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  1. Boy, Apocalypse really burned all the goodwill for this franchise that First Class, DOFP and Logan earned it, eh? A score that low means every on-the-fence reviewer is just saying: Nah, not going to bother even tepidly recommending this.
  2. Ah. This addresses my complaint that sending Clint and Nat to Vormir alone to retrieve the stone that the Avengers literally had no idea how to get made very little in-story sense. That Carol was originally part of their team, and they just changed it to heighten the emotional resonance explains it.
  3. Ned: "What are the odds that all of us would have been snapped? There's got to be a reason. It's like we have a destiny." Michelle: "It's not destiny, dude. It's just math."
  4. Watching random bits of Infinity War, and some scenes definitely do hit harder now after Endgame. In particular, the opening with Loki's death and Thor's reaction never really did much for me, but now that I know that, yes, in fact this version of Loki is gone for good and just how devastated Thor is in Endgame as a result of that and everything else he suffers really makes it resonate more strongly for me. Going to be fun to watch the 5.5-hour story back to back that is IW/EG once EG hits Blu-ray.
  5. I too am disappointed that Endgame is going to end up only being the #1 movie all-time on Earth. Why didn't they focus more heavily on the Lunar and Martian markets?
  6. "Come see the last new Star Wars film for the next three years!" gotta be in the marketing somewhere.
  7. Are they only doing midnights on the Monday night for Far From Home? Both theaters I looked at only had 12:01 a.m. times and later.
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