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  1. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    Since Ant-Mans 500M+ worldwide ill never doubt Marvel again. This has a good release date, not much direct competition and im positive it will be good in quality. I can see 200M+ DOM
  2. Its the combination of absurdly high ticket prices and rather unappealing movies in the last months. Im positive that IT will be a major breakout (for horror standards).
  3. Ralph destroys it. And he really liked the first one. Means, i wont see this. Ralph has practically the same views on movies like me.
  4. Fox made Logan and War for the Planet of the Apes this year, two films that made it into my Top 25 of all time. Even if everything else from them this year would be shit, id still be very thankfull.
  5. The neck does look off. But the whole poster is just so bad, it doesnt even stick out for me really. Teaser is also underwhelming but im still hoping that this will be the first really good Videogame movie since Silent Hill (that movie i will always defend). And since Star Trek Beyond i kinda distrust most trailers. If the reviews are atleast decent, ill see this.
  6. Actually, the book is well known, atleast here in my area in Germany. Everyone knows Pennywise, even if they didnt read the book or watched the TV series. Hell, i didnt reas the book or watched the series but i know what IT is
  7. As someone who watched a lot of Anime, the phrase "Animation is for kids" was always funny for me. I wouldnt show a 6 year old something like Attack on Titan or Elfen Lied.
  8. Isnt IT now the 2nd highest grossing horror film of all time WW already? The Exorcist sits at 440M. Does the Sixth Sense count?
  9. Like you said, opinions are subjective. You clearly like their films, so thats good. I despise them and so do many people i know. So what? There are people who hate Cititzen Kane for gods sake . I just dont like sentences like: They offend NO ONE. You dont speak for all people. No one speaks for all people. There are a LOT of people who dislike or hate Illumination, just like there are a lot fo people who dislike Pixar. I will never say that their films arent smashing successes. Because they are. But i dont have to pretend that i like that.
  10. Actually i found all of Illumination movies (ecxept the first DM) to be unfunny and just annoying. And they offend me, because i see a MUCH better movie like Moana just crossing 600M while a bad to medicore movie like DM3 just explodes. This is just my opinion, if you like their movies, more power to you. But they do offend some people wo believe that animated movies can be WAY more than just little yellow bastards yelling. Kids (and adults) deserve better. Again, just my opinion.

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