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  1. Data from Germany: In the flu season so far (which oficially started in Germany on September 30th, 2019) 265 people died with 165k cases. In comparison theres nearly 70k cases now in Germany with over 700 deaths. Source: https://www.welt.de/vermischtes/article206913299/Das-ist-ueber-die-Corona-Toten-in-Deutschland-bekannt-fast-600-Opfer.html
  2. Regarding the numbers: We wont ever have a clear picture of how many people had the disease and died from it. Look at the Spanish Flu: The estimated death toll ranges from 25 Million to over 100 Million people. Once this pandemic is over, well have ofc some sort of official numbers, but they will be off by a considerable margin. I mean, they clearly are already.
  3. Following the news about America in these last few days ... i dont care if i get banned for saying this but Trump, his administration and literally the majority of Republican leaders are outright criminals and should be put in jail. They dont care about their country or their people, they only care about votes and money. Absolute fucking scum.
  4. Me and my family are basically now expecting lockdown-measures here in Germany as well and that this situation will last for many months, possibly the rest of the year. In all honestly, if the vaccine isnt here by autumn (which is highly unlikely) or there isnt an outstanding treatment discovered, i see the whole 2020 beeing an earth on standstill.
  5. I simply can not understand Fox News. Its like these people are too stupid to even realize how stupid they are.
  6. Even if we find a great way to treat people with the disease the main problem remains though: If we have too many cases too fast hospitals and medical personal will be overwhelmed.
  7. Yes of course its not a longterm-solution. But the first few weeks/months of an epidemic or pandemic are the most crucial ones where we could hope to flatten the curve and prevent mass-infections. Therefore these extreme lockdown measures are now and for the next weeks absolutely necessary. Then we have to wait how the situation plays out. If (which i hope) the lockdowns have an effect, the restrictions will most likely be lowered bit by bit.
  8. Tell that to the thousands of familys around the world who have already lost loved ones.
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