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  1. I am not sure whether this is the right move either. so bold, unprecedentsl a move. CNY eve is indeed more of a family/home celebration day/eve. These movies are just too scaried of DC3. They are probably behaving out of mind due to panic.
  2. Interesting that we probably do not know which December movie will score the most daily #1s until Jan 24th ... So far, Adoring has 11 #1s, IPM4 has 5, Sheep 8
  3. It has great hype due to Ne Zha but final box office comes down to WOM. Really hard to predict which one will be CNY champion.
  4. Chinese are not crazy over the first Top Gun movie at all. To them, it is just another "HLWblockbuster". Shang Chi has no chance at 3B.
  5. 2020, local movies are weak, but imports are weaker. local share will set new records.
  6. It is very average. But if you want to watch a recent Chinese movie, Ne Zha or IPMAN4 probably is the best choice. The other local hits are either too poorly-made or too dull.
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