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  1. Ghost in the Shell was an unimagitive and worse copy of the original source material that lacked heart and passion. Alita is a passion project and you can feel that when youre watching it. People gave a shit about this film.
  2. Revenge was really good. I dont usually like these Rape-and-Revenge flicks at all but that one stuck with me. Great, great color palette and very good acting all around. Aquaman i cant agree with. Had such a blast watching it, but it was definetly flawed as hell. I can see why many people would have big problems with it.
  3. The script was all-around subpar on many levels. Aaron Johnson was also miscast, his character was not interesting enough to carry the movie at all (and i love G14 but im not blind to its flaws). Gareth Edwards showed real talent with the film in the technical departement. G14 looks and sounds absolutely stunning, especially in the cinema. But Edwards just isnt that good with directing actors (can be seen in Rogue One as well imo), making the people often look a bit stale and bored.
  4. Ive been reading the thread closely and no one here is attacking others for enjoying the 98 film. That would be ignorant onto itself. Expressing the own hatred for something is different than telling others that they shoudnt enjoy it as well, because oneself hates it. I think its totally fine if you for example like or even love the 98 film - more power to you! Wont stop me from complaining about that film however.
  5. Not gonna lie, thats one of the funnier things i saw in the last few weeks. And i saw Will Smith's Genie.
  6. I mean theres a reason Toho (the studio behind Godzilla) bought the rights for the creature in the 98 film, deliberatly renamed it Zilla and brought it into the (at the time) last Godzilla Film (Final Wars) just to have a scene where the thing gets totally annihilated by the real Godzilla. They were pissed in Japan. And rightfully so.
  7. Great Post! Its also always about more than 1 factor. Fifty Shades beeing based on a popular book and opening over Presidents-Day weekend defiently contributed to its short legs and the Twilight films are famously frontloaded. Its not exactly apples-apples but we can defindetly say that propertys with a rush-out fanbase just have shorter legs.
  8. The problem is not the actual movie itself. The film is solid as an action/monster film and quite entertaining in large parts. The problem is that it shits on Godzilla every time that abomination of a creature is onscreen. For a Godzilla fan, the pure thought of Godzilla beeing killed by fucking MISSILES is the worst sin imaginable. The whole point of Godzilla is, that human weapons cant stop him! And then you have the whole background with Emmerich not caring about Godzilla and its origines at all and it just comes across as extremely ignorant. Zilla 98 is one of the worst examples of Hollywood trying to cash out on a foreign property without knowing what made it popular in the first place.
  9. Theres no denying that its legs were terrible. Beeing a Godzilla film that has a very rush-out fanbase, it was always expected to be frontloaded, but not to the degree it dropped on the Memorial Day weekend (-59% over 4-Day i think and -66% 3-Day). Before Batman vs Superman decided to not have a 2 multiplier, G14 was probably the modern blockbuster with the worst legs.
  10. See and i totally get this complaint, its a valid criticism. I do think you will enjoy KOTM a great deal more then though. The cutaways were one of the things that the director emphasized on not doing this time around (plus much more screentime for the monsters obviously).

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