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  1. Almost everyone I know have already seen the film from.... alternative free sources (there's no HBO Max here in Poland). I think WW84 is gonna drop hard this weekend everywhere.
  2. So the bad scenario is around $290 million OS. Still nice all things consider. The good scenario is even $315-320 million - very good for a first major movie released during pandemic. It seems the fate of the film completely depends on US theaters. With barely $30 mln after almost 2 weeks, this movie has no profit. Warner must keep it in cinemas as long as possible and push it over $100 million no matter what, even if the California and NY theaters opens as late as in December, and even if they decide to not release Tenet on UHD/Blu-ray/DVD for a whole year.
  3. Damn! I hate this news. I wanna punch somebody right now...
  4. Sow it yesterday. For me it's the weakest from all Christopher Nolan's films. Visually great, action and tension are fine, but the characters (excepts amazing Pattinson and good Debicki) are weak, the story is too convoluted, and the sci-fi concept is very confusing. Watching fights and chases scenes was great, but all the rest very tiresome (even dialog scene, like with Michael Caine). I also don't like the music (or whatever this sounds are). 6/10 I don't think it would be a huge hit. Even pre-pandemic i can't imagine Inception numbers. Incetpion was larger, more entertaining, mo
  5. Sorry, but what's your problem here? I didn't like the idea of Jeffrey Wright being cast as Gordon just because he was(is) Felix in Bond films, which for me was always some kind of Gordon-like character in the Bond franchise. And the new Bond film and the new Batman are separated less than a year in release calendar. But after this teaser, I'll give him a chance (he looks fine). Stop assuming that everyone are racists.
  6. The best movie trailer since the second Infinity War trailer (march 2018) for me! Love it (I'll give a chance even this awful Bat-cowl and Wright as Gordon). Finally Batman non-action film, but a detective movie! It looks like a Batman I've been waiting for, for a long time. Easily most anticipated film of 2021 for me. Fingers crossed.
  7. It's so funny, cause the movie initial release date was December and later November 2019. Warner pushed it to June 2020 and now they've lost potential $1 billion grosser (I don't think now WW84 will get that).
  8. This discussion is pointless. You're arguing which poop smells better. The correct answer: Both stinks! Genisys is more MCU-wanna-be, kids-friendly 10s' blockbuster than a "Terminator movie", and Dark Fate is just stupid, boring, unnecessary sequel which trashes beautiful T2 ending and all the stakes from T1 and T2. These are two awful Terminator movies. All in all, Genisys at least not tried to be "a true Terminator 3" (LOL) and was better sci-fi, so in my opinion it's smaller evil.
  9. The movie suffered from its gigantic success. It debuted in Top15 on IMDb in 1998, but after the whole "biggest box office of all time! 11 Oscars! etc." people started to hate it from silly reasons. Somewhere in 2205 it drooped to 6.9/10 on IMDb, now Titanic has 7.8/10 (very impressive hump after 2012 re-release). For me, this movie is one of the biggest cinema masterpieces. 4 stars, or 10/10, always maximum grade from me.
  10. Damn, You're right. Anyway, TLJ did on its seventh weekend $4.25M. TRoS will do something like this on its sixth weekend (maybe closer to $5M). After that, TLJ add $9.3M to its domestic gross. Even if TRoS start to sell more tickets than its predecessor and add $11M, it still will finish somewhere around $512.5M dom. If U not wrong about $565M OS, ww final gross would be $1.078B.
  11. Yes. This Thursday Skywalker should be at $497M domestic. With good hold during the weekend it should be at $501.6M on Sunday. With similar legs to The Last Jedi from now on (its MLK weekend wa s 70-72% lower than Episode's VIII, despite the fact TRoS is in cinemas one week short) the movie is going to finish with $511-512.5M domestic. If I'm correct, it only needs about $568 mln OS to finish at $1.08B. I think it's highly likely.
  12. It would be awesome if it won't pass last year's Aladdin worldwide numbers!
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