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  1. Isn’t there a program that can study writings pattern and could easily identify alts? There must be a big increase in alts after Endgame became 1# don’t you think?
  2. I’m actually excited to see Avatar 2 gross but this time with competition and no new gimmick. Just good old story telling. Unless the “3D with no glasses” rumors are true.
  3. lol this is hilarious. It’s like he lost a big bet or something. Just live with it Scott.
  4. So EG was watched by more people against strong competition from other massive releases in also the era of streaming services and many other viewing options?
  5. I heard Disney might even take from Infinity War’s total just to cover the collapse.
  6. I don’t think Avatar 2 will. I don’t even think Avatar 2 will gross more than 1.5bn.
  7. Thank you @Zatt was right and thank you all. I’m getting emotional. If it’s not for you I wouldn’t know this place.
  8. It’s more about revenue (clicks) than actual informative writing.
  9. "I’m solidly #teamAvatar, but Avengers 4 is an accomplishment and anything that gets James Cameron even more determined to make sure Avatar 2 kicks our collective asses is okay by me.”
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