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  1. RIP Ennio Morricone His music made him immortal. Imo, he ist not only among the greatest film componists of all time but also the greatest music artists in music history in general. I will listen to many of his soundtracks today.
  2. I wonder when there will be a new Lion King movie. This time it could be 3D animation. Or, even crazier, hand-drawn-animation! Then there could be a new Aladdin remake as well. Come to think about it. we really need 2 new Dumbo films and at least 3 new Beauty and the Beasts; One where the Beast is portrayed by corporate capitalism, one where Beauty is portrayed as the old lady from The Shining and one where theres actual Beastiality.
  3. Im really split bout this all. I really would love to see production of the movie to get running again but i fear the possibility that when theres even 1 infection arising on set, everything will have to shutdown again and for very long. Its a very risky game of luck and care.
  4. Sorry thats just not true. Its true for viruses like Ebola where the mortality rate is so high and the incubation period so short that the spread is burning out fast since the hosts die so fast. But the Coronavirus has a very low mortality rate plus a very long incubation period so it would never face the danger to run out of hosts thus theres no reason to anticipate a weakening of any sort. One of the main reasons as i understand it why the death rate in the US has been declining lately is 1) far more younger people are infected 2) hospitals and medical staffs now have experience in fighting this disease and also have more effective treatment 3) Theres a long lagging period between more cases and more deaths that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. So in that theory we shoud see a steady increase in deaths in the coming days and weeks. However one more thing that should be noted is that it also takes a lot of time for the death certificats to arrive so someone could die of Covid-19, but it would still take a week or so till its reported.
  5. Woutdnt it be kind of (darkly) funny if the film was still called Ghostbusters 2020 but it comes out in 2021. Or 2022 with the way the US is not handling the crisis ...
  6. It feels a lot like old school horror films where ths story and characters actually take the center spot and there isnt one jump scare in this film. For these aspects alone i think its a good movie because im personally tired of these typical jump scare-heavy horror films that most of the time lack substance.
  7. Thirst (2009) - 8/10 easily the best Vampire film of the 21st century and maybe ever The Host (2006) - 8/10, very entertaining genremix (monster film/family drama/political and social satire). The CGI of the monster aged poorly but when everything else is very good, that can easily be forgiven. Appreciated the ending, something that Hollywood movies would never be brave enough. Doctor Sleep 7,5/10 LOVED the first 2 acts, but the 3rd one was a bit too much Shining-Nostalgia for me. The Shining is my favourite horror movie of all time and i get that they love it too but literally recreating some scenes was a tad too much for me. So a could-be-better third act and two amazing first acts make for an overall good movie. Maybe ill like it even more on the 2nd watch, remains to be seen. Snowpiercer - 9/10 the only thing a bit annoying for me was the shacky cam in some action scenes, other than that ... yeah, its a Masterpiece.
  8. Ah, USA going for that fool-proof herd immunity strategy. I see. Im sorry for all of you americans.
  9. Which one? There are 2 real Godzilla movies to choose. Mind you, they are both at the lowest minimum a 9/10.
  10. Id imagine - giving the media climate around the globe which puts the panemic on every headline - that this kind of news just "sells". However, despite that i think its valuable to bring it up since it highlights once again that zoonotic spread is a danger thats here to stay and one we must always be alarmed by.
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