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  1. They are being very optimistic that the virus isn't going to be massively more widely spread by November. Isn't that when the new flu season starts?
  2. I think JJ's greatest contribution was Kylo Ren and casting Adam Driver. Like, any time that character is on screen in both films is riveting. But the worst thing he did was to make the TFA setting "It's basically the OT again, but without any sense of how or why we got here from ROTJ." I think the biggest mistake Johnson made was not realizing how shoddy Abrams' world-building was and doing an even more insular film in TLJ. There is no "setting" in the sequel trilogy, other than "Star Wars." It's just all so ill-defined (IMO, of course).
  3. Yeah, well, nostalgia at the expense of solid world-building did no favors to the sequel trilogy. Crowd-pleaser along with some competent world-building in whatever time or place they set new films would go a long way, IMO.
  4. I think the "safest" thing for the franchise would be to have Feige produce a film (maybe a trilogy), bring in the Russo brothers (who have long let it be known their desire to make a SW film) to direct, Markus and McFeely to write, cast an eager Chris Evans to star, and make a crowd-pleaser that brings audiences back on board.
  5. I don't think even Kathleen Kennedy and company knew what the overall plan was for this trilogy in terms of setting up the future when they made TFA. A lot of people were assuming that the numbered trilogies would continue after IX. I'm guessing it was only the performances of The Last Jedi and Solo at the box office that made them think it was time to wrap up the "Skywalker Sage" and focus on something else.
  6. Link to Bob Chipman's (Moviebob) non-spoiler video review. https://www.escapistmagazine.com/v2/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-review-escape-to-the-movies/ He actually argues it's better than TFA.
  7. Clearly, we just need to wait 10 years until this film is reconsidered as one of the best of the franchise.
  8. I was going to say it seems like a lock for the worst reviewed live-action SW film, but I see that Phantom Menace is down to 53% after all these years. I seem to recall that it used to hover at fresh at RT. Why did JJ think the co-writer of BvS and a Justice League that got massively reshot was the right person to bring in for this? Getting Kasdan back might have been a wiser choice.
  9. Two reviews up early on RT, one positive (B+), one negative (2.5/4). Maybe this will be a film that gets a lot of solid but not spectacular recommends and just-missed lukewarm disses?
  10. I feel like the big mistake of the sequel trilogy was not having the story group or whoever map out the state of the *galaxy* and then bring a writer/director in to work in that setting that they had now carefully built and established. Letting Abrams, who really just wanted to make a Star Wars film that reminded him of the OT that he loved, make all those crucial decisions may have proven to be the fatal error of the ST. Abrams is just not good at world-building, and Johnson proved, if anything, worse at it, IMO. (The sequel trilogy galaxy just feels empty and formless to me. I don't have a feel for it at all.)
  11. Any of the tweeters who liked TFA say how their opinion of this compares to that? That's probably a lot more instructive than having them compare it to TLJ. One thing no one is saying is, "Oh, this movie just rehashing all the beats from XYZ Star Wars movie," so Abrams clearly wanted to avoid that this time around. (Whoops. The tweet in the next post does just that!)
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