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  1. Th at 140k and chang is the 2nd highest nonOD weekday so far after yday. ~+3% weekly Fri cgv start is 41k vs 42k last week, I would guess day will be down 0-5% weekly…👀
  2. 79 would be good relative to other June Pixar sequels with great WOM. There is nothing in particular in first 6 days of data that points to higher be it in daily behavior or reception metrics. I think there’s room to go a bit higher based on vibes but some of the numbers being thrown around are kind of detached from reality and seem likely to bring nothing bit disappointment 🤷‍♂️
  3. Getting some very overheated projections because of the midweek holiday imo. Coming in at like 79 would be a good hold!
  4. And I’m saying it probably includes the sun cume for new markets, 2day for 2day holdover markets (not sure any of these are left after Japan switch though?), 3day for 3day holdover markets, 4day for 4day holdover markets, and 5day for 5day holdover markets. Just like reported wknd fig
  5. In order to really hurt a brand, sowmthign has to be: clearly bad widely watched by adults clearly canonical For animated property tie-in/spinoff stuff it’s not so easy to hit both of the first two at once and even if you do can inject some doubt about 3 as needed
  6. No, for openings markets it will be Sun cume of course but lots of markets have 4 or 5day weekends regularly. E.g. SK is WThFSS OW, fss after but France is WThFSS for all weekends
  7. Well I can’t very well act shocked with 32.5 after making these comments yesterday 😛 Let’s see how strong it plays at night
  8. Another 24k start, all set for ~ flat th-to-th. Sun cume should be 4-4.2ish probably
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