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  1. I love the movie to pieces and i dont care for your opinion. Lets move on.
  2. Thanks to your Avatar, i may finally be able to experience true nightmares again.
  3. Random reminder that everything above 100M for IT Chapter 2 should be considered as much of an unbelievable success as the first ones Opening. Its still a R-Rated horror film. These are the Top 5 Openings for those kinds of films: 1 1 It WB (NL) $327,481,748 4,148 $123,403,419 4,103 9/8/17 2 5 Halloween (2018) Uni. $159,342,015 3,990 $76,221,545 3,928 10/19/18 3 4 Us Uni. $175,005,930 3,743 $71,117,625 3,741 3/22/19 4 8 The Nun WB (NL) $117,450,119 3,876 $53,807,379 3,876 9/7/18 5 11 Paranormal Activity 3 Par. $104,028,807 3,329 $52,568,183 3,321 10/21/11
  4. Im excited to see how Hollywood does. Tarantino has quite a fanbase here and Django Unchained was a huge hit in Germany (though Hateful Eight less so).
  5. I live in Europe and even I never heard of Belgian so its all good
  6. Its a sad time when original arthouse films like Hobbs and Shaw dont do well against their franchise blockbuster competition anymore.
  7. I mean it has flying cars and overly muscular dudes sweating and yelling a lot BUTT It has no Vin Diesel saying "Family".
  8. I know but something about Oppenheimer always strikes me. Look at his eyes in this video:
  9. That is a lot unfunnier if one knows how Oppenheimer himself felt about his creation after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
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