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  1. I'm going to assume you meant it doesn't exist when it comes to coronavirus 'cause it does exists with other viruses. Like measles.
  2. Not to mention all the young people who survive but suddenly have their life permanently affected by scarred lungs. Some people won't just get over it. It will impact them their whole life.
  3. Normal healthy. Maybe they have allergies but other than that nothing pops up in their physical.
  4. That person on another forum is wrong. Did you know 50% percent of the hospitalized are young previously healthy people? Yeah, and if enough people get hospitalized, it doesn't matter your age: what happens in Italy will happen here where not enough beds are available and you have to choose who dies painfully and who might live. And a lot of people who die In Italy are young, previously healthy. Now think about this: say a single father in his 40s with three kids gets a heart attack. It takes 90 minutes for the ambulance to reach him because there's a huge backlog due to the coronavirus. He gets to the hospital and all the beds are taken by people who need respirators for the coronavirus. Under normal circumstances, he's saved. Under the pandemic, he might not have died due to the Coronavirus, but he's dead because of it. You won't see him in the death count though. 'Cause it's technically the heart attack that killed him, turned his three kids orphans (and if they don't have family, they likely go to a system that won't be able to handle the huge amount of kids who won't have families anymore coming in). So even if the death count is 500k with just coronavirus, if we spread out the deaths, we can save more lives than just the infected. And it's not "people who should be dying any day". It's normal healthy young people dying in Italy. It's normal healthy young people who will be dying in the US too. There was a 29-year old otherwise completely healthy doctor in China who died from this. But since you are all about making cold calculus that doesn't take into account that God made us and that life is sacred and is thus paramount, since you have decided money is your God with that post, I ask you: do you save a 24-year old college graduate looking for their first job or a 55-year old doctor who might save other lives but has less life ahead of him? Since all you care about is avoiding a recession, that's the kind of question you want doctors to ask. And what if you decide to say "fuck it" let's avoid the recession and in a month or two the millions (and yes the death count would reach over a million) who died could have been saved because we get enough medicine to treat the symptoms and save people? The goal here should be to save as many people as possible while buying as much time as possible. The goal here should be to try to lessen the burden on our medical system as much as possible. As for the economy? Well, the government here is gonna have to step in and help out businesses and individuals. But we should not prioritize McDonalds's bottom line over a single human life. 'Cause money is man-made. Human life is God-granted. And right now is a trying time but we should not forget: life remains sacred.
  5. Sure. Hope it does work out. But until it actually does, I would remain skeptical of any claims.
  6. 10% though would be pretty good. If we can at least treat Corona so that it doesn't get worse and avoid hospitalizations, that's a major win. Slowing down the virus so that it doesn't overload our medical system even more is a good objective to have and if we can do that with medicine, we can likely start opening things up again.
  7. So frustrating. We could have been making ventilators like crazy, ordering tests, constructing emergency hospitals while waiting for it to hit us. Now we are fucked.
  8. Not to alarm you but you can still get a severe case of the virus...which can lead to lifetime health complications. It can be bad for everyone. I hope it doesn't get that bad too. Scary times.
  9. Sure. And you might get it and it'll likely be like the flu to you. But in the meantime you might spread it to someone who isn't as lucky as you, in health or is older, and they might die from it. I hope everyone on this forum is fine or at worst only gets a mild case. But don't think about just how this affects you but how others are affected by you.
  10. #1 Marriage Story This was probably very predictable. But yeah, I'd say Marriage Story is the best movie of the year. At times funny, moving, powerful, and compelling, Marriage Story is simply a movie done right. I fell in love with it from the first minute on and I wanted to stay in the universe a bit longer by the time it ended. Noah Baumbuch tells a story based on his own divorce which gives it a very real feeling that most movies only try to capture. The kid was a bit of a brat but the actor who played him did a great job too. Like, really, in giving us the story of this divorce it really did feel like we got the story of the marriage.
  11. #2 Honey Boy I'm a sucker for coming-of-age stories so a real one based on Shia Labeof's life? Count me in. Raw, honest, it was also meant to be therapeutic for him as he played his own father and relived his experiences. Gives you a whole new perspective to his shenanigans. It's also very well done, Noah Jupe delivers an amazing performance that feels real. The only thing holding this back from being the best movie of the year? I don't feel like the Lucas Hedges part of the movie was as strong. (Hopefully tomorrow I can reveal my #1)
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