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  1. I would have never expected Bad Boys to be so succesfull. This situation is like a mini-American sniper for me right now. I thought the franchise was dead. Well i guess not, awesome!
  2. Its a skyscraper-sized radioactive lizard fighting a skyscraper-sized Ape. That in itself is so stupid that anything else becomes tolerable in my eyes (though some people know that im not the most objective person regarding this franchise lol).
  3. Want to post this here too, because The Grudge is in it and its just hilarious
  4. I dont wanna make a fuss about this but the bold part wasnt the confusing part. It was you saying "all-time adjusted DOM chart", where you should have added that its first-runs only. Thats all
  5. Thats correct but you didnt say that in your post. And if its not clear that you want to show a list of only first-release-adjusted runs, that can lead to confusion.
  6. I guess Jaws is gone with the Wind of inflation-adjusting formats that dont account for the exorcism of The Ten Commandmants or the Sound of Music from Doctor Zhivago.
  7. There was more talking in the trailer than in the whole last movie.
  8. Count me in the Mulan over 400M camp. After having seen the trailer a few times in the cinema, it just does look ... good.
  9. Happy New Year to everyone! Let us hope that nutella will get its old recipe back and that world peace will be achieved.
  10. Have you seen the following? The Lighthouse Parasite Shadow (2018 movie, but released in the west in 2019) All 10/10 movies for me.
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