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  1. Reading this over the think pieces would be amazing so so funny imagine the reaction to the damane or even to “ kneel before the lord dragon or you will be knelt” sites like jezebel would lose it
  2. It honestly would have to be a movie just an extended tv block. I mean for it to get there it would have to be at least 8 seasons and the audience would be invested by then but damn that final battle makes the LOTR look like a snowball fight
  3. Amazon is making it and if they can pull it off people will watch 80 million books sales shows a built in audience. Wheel of Time could replace game of thrones but the budget would have to be huge I mean how else do you show this
  4. China is communist like deep dish is pizza. It may look like it some stupid people may even think it but it’s not
  5. I mean at the very least TLJ is devisive I would lean more towards disliked with the GA. And honestly people came to these movies for the original cast very few people care about most of the new cast hell most of them are nothing characters anyway except for Ren
  6. boomboom234

    The Lion Roars: King over 200 mil OW Club

    This is a joke of course in make it 250
  7. I wouldn’t say that exactly because he hates on a few nerdy franchises as well maybe the white male 18-35 demographic I.e Star Wars target audience
  8. Jeremy Jahns is straight inoffensive pop culture, his reviews are pretty much the average movie fan and there is value in knowing that. He was also a huge star wars fan who put on his childhood star wars bath towel as a cape to review past trailers, if he's unhappy I feel like a lot of the GA is as well. It seems like a lot of people are blaming the messenger rather than the message
  9. That’s not the best metric if we use most recent box office gross black panther is more popular than spider man and that’s bullshit
  10. Exactly. Films way more loved than Avatar lord of the rings the dark knight the avengers harry potter toy story
  11. boomboom234

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Witcher 3 the best rpg ever made by far

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