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  1. Quorum Updates Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes T-18: 64.35% IF T-25: 45.08% Despicable Me 4 T-72: 57.66% White Bird: A Wonder Story T-165: 15.33% Challengers T-4: 28.04% Awareness Final Awareness: 16% chance of 10M Low Awareness: 14% chance of 10M Unsung Hero T-4: 16.27% Awareness Final Awareness: 0% chance of 10M Low Awareness: 0% chance of 10M Tarot T-4: 28.04% Awareness Final Awareness: 16% chance of 10M Low Awareness: 14% chance of 10M The Fall Guy T-11: 46.19% Awareness Final Awareness: 79% chance of 10M, 45% chance of 20M, 26% chance of 30M, 17% chance of 40M, 9% chance of 70M, 5% chance of 80M, 2% chance of 90M Tentpole Awareness: N/A Tarot T-11: 29.84% Awareness Final Awareness: 16% chance of 10M Low Awareness: 33% chance of 10M Horizon: An America Saga Part 1 T-67: 19.66% T-60 Awareness: 30% chance of 10M, 2% chance of 20M Medium Awareness: 33% chance of 10M
  2. @TMP Oh yeah, Chris Pratt's another one that kinda fits the whole "superhero guy finding later success" thing. Because like yeah obviously almost all his big hits are big IPs, but he was pushed just as hard as the dinosaurs when the first Jurassic World came out and the Mario/Garfield ads have focused on selling his name like it's a Katzenberg-era Dreamworks movie. And if we include streaming stuff, he's had a lot of hits for Amazon sold solely on his presence. Maybe if that Electric State movie gets Gray Man-style viewers, that will solve the answer, I dunno.
  3. Ryan Reynolds is a fascinating one, because he has arguably been the only actor to use that superhero movie slingshot and have it result in success multiple times. Crazy too for a guy that was once box office poison. Though I guess we'll see if Tom Holland can do that if he ever decides to make another movie again. Hitman's Bodyguard still rates as one of the highest-grossing non-IP comedies in the last few years (think you can count on only one hand the non-IP comedies that outgrossed it domestically and worldwide). Detective Pikachu was also sold just as much on Ryan Reynolds as did the Pokemon brand, even though that is a little iffy, and he has some of the highest-viewed Netflix original movies ever (yes, those count). Like IF is probably going to get to like 120M+ or something just on his presence and savvy marketing skills. In 2012, with Reynolds' then draw power, that would have been lucky to get to half of that.
  4. Moderation We're ending the umpteenth "Marvel is/isn't dead" argument early. Everybody knows neither side will listen and that the conversation will move around in circles. Why do this all over again?
  5. And I guess if we want to go into numbers, holds are largely pretty solid. Civil War could drop to around 55%, maybe even less, depending on what the Saturday number is, which is quite impressive. KFP4 held worse than Home the same weekend, but the latter had Mother's Day to soften its hold, so it's still fine. Still on track for 195M or so.
  6. Not to be mean, but the numbers have been up for a while. It’s fine to get your doom and gloom out, but it’s also good to actually discuss the numbers we have and share them.
  7. ← Previous Chart Chart Index Movie Title Distributor Gross %YD %LW Theaters Per Theater Total Gross Days In Release 1 N Abigail Universal $4,000,000 3,384 $1,182 $4,000,000 1 - (1) Civil War A24 $3,254,490 +99% -70% 3,929 $828 $37,011,151 8 - (2) Godzilla x Kong: The New … Warner Bros. $2,330,000 +165% -40% 3,658 $637 $164,491,510 22 - N Spy x Family Code: White Crunchyroll $2,225,000 2,009 $1,108 $2,225,000 1 - (3) Kung Fu Panda 4 Universal $1,110,000 +162% -19% 2,955 $376 $176,492,475 43 - (4) Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Sony Pictures $1,035,000 +180% -27% 3,109 $333 $99,549,270 29 - (5) Dune: Part Two Warner Bros. $800,000 +120% -33% 2,014 $397 $274,492,913 50 - (6) Monkey Man Universal $680,000 +90% -46% 2,641 $257 $20,154,790 15 - (7) The First Omen 20th Century… $530,000 +85% -54% 2,430 $218 $16,595,038 15 - (-) Shrek 2 Universal $130,000 +12% -73% 819 $159 $438,830,656 7,276 - (-) Housekeeping for Beginners Focus Features $13,000 +262% -43% 251 $52 $174,600 15 11 $16,107,490
  8. Because the Animation/Family pool is very small and very awkward. Because for whatever reason, the only movies that opened above 100M in this pool only had awareness in the 40s upon the T-60 and T-30 mark. I don't know why that is, but I guess that's just what happens when your subcategory pool only has 19 movies. Either way, technically speaking, if we just used these 19 movies, Garfield has the better chance. But in this instance, it's probably better to use the charts that look at every movie. And yeah, at this point in time, Inside Out has a better chance with 45% compared to Garfield at 13%. So yeah, Inside Out's got the better chance. Don't you fret.
  9. Well I mean it's still likely to get to the 30s in Awareness by the time we get to the end. That would make 10M, at the very least, slightly more likely.
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