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  1. Absolutely great for Halloween. Even with a super-frontloaded 2x multi, it gets to 155M DOM. 175-200M is way more likely. Just extraordinary for this genre.
  2. Yeah, its a generation where constant outrage is considered normal by many people. And btw, beeing rather young myself, i experienced that from first hand (sadly). The biggest facor in all that is Social Media (or better: Unsocial media), where theres flame wars every second about issues, which, in most cases, arent even issues at all. Like that JLC tweet. Anyway, back to topic: Having a movie titled Halloween achieving the October OW record feels so right that it simply must happen!
  3. Great. Youve just proven to be an asshole both online and in RL but carry on with youre constant "we are Venom" shitposting, it didnt get tiring the third time at all. Jesus, it feels like there are more and more trolls coming to this forum. I really begin to miss @That One Guy
  4. Easy to say that in an internet forum. Now, lets say Jamie Lee Curtis is standing right before you. Would you still say that?
  5. It seems humour really is dead in the social media age. More power to you, Jame Lee Curtis.
  6. It kinda saddens me that the thread has only 16 pages though...
  7. Id say its fantastic. For a horror and especially slasher film, these numbers are absolutely great.
  8. Screw Deadline. Still, a fantastic number. Ofc some here (including me) hoped for more, but for a slasher film, this is just bonkers.
  9. 13,5M. Edit: Wikipedia is actually a very good source for box office stats for the last years.
  10. This. Like IT last year, i think its a perfect storm. @Dr Loomis baumerlisted a very reasonable list of the major points a few pages back.
  11. I...i just cant comprehend 100Million. It just seems like to much of a wet dream. I know, its just a measly 3 Million difference, but still...for me, a 100M+ number would be equally as impressive as It's explosion.
  12. Because this is one remake/sequel that actually looks really good.
  13. 2007 feels like a whole different era now. No financial crisis, no arab spring, George Bush Jr. was still president of the US and the final Harry Potter book released.
  14. Brainbug

    BO Germany/Austria: Johnny English 3 opens on top

    Great post. It seems youre a pretty big follower of football? Löw i think has fallen into a trap before the World Cup that is still ongoing: He is thankfull for the players that gave him his biggest triumph - Brazil 2014. Players like Boateng, Hummels, Müller (and Özil, but thats another case now ofc) just dont have the form now that they had 4 years ago. You can see it in Bayern Munich as well. As a big Eintracht Frankfurt Fan, im split on Niko Kovac, but hes not the sole man responsible for Bayerns crisis at the moment. These players that i listed are the real problem imo because they have starting guarantess in the club and national teams even though they dont deserve it anymore. But i think Löw gives these players still a bonus because they enabled him to win the World Cup. But Germany (and Bayern to an extent imo) need fresh players, young players, a new generation. Players like Sane, Brandt or Havertz are the next big names for Germany. France won the World Cup because Didier Deschamps has 1 main criteria for his players: performance principle (Deutsch: Leistungsprinzip, im unsure if this is the correct English translation). That is what we need now in my eyes. Thats also why im for Ter Stegen replacing a Neuer in our goal, who is now just not the world-class-keeper that he once was.

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