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  1. 10 minutes ago, Eric! said:


    To be fair, the article mentions that the writer was unsure if the pre-preview sneaks were included in there or not. Not sure why they haven't updated it yet, now that we have the information, but whatever.

    Ah, I did miss that. With a 11.7 True Friday 35 would seem kind of conservative though. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, LOGAN'sLuckyRun said:

    is it recommended to watch Downton Abbey (the series) in order to "get" the movie?

    You’ll have more emotional connection to the characters, appreciate certain details more, and maybe catch some Easter eggs, but it’s not required. The first 10 minutes of the movie are kind of recappy.

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  3. On 9/16/2019 at 11:27 AM, HeadShot said:



    I don't understand why this movie is performing similarly to TLJ on home media. :gold:

    Beat TLJ by like 38% in box office. Looks on track to beat it by maybe 15% in comb physical video sales. Seems quite impressive to me considering about a year and a half in between and physical sales should be on a downward trend.

  4. More details from that article for Joker: 


    Warner Bros.' dark supervillain origin story, starring Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role, is pacing for a domestic debut of $82 million over the Oct. 4-6 weekend, according to those with access to estimates from industry leader NRG. Another service has the R-rated pic coming in at $77 million, while some have it even higher at $87 million.

    And Gemini Man 


    New titles on tracking include Ang Lee's sci-fi epic Gemini Man, starring Will Smith. Early NRG estimates show the the sci-fi epic debuting domestically to $29 million, ahead of Lee's Life of Pi ($22.5 million). The pic opens Oct. 11. The range being given by the combined services is $28 million to $30 million.

    Pretty close to BOP’s 27.

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