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  1. I'm hyped. The highlight of watching the dreadful movie Hobbs & Shaw was catching this teaser and the trailer for 1917!
  2. Please don't accuse people of being alts. If you are suspicious, please contact a staff member via PM.
  3. FYC: It has Batman. It has Robin. It has all the villains. With special effects better than the special effects of a child swinging his lightsaber toy in his garage. This is Batman. And he's here and he's proud.
  4. Please note that anyone attempting to cause any trouble will be dealt with. Use the Fanboy Wars thread if you are outraged some put The Dark Knight over Endgame or vice-versa or what-have-you. Please only use this thread to submit lists or ask Panda questions.
  5. Right because calling the movie Joker and making it clear it's about the most famous CBM super-villain of all time somehow doesn't qualify as marketing as a CBM. 😂 If WB didn't want to market this as a CBM they wouldn't have called it Joker. They would have called it something like "Clown School" and instead of the Joker's face in JOKER make-up, it would be without his make-up. And instead of "Put on a Happy Face" as the tagline referencing the greatest CBM of all time, The Dark Knight, the tagline would be something like "This year, the punchline is anarchy."
  6. Doesn't matter how you see it. You ain't so special you can just conjure up meanings. CBMs are simply movies based on comic books. That's it. That's what they are, their whole definition. Not action. Not comedy. Not serious or dramatic. No the whole definition is that their source material is comic books. Joker is a CBM. It's source material is comic books. If Maus was made into a movie (hopefully CGI and not digital fur technology) it would still be a CBM even though the graphic novel is about the Holocaust. Joker also seems to be a character-centric drama. But that doesn't make it any less of a CBM.
  7. Really the guy with titanic on his name and avatar would like the Titanic score who would have guessed
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