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Batman Returns (1992)

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Another day, another classic run of Batman ;)






This film is remembered as a huge box office disappointment due to the huge decrease from its predecessor (-35% domestically / over $140M worldwide). The expectations were huge, a lot of people expected it would be this summer T2, and the second Batman didn't managed. But it was a big hit anyway, with some impressive numbers. The film opened with $45.69 million ($47.72M with Thursday previews) which was the all time 3-day record that time (beaten one year later by Jurassic Park). Also, Returns was the biggest movie of the summer and the third biggest movie domestically 1992. Some numbers...


   Production Budget:  $80 million*

   *Estimated around $80M, but Warner Bros. claimed only $55 million in 1992

   Marketing costs:      $12 million**

   **the-numbers.com had it at $15 million some years ago

   Domestic:     $162.83 million [#26 biggest film of all time when it finished its run]

   Foreign:        $103.99 million

   Worldwide:   $266.82 million [#6 biggest film of 1992]


Adjusted number for the film right now is $359.4 million (according to BoxOfficeMojo), without 3D and IMAX, which is pretty impressive - bigger than Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, BvS, Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, and more sh films form recent years...


Batman Returns never hit the screens of Polish cinemas, which is odd, cause Batman was very popular character in Poland in 90s. :/


Rare trailer:



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