
  6. Eh. It's a C movie. The monster fights are fun but everything around them is bad. Pity. As a huge fan of 2014's Godzilla, I had big hopes for this. Wish Gareth Edwards had stuck around for the franchise.
  7. saw a promo for this during the NBA game. reminds me of that show from the creator of the Simpsons. I think it was called Disenchantment? Pretty sure it's a Netflix show.
  8. I mean it premiered at a film festival, was released late in the year to great reviews, and it did well in the awards circuit. It does meet some of the criteria for Oscar bait. Joker definitely is not Oscar bait though lol.
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