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  1. Gotta go counterintuitive here because yes hasn’t been working Week 3 NO
  2. Quotes from the movie ”Let me make you a sandwich honey” ”This is for Pearl!” (As Pilot Dick Best nails a bomb on a Japanese carrier and narrowly escapes the flames) ”Let’s go kill some Japs!” All the Americans are portrayed as forcibly cool scrappy underdogs, who needlessly shorten any word or phrase they say in an attempt to portray how cool they are.
  3. The Boomers are going to love Midway. Saw it and it panders to the old farts through and through.
  4. 1. Dr Sleep TOO LOW 2. Midway TOO HIGH 3. Charlie's Angels TOO HIGH 4. The Good Liar TOO HIGH 5. 21 Bridges TOO HIGH 6. Queen and Slim TOO HIGH 7. Playmobil TOO HIGH 8. Cats TOO HIGH 9. Bombshell TOO LOW 10. Black Christmas TOO HIGH 1. Which film (excluding Playmobil) will be the lowest grossing? 21 BRIDGES 2. Which film will be the highest grossing without making more than $75M? BOMBSHELL 3. Will exactly two films make the Domestic top 15? YES 4. Will any film double its predicted gross? NO 5. Will any film fail to reach half of its predicted gross? NO 6. Will the actual combined total gross for the films be higher or lower than the predicted total gross? HIGHER 7. Percentage wise, what will be boxoffice.com's best prediction? THE GOOD LIAR 8. Percentage wise, what will be boxoffice.com's worst prediction? DOCTOR SLEEP 9. Will 2 or more films open in the number 1 position? NO 10. Will 3 or more of these films open in 4th or lower? YES
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