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  1. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I thought you were a real fan. Sad!
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread

    No. 100,000 posts is the "limit".
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Did you scream in real life too?
  4. I just saw the trailer and while I'm skeptical, the direction looks fine to me.
  5. Man I love the MCU and obviously I'll be here for BP on OD but watching that trailer....I didn't feel it. Too busy.
  6. James Wan is an up and comer? Huh? I guess you could maybe argue Peele but I wouldn't call him and up and comer either.
  7. The Classic Conversation Thread

    FUCK YES! Can't wait!
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Best box office podcast sure but best film podcast is by Jay. Cinema Sesh is great!
  9. The Classic Conversation Thread

    How wrong of you. The best film podcast is made by a member of this forum.
  10. Fanboys tend to overestimate the films they are stanning for by a large amount. Sometimes they end up being right but most of the time they are wrong.
  11. It's not nationalism. It's considered domestic because it's being made by an American film studio. It's being filmed in California. It's being directed by a Canadian. A film primarily made by a Chinese studio would consider China the domestic market and America a foreign market. If a Mexican company made a film, the domestic market would be Mexico and the foreign market would be USA (and China). Since BOT is based in America, domestic box office will be North America. If we ever move to China, we will consider the Chinese box office domestic. It doesn't matter which country is more dominant in the box office. That's not what domestic means. And trying to tie this in with nationalism is wrong.
  12. Well if he thought it looked good, he would be interested. So yeah it makes sense that if he thinks it looks bad, he wouldn't be interested. I think it looks like the average blockbuster. I don't have high hopes for it.
  13. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Giants finally get a win. Who'd have thought it would be against the Broncos?
  14. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Have you considered improving the quality of your posts by changing just about everything about yourself?

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