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  1. So, what day and time exactly do a bunch of people start seeing this film? Because that's the moment I'm going to definitely going on a Twitter blackout (God help people if something spoilerish starts trending) and probably not check out any posts here unless they're hours old and have already been moderated.
  2. After almost finishing my rewatch (watching AM&TW today and CM Sunday), I agree. Civil War always feels to me like a movie whose parts are better than the sum of the whole. Like, that final confrontation should be the most emotional thing the MCU has ever done, but I find it kind of dry and antiseptic, IMO, compared to what it could be. Ultron is a big mess of a movie, but like all of Whedon's stuff intensely character-focused, ambitious, full of setups and emotional payoffs, and, of course, hilarious. After watching Infinity War last night, I think I've come to the realization that the Guardians are some of the best cinematic characters out there at the moment. They just pop every time they're on screen. And I think Rocket might be my favorite character in the entire MCU. So much complexity and depth. So funny.
  3. Minor plot hole I always notice when watching Winter Soldier. Cap, Falcon and Black Widow get captured by Hydra and put in the back of a truck. Maria Hill in disguise rescues them and cuts through the floor to escape. Cap's shield is not in the back of that small space of the truck that we see. (Because why would you transport an imprisoned Cap right next to his shield?) But when they assault the Triskelion a few scenes later, Cap has his shield. How, I ask you, true believer?!?
  4. Solidarity! I also have not watched a single trailer or TV spot. I take it a step further with trailers. I take headphones with me to the theater and listen to music (and look down) during trailers for any film I plan on seeing. Makes my movie watching so much more enjoyable when I've only got the story as it's unfolding in front of me to speculate on where it's heading.
  5. Yeah, I think this is a big part of it. Shazam is too scary/violent for a lot of young/sensitive kids and too childish for a significant percentage of the adult audience that sees comic book films. I think the sequel should just go hard at kids and a PG rating.
  6. So, what do we think? Is this sequence as laid out actually in the film, or just something J.J. shot exclusively for the trailer?
  7. The title is *designed* to stir debate among the fan base. J.J. Abrams in December after months of speculation:
  8. Abrams was exactly the guy they needed to get (some) Star Wars fans excited again. He just loves fan service and nostalgia. Hard to beat on that drum harder than putting both Palpatine and the wreckage of a Death Star in the teaser. (I love it!)
  9. I think they should *really* push the "Ending of the Skywalker Saga" angle for this film hard in the marketing. The idea that it's capping off everything since the prequels is something that could really set it apart and get people excited regardless of what they thought of TLJ.
  10. I think the "issue" with what Shazam's making is that while it's perfectly fine given its budget, if you've seen it, it seems pretty much impossible for the sequel not to get a big boost in budget if they actually want to deliver on the promise of the first film. And I'm not sure $400 million WW is going to justify that expense. They will kind of have to take a leap of faith that good WOM and people catching it on home video are going to cause a big increase in interest for the sequel. (So, the Batman Begins plan, basically.)
  11. MyMovieCanBeatUpYourMovie

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    If this thing actually somehow ends up getting decent reviews, and yet they still dropped the review embargo so late, probably safe to call this an epically mismanaged film, at least from a release date and marketing standpoint.
  12. Yeah. Whatever you think of TLJ (I kind of like it), every character in that film has what feels like a pretty completely character arc. It doesn't leave a lot of room to wonder about what comes next for them. The biggest flaw in both TFA and TLJ, though, IMO, is the utter lack of world-building that Abrams and then Johnson did. I don't feel like the two films have given us a good feel *at all* for what the state of the galaxy is 30 years after ROTJ. It's almost entirely dependent on, "Oh, just think of it as the OT again and fill in the pieces yourself." World-building and setting up the new status quo is one thing that the new trilogy really needed to accomplish that it has utterly failed to do so, IMO. Going to be fascinating to see just what the hell Episode IX does in that arena, if anything.

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