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  1. Please change the title to PSA: Box Office Mojo utter and total annihilation.
  2. A disgrace. I want to laught but i find myself beeing depressed instead. Please yes do it.
  3. Sauron has won. Darkness fell upon us.
  4. They totally changed Box Office Mojo. I dont know yet how i shall feel towards this ... i kind of loved the "old internet" look of it until now.
  5. Temple of Doom was PG too lol I guess ripping a living mans heart out og his body and then throwing him into larva to burn him alive, all because one believes in a blood-thirsty godess is just the right thing to watch for the kids. Temple of Doom (along with Gremlins i think?) was responsible for kickstarting the whole idea around PG-13.
  6. I feel like we should never compare (or worse: expect) upcomings films to match or even exceed the highest-grossing-movie of all time. It only paves the way for future disappointment, that no one needs. Episode IX should be seen/compared only to the other Disney SW films, especially ofc Episode VII and VIII. Bar for success for me personally is topping Last Jedi.
  7. Not really, Endgame was just a total beast, even here. Doing slightly less awesome than it really isnt something to be worried about. @George Parr You beat me to it by 1 min lol
  8. Bought my tickets for the 21nd. At my cinema here in Germany, the film does very well in presales, but not as amazing as TFA, TLJ and Endgame.
  9. Gotta be honest. This is a very good trailer. Im very much looking forward to seeing this. But im not feeling the excitement i had for TFA and The Last Jedi. Im still excited, but not to the same degree as with those two.
  10. Im looking forword to seeing this film without having seen even 1 video about it on YouTube that wants to explain to me why the film will be bad.
  11. If you think this place is toxic then i invite you to go to literally any video game forum. Trust me, it will change your mind.
  12. Side note: BOM's ticket sold calculator is incredibly inaccurate and gives at most a very general idea. But besides that, i think its kind of impossible to predict ROS's gross with even a hunch of certainty. We just dont know how or in which way Last Jedi, Solo, Disney/SW "fatigue" and everything else will impact it or not. Its one of those films where we just have to simplay wait for the numbers to arrive. Though i think we can say that in order to be seen as an undoubted success, it will need to match Last Jedis total atleast in the US.
  13. You would very probably say something entirely different if you were born young enough to see it in theaters. Long story short, Jaws came out at a time (1975) when there was no such thing as a summer blockbuster. It kickstarted that idea and had all the ingredients of a phenomenon: Great story, great characters, great acting, great music. Today, a lot of things seem of course dated and a bit cliche, but Jaws is kind of the grandfather of many movie cliches for that reason. That film made millions of people forever afraid of swimming in the ocean. Ask @baumer as he (i believe) actually saw it back then in theaters.
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