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  1. 33 minutes ago, Shawn said:

    Well, the studio doesn't report those numbers on Saturdays, unfortunately. I went with the Mojo reported # because one other contact I know of (not Mojo) said it made $7K Friday as well. It's possible they were just quoting Mojo, but hard to be sure. Perhaps Mojo's # should have been $70K (which makes more sense, honestly).

    Ah, must have missed it before on Mojo. I guess for now that’s the number we’ve got, but I’ll be shocked if another order of magnitude doesn’t sneak its way in there by Monday.

  2. 1 minute ago, POTUS 2020 said:

    This thread blew up with F1.  Thats when I joined BOT. We were projecting 11am numbers from Toho's market share. 

    Sounds like good times. :)  


    Pretty much what I was doing for latter part of Aladdin in SK, planning on something similar for F2 in SK. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, POTUS 2020 said:


    He was asking about dollars.



    F2 O/U at $150m ?

    Should be fun to watch the dailies for a while.

    Who's in charge if tracking these days?




    1 hour ago, Jedi Jat said:

    I guess everyone, just like China thread, people simply go to main source, i.e. mimorin.

    As far as I know the Japan tracking situation is usually:  

    nobody tracks PS because it’s a legs market (like the only one on earth, at least to the same degree)  

    Corpse tracks weekends (and weekdays when exciting), gets posted here from WoKJ

    If any other people are feeling excited about weekdays, they just go to a direct source and post what they’re seeing. 


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  4. 10 minutes ago, Eric Plus said:

    I'd be shocked if Neighborhood doesn't get an A+. Seems like an easy crowdpleaser candidate.

    Just realizing that Won’t You Be My Neighbor was never in enough theaters to get a Cinemascore, but if it had I’m guessing it would have been yet another A+ for 2018+2019!   

    In addition to being an insane pair of years for SH/CBM gross, this has gotta be the strongest pair of consecutive years for A+, right?

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