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  1. Dadi bought Rambo and TE4 very early in 2017. Many titles Dadi bought didn't end up in theaters though.
  2. Not really the same... in China, media doesnot act like speakers for ruling party; it IS the mouthpiece of ruling party.
  3. scores of animations tend to be overestimated. Actual WOM for Abominable is just about average all things considered.
  4. Propaganda differs. You really think propaganda in the Soviet Union and the US (assuming propaganda is a thing in the US), or propaganda in East Germany and West Germany, is the same? Also, you might be mixing propaganda up with free press. 'Fake' news sometimes is a good thing. At the least, it shows the freedom of press, and that the people are fully supervising the government. In China, everything the governments do not want to be reported is "fake" news, and will be banned/blocked. And those who report or spread such "fake" news will be jailed. And you think "fake" news in China and the US is the same thing? Do you get jailed for mocking your Prime Minister on Whatsapp, or waving a board on the street? In China, media regulation is not just regulation, it is BAN. Media ban, party ban, everything ban ... Answer this question: are the top movies in other countries are full of propaganda movies like in China? Is it common? The rest of your post is also quite misleading. The size of population is not essentially related to economy growth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita In terms of population, developed countries range from the US to Luxembourg, developing countries range from China to Central African Republic. In your logic, the small countries in the world should all be rich....? After WW2, China, SK/NK, and Japan were basically standing on the same starting line. And the three countries have similar tradition/ culture origin. Now, look at the difference. Mind you, SK and Japan, Singapore, each achived even greater jumps in terms of GDP per capita in a shorter period of time than China. In terms of Chinese history, many dynasties achieved similar, relatively, so-called 'prosperous status' in 40 to 70 years, Tang, Song, Han... CCP China took 70 years, counting from 1949. You statement "China has achieved (in the past 4 decades or so) the most impressive feat of economic development in all of human history" is extreme hyperbole. And you are forgeting that CCP caused the deaths of millions of Chinese people in the Great Cultural Revolution, the 1959-1961 Great Famine, the one-child policy, among many other great tragedies. Yes, Japan & South Korea had the backing of US/Europe in terms of global trade arrangements, but so did post-Mao China. No country can develop without global trade. In fact, China have been backed by investments from all over the US, the Europe, Japn, SK, Taiwan and HK since Deng Xiaopeng's reform and open up. Also, China's economy achivement is at the price of mass pollution, sky-high debts, copycating (aka intellectual property theft), the lack of labor rights, etc. More importantly, China's encomy model is unsustainable; it will stagnate once there is nothing to copycat and the production cost is too high, which is already happening. The communist system was born to suppress creativity and innovation. Comparing China to India is unfair to India. India is not a typical country. It literally consists of many different 'nations', in some way like a smaller sized Africa. Different parts of India even speak different languages. Not to forget the starting basis of India was much worse than that of China. Lastly, you are ignoring the great material progress in most parts of the global in the past few decades. A result of mordern global trade and tech improvements. China just benifited a little more than some other countries. Even many African countries are looking to get properous. To sum it up, after 1949, in the first thirty years, CCP brought countless tragedies to China, and the people suffered; in the last forty years, CCP just slightly loosened its control on the people, and the people earned their share of wealth by hard working, at helfty prices, in global trade. This is what happened yet you are creditting it to CCP.
  5. You can make better box office predictions (which kind of movies trend to perform better) only when you have a better understanding of the culture, the public voice and how the country works. I dont see what's your point. You really think propaganda movies are breaking box office records because they are really good...(?) China box office is big so respect should be given to the government... ridiculous logic. these are two things unrelated. Your post is actually not even worth commenting. I will leave it there.
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