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  1. Yes. Not a bold statement imo. Once or twice when they fight, one will probably land on the ground.
  2. They are delusional if they truly think theaters will be back to normal by end of march.
  3. I meant that in the context of asian goverments in comparison to western governments in general.
  4. And America had its worst when you dont even have a proper government to listen to.
  5. Jurassic World is the reason i decided to check out this site here regulary. Godzilla 2014 made me discover it, but it was JW's OW thread that showed me how fun this place is. And besides, Jurassic World still remains kind of my favourite movie of all time. It has its big share of flaws of course but i coudnt care less about every criticism you could come up with: That film gave us Jurassic Park fans exactly what we wanted to see for such a long time: a real ull-blown operational dino park. The scene where they arrive at the park, Gray opens the window and that damn music plays always tears me up. Seeing this on the big screen back in 2015 will always be one of the greatest moments of my young life and im not one bit ashamed to admit that.
  6. This is maybe the best modern day example of a true cultural phenomenon.
  7. It was extremely huge compared to other movies of its genre and general expectations. Despite the poor legs, G14 surely was one of the minor success storys of 2014.
  8. Oh god that could be a clusterfuck. Shame that Warner Bros didnt seem to communicate all of this clearly to Legendary.
  9. If you would take a tour through the Godzilla fandom you would find a great many people who love KoTM. It was the definition of a movie for the fans and not for the critics a stance that i usually oppose but since i myself am a giant G-Fan i cant on this occasion. Its a niche movie but those who love this franchise (and i mean all 60+ years of it) see KoTM as nothing less than a pure present. So no, i disagree wholeheartedly. It did not get crap reviews from audiences. Critics Consensus Godzilla: King of the Monsters delivers spectacular kaiju action -- and reaffirms that cutting-edge effects are still no substitute for a good story. 43% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 340 83% Audience Score Verified Ratings: 25,210 The Tomatometer also disagrees with your statement.
  10. I experienced the same. Imo, it comes down to Gravity beeing effective literally only in the movie theater. If you watch that film at home, you will certainly not have the same kind of experience than back in 2013. Also, the story itself is hollow and kinda forgettable, while both The Martian and especially Interstellar present a way more interesting story and way better characters in my opinion.
  11. Only glimmer of hope for me. But i just dont get why WB would even consider this movie dumping on streaming?! GvK is a prime example of a movie MADE for the big screen and especially IMAX. Delay it once more ill happily wait another year for this but dying on a f*** streaming plattform nobody cares about or has access to in much of the world is not the fate this movie deserves.
  12. Can we expect the data from the USA - if the next two weeks or so will be wonky in that regard - to get corrected/updated in December?
  13. Because the higher number includes the 3D-re-release (back in 2012 i think, while the first number is the initial run in 1997/1998.
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