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  1. Cant wait for Tom Cruise running (away from dinosaurs) for 120 minutes!
  2. Woudnt it be extra funny if he switched his shirt and love for the former Jurassic World theme park now? Nostalgia for Nostalgia in one Person (shirt).
  3. I was a part of that 😀 Btw, the movie was awesome.
  4. Yes its sad but i think they will be appreciated by a lot of people (like me) who woudnt have went to them in a non-covid-world, but now, theyre like a saving grace since normal cinemas will still probably need many weeks to reopen.
  5. Im gonna see Demon Slayer with a friend in an Autokino (Drive-In-theater in english i believe)! Finally my god, ive been avoiding spoilers for over half a year now.
  6. This new layout makes it seem to me like every word has become Very Big, almost like everyone here is screaming 😄
  7. Plus, children CAN get very sick and even die of Covid. And even if theyre not getting severly ill, Long-Covid aftereffects (which are still a big unknown and beeing studied) cant be totally ruled out even in asymptomatic cases. Plus (although the risk is very small, but a risk is a risk): If the virus can "survive" in children, it can also mutate to a form where it can bypass the vaccines again. So yeah. Theres literally not a single good reason why you should not vaccinate kids.
  8. Its good to see that Deadline will always be Deadline.
  9. Demon Slayer is one of the most popular shows in the last recent years so i actually am not surprised to see it break out.
  10. Fun Fact: The 1962 Kong vs Godzilla was a megahit in Japan and till today has the highest attencance for any Godzilla film there (and overall i think its still in the Top 10 in Japan). I dont think this new one can reach anywhere near that level, but it could indicate a gross better than KOTM or Godzilla 2014.
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