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  1. Oh well. Like i said, i dont really care (though i would apprectiate it if you woud stop tagging me). Ill see the film for the fith and sixth time today and plan to end it with 25+ times. Though i think i will take a long break from this site. The film seriously underperforming means certain people will laugh at it and i dont really need that. Truth to be told, i do care a little. The past few days have kind of killed my excitement for box office numbers.
  2. Yes theres a post credit scene. Its a nice one imo but its no disaster if youve missed it.
  3. Deadline says 24M Friday, which would mean a 60M+ OW, which would be very very good. But its Deadline so ... well we dont know anything basically
  4. Im usually more in the camp who defends the critics but Aladdin and now seemingly also Godzilla are just two examples of a bunch of movies recently, where the critics ... just seem totally out of touch with the GA.
  5. Im very much happy that youre not in charge for the movies production.
  6. It depends on both Godzillas' WOM and Dark Phoenix performance i think. Honestly, Dark Phoenix is such a weird movie BO-wise to me. X-Men has a large fan base, but the presales seem very bad, it has a very low theater count for a CBM and i dont feel any buzz for it at all.
  7. @baumer knowing your problems with the 2014 Godzilla, i really think youre gonna love this one.
  8. These ridiculously early Thursday previews plus loosing most of the PLF formats will definetly hurt it a lot i think. If WOM is very good it could make the drop better, but it woudnt be surprised to see a drop in the 55-60% range.
  9. Its Kal. Dont take his predictions too seriously.
  10. I managed to not care about the box office regarding this movie. Its my wet dream come to life, its everything i thought i was never gonna see. So even though id like the MonsterVerse to continue after GvK, the pure fact that KOTM exists is enough for me. Ofc, id really like to see it overcoming the negative trends that it showed so far in the WW Box office, but some things are just out of one mans control.
  11. 3500 theaters is baffling to me for a superhero movie.
  12. Around 250-300 (726 seats). Audience seemed to enjoy it, especially the 3rd act. But it was the largest auditorium in the cinema i go to, that one is always quite busy on Friday nights, relatively regardless of the movie. Overall though, Godzilla isnt doing all too well here unfortunately.
  13. Btw just watched KOTM for the fourth time and its still the best movie of all time. If you disagree, pls dont reply, i dont care at all
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