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  1. Hey everyone, we're going to push the BOFFY deadline back to 2/26 in order to give everyone more opportunity to see major releases. We know all of the release schedules this year have been wack, which is preventing people from getting a fair chance to view major releases that are eligible such as Nomadland. Our only condition is to please use the time to watch a few movies! 😁
  2. I predict they all go straight to streaming
  3. Raiders Schindler’s List The Last Crusade Jaws Saving Private Ryan Jurassic Park Temple of Doom Bridge of Spies Close Encounters The Sugarland Express Lincoln ET The Color Purple AI: Artificial Intelligence Duel Empire of the Sun Amistad Minority Report Catch Me if You Can The BFG The Terminal Munich War of the Worlds The Adventures of Tintin The Lost World War Horse The Post
  4. I am going to go out on a limb and say Zero films including all DC and Disney movies hit 250m DOM in 2021. It is spoken, lock it up!
  5. Me ascending while listening to Sufjan's The Ascension 11/10 fucking phenomenal.
  6. Not a movie or TV show but going to share it because of how stirring of a work of music/art it is. The Sacred Veil is the latest released work from Eric Whitacre that debuted live in 2019 and was just released as a recording a few days ago. The poems were put together by Anthony Silvestri who is reflecting on the cancer battle of his late wife Judy from a decade ago (some of her words are featured as texts too, which creates some of the most heartbreaking moments of the piece), as you listen through the music and poems it’s as if you’re entering into Silvestri’s own grief and witnessing something almost to personal to be shared with you. The scoring has moments of haunting beauty that can almost feel sentimental until the unresolved tension you expect to resolve never quite does. There’s one particular section, “Delicious Times” in which a woman’s choir narrates the thoughts of Julia as she thinks through the times of children helping her through chemo. A careful listening brought me to tears at how personal and carefully composed it was. Even if you are not a fan of choral music, the Sacred Veil manages to transcend the genre (and it features some gorgeous Cello solos). In fact listening through there’s no other genre or style this work could have been done in and conveyed the same beauty and heartbreak. Whitacre has made a name for himself as a modern classical composer, but he’s made his best work with the Sacred Veil. Really recommend giving this a full listen. Also this contains the selected poems by Silverstri in the work, worth reading through as the music plays, as they are just as important to the power of the work as the music imo.
  7. When I am on my deathbed I will look back and realize I'd have never seen a better movie since this one. Sadly, that's in only three weeks because of the Rona.
  8. Watched: Lucky Grandma (2020) A really fun directorial debut from Sasie Sealy, it brings Chinatown to life on a low budget and allows an entirely Chinese immigrant story to be told within the New York City in which the bulk of the cast and language is rooted in China. Tsai Chin is wonderful in the lead role as a jaded old grandma who gets in over her head when she steals money she lost gambling from a Chinatown gangster who died of a heart attack. Lots of comical moments, fun characters and remains engaging the entirety of the run. Im excited to see more films like this which center non-white characters and stories, with a non-white and non-male director behind the camera.
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