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  1. Hype is clearly there. With gotg3 reception I think it would clear 200/500
  2. I think I agree with this but not by that much and I could imagine something like 110 OD 210 OW
  3. But now with TTPD it only makes sense I’m Legion again I’ll change it if there’s something worth changing too. No updated prediction from the trailer
  4. Spy had a good IM for anime so I’m hopeful if can leg to 10M
  5. GvK and KFP both tracking to something like a 190s finish after this weekend, what a pair of teases
  6. It’s not like Cavill turns audiences away or something, he just doesn’t draw them to movies they aren’t otherwise interested in, same as 99.9% of modern actors. His low box office performances are just a matter of having signed up for a bunch of bombs to be not causally related to him being in them 🤷‍♂️
  7. I mean 9B would be kind of bad still looking at tickets, but not disaster level bad I would say. But we aren’t even going to get close to 9B, are we?
  8. I will happily talk about moving goalposts. “Moving goalposts” is a phrase used to describe when one set of goals or criteria is initially laid out, but when those initial criteria is met, they are modified to a second set of more difficult criteria on the fly rather than acknowledging that the initial ones had in fact been met. Keeping that in mind we can see clearly that this is not an example of moving goalposts since the post you’re quoting is not a 2nd more difficult set but indeed the first that I have offered. Hope that helps with the concept of moving goalposts
  9. Absolutely there were some good weekend and there will be some good weekends, but theaters don’t need “some” they need “enough” and they definitely haven’t been getting that recently. Also agree that people will go when there are movies they want to see — the entire problem is that people don’t have enough movies they want to see anymore
  10. For most of history you had low/mid budget success, nonfranchise blockbuster success, and other mega franchise success ensuring financial viability. If one of those replaced MCU then of course you could be continue to be fine (or at least, continue scraping by better — would really like at least 2-3/4 to actually be doing well), but if you’ve got 0/4…
  11. You might be the only one around here with a higher opinion of my opinions than myself Definitely not around enough anymore to be the best user and I meme/snark too much to be best value/post either, that’d probably be someone like Barnack.
  12. No one is saying the industry has big problems because of this weekend’s release numbers. It’s a conversation because of the last 65 weekend’s numbers and the what we’re looking at for the next 65 weekends
  13. Theaters could survive on big event films. They can’t survive on mid budget. Both are in a grim place now though so kind of a moot point 😛
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