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  1. Please. The first day of presales of THE BATMAN alone will be enough to make Endgames OW seem like Mars needs Moms OW.
  2. Stupidity. You must have mistaken the rather realistic Thursday preview number (250M) for the total, wich is your rather correct 1100M, though youve forgotten to add the last 0.
  3. Nah, not all of his films were groundbreaking. True Lies (good movie, some elements have poorly aged though) and Aliens, which is amazing, both did not have truly groundbreaking elements. Piranha 2 doesnt really count though, imo since that production history is complicated.
  4. Gotta admit, im one of those people who really doubted for years that Avatar 2 could get anywhere close to Avatar. I never thought it would "flop", just that my predicted 1,4 - 1,7B for it would look a bit underwhelming when compared to Avatar 1. But the first pictures look stunning visually and its one of those old box office rules that doubting Cameron is a path to the loosing side. I do have my doubts about Avatar 2's performance in China since that country (or atleast the government) seems to like Western releases less and less and Europe also remains to be seen how it will per
  5. Have to disagree there. I didnt have a problem with her performance save for the mentioned Ghost scenes. One important thing may be that i saw the film ofc dubbed in german and the german dubbing is honestly one of the worlds best. And because the voice work is a very important part of a perfomance, that could obviously influence my opinion on a character. But despite that, she seemed just very convincing to me, especially in every scene she shared with Tara.
  6. I actually really cared about the main two sisters. They were well-written characters (minus goofy ghost Billy Loomis, that was a bit stupid), and the two actresses played their part really good. The other new characters were all fine for me.
  7. Yeah there were some things in the movie i definetly did not expect, but they were all handeled in a very competent way that elevated the movie.
  8. Saw Scream and really, really liked it! Its on par with Scream 4 for me, tied for the 2nd best in the franchise. Funny, bloody and just extremely entertaining!
  9. I believe there is a major snow storm right now affecting the east of the US. Many cinemas would shut down.
  10. How about an Ice Age live action remake? They can still use that same brilliant CGI for the Baby of course.
  11. Completely agree. Pika Pika would have obliterard the record books if it wasnt for Endgame stealing all the theater seats. It was outrageous, it was unfair. I mean, how can you be part of the box office, but not be granted the rank of a 300M Opener?
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