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  1. I would think this kind of solid, but not spectacular opening might mean Ant-Man and Wasp might be better served as strong supporting characters in other solo films or as part of team-up films. If Disney gets back Fantastic Four, that would be a suitable replacement for the ultra-family-friendly MCU franchise, and they have talked about Power Pack as well.
  2. MyMovieCanBeatUpYourMovie

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    Glad I'm on an annual plan, so I don't have to worry about paying any surge fees for a while. Already spent over $400 of MoviePass' money since January. I never expected it to last very long, but it's still kicking...
  3. Saw one review that said, "Every joke works." And now I really need to know if that guy liked the first film, because only about one in 10 jokes in the original landed for me. (And I'm generally an easy mark for MCU humor. I just found something about Ant-Man's humor -- outside of Luis -- to be leaden and obvious.)
  4. Down to 85% on RT. Over/under original's 82% in the end?
  5. Hmm. Maybe significant time jump explains Cap and Nat, and maybe all the usable ships on Titan were destroyed when Thanos threw part of the moon down and Tony has been stuck there all this time with Nebula?
  6. Hulk with a uniform suggests to me we're getting a Hulk with Banner in control.
  7. Up-to-the-minute MCU Phase 3 average RT percentage: 89.875%
  8. Percentage going down, average going up. Arriving at happy medium...
  9. That suggests it's going to end up resting somewhere in the 80s. (Unless it's more like the Doctor Strange reaction, where few reviewers thought it was top-tier Marvel, but most enjoyed it enough to recommend it.)
  10. Slant Ebulliently funny, visually inventive, and above all passionately committed to the idea that heroism isn't a burden but an uplifting realization of our best qualities. Can't imagine something that would make me want to watch this more. That's my favorite kind of superhero story.

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