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  1. A movie with shape-changing Skrulls that has shocking twists? Gee, what a stumper. (I will laugh if one of the Skrulls in the MCU eventually ends up being Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross. All his thread title love finally pays off! Ross actually does make perfect sense for this sort of twist, as a minor character who underwent a change in personality in the last few years.)
  2. Not having seen the trailer, it was kind of a delight to realize about 25 minutes in that Cold Pursuit was actually a pitch-black comedy, with death as the punchline... over and over. I found it quite enjoyable.
  3. I wonder what the impact of pushing hard for 3-D for Alita might be. At my local AMC, they are only offering it in Dolby 3-D and IMAX 3-D, nothing else. Is the general audience going to be turned off by the upcharge? (I generally see a movie with my brother on $5 Tuesdays at AMC, but I'm guessing he'll just want to wait a week and see if it's playing in digital by then, rather than pay more to see it in 3-D, something he doesn't care about.)
  4. Well, think whatever you want about LEGO 2, but it is completely a continuation, so much so that it picks up exactly where the first one left off. It's also one of the best animated sequels ever made, IMO. It's pretty great. It did make me a little more bitter about Lord and Miller being fired off of Solo, though. If their work on Spider-Verse and LEGO 2 is any indication, letting L&M complete their version of Solo may actually have been the perfect thing to reignite some of the waning enthusiasm for Star Wars in some after the divisive mess of a response following TLJ. Ironic, that. L&M have yet to either direct, write or co-write a film that audiences have not responded well to (unless I'm forgetting something).
  5. I definitely have enjoyed movies a lot more since I decided to stop watching most trailers for movies I either know I'm going to see or will if the reception is strong. (I listen to music and look down or close my eyes while most trailers play in theaters.) It's helpful with all films (since I don't end up watching a film and reluctantly remembering shots from trailers to indicate where a story is heading), but with comedies it's particularly useful, since trailers tend to spoil all the best humor. (I remember laughing harder at some of Drax's stuff than everyone around me in GOTG2, and then found out later it's because they used it in the trailers.)
  6. You're probably not going to change the mind of someone who can say with a straight face "It's so unfair that a film get any advantage based on the skin color or gender of its actors" without an iota of irony or awareness.
  7. As someone who has never watched a F&F movie (car chases generally bore me), I have to admit the trailers I've seen for the films have gotten more and more hilarious. Feels like you could throw animated characters or time travel or an alien invasion into these films and audiences would be like, "Yup. Makes sense." There's going to be like 30 more entries in this franchise.
  8. "As Old Man Stark and Aqualad compete for the top prize tonight, we musn't forget that it was Black Panther that paved the wave for the 15 superhero films nominated for Best Picture in the 20 years since it broke that barrier. There's even been a rumor that newly elected President Feige may be presenting that award tonight. Our president never forgets his roots!"
  9. Heard the "buzz" *snicker* around this film and since I have A-List I decided to go see it for myself without knowing a thing about it. My advice: I cannot imagine taking this premise and making a less compelling or more boring story out of it. It's probably the least clever version of this I could imagine. (Seriously, if I told you the premise, you could brainstorm a better version in about 5 minutes.) Just read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia. I promise you that is a better experience than actually sitting through this stinker.
  10. I have to say, I've been going through all of Young Justice for the first time, and Captain Marvel is handled so delightfully in that show that it's making me more interested in this film.
  11. I think what people are missing when they say "Well, critics just liked this because of its overwhelmingly black cast" is what kind of story and themes having a cast like that allows you to tell. It's a lot more resonant (to both critics and audiences) to tell a story about colonialism, or a black male traumatized at a young age and forced to grow up without a father due to violence, or *especially* a story featuring Afrofuturism with an all-black cast. It's not like they just took the script to Thor and cast every role with a black actor.
  12. MyMovieCanBeatUpYourMovie

    Tuesday Numbers 1/22: Glass $3.81M

    I think it's the theater experience, but also the seemingly ever-shrinking window between theatrical release date and home video release date. There's plenty of movies that I think look interesting, but before you can blink they're already at Redbox. Unless it's some big spectacle or a truly exceptional work or must-have-right-now experience, I think most people just think, why not just wait?

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