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Run & Gun 2: Really generic and random thriller. C+


Forty-Five Seconds of Glory: Failed Oscar bait ala Unbroken. C+


On the Record: Not familiar with the musical it's based on. This has a good plot but I'm not a big fan of the script. B


Attack of the Movies: Like Pixels, but no Sandler? So exciting! Also "Wisconsin Butter Knife Massacre" is the best horror parody title since "Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon". A


Monster Hunter: It's your typical bloated Dwayne Johnson action movie, but the monsters look interesting and because it's Andrew Stanton the CGI will be great. B+


Shia LaBeouf: Shia LaBeouf talking in front of a green screen for 30 minutes is boring. Shia LaBeouf talking in front of a white screen for 79 minutes is even more boring. D


Runaway Man: Good dark plot. The summary's too short for me to give a higher grade than this. B+


The Dresden Files: Fool Moon: Not familiar with the source material at all so all I can say is that this is a very, very good fantasy film. A


All Kinds of Bull: A funny dramedy that tugs at your heart. No other movie this trimester has the ability to make people both laugh and cry. A-


The Lazy River Squad: Though I appreciate its originality, it's only somewhat enjoyable. B


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Wow, this is such a huge disappointment. It feels like a bunch of events put together without any actual plot or character development. A bunch of video game missions, if you must. There's just too many disconnected fights for me to enjoy this at all. For this reason it is my least favorite movie this trimester. I would give this an F if I had to give my personal opinion, but I am not giving this a grade because, having almost no familiarity with the Pokemon franchise, I have no idea whether the plot is accurate to the game (which would make me give it a higher grade).


Day of the Tentacle: At least this plot is attractive to non-gamers, though I don't personally care much for it. Since this is a C&P, I wish the writer had put some dialogue in to get a sense of what Rogen and Goldberg would add to the original script. C+


The Throne of Fire: Not my favorite since the conflict is rather dull but it's a good vivid fantasy movie. B+


2 Sharkz: Is this supposed to be an Asylum movie? D+


A Love Worth Killing For: Has an epic frantic plot with some awesomely witty dialogue. My favorite movie of the trimester. A+


The Girl in the Red Dress: The plot is just random, and it's not scary enough for a horror film. D+


Peter and the Starcatchers: A good YA action movie. But why is it PG-13? B+


The Line: It's good at times but awful at others. The line "which is presented in an almost ethereal quality that enhances the horrible effect of the weapon" is one of the worst-written sentences I've ever seen. Walker is a good protagonist though. C


Sam Smith: Just your ordinary concert film. B-


The Pixies in the Backyard: Dull children's movie. C-


The Wedding Prey: The plot is so dumb though it does have some good moments. (Also, Lupita N'yongo as Scarlett Johansson's adopted daughter seems like a REALLY weird casting choice.) C


The Scarecrow: It's a C&P, so it didn't elicit any real reaction from me until the ending, which I don't like at all because it's so rushed. D+


The Departure: The story is decent enough but there's no resolution. C+


The Raven Boys: The script is good for a book but rather meh for a movie. B-


Loony Ben: The premise is fairly interesting but the summary is too short for me to really have much of an opinion. C+


The Hateful Eight Redeux: I never saw the previous cut but I do enjoy this. A


A+: A Love Worth Killing For

A: Attack of the Movies, The Dresden Files: Fool Moon, The Hateful Eight Redeux

A-: All Kinds of Bull

B+: Monster Hunter, The Throne of Fire, Peter and the Starcatchers

B: On the Record, The Lazy River Squad

B-: Sam Smith, The Raven Boys

C+: Run & Gun 2, Forty-Five Seconds of Glory, Day of the Tentacle, The Departure, Loony Ben

C: The Line, The Wedding Prey

C-: The Pixies in the Backyard

D+: 2 Sharkz, The Girl in the Red Dress, The Scarecrow

D: Shia LaBeouf

No Rating: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

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