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  1. Why though it’s clearly still the biggest topic of discussion what else would we talk about. How terrible dumped in January is doing terribly like every year. The other is formally the world’s biggest franchise in a state of free fall
  2. I guess but Joker and Aquaman were definitely known characters whose fame started those movies on the front foot
  3. I’m so excited for him in the nfl he’s so good a generational QB plus the sunshine references are hilarious
  4. But the DCEU has risen from those ashes because it has a catalogue of popular characters. Joker and Aquaman doing amazing proves that, and it has already proven post Batman and Robin to be able to resurrect its franchises. I’m not sure Star Wars can do that
  5. Haha it was bit over dramatic but I meant it as my last word. Still home for the holidays and these cfb games suck so needed to entertain myself somehow I’m in my 20s so grew up in the prequel era as a kid and like all kids back then loved them and the OT. I know the problems with the prequels and do see them but will always look at them fondly for that reason but I do love ROTS and will rank it my third favorite. I was really into Star Wars as a kid read a lot of the expanded universe books and played the games. So when Disney bought it I was excited for more movies
  6. Rian Johnson J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy have killed this trilogy and severely damaged the brand. They should be proud of their achievement it takes effort to fuck up this bad. J.J. for having no creativity and reboating ANJ and resetting all of our heroes and the universe to their original states to sate his nostalgia boner. But he did leave potential for future films, there was still hope here Rian Johnson for taking that hope and just murdering making a nihilistic movie nothing matters. Where our symbol of heroism is turned into an attempted child murderer then killed of
  7. Hahahahahahaha under AOTC adjusted (even worse since that didn’t have 3D or IMAX) and people are saying these movies are better received than the prequels.
  8. They bought the thing in 2012 Force Awakens came out three years later they had a bit of time
  9. When you’re in a franchise you have to do that or you risk breaking the whole thing. Directors shouldn’t always be thinking of it but it damn should by a producers number one job so the biggest failure of this trilogy was Kennedy
  10. but that is passing the buck this was Kennedy’s responsibility but she allowed it to go to shit. No plan, director who gave each other the middle finger through their films. Firing nearly every director just poorly run.
  11. Game of thrones bump? How that one actor is in it? Fuck an actual game of thrones movie wouldn’t get a bump after that last season
  12. The difference is the prequels were at the very least very popular with kids, these aren’t check the merchsdise sales for proof, and were viewed as the end of the franchise there was nothing else coming. Disney is still planning more here
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