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  1. Fun Fact: The 1962 Kong vs Godzilla was a megahit in Japan and till today has the highest attencance for any Godzilla film there (and overall i think its still in the Top 10 in Japan). I dont think this new one can reach anywhere near that level, but it could indicate a gross better than KOTM or Godzilla 2014.
  2. The Tracking Thread indicates that 20M will probably be achievied from Wed - Friday. So imo the target for the 5-Day could be more like 40M+.
  3. Team Godzilla!!!!!!!!! Even though its uncertain for me when ill ever be able to watch this masterpiece (i just know it is) in the meantime i can at least still root for its box office success!
  4. Im a pretty massive Godzilla fanboy so take my opinion with a bit of a grain of salt but Godzilla 2014 could have been truly a modern masterwork of blockbuster filmmaking - if the human plot line was a bit better. Walter Whites early Death and the at parts wooden dialogue hold it back from beeing a rational 10/10 for me. All in all, its a 8,5/10 or 9/10 for me. My Fanboy me rates Godzilla 2014 a 10/10 of course. But heres also something that im really happy about: With G14 weve now had the modern Godzilla movie that used the "hide the monster to built anticipation" method very effectively and with KOTM weve had the all-out brawl that ive also always wanted. I know KOTM has a very mixed reception here and everywhere else, but im simply in love with that film. Seeing Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan and Godzilla together - no matter how brainless the plot is or the human characters - will never fail to make me smile.
  5. Long ago (2 years more or less and after many many pointless online debates about the validity of sites like RT or Imdb) ive personally come to the conclusion that theres only one critic that really matters in the real word and the digital world. One critic, that you can always rely on, that truly has no agendas besides the ones you maybe have yourself and that you can always trust if you want to find out if a movie is truly good or bad. That one critic for me is me and for you (whoever reads this) its you.
  6. With roughly 300M overseas and domestic maybe getting 40-50M (i dont know it that is too optimistic?) the movie certainly will not be too great of a money looser for WB.
  7. Do you mean in the Monsterverse or Godzilla movies in general? Because i think its extremely hard to top Gojira (1954) or Shin Godzilla.
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