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  1. Any projection on what Ant-Man and the Wasp will finish with? Will it make more than the $105m USD the first one made?
  2. That looks to be using the same source/rate fluctuation as entgroup as the English numbers have dropped there on a daily basis. Here's what english.entgroup looked like on June 7th: AIW = $359.58 https://web.archive.org/web/20180607165749/http://english.entgroup.cn/boxoffice/cn/daily/ Here's what the same date looks like today. AIW = $347.64 http://english.entgroup.cn/boxoffice/cn/daily/?date=06 /07 /2018 Unfortunately the wayback machine didn't archive very many more dates. The last day in the top 10 (6/28), the site shows the USD total at $359.90.
  3. But that isn't half as bad as her voice.
  4. At this rate is $325m USD still on the table?
  5. Yeah, well it's pretty much dead everywhere else. And We are talking about beating $890.9, not tying, so I was basing on the movie ending at $760m in all territories (other than China). It's having a little better staying power than expected in the US, the $131m (I guesstimated the figure 5 weeks ago) number might have a swing by as much as $3.5m, so lets say $127.5m needed from China at the low end.
  6. Yes, just typed the wrong number.
  7. No it can't. I recon it would need China gross to equal $231m USD.
  8. I see now on his twitter site. There seems to be some discrepancy. He did certainly post the 717.6m number on here for his Thur number, but then said something totally different on his twitter feed for the 14th day. I'm at a loss.
  9. From Gavin on Thur: Homecoming - 6.15m / 717.6m (posted in this thread) Thursday was at $108m. http://www.cbooo.cn/movieday confirms those numbers are from Thursday (2017-09-21) $110.8m (the $110m figure I was talking about) is not far off of $111m. Those numbers are Friday. My question is, that if you know the numbers are from Friday, why are you saying the number is off by millions when you know the-numbers numbers are from Thursday?
  10. The $110m figure includes Friday's numbers.
  11. When I convert 717.6 I get $108.8m so it's hardly a "few million". But it's also a matter of what sitr they are getting their numbers from. Sometimes there can be significant variation from the main sites in China. Some sites are considered more reliable than others at times. An it also matters what the exact number they are using as the exchange rate is (people here use what's quickly available, which might not be the most acurate).
  12. The numbers Gavin frequently gives aren't finalized (picture domestic weekend estimates). They often do tweeking to the numbers. Again, if they were reporting numbers without service fees, the number would be closer to $100m-$101m
  13. They who? The $108m figure includes service fees. The difference between fee/no fee is about $8m at this time.
  14. I'm guessing it would need to make at least $131m in China. From what it looks like people are saying in this thread, that seems doubtful.
  15. Awesomer


    What's in Yen? Mojoguy is giving the current amount of AoU as $19.7m USD. TASM made $39.2m USD & was over 3.09b yen. It won't pass TASM in either USD or Yen.

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