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  1. This is holding up really well critically. Good chance to finish top 5 in MCU RT% when all the reviews are in. I really thought the premise was something Sony foisted on Feige and this would end up a fun mess at best. Very surprised how it seems to have turned out (even though, personally, I adored both Homecoming and Far From Home -- so maybe I should have expected it from the same team).
  2. I'm so happy this looks like it's going to get great reviews. I rented 2 theaters for this for this coming Saturday and Christmas! I was hoping all those folks weren't going to be disappointed.
  3. Some people are definitely bookmarking some of these posts for later use! I will say, the rather hyperbolic "This is the end of the MCU" posts are no doubt bringing down the buzz for those who are just trying to get the most joy out of the MCU's first critical failure. Think how hard the past decade has been for them and let them have this! (Personally, I think a slate of films over the next year that consists of sequels to films that collectively earned over $3 billion means the MCU is... probably going to do OK.)
  4. I'm paying for a theater rental for this tomorrow for friends and family. (AMC had it at a very reasonable price for 20 people.) I have thus informed them no one is allowed to complain if they don't like it! 😅
  5. It's definitely trending to end up rotten. I'm guessing mid-50s is where it will end up. The discourse on this will be... interesting. ("Will Marvel stop taking chances?" "Will Feige give less leeway to talented directors?" Tune in and find out!) Eager to see if Feige figures they can work out the kinks and deliver more of a crowd-pleaser with Zhao in a sequel, or if they agree they gave it their best effort and move on to other things. At the very least, you have to figure another Eternals film is not going to be on any fast track (especially if the legs
  6. With Eternals specifically and the MCU, I see it as the equivalent of people dunking on the Patriots when they ruined their perfect season by losing in the Super Bowl to end up 18-1. Got to do it while you can! (Because you know... more Super Bowls are coming.)
  7. I guess when your average films average, what, 84-85% on RT, something in the 60-70s can really set the Internet ablaze! Reviews really do seem kind of all over the map. The sense I'm getting from browsing a few of them is that if you get invested in the thematic elements the film is going for, you stay engaged even with the slow pace, and, if not, you're kind of bored. Seems like a film with enough to chew on that I predict in 3 to 4 years we will see headlines like: "Is Eternals the Most Underrated MCU Film!?!"
  8. Definitely seems like Marvel took a big swing. Personally, I want Marvel to keep taking big enough swings that they risk failing, because that's how they keep from becoming stale creatively, IMO, while putting out so much content. However the reviews end up turning out, it doesn't seem that lack of ambition was an issue here.
  9. There are no theaters open in my area anyway, but I would be waiting for home video even if they were. One good thing is, it does sound like it's going to be a big advantage to be able to turn on the subtitles for a first viewing of this film!
  10. They are being very optimistic that the virus isn't going to be massively more widely spread by November. Isn't that when the new flu season starts?
  11. Man, so much of the toxic Internet discourse is just a result of people needing to feel validated about their own opinions. Just like what you like and lift it up. Scorcese is allowed to express his opinion. Time is the ultimate arbiter of which films endure. (Just look over the Best Picture nominees -- even winners -- from the last couple decades and you will see dozens of films that have already faded into obscurity.)
  12. Some stills of the sequence that I would guess they're going to start sticking in the ads any day now.
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