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  1. You give the hot take websites way too much credit. I’m speaking about them not the ga who won’t care at all
  2. I’m not saying they are I’m saying by reading the spoilers marvel either killed or sidelined every major female character and I will bet my house that the outrage farms will start pumping shit out when they see it
  3. I never got that she was always a b lister both in popularity and power that they elevated to be the “most powerful” avenger it seems forced
  4. And it seems captain marvel barely has a role. Oh my god I can’t wait until jezebel or slate watches this movie it’s going to be amazing we’re going to get some all timers out of this
  5. The hydra infiltrated all of shield in secret and winter soldier killed starks dad and cap knows all of these things and let’s them happen even though he’s in the past now. It just messes with his character to a certain extent as the hero.
  6. True haha I just can’t wait for the flame wars on Cap And Thor to start. And the think pieces on Black Widows death will be fucking legendary. This movie is lucky that GOT will steal some of its Thunder on Sunday or we may see the internet explode with arguments
  7. Missed that sorry no I agree it’s avalence between the spectacle and the endings. I’m not sure this will have great legs anyway no avengers film outside the first one really does. It’ll kill this weekend but then depends on how loud the fans are IMO let’s see how the nerd reviewers react to get a sense of where that goes a lot of them did not react great to TLJ.
  8. Really I’m seeing they fucked Thor up or this makes no sense. I truly don’t care that much was never that into Marvel especially compared to Star Wars but r/marvel studios spoilers seems ready to riot helol a lot of them are denying the leaks are accurate a la tlj
  9. Seems to be just ignored more or less and the final timeline doesn’t changed the snap is negated not reversed
  10. That’s comparing the level of commitment fans have to I rebel girl and discount Oberyn Martell to characters they have followed for over a decade and whose endings seem now let’s be honest not great and against character or just unsatisfactory particularly Thor and Cap’s. I’m not the biggest MCU fan but those seems to go against a whole series of development.
  11. I haven’t been here in a while thought I’d come back for this movie. Looking over reddit and the spoilers this might be a TLJ situation imo people might get really pissed with some of those endings. People like to shit on reddit but it’s one of the most visited websites on the internet and the reaction on the marvel fanboy page seems almost universally negative that’s not a great sign. The move will still make more money than god but the fact that there might be a fan backlash for the first time in the MCU is interesting.
  12. Reading this over the think pieces would be amazing so so funny imagine the reaction to the damane or even to “ kneel before the lord dragon or you will be knelt” sites like jezebel would lose it
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