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  1. Croatia has five guys on a card for a meaningless game they’ll rest the rest. And Iceland has beaten them twice in recent qualifying campaigns
  2. I dont brag often but my hot take worked this time
  3. I’ve said from the beginning this Argentina team is crap. No midfield no defense shit goalie and all their offensive players play in the same spaces so they don’t work together Messi can’t play wth dybala and higuain can’t play with Aguero and not bringing their best striker in Icardi was stupid. This team has no heart they barely qualified barely and even then 19 goals in 18 games is dreadful. Croatia proved like I said their the better team and they deserved it hopefully Iceland wins tomorrow so we can end this farce And this isn’t hindsight I made the same post a week ago
  4. Wait a minute I called this everyone here called me crazy
  5. Not quite fair to Belgium as they only really had two tournaments as a team and in the first one they were still really young and got knocked out by Argentina in the quarters Wales was a joke though
  6. I mean that’s more than almost any other top ten team can say
  7. At least they won though. Spain barely got through Iran as well, only Belgium really looked convincing of all the best teams so far.
  8. You do know the TLK was the biggest animated movie overseas too at the time right. Like 500 million OS in 1994 is really high right. Like it towered above TBB which just did. 1.3 billion in its remake
  9. Honestly it’s literally THE Disney movie their crown jewel franchise, not counting Star Wars and Marvel as they bought those.
  10. Box office both original and repeatedly every rerelease does amazing, the size of the media franchise and you can’t seperste the show from the movie that makes no sense. It’s the only animated movie in the IMDb top 50.
  11. TLK is by far the most beloved animated movie of all time and up there for the most beloved movie of all time. That’s non negotiable every metric says that and the Broadway shows success proves it. That movie’s trailer will break the internet
  12. How is milinkovic-Savic playing cant watch
  13. I know which is why I try not to debate messi-ronaldo anymore there is no point
  14. No saying real football fans prefer this over that makes you sound like an asshole

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