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  1. Granted I don't have as much experience as @Plain Old Tele but when I have worked on large sets the snack craft table had snacks like chips, donuts, sodas, water, donuts, etc. They didn't have portable salads and sandwiches like you pictured. Portable salads and sandwiches require some refrigeration to stay fresh. Usually the coolers with ice were reserved for drinks not food. The place that would have those things would actually be a bit off set dedicated to eating meals.
  2. Snacks aren't a real substitute for an actual meal especially when you are working on set.
  3. Oh trust me there was still some waiting time for members of my crew lol. The thing about waiting while on a crew is that you also need to be ready to get back to it at any moment. So you can't just go and eat lunch since if they need you then you slow the production down.
  4. Should be noted the crazy rule here is "let people eat food". I directed/produced a short film a couple months ago. Even though we had exactly one day to shoot (due to many reasons) a 7-page script, we still broke for lunch. We got almost every shot we wanted to get. I did this despite being a super low budget shoot. If I can give people a lunch break as a super small production company then I think large companies can factor in guaranteed food breaks.
  5. No that's too unreasonable we must first burn down everything before we dare to listen.
  6. Maybe they did a bad job picking their leaders. That's not really relevant.
  7. The workers aren't beholden to accepting a deal just cause leaders negotiated it. That's just silly. If the leaders do their job right, then they get a deal acceptable to union members. Otherwise, well, it's not going to pass just for the sake of it.
  8. Whoops. Sorry guys, weekend was busy and stuff. But sale will be live for the whole week: GOLD ACCOUNT FOR $007 FOR ONE MONTH!
  9. F9 WEEKEND SALE IS LIVE! Get One Month of Gold for Only $7.50! Support the forums! Get the likes!
  10. He was on Yellowstone for a bit. Ian Somerholder? Vampire Diaries for 8 seasons on the CW? I wouldn't call him obscure lol.
  11. The streaming era is horrible for those who want TV to play to it's strengths: more episodes to flesh out characters and go on little side adventures that maybe don't advance the main story but are fun. But times change. Lost would have lasted three seasons on Netflix than replaced with a similar show. Lol. It sorta exploded at the right time.
  12. Hello BOT community. Today I have some news to share with y'all. I am stepping aside as "Chief Admin" and instead taking a different role in the staff. I remember as a small-time poster from Box Office Mojo being extremely discouraged when we found out that BOM decided it wasn't worth bringing back it's forums. I remember helping Shawn set up the forum and in exchange he hired me as a moderator. My original idea was simply to moderate the TV forum but I think Shawn and I meshed together very well so I became an Admin then when he stepped back because he got too busy, the Chief Admin role. I wo
  13. They did not make it easy to figure out the default font size scaling setting. Part of the problem is there's now a font scale feature which is messing up the default font sizes you get on posts.
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