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  1. The reviewer superhero fatigue is definitely still real. Having GOTG3 and Across the Spider-Verse back to back isn't enough to break that. Spider-Verse is seemingly immune, but I think every super live action thing is going to lose about 10 to 15 percentage points off the top from what they might have garnered two or three years ago. Reviewers just aren't giving the ones that they marginally enjoy the same pass that they used to.
  2. When people say OK to some long opinion/rant, I generally think this is the vibe they're going for:
  3. Huge mistake, IMO. They should have done a "regular" Avengers movie (i.e., not universe-ending stakes) in between Endgame and Kang Dynasty. Part of what made the MCU the MCU was seeing all the disparate characters coming together. If they had put out an Avengers film this year, bringing whoever is left from Phase 1 along with all the new characters, would given a huge boost to all of them. As for best trilogy, it's probably going to be GOTG (assuming 3 as good as advertised), but give me Homecoming, Far From Home, and No Way Home over Cap or any other three films.
  4. I agree that I don't know that GOTG3 says much about how the rest of Phase 5 will go reception-wise. Feige clearly has a lot of trust in Gunn (wasn't Gunn set to basically head up the "cosmic" MCU for a while before the whole mess?), so he no doubt gave him almost complete freedom for Vol 3. But I also don't think it's some sort of tragedy that Marvel is losing Gunn. He gave a decade of his life to them, and now he gets to see if he can be DC's Kevin Feige and build something great there. No losers here. Maybe pulling back on the projects will allow Feige to not be stretched so thin and he can lend more personal oversight to each one. Or maybe Feige is just burnt out, doesn't have the fire anymore, and should have moved on after Endgame. Who knows. I think the only unfortunate thing for Marvel with Gunn off at DC is that, to me, GOTG3 (though I haven't seen it yet) does really feel like a good ending point for the MCU, maybe even more so than Endgame. Almost everyone introduced in the Phases 1-3 has now come to a natural end point in their stories with this film coming out, and it remains to be seen if general audiences will care as much about all the new characters and their journeys.
  5. GOTG3 paying for the sins of Phase 4. What the MCU needs much more than a massive box office hit that audiences are kind of meh on is to release some great films. Much more important that audiences love this -- and hopefully the start of a string of films that connect with audiences -- whenever and however they end up seeing it.
  6. Perusing one review, and the reviewer was so concerned about moviegoers who are sensitive to animal cruelty that they devote the first paragraph to warning about it: "A public service announcement for sensitive Marvel fans. Many moviegoers will be shocked to discover that Vol. 3 is the darkest, grisliest, and most disturbing Marvel movie yet, to the extent that you might find yourself scratching your head at how it got that PG-13 rating. Most fans of the franchise will be fine, but if you’re the type of viewer who instantly turns against a movie the moment an innocent creature gets harmed—perhaps you’re a regular visitor to doesthedogdie.com?—you might want to sit this one out or, at the very least, know what you’re getting into." In one sense, this could definitely turn off a lot of viewers, but, in another, I could see it giving the film a different kind of buzz. Also getting the idea that those who like it *really* like it: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is the best film of the MCU to date."
  7. For my money, Peacemaker was the best superhero series ever made. Gunn only seems to be growing as a writer and director. Not only that. This was Gunn's first time ever writing for TV and he cracked the pacing of an 8-episode season much better than pretty much any streaming series I've seen. Never dragged.
  8. I do sort of wonder if "superhero fatigue" is not only hitting audiences, but reviewers as well, and there's just a certain number of reviewers who would have given some of the more recent superhero films a pass (a positive on RT), but just won't anymore. So, something that would have scored high to mid 80s 5 years ago, ends up in the high 60s or low 70s now. Like, I didn't really like either of these films, but I don't think there's really *that* much of a quality difference between Ant-Man 2 and 3 (87% vs. 47%, a whopping 40-point difference in positive reviews), and I think 3 would have gotten much better reviews 5 years ago, and 2 would have done much better if it had been released now.
  9. Assuming Feige and Marvel realize they need to start really delivering some crowd-pleasers, I wonder if this means there might be some major reshoots for this depending on how the movie is playing right now. I also wonder if they're going to start canceling some TV shows they've already announced. Would they go so far as to not release a TV show they've already filmed if it's not up to stuff?
  10. Assuming they hold off on X-Men (or at least mostly hold off) until after Secret Wars, that's basically their get-out-of-jail-free card. You can weave an entire phase or two around those guys and gals, and anticipation and hype will be big for those characters.
  11. That's really interesting. And you can basically see Feige admitting there: We recognize we have a problem, but you're not going to see the difference until probably mid to late Phase 5 because we're too far into so many projects at this point. I would guess that you're not going to be seeing stuff like Echo or Agatha spinoffs going forward (not that those might not be great, but that they're clearly spinoffs meant to help boost the amount of content they're putting out).
  12. I think Feige might want to take a page out of Gunn's apparent philosophy for the new DCU: Don't start filming projects until you have a rock-solid script locked in. My guess is the unevenness of Phase 4 had a lot to do with the determination to roll cameras and hit release dates and hope you could work out any script issues as you go. But with Feige being stretched over so many projects now, there's a lot more variability in the end result. I wonder if Marvel will move toward hiring more experienced writers, instead of so many up-and-comers.
  13. Currently at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes! ... (with one review) Offers too much sensational spectacle, melodrama, and high-stakes sci-fi adventure ever to bore its audience, but its echoes of exhausted blockbuster tropes ring hollow. February 14, 2023 | Rating: 2.5/4 Wonder if it can eke out a decent percentage (like above 60) with a very low rating with a lot of reviews like this.
  14. If this film is "aggressively OK," as stated earlier in the thread, that wouldn't really surprise me. That's pretty much how I would describe the first two Ant-Man movies myself. To be honest, I never quite got why Feige brought Peyton Reed back after the first one. I mean, look at all the other directors Feige brought back for sequels, Favreau, Whedon, Gunn, Russo brothers, Watts, Waititi, Coogler. They all made MCU films that were critical darlings and connected in a major way with audiences. I don't think Ant-Man really met either of those criteria. (Maybe Reed was just rewarded for salvaging the film after Wright left?) No doubt GOTG3 is going to bring it, since Gunn only seems to be getting better as a filmmaker (I think Peacemaker was the best thing he's ever done), so that is certainly going to give the MCU a boost come May. But I suspect the overall MCU narrative ("audience fatigue!" or "back in the groove") we will see argued about over the next year will be determined by The Marvels' reception.
  15. I believe Feige has been quoted as saying it was his idea? I think they were contemplating just teasing connecting to the Sony Spidey films in the post-credit scenes, and Feige was like: "Well, what if we just make that movie right now?"
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