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  1. Watched: Lucky Grandma (2020) A really fun directorial debut from Sasie Sealy, it brings Chinatown to life on a low budget and allows an entirely Chinese immigrant story to be told within the New York City in which the bulk of the cast and language is rooted in China. Tsai Chin is wonderful in the lead role as a jaded old grandma who gets in over her head when she steals money she lost gambling from a Chinatown gangster who died of a heart attack. Lots of comical moments, fun characters and remains engaging the entirety of the run. Im excited to see more films like this which center non-white characters and stories, with a non-white and non-male director behind the camera.
  2. Lots of masterful moments, surrounded by a few messier but still interesting choices. Well worth the watch and the timing of its release is rather prescient. Also, probably the best use of a MAGA hat that I’ve seen, I guess other than flat out burning it.
  3. My new guess Enough theaters close down that there'll never be a 3000+ Domestic release again, so trick question!
  4. Watched Blow the Man Down, gave me major Coen Bros vibes with a feminist spin. The movie is paced well, tight knit, fun camerawork and Margo Martindale is a queen in this. Highly recommend it! A
  5. the real best picture was never made
  6. Black is King is about to get all 5 song nominations
  7. Rights requested for Taylor Swift’s folklore
  8. Schedule The Orphan Master’s Son (Historical Epic) - December 25th Directed by Park Chan Wook Four Songs of the Wise (Period Drama) - October 18th Directed by Peter Bogdanovich folklore: a swift experience (Concert Anthology Drama) - Aug 9 (IMAX 1 Week) Directed by Taylor Swift
  9. Watched Ikiru again today. It’s probably Kurosawa’s most personal and a truly soul stirring work. It’s surreal how the final act shifts perspective in the narrative to offer a reflection on mortality and what it means to be living. Waterworks shed by the movie’s final moments, a truly beautiful film. A passing observation I made this go around: The use of lighting in Kurosawa’s films is really sublime. The way he uses shadows plays to the thematic points of many of his films (such as in Rashomon, which I could touch on lately). In Ikiru, it seems fairly straightforward, as Wantanabe finds his purpose and will for living in his final moments you get to see the movie subtly light up. Where, at the beginning of the film, every is overly covered in shadow and gives you the feeling of being dead, the film slowly begins to fill with light until nearly all of the sequences in the final act have a near glowing look in how they’re framed. In his death, Wantanabe finds and creates life. It’s on HBO MAX, go watch Ikiru.
  10. A short promotional preview scene/excerpt of the Orphan Master's Son drops (from the director of the Handmaiden and Oldboy)
  11. Reviews coming next month “Worse than catching COVID-19, and I can attest because I caught Covid-19 while watching this movie.” - New York Times ”B+” - Empire ”A triumph of the American Spirit” - Tucker Carlson ”Mediocre” - George Miller ”The perfect way to ensure Winds of Winter is never finished.” - George R Martin
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