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  1. I'm not affirming it will underperform, just to be clear.
  2. It's the true. Breaking even doesn't mean it's actually successful. It means that didn't bankrupt the studio.
  3. Even if this movie underperforms I hope they still give a chance to a sequel or another live action Pokémon movie because I'm certain would be more successful. They just need to give that chance!
  4. There's nowhere to go. LOL But they could've tried to find any release date worldwide that's not in the april-july window.
  5. Anyway, Thursday can't come soon enough. I'm so excited for this and I need to try to worry less about box office and just enjoy.
  6. Maybe this "testing" won't work and will not give us a chance to see some Red/Blue movie. I honestly think the talking Pikachu can scare the major audience that won't watch DP. Or the studio was never expecting a smash hit and it will be fine.
  7. If it finishes with $100M wouldn't it be like... SUPER low?
  8. Seems great. What's your predictions for total $ in China?
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