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  1. @cdsacken and @Porthos You mentioned Fallen Kingdom and my memories are there again and in full action. Just days before it opened, there was a majority on these forums here that thought Fallen Kingdom would open under 100M OW. It was basically me and like 10 other people who tried to explain to everyone else that Jurassic Park is one of those few franchises where the actual hard fanbase is so small, that they dont make a real dent regarding presales. The success of JP movies was and is entirely dependent on audience reaction and - above all else - demand for another film. Jurassic World was liked by the majority of the GA, so a sequel was always going to open above 100M. It was honestly a no brainer in my mind. Regarding The Next Level, i have to say that i dont see a real danger for that film. Welcome to the Jungle had practically no real hype and it exploded anyway because when you make a well-liked family film and you open it during the holidays, youll make money. The film has to satiesfy audience expectation and then i see it approaching 200-250M. I mean, 400M should really not be the bar of success for this one
  2. Even if ive lost my pride and hopes, at least i can still have my humour.
  3. ... but thats Jurassic Worlds number. Its not allowed to be overtaken by a singing snowman ...
  4. Its Star Wars. Its possible. Though its also very possible that it doesnt even reach Last Jedis 620M if the reception is mediocre. But if Rise of Skywalker has great WOM, coupled with the Holidays - then yes, 700M can be reached.
  5. Compared to TLJ at my theater, its very close, but not as amazing. Still very very good though.
  6. I would welcome a movie where the whole town tries to hunt down Myers, i. e. real chaos. The few scenes in Halloween 4, where exactly that happens to a certain degree, were the highlight of that film for me.
  7. In general some people here (imo) tend to overthink how so called "politics" affect a movies box office. The vast majority of the GA is not on Twitter. The vast majority of the GA coudnt care less about what is defined as "woke" or whatever word you want to use. They look at the movies that are playing in town and then decide: "Looks interesting, ill see it" or "Nah, that looks like trash". Terminator Dark Fate, The Predator 2018, Dark Phoenix, Mortal Engines and so on ... all of them looked just so bland. Thats the main reason they underperformed/flopped. If your movie isnt part of some big franchise where the people will come no matter what or your brand has only a niche fanbase, you need to make your product as appealing as possible. If you fail at that ... sure, you can complain on Twitter about the woke culture but you should know that your missing the point completely.
  8. I wrote a wall of a text about the reasons for the often times toxic debates about male/female "strong" protagonists, then i read over it, deleted it and came to the conclusion that it aint worth it.
  9. Woudnt believe id say this ever again but that is an awesome weekend at the german box office!
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