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  1. F9 WEEKEND SALE IS LIVE! Get One Month of Gold for Only $7.50! Support the forums! Get the likes!
  2. He was on Yellowstone for a bit. Ian Somerholder? Vampire Diaries for 8 seasons on the CW? I wouldn't call him obscure lol.
  3. The streaming era is horrible for those who want TV to play to it's strengths: more episodes to flesh out characters and go on little side adventures that maybe don't advance the main story but are fun. But times change. Lost would have lasted three seasons on Netflix than replaced with a similar show. Lol. It sorta exploded at the right time.
  4. Hello BOT community. Today I have some news to share with y'all. I am stepping aside as "Chief Admin" and instead taking a different role in the staff. I remember as a small-time poster from Box Office Mojo being extremely discouraged when we found out that BOM decided it wasn't worth bringing back it's forums. I remember helping Shawn set up the forum and in exchange he hired me as a moderator. My original idea was simply to moderate the TV forum but I think Shawn and I meshed together very well so I became an Admin then when he stepped back because he got too busy, the Chief Admin role. I wo
  5. They did not make it easy to figure out the default font size scaling setting. Part of the problem is there's now a font scale feature which is messing up the default font sizes you get on posts.
  6. I remember studying when people thought HBO and other premium channels was going to kill movie theaters. Then when home media market came it was going to kill theaters. Then Netflix was supposed to kill movie theaters. I think people forget that the people who liked going to the movie theater and can afford it will still go to the movie theater because most of those people don't have a 50 feet screen in their home. Movie theaters might need to change but they were going to change anyways. There was no way around it: life is about change and adjusting to that change. Bu
  7. Yes solid considering the circumstances. This is a box office/movie forum. There is less theatrical movie news and no box office. If you really think we wouldn't have lost a lot of members and activity over that, then I think you have confused why a large portion of the community did come to this site for: to discuss how their movies are doing and how future movies will do. I can tell you right now that over the years, activity on this site has gone up when the box office is doing really well and tapered when the box office is slow. There is a direct correlation with how movies are doing and t
  8. I imagine a lot of the friendly faces you are missing did indeed leave after we cracked down on trolling. We are perfectly fine with a community that is smaller but better to be in than a community that is larger but toxic. But I know you like your data so I'm going to share some with you. We can actually track community activity. The site lists this as "The total number of members who submitted new content, followed something, or reacted to something on the community in the specified time period." Our data for February 2020: 578 (down from 593 in 2019...not a significa
  9. Pfft. They will soon be trained not in Evanism or Chalamism but in the unifying power that is Pineism. (also how crazy is it that Chris Evans was in the Fantastic Four movies)
  10. Hello! It's with great pride that I'm proud to announce that @Cap and @Eric #RIPChadwick have both been promoted from being general moderators to Junior Admins. I believe that both will do a good job and should provide an active leadership presence amongst the staff and community at large. They have been exemplary moderators who have handled issues with a good head. Eric is also a creator of some of the best weekend threads this site has seen. I believe that with the two of them, along with some changes I'll soon be making behind the scenes on how the staff works, will help ensure that the mod
  11. SALE HAS STARTED! 50% off Gold Account for One Month ($7.50 instead of the usual $15!) 50% off Premium Account for One Month ($5.00 instead of the usual $10) 50% off Gold Account for One Year ($82 instead of the usual $165) Now is a perfect time to jump on board BOT and support us! Thanks to the box office shutting down, we've seen donations decrease in general so help keep us going now that the box office is back and consider donating if you can!
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