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  1. Initial thoughts: Good first episode, pacing was good, it really flew by. Theyve done Aegons character justice, i think many will re-evaluate their view on him this season to an extent What i was confused by though was the
  2. Looking at european history, the story is also as realistic as it can get (minus the dragons and the magic)
  3. Disclaimer: I dont watch the show, so i personally have no opinion on it. But its just astounding how especially YouTube is currently flooded with videos ripping apart this 3rd episode. And this time its not even only the anti-woke crowd, its "normal" YouTubers as well (for example Jeremy Jahns or Supercuts Delight). It seems like there a lot of Star Wars fans really pissed off right now.
  4. Curious to see IO2's run here in the coming weeks since normally theaters are deader than Olaf Scholz' popularity levels when a major football tournament is going on.
  5. Fury Road (and by extension, Furiosa), no matter how acclaimed they are and no matter how great they are as movies, will always be only for a niche audience. Post-apocalyptic action dramas without any real humour is just a very hard sell for the average moviegoer.
  6. Thats one criticsm of (most) modern blockbusters i share. The scripts of these movies have become so polished and "safe" that banger lines which could become iconic just dont appear anymore because actually writing dialogue scenes that challenge the viewer and are memorable also require risk-taking and an overall story around it that is neither generic nor safe.
  7. I was very sceptical about this movie when it was announced (i still believe the series needed a much longer hiatus), but i cant help myself, im already very hyped for this. Godzilla (2014) is unironically one of my favourite blockbusters ever from a blockbuster filmmaking style (Cinematography/Lighting/Sound), so im dying to see what Edwars has in store for us.
  8. Its not fucked up its well deserved. People really like to forget that JW1 was like the perfect summer blockbuster. People ate it up.
  9. I really really appreciate that Hollywood has given us (me) a Godzilla/MonsterVerse or Jurassic World movie nearly every year since 2014. Only shamefull years in that regard were 2016, 2020 (understandable) and 2023. Then again, 2016 we (i) got Shin Godzilla and 2023 was Minus One ... Man, we (i)ve been eating good this last decade for real ...
  10. This and Fury Road will make for a very enjoyable double feature.
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