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  1. Might be a bit of an unpopular opinion considering most posts here, but i really like Scream 4. Its the most entertaining for me after the original ofc, the acting is a lot better (Emma Roberts is genuinely great) and it feels a lot more like the first two instead of the travesty that is calles Scream 3.
  2. Agreed. I do think the Craig Bond Movies (especially Skyfall and Spectre) kind of skewed the expectations of many people regarding the question of how much it "should" earn to a higher level than what Bond movies traditionally are able to achieve.
  3. Why did it piss people off? Im just curious, i remember liking it a lot when i watched it in cinemas.
  4. I hope that Dune will be successfull in the US but i fear a Blade Runner 2049 scenario 😐 maybe its too slow/has not enough action for the GA.
  5. I thought he was very good. The role is seemingly very challenging, because his character is quite unemotional at the surface, but he never felt stale or lifeless. I never saw the actor and always the character, which is exactly how it should be imo.
  6. Btw i saw it in Dolby Atmos which from an audiovisual standpoint was like the best thing since Blade Runner 2049 for me. ... Yeah, lets just say Villeneuve should direkt every movie ever from now on.
  7. Saw it this afternoon. I loved it. Visually its amazing, the script and the actors were both great. Save for some (imo) unneccessary Slow Mo-Scenes, i had a blast.
  8. People tend to forget that the US lost 400.000 soldiers (deaths) in the battles against Nazi Germany, roughly the same number as Britain. And then you have the Soviets, who lost (officially) 8.7 MILLION Soldiers and it is estimated that it is much more (note: Thats only military deaths, not civillians. They account for another 10 Million+ deaths). Its not even comparable which country actually won the War against the Nazis. The Allied invasions in Italy 1943 and in France 1944 were the nail in the coffin for the Germans, but the main reason for the Axis defeat in Europe was th
  9. America is fascinating in that some ares are as 1st World as it can get, while other parts of the country are quite comparable to African countrys. Really goes to show where the money can be found and where its going. I personally just dont see Amercias political system changing so that issues like health care, better work insurances or hell, climate change, can be actually worked on. The US system - the electoral collage, the president which has autocratic-like powers, the enormous influence of the big corporations and Wall Street, the fact that you can basically only choose between two party
  10. I thought were talking about the present and not the past, which is a whole other argument 🙂 Im comparing the US of 2021 to the Germany of 2021 and id personally find a great many reasons why i prefer my country, the main ones ive listed above. I dont mean to insult you or any other Americans in any way, its just my opinion.
  11. Haha. Sorry, ill glady live any day of the year in Germany with our universal health care, low crime rates, practically no gun violence, multiple party-political system where you can actually choose between very different political representitives and better beer. Seriously, every country has its fair share of problems of course. But America has far bigger and more problems than most democracies. For me personally, alone what i hear about the horrendous hospital bills in the US, the mass evictions, the regular school schootings and generally the rampant capitalism, i woundt exactly
  12. The sad thing is that if there werent so many anti-vaccers, you americans wouldnt probably have to worry about another winter wave like 2020/21, but thats in jeopardy now.
  13. Ive heard that sentiment since Summer 2020. New variants and peoples stupidity plus seasonal factors have denied that until now. With Winter coming up we will see another rise in infections and deaths i strongly believe. I think you would be right if a big majority of the yet unvaccinated people would actually get vaccinated in the next 1 to 2 months but i dont see it, especially not in the US. Theres too many people who for whatever reason dont want to get vaccinated.
  14. 4 Million deaths would mean that the 400k + official number is a laughably low estimate.
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