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  1. You only had to listen to the reactions in the theater when the film ended to know that a lot of people were unaware that there's another Avengers film coming out in a year. ("What the Holy Fuck?!?" was pretty much the gist of it.)
  2. Digital and 4K UHD release date announced as July 31. I guess 3 months from theatrical release to home video is going to be standard for the MCU now?
  3. What's Avengers 5 in 2022 featuring Deadpool looking at for OW? (Directed by Taika Waititi, of course.)
  4. This reaction definitely seems in line with those opening night tweets. When you aren't getting absolute raves immediately following a premiere, particularly a Marvel, DC, or Star Wars one, I think "It's fine" is probably where you could expect the consensus to settle.
  5. Also, no doubt among the 14 million possible outcomes Strange saw were ones where he used the Time Stone to try and reverse whatever victories Thanos had. None of them resulted in the heroes winning.
  6. Mostly the tweet a few posts up from mine, which literally said "It's fine." Also, I'm pretty sure all three of the previous new Star Wars films have gotten pretty much nothing but outright raves in the initial tweets once the embargo broke. These reactions are a lot more measured on the whole compared to those. Maybe it's just that Solo is by far the least anticipated of the four new films to date, and so the adrenaline and euphoria that can lead to some... overreactions weren't present to the same degree.
  7. I think you mean Best Star Wars Since Empire! (which is probably what every Star Wars film starting with TPM has been touted as initially). Though, if they really want to troll, Best Star Wars Since Jedi!!!
  8. Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    Between us, me, my brother and two friends have spent almost $1,000 of MoviePass' money since October buying tickets. So I'm staying on this ride until, well...
  9. Saw this image on Twitter. Have they started showing this scene in ads already?

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