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  1. There are only amazing Jurassic Park/World movies. Except for the abomination JP3. But apart from that, youll find only incredible Masterpieces in that franchise.
  2. But ... but CM mustnt cross 417,719,760!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Brainbug

    Thursday (04/18) Numbers - Shazam 2.5

    Captain Marvels run will end at 416M.
  4. Brainbug

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Woudnt be so sure. The same had been said before that we would loose horribly to Donezk, Inter Milan and Benfica. Sure, Chelsea is a whole other level, but this season they were a bit inconsistent and getting 3 goals at home from Slavia Prag is also noteworthy. If youre in the semi-finals youre there for a reason. We may have only a very very small chance against Chelsea, but a chance nevertheless.
  5. Brainbug

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    @Premium George You have no idea how hard i celebrated in this last hour and how many beers ive consumed. Beeing an Eintracht Frankfurt supporter has never felt so fucking good.
  6. My theater is getting ridiculous: Now there are 15 showtimes for Endgame on Wednesday - one at 12:00 pm - like, Wednesday is a workday, its so early in the day - and despite that that showing has already sold 61 tickets lol.
  7. Never has the calm before the storm been so stormy.
  8. Brainbug

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Considering what happned in the last CL final, i actually root a bit for Liverpool to get the trophy.
  9. Brainbug

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    City - Tottenham is a game for the ages.
  10. Brainbug

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I am and i am really enjoying my life right now beeing a neutral football fan regarding those 2 games.
  11. By the way, regardless of what i thought of the film, Civil Wars box office was never and is not disappointing to me. It was the highest-grossing movie worldwide in 2016. 1,1B is a great result for that movie and i will stand by that.
  12. Age of Ultron just didnt do anything ... special. Seeing the heroes together wasnt a novelty anymore, the promised dark villain was kind of a joke, the film handeled its many characters in my opinion not nearly as good as the The Avengers (2012) and some scenes (like Thors visions) just felt out-of-place. The whole thing just wasnt as enjoyable as the first one and thus the legs suffered imo. Civil War had the same problems imo, but here they were even worse: Hero vs Hero is great in concept, but doesnt bode well for legs because the whole story is just very serious and sad - but at the same time CW didnt really have any consequences, so ... what was its purpose? Infinity War brushed Civil Wars conflict aside as a joke (Beatles) for a reason. Also, the film is overlong and has pacing issues in my opinion, making it not good for rewatches.
  13. I remember all the doom talk when Ant-Man grossed "ONLY" 500M+ worldwide after Age of Ultron became the highest-grossing and most profitable FLOP of all time.

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