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  1. Somewhere in the 70s (maybe even high 70s) and around 6.0 average seems just fine for this film's prospects. I would call that a win with just how truly weird it seems some aspects of the film are. It could have suffered a RT fate like Jupiter Ascending or Valerian, but that's not happening. It seems a bit like Doctor Strange (but with slightly less love so far), in that the majority of reviewers like it, but not with enough intensity to give it a bigger average.
  2. Curious to see what this looks like on RT tomorrow. Will reviewers dig a light tone for this the way they did for Ragnarok?
  3. MyMovieCanBeatUpYourMovie

    BUMBLEBEE | 21 DECEMBER 2018 | The end of the Bayformers Universe

    Even though it's ostensibly a Transformers film, I would say Bumblebee is not targeting the same audience as the Bay films (which I would say was teen boys and those who enjoy stuff targeted at that demographic). Bumblebee is much more a family adventure film and made for that audience (with some obvious loving pandering to fans of the original series).
  4. MyMovieCanBeatUpYourMovie

    Star Wars Episode IX | December 20 2019 | JJ Abrams to direct

    I would put it more that the critical reaction and audience reaction were both equally divisive.
  5. MyMovieCanBeatUpYourMovie

    BUMBLEBEE | 21 DECEMBER 2018 | The end of the Bayformers Universe

    I thought this was a solid film with a lot of heart -- though, I have to confess, I will have to see it again to gauge how much of my reaction was based simply on finally having someone besides Bay make one of these. It's odd. The stuff on Cybertron, even though taking place in the equivalent of nighttime, was clear and fairly easy to follow, the climax of this film takes place at night and is lit in such a way that I had a hard time telling the combatants apart (which was probably the thing I disliked most about the Bay films). Audience reacted well at my showing and there was scattered applause at the end.
  6. MyMovieCanBeatUpYourMovie

    Star Wars Episode IX | December 20 2019 | JJ Abrams to direct

    That happens all the time with smaller films, but this is probably the most notable example of it happening with a blockbuster. In terms of divisive reaction as a whole, though, Man of Steel was the equal to TLJ, IMO. Boy, those discussions got ugly, and they're still bleeding over into the DCEU discourse today.
  7. MyMovieCanBeatUpYourMovie

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    If I were Disney/Marvel, I would definitely be worried about Sony's general "saturate the market with Spider-Man trailers and include all footage" marketing strategy they generally take with Spidey films, especially considering that this film is the first MCU one out of the gate after EG. (Heaven help Marvel if Sony has decided that, with the success of Venom and Spider-Verse, they don't need to renew their deal with Disney and thus don't need to worry about preserving the surprises for the biggest MCU film to date to maintain that relationship.) I'm avoiding all trailers for EG and FFH anyway, but it will truly suck if the latter ends up blunting the impact of the former just through its marketing.
  8. Happy this looks like it could break out. Even with however many dozens of big-budget superhero films there have been in the last 10 years, you offer something new -- or mostly new -- female lead, blockbuster featuring majority black cast -- in this case a superhero film offering gigantic set pieces underwater, audiences will show up for it. Shazam looks like it's trying something different too, so I hope that one clicks as well.
  9. So, not having watched this trailer (and as my quest to avoid any trailers or commercials for Endgame begins), and not having read any of the posts here since its release, I am kind of curious (without any specifics in terms of content, please): How is this trailer being received just generally? Also, was there a poster released? And if so, is it any way spoilerish? Thanks!
  10. I'm not sure I've ever heard a louder roar during an MCU film than at the midnight show (remember those?) opening night when this and then this happened: I feels like that's the moment when the MCU really, truly arrived.
  11. Do we have any actual confirmation of the trailer dropping tomorrow? Shouldn't there be some kind of poster coming soonish if so?
  12. Based on the reaction to the GG nom, if Black Panther gets nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, you're going to be able to salt the roads on the entire East Coast all winter.
  13. Right, but a year or less from filming to release has gotten pretty standard for MCU films, and most of them have not had the issues with their CGI that cropped up with Black Panther, the other film (along with Captain Marvel) released a couple/few months before a mammoth, effects-laden Avengers film.
  14. Haven't watched either trailer (I tend to avoid trailers for films I want to see), but I wonder if Captain Marvel could be falling prey to the same thing that Black Panther had to deal with: all the best effects houses tied up working on the latest Avengers film. I mean, you just compare how Black Panther looked running around in BP vs. IW, and the difference in how much more photorealistic the suit appeared in IW was obvious (at least to my eyes).

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