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  1. I’ll take it. You win, you get my house. I win I get your house. Yes, I totally own a house and don’t pay rent.
  2. Avatar 2, rated R for graphic fish sex. Cameron is pushing boundaries.
  3. WB did the same thing with Detective Pikachu. That movie was poised for a monster run but they decided to release it right after Endgame
  4. My Fanon List, aka the worst list I’ve ever made for these forums 1. Pikachu / Mewtwo (Detective Pikachu / Pokémon: The First Movie) 2. Poe Dameron / Finn 3. Lebron / Bugs Bunny (Space Jam: A New Legacy) 4. R2-D2 / C-3PO (Star Wars) 5. Harry / Luna (Harry Potter) 6. Mila Kunis / Natalie Portman (Black Swan) 7. Troy / Sharpay (High School Musical) 8. Magneto / Professor Xavier (X-Men) 9. Gellar / Blair (Cruel Intentions) 10. Titanic / Iceberg (Titanic) 11. Shrek / Donkey (Shrek) 12. Kylo Ren/ Hux (Star Wars) 13. Dancing Tob
  5. My predictions for the year, haven’t done this in a while, so I’m bound to be even more wrong than before! (Just doing DOM predictions because WW seems to unpredictable for now) BO Avatar 2 - 140m / 810m Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - 220m / 615m The Batman - 215m / 600m Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - 120m / 380m Thor: Love and Thunder - 165m / 360m Dr Strange 2 - 150m / 350m Jurassic World: Dominion - 110m / 250m Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - 75m / 220m Lightyear - 65m / 210m Minions 2 - 70m / 200m Super Mario - 35m / 190m
  6. This seems pretty good for 5cream. The BO might be coming back
  7. My shortlists, a few things might get added as I see a bit more this month but should be mostly stable. BEST BREAKTHROUGH (filmmaker, actor, writer, etc.) Michael Sarnoski, Pig (director) Ari Wegner, The Power of the Dog (cinematography) Alice Brooks, In the Heights and Tick, tick... BOOM! (cinematography) Rebecca Hall, Passing (director) Emma Seligman, Shiva Baby (Director and writer) Shaka King, Judas and the Black Messiah (director and writer) Jeymes Samuel, The Harder They Fall (director and writer) Ariana DeBose, West Side Story Rac
  8. Our current criteria was set pre-pandemic, so we could revisit the rules given 25m DOM at the BO might be seen as fairly successful (or you have mainstream highly talked about streaming only releases). I’m happy to take recommendations if people have a set of criteria that better fits the time. The hard part is coming up with a stricter criteria that works appropriately. My general philosophy whenever doing awards or lists is to let people decide for themselves where I can, and enough people vote for it so be it. So currently leaving it the same for TGK. I was just stating
  9. Yes, in general the categories are broadly defined so people can vote for what they want. You can vote for TGK in overlooked if you’d like. I was saying personally, even though it technically qualifies, it does not seem to fit the spirit of the category the same way that some other stuff people have recommended do. Blanks had mentioned Night of the Kings, something barely talked about with no awards or BO pulse. If you compare that to the Green Knight which was all over film discourse they seem starkly different in how overlooked they are. But again, it’s a
  10. I will agree that it’s harder to quantify Overlooked these past two years given BO is horrid for most films. Hard criteria is remaining the same, but it’s worth considering what fits the spirit of the category (and that may be interpreted differently by different members), but that’s left up to each person to decide.
  11. Just to clarify, TV Shows are only eligible in the two TV categories. Hero and Villain need to connected to a film or multiple (even if it’s something like Todd Phillips for Joker in 2019)
  12. It always makes me happy when my lists help people discover new art that they can love too! Quo Vadis is incredible.
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