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  1. There are no theaters open in my area anyway, but I would be waiting for home video even if they were. One good thing is, it does sound like it's going to be a big advantage to be able to turn on the subtitles for a first viewing of this film!
  2. They are being very optimistic that the virus isn't going to be massively more widely spread by November. Isn't that when the new flu season starts?
  3. Man, so much of the toxic Internet discourse is just a result of people needing to feel validated about their own opinions. Just like what you like and lift it up. Scorcese is allowed to express his opinion. Time is the ultimate arbiter of which films endure. (Just look over the Best Picture nominees -- even winners -- from the last couple decades and you will see dozens of films that have already faded into obscurity.)
  4. Some stills of the sequence that I would guess they're going to start sticking in the ads any day now.
  5. You'll probably be happy with Kevin Feige's recent comment about the next Spidey film then: "It’ll be fun to see Spidey back in his element, out of the shadow of Tony, out of the shadow of the other Avengers, as his own man now, as his own hero. And yet now facing his own challenges that aren’t coming from Avengers fighting, like Civil War, or aliens coming, like Infinity War or Endgame. It’s all Peter focused and Peter based.”
  6. So, it's 2021, and Disney wants to promote Avatar, not piss off Cameron, but let Endgame keep the record (assuming it actually gets there). Solution? Re-release Avatar but with tickets free of charge! "It's great advertising for the sequel, Jim! Why are you looking at us like that..."
  7. I think this is actually the point. Feige and Watts made a conscious decision to not just give audiences what they've already seen before in the previous Spider-Man films. Hence strongly tying Tony to Peter's journey, deemphasizing Spider Sense, using new villains, keeping Peter very young as long as possible, placing action scenes in settings other than New York skyscrapers, and not giving us a classic swinging scene until Spidey's fifth appearance in the MCU. I think it's been a lot of very smart choices.
  8. I do have to admire Sony's restraint in marketing this. Think about how many money shots are in just the big Mysterio illusion attack on Peter that they didn't use. I think in marketing past Spider-Man films, they would have used almost all those shots throughout like 5 different trailers.
  9. Talos has clearly not spent a ton of time around modern-day Nick Fury and so was just sort of playing up what he thinks are his most prevalent qualities. Mean. Stern. Angry. I actually did take note while watching the film the first of how gruff and short Nick was with Spidey and how he felt a little "off," so to see that payoff actually made perfect sense to me. Nobody can be Nick Fury but Nick Fury, but Talos gave it his best.
  10. Watched it a second time and loved it even more. The action in the entire film is top-notch, IMO. Pitting Spidey vs. hundreds of drones is just such a perfect vehicle to display his quickness and agility. (I also love that for about 30 seconds during the battle Spidey is literally on fire.) Paid closer attention to the dialogue in the post-credit scene this time (was just shocked at processing Fury and Hill as Skrulls to hear much of it the first time) and it's really just about how embarrassed Talos is that, as a shapeshifter who spends his time fooling other people, he was taken in by Mysterio, and not wanting to have to admit that to Fury. Ben Mendelsohn's Talos is without a doubt one of my top 5 favorite characters all-time in the MCU. I hope he's around for the next decade. I do think the mid-credit scene should have just been the end of the film. I noticed a lot of general audience viewers who expect the credit scenes to be just fun little things or not that important just got up and left. This one being the actual end of the film should probably have been placed as such, especially since it's a parallel to how the Homecoming film proper ended.
  11. I think the problem with thinking that MCU Spidey 3 is going to pick up right after Far From Home is that generally the MCU films follow linear time (not always, of course, like GOTG2 or Black Panther). So, just like we came into Far From Home With May having accepted and supporting Peter as Spidey, I wonder if we might start the next film 2/3 years down line with Peter's identity being publicly known just a thing now. The next film might not be Peter dealing with "Spider-Man, Menace!", but instead with the celebrity that comes with being a world-famous superhero.
  12. I wonder how many truly "solo" films we'll see from the MCU going forward that aren't origin stories. It seems like having one or two other superheroes in the solo films might help them play more like mini-Avengers films in the public's eyes. This is the first MCU film Spidey has been in without Iron Man, after all.
  13. This was a ton of fun. No complaints really. They are definitely going the comic book universe route with the Endgame fallout, in that life appears to just pretty much be going on as normal five years later. They make some nods to how people are dealing with things (a younger sibling is now an older sibling, people now living in your former apartment when you blip back), but nothing life-changing. Favorite sequence was the full-on Mysterio illusion attack on Spider-Man. That was gorgeous and thrilling. Most emotional scene was Peter with Happy coming to terms with the idea that he'll never replace Tony and then building a new suit to Tony's theme music. Post-credit scenes: 1) J. Jonah Jameson played by J.K. Simmons! And revealing Peter's identity to the world. I mean, holy shit what a debut for MCU JJJ! 2) I think the second credit scene was an ever bigger reveal. Fury is somewhere on a space station (I think) working with a faction of Skrulls, while Talos and his wife, Soren, have been masquerading as Fury and Maria Hill the entire movie. This does raise a question. Was that Fury and Hill who were snapped away at the end of Infinity War or was that Talos and Soren, meaning Fury and Hill were alive during that five years and working with the Skrulls?
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