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  1. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle's Top 25 Movies of the Year and Other Awards

    Best Xbox One Game Madden 19 Sure the story mode took a step back compared to last year's startling single-player campaign but the real player motion system was I think a huge success. Running was the big beneficiary as now it really pays to look for holes and it made it more difficult to get big runs out of the gate. The small franchise mode improvement was a bit nice but it could use more work especially when it comes to giving us seasonal statistics. Madden 19 was still a big step forward for the franchise.
  2. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle's Top 25 Movies of the Year and Other Awards

    Time to begin the list. #25 Avengers: Infinity War It's hard to truly judge Infinity War when it's really Part One of the epic conclusion that twenty movies have been building up to. In many ways, it's already delivered a lot. Thanos is clearly one tough guy that even a team-up of multiple characters taking him on by himself isn't enough to win even if they came close. He was able to basically punch the Hulk out of contention for the rest of the movie. While the Earth scenes didn't work as well as the galaxy scenes, the movie did juggle multiple tones and it's huge cast pretty well. It does help keep the movie epic even if the big battle on Earth is more a skirmish than anything. The conclusion is pretty exciting and makes you want to see the sequel immediately. #24 Revenge A bad-ass epic story about a girl who struggles to survive in the wilderness while having to kill the men to survive? Yes, please! This movie doesn't hold back in its violence and when she finally gets her revenge it feels extremely satisfying. It's very well done, properly paced even if the beginning is a bit slow, and the images pop out. This is a pretty fantastic little gem from last year that was worth the price of admission.
  3. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle's Top 25 Movies of the Year and Other Awards

    Best Nintendo Switch Game Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu The last time Pokemon should make this awards but I mean come on: this updated take on Kanto is very successful. It simplifies the game to attract a new audience but adds a lot of post-game challenges that should keep even veteran Pokemon masters entertained. The lack of wild random battles (instead you see wild Pokemon in the field and can only attempt to catch them) works well for this game: it keeps things brisk and there's something fun about throwing the Pokeball the right way. The changes to the story it made are pretty excellent as well: if there's a sequel in Johto I hope they give me more opportunities to take over my partner Pokemon. This was a great first real Pokemon adventure game for the Switch. Also considered: Octopath Traveler, Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  4. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle's Top 25 Movies of the Year and Other Awards

    The Worst 5 Movies of the Year #5 A Wrinkle in Time What can I say? Its bad acting was more reminiscent of a terrible '90s kids movies than a 2018 modern day blockbuster. It needed more Chris Pine but even he couldn't save this movie. It was just one big mess and while it has a really good message, who cares when the movie is just so unbearably bad? I like the book series but I wonder if it's just one of those novels where it's better in the reader's head than on the big screen. #4 Venom Come for Tom Hardy acting in a completely different movie than everyone else but stay...for what? Generic action scenes? A predictable story? A villain turned anti-hero? The only reason this movie is worth checking out is that any movie Tom Hardy is casted in is worth checking out. But it has nothing else to offer. I mean, really, it's like a bad Deadpool. I really wanted to like this movie but I left the theater thinking that really this movie just didn't do anything for me. #3 The Predator The new Predator movie seemed like it had so much promise based on the trailers that seeing it in theaters it became such a let-down. Jacob Tremblay is in this movie and he plays a kid with autism. Okay, fine, but then the movie posits his autism as somehow key to him being the next version of warriors? And then there's an evil and a good predator but none of it works really well? And then the bad predator tries to take the kid and almost gets away with it but his dad is able to rescue him. Really? I mean, I was actually interested in a sequel where the kid comes back to Earth as a bad-ass Predator or maybe his dad had to rescue him from Predator society somehow. But no instead the cliff-hanger is now humans have Predator technology. Really? That's the best hook you could come up with? The whole point of the movies is we're up against aliens with more advanced technology who hunt us down for fun. So what's the point of the movies going forward? Just a bad step in general for the franchise. #2 The 15:17 to Paris Okay, so maybe I can excuse the bad acting from the male leads because they are the actual heroes playing themselves. Not an easy task, really, but I get it. But what's with the bad acting from the professional actors and actresses? What's with building up to the big "action" scene of them stopping the terrorist on the train but it is so short and anti-climatic? What's with the long scenes where the characters just travel around Europe talking to girls and drinking beer? Why does the script feel like it was written by the heroes rather than a professional screenwriter? In general, not a very compelling product. #1 Aquaman Yes, the worst movie of the year in my view is Aquaman. Not very good, convincing performances. A storyline we've seen a hundred times before but with absolutely zero attempts to actually make you care about anything. Silly costumes from Atlantis and very fake looking haircuts. Like seriously, a lot of the movie felt very Flash Gordon cheap imitation rather than a major massive DC blockbuster. Worst of all: it is very, very boring. The Tommy Wiseau Award Sure Aquaman might be bad....but this award is given to a movie where nothing works right and you watch not to be entertained by the movie but to be entertained by the mess that it became. This year the award goes to... The Cloverfield Paradox Bad acting, bad blocking in general, badly executed every single time. The set was fine and so were the costumes but man was everything else in this movie a mess. It feels like they just kept throwing ideas to the wall to see what would stick but not a single idea actually stuck. It's amazing how badly made this movie turned out...which is why you should watch it. It's even on Netflix!
  5. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle's Top 25 Movies of the Year and Other Awards

    Best Nintendo 3DS Game Pokemon Crystal I really should retire this award since did the 3DS actually have a new game this year? Nonetheless, Pokemon Crystal actually came out for the Virtual Console in 2018 and it's such an amazing game, why not give it an award? It expands further on the additions of Silver/Gold in many ways (growing the story, battle tower, letting you pick gender) but the best part of the Virtual Console remake? You can get the GS ticket to get a Celebi with every copy. That's a rare chance to catch a Mythical Pokemon. Next up will be the top 5 worst movies of 2018. There's two comic book movies on there. So maybe that will generate some controversy. Or not.
  6. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle's Top 25 Movies of the Year and Other Awards

    Most Anticipated 2019 Blockbuster Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Wait a minute a live-action high budget Pokemon movie that looks good!? The video game it's based on has a decent story but I love how it made the world come alive. I mean, really, I'm such a big Pokemon fan I still play the video game on a consistent basis to this day. I even recently completed the Pokedex on Gen I on the Virtual Console on my Nintendo 3DS! Finally, a new movie big-budget IP launched in the 2010s? I guess better late than never. Other Contenders: Endgame, It: Chapter Two, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Star Wars Episode 9
  7. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Or you could try to get sober. Just a thought.
  8. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Site is working better for me now than yesterday but so far Invision is still working on it.
  9. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Now, why couldn't they have shown this during the Superbowl? 😂 (I also didn't know the two had a feud?)
  10. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle's Top 25 Movies of the Year and Other Awards

    Best PS4 Game God of War I have yet to beat God of War despite owning the game since launch. This is primarily because when I finally gave myself the time to spend it playing, I got so engrossed into the universe I just had to go back to the original games and go through them first. I still feel comfortable giving this game that award: the gameplay works well, the visuals are amazing, the writing has been rock solid. This new God of War game hopefully launches a new trilogy that can keep expanding what works really well in this game.
  11. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle's Top 25 Movies of the Year and Other Awards

    The big problem with the movie is that it promises an epic action set piece in the end with the hurricane but because of budget reasons, they couldn't deliver. So it's kind of underwhelming lol. But otherwise Denzel is pretty good, the script is solid, and it's pretty entertaining. The car action scene remains a highlight for the whole year.
  12. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle's Top 25 Movies of the Year and Other Awards

    Honorable Mentions These are three films that barely missed the Top 25. The Favourite The Equalizer 2 Crazy Rich Asians Next up will be best PS4 game.
  13. After matching last year's 70 movies seen, I am ready to announce my top 25 of the year. I will also do the following pop culture honors: Best TV Drama Best TV Comedy Best Computer Game Best Xbox One Game Best Nintendo Switch Game Best Nintendo 3DS Game Best PS4 Game Honorable Mentions Worst Movies Most Anticipated 2019 Blockbuster Will your favorite movies make it on my list? Who knows!?
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