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  1. The Mule doesnt seem to have a fake baby though. That could make 300M+ DOM much harder i fear.
  2. Thats not even good trolling then. Thats just pathetic
  3. Calling an animated film with a 90M budget that opens before the most lucrative period of the whole year a flop before we even have a Preview number. Edit: And btw, Harry Potter doesnt have a flop yet. Crimes of Grindelwald for sure is underperforming, but a 600M+ worldwide total on a 200M budget is still not that bad on a purely financial basis.
  4. You dont think the delightfull Comic Book Movie Threads and the very calm and respectfull Star Wars-Discussions here are noteworthy?
  5. Youre also german right? Then you should know that its actually typical here to have slow internet
  6. Dougherty actually reposted that exact video on Twitter. Its awesome to have a real Godzilla fan in the directors chair.
  7. Its mainly the humour. What is funny for Americans or English people might be totally unfunny to French or German audiences. Different countrys equal different cultures and as a consequence different tastes for things like humour. For example, The Intouchables was a MASSIVE hit in France and Germany, but it didnt really work anywhere else.
  8. Godzilla 2014 for me is the best-looking blockbuster of the decade. The Cinematograhy is absolutely gorgeous in nearly every single shot, in recent memory i can only think of one film (The Handmaiden, Korea 2016) which looked better. If a film looks that great, its already such a huge plus for me, but youre right, most of the GA dont really care about that i think.
  9. This Man of Steel talk. That was the first ever movie to give me a headache. Deserved like 10% on RT imo, a terrible movie in my opinion. I want to see Aquaman succeed with critics, i really do. But this could be another Venom: Not a film for critics, but for the GA, which wants just some good old fun.
  10. Brainbug

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    And Mortal Engines seems to be one of those "not really that bad, but lacking in certain areas" movie. Ive read a lot of reviews for it and most of them seemed to be more mixed than really that bad. So all in all quality-wise a step up from the last few years for this christmas season.

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