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  1. It just sucks that i wont be able to see the film for maybe half a year or so
  2. Lol its getting ridiculous. I knew Demon Slayer was massively popular but thats another level.
  3. For that i apologize. On the top of my head i just remembered the asian countrys that handled covid very well till now and Vietnam is one of those. The others apart from China are democracys though which i think is why i mixed it up. I actually know Vietnam is an oppressive state that was just an honest mistake.
  4. I dont think those people meant that a dictatorship is necessary in this case or in any case period. Its just that some measures that for example China or Vietnam took were very effective against the virus. However, similar measures were equally successfull in countrys like Taiwan, South Korea or Japan. Hardly dictatorships. The political system has nothing to do with the measures that are taken in a crisis like this its the societys will to accept those measures that is paramount. And i personally think the culture in many asian countrys is just vastly different towards following state rules than in the "West" and in this case way more successfull.
  5. I do believe the Anime was the main reason for its explosion. Its a very well-crafted story anyways but that goddamn beautiful animation ... that sold tons of people.
  6. Watched this 2 days ago. I hated literally everything but i especially hated the god-awful editing. Everything looked fake, unpolished and crammed together. Shots were not lining up and i think the director was just not able to handle action scenes. It looked like someone tried to badly imitate wuxia films. The main actress coundt act and the story changes were bullshit, im sorry, but they were bullshit from the start. MULAN DOESNT NEED SUPERPOWERS THE WHOLE POINT IN THE ORIGINAL WAS THAT SHE WAS AN ORDINARY GIRL WHO BECAME A GREAT FIGHTER OUT OF DETERMINATION AND NOT THE POWER OF BULLSHIT. God im so salty. I didnt hate a movie so much since the AoT Live-Action-shitfest. Disney, stop with the Live-action remakes. Full stop.
  7. Demon Slayers first season was a worlwide phenomenon last year and the manga literally exploded in tandem. I woudnt be surprised at record numbers whatsoever.
  8. Yes, but Indias official cases are very probably only a very small fraction of the actual numbers. When the Virus is able to come back larger than ever in countrys like Iceland or Poland (where cases very few even back in March/April) than i see no way whatsoever that the virus will be out of India by December. When you have over 7 Million offical cases and its known that testing in India is extremely limited, than its clear the virus is all over the country and impossible to eradicate without a vaccine. I agree. The main "problem" so to speak is just that western countrys just have a totally different culture than asian countrys where personal freedim is deemed more important for many than state regulations. In case of this pandemic, that has proven to be a weakness.
  9. Makes sense. 2020 is a lost year for the film industry and i personally think at least half 2021 wont be much better.
  10. This brings back memorys of my favourite SH review on YouTube to this date
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