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  1. A couple questions for anyone who feels like answering them. I'm not watching the trailer (only watched the teaser and staying away from everything else) and have stayed away from reading anything about it, but I am curious: How was it received overall? How much did it seem to give away? Any reveals on the level of Palpatine in the first one? (I obviously don't want to know what they were, if so!)
  2. Only watched the first trailer. Just feel like since ROTJ, all the great lengthy space battles have happened on TV (Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, Battlestar Galactica). Would love to see a big, long, sprawling one on the big screen again.
  3. One thing I would really love out of TROS is a space battle on the scale of ROTJ's. I'm not sure we've had anything approaching that in film since 1983. Any hints we're going to get anything like that in IX?
  4. Man, so much of the toxic Internet discourse is just a result of people needing to feel validated about their own opinions. Just like what you like and lift it up. Scorcese is allowed to express his opinion. Time is the ultimate arbiter of which films endure. (Just look over the Best Picture nominees -- even winners -- from the last couple decades and you will see dozens of films that have already faded into obscurity.)
  5. "Hmm. We don't seem to be getting the home video/digital sales on FFH we expected... make the deal." It just makes too much sense to promote the rest of their Spiderverse films by having Holland stay in the MCU. It is great marketing for them, *especially* if they can actually have him appear now in their own films.
  6. Pretty much any HD shot you want of the film is now out there. Some really iconic imagery with Cap in Endgame. It does feel like an appropriate place for him to exit the stage, given that, I think.
  7. I like how Tony is completely startled here, but Bruce quickly takes it in stride, because he's been avoiding strong emotional responses for so long that it's just habit.
  8. Guess we're starting to get HD gif sets here with the digital release imminent. I love Loki sassing Hulk here despite just having been rag-dolled by him.
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