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  1. No one follows this news? Commander of aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus removed for 'poor judgment' after sounding alarm
  2. It's interesting that Indian posters @charlie Jatinderon this forum can freely criticize India as a sh*t hole. Trump and the US administrations are criticized every day by millions. —— The US is even called as "not a real democracy" lol. But if you say the same about China (or even the Chinese government specificly), you are likely to be called out as racism. Every year China spend billions bribing Western medias and now the results reveal. Millions of westerns imperceptibly start to believe China's propaganda and are even trying to preserve it. To think that there are even debate on whether to believe the Covid data China reports.
  3. You do not understand how China's governing system works if you think the local government of Wuhan can/dared to hide the outbreak from the central government. They hide such bad news from the people but never from the central government.
  4. Western politicians are so naive. They seemingly believe whatever communist propaganda say. They are paying and will pay again constantly for that.
  5. LOLO some people really have fantasy in centralization/dictatorship/totalitarianism. They think those regimes value people's life more and handle pandemics better than democracy. Such people probably desever living in totalitarianism as slaves.
  6. People growing up in a democratic society will/can never understand how far can totalitarianism go.
  7. Not surprising at all. I have read reliable estimates puts China's Covid-19 death toll around 100k. Caixin is already lowballing it.
  8. Doing door-to-door tests are dumb actually. It could help spread the virus (from one door to another).
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