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  1. My list! 1. Spirited Away 2. Persepolis 3. Tower 4. Princess Mononoke 5. Rango 6. Paprika 7. Inside Out 8. Watership Down 9. Tarzan 10. The Brave Little Toaster 11. Chicken Run 12. Wall-E 13. Grave of the Fireflies 14. The Prince of Egypt 15. Pinocchio 16. Akira 17. The Jungle Book (1987) 18. Fantastic Mr. Fox 19. It’s Such a Beautiful Day 20. Waltz with Bashir 21. Coraline 22. Bambi 23. Yellow Submari
  2. My list and my FYC 1. Alexander Nevsky, Prokofiev 2. The Piano, Nyman 3. Schindler’s List, Williams 4. Once Upon a Time in the West, Morricone 5. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Cave and Ellis 6. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Sakamoto 7. On Golden Pond, Grusin 8. The Godfather, Caldwell 9. The Tale of Genji, Hosono 10. The Hunt for Red October, Poledouris 11. Aguirre, The Wrath of God, Vuh 12. Shaft, Hayes 13. The Adventures of Robin Hood, Ko
  3. Perhaps so. But it’s also hard to know how large pre-pandemic openings would have been for the prior films we mentioned (I’d suspect they’d also be much larger). My guess would be a mid-20m OW which could set it up nicely for a mid to high 100m DOM BO in a pre-pandemic world based on the legs of comparable movies. But that’s just a guess.
  4. I just don’t get what’s unclear that different movies have different audiences, and those different audiences have different preferences about when and how to watch the film. 1. Younger audiences have been more prone to go to theaters this year (benefits horror and franchise stuff, probably hurts mid-budget “adult” targeted movies) 2. Movies with large built in fanbases are more likely to show up OW, even with streaming available (but maybe not the WoM/on the fence/marginal viewers in later weekends, leading to worse than normal legs) 3. People that see a mo
  5. I think where it’s hurt the most is in the legs. Musicals seem to attract a lot of “marginal audiences” who’ll go see it based on word of mouth (which leads to leggier performances) and repeat viewings. Neither of those will happen as much when it’s available to view for free through streaming, as: 1. Marginal/On the Fence first time viewers will not have as strong of a preference to see it in theaters as compared to say a Godzilla fan, especially since the WoM won’t be based on the spectacle of the experience. So, these viewers probably opt to see it on streaming rathe
  6. In the heights was incredible in IMAX, sadly the theater had maybe 20 people total by the time the movie started.
  7. That is just using pre-sale buzz to project AQP2’s weekend gross right? That makes sense to do. What wouldn’t make as much sense to do would be making a judgement call like “AQP2 should have been doing x amount pre-pandemic” by using other pre-pandemic movies as a comparison.
  8. There’s a major issue here though. We don’t really have that strong of a prior for what individual movies themselves should be doing in a given year in order to say “They fell this amount short of where they should have been pre-pandemic”. With unemployment and industry sector numbers, we have solid information to have good projections of where unemployment and such should have been pre-pandemic. For the theater industry you would want to compare total box office revenue and also consider prior trends to see how the theatrical industry is doing relative to how they were before, and
  9. I think at this point, anything is good for the delayed 2020 films. Granted, I would expect there’d be much higher interest in Widow than Cruella
  10. It’s really nice to see movies being less frontloaded. In the telegram @Ethan Hunt made a good point that it could be due to limited capacities backloading films. Also could just be from preference shifts due to the pandemic and these not being fan-centric films.
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