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  1. I hope this Spanish actor is wrong and they cut the budget to max. $150 mln. Otherwise, this would be the third Terminator flop in 10 years. Does anyone know when they will move to shoot in US? Principal photography started in the beginning of June (or 29th May, I'm not sure), so they're shooting T6 much longer than Salvation or Genisys (over 4 month already).
  2. Rumored production budget is . . . $255 million! https://www.theterminatorfans.com/terminator-6-appears-to-have-biggest-budget-yet/
  3. After this answer I'm sure, Kinberg has no idea what movie ratings are
  4. Nothing is as bad as marketing for Genisys (theatrical trailers, posters, all...). Nothing! "How to Save a Billion-Dollar Franchise" - apparently not like this The new Terminator won't be as bad as Genisys, not a chance. From the very first Q&A with Cameron and Miller we can be sure that this film is developed by a men with passion, who love Terminator, and have some idea for the new story. Genisys smelled like shit from the early on, and - as Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke admitted - no one had a good time making this film, even its director. It was made only to build a franchise for Paramount and earn some money. But luckily it failed (which was obvious from the start point for majority viewers, including me). I hope that the worst is behind us.
  5. 20 years ago was 1998 when Arnold might have already lost some height. Here You have pictures with Arnold and Reg Park (officially 6'1). Arnold was around 6'1 in his prime, no doubt. Shit. The cancelled it https://dziennikzachodni.pl/arnold-schwarzenegger-nie-przyjedzie-jednak-do-katowic-poszlo-o-pieniadze-mozna-zwracac-bilety-na-fit-expo-w-mck/ar/13506629
  6. And Thanos was made by Digital Domain, not IL&M. I can't remember which studio created this awful CGI-rhinos in BP.
  7. No, Dead Man's Chest costs around $225 mln (nearly $100 less than Infinity War, not much more than Black Panther) and Davy Jones has more screen time than Thanos... I think. The reason is simple - you need TIME to do all CGI shots on the same, very high level. Pirates probably have typical for a blockbuster 1500 CGI-shots. MCU is the record breaker in this category, IW has over 2900 shots with CGI while the whole movie is completed with nearly 3000 shots (probably all-time record)! Thor: Ragnarok has over 2700 CG-shots (98% of the film), Black Panther 2456 shots with CGI (only around 200 shots in the film was CGI-free). If You're not James Cameron and You don't have 11 years to create perfect visual effects in your Avatar movies, than this happen: The problem with overuse of CGI in MCU films is since The Winter Soldier (almost 2500 CGI shots! although, the film was great). In "The Phase Three" only two titles has really great, Oscar nominee worthy vfx - #1 Doctor Strange and #2 Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2. Probably the third I would give to IW.
  8. Thanos is great, even amazing in a couple of scenes (when Mantis touches his head!), but also has some worse shots (conversation with Gamora) and overall - is still faaar from greatness of
  9. IW has very similar score to Nolan's TDKR after the same period of time after its release date. I think this movie will stay in Top100 for a long time and probably will never drop Top200.
  10. Ugh. This reminds me CGI-Wolverine in 2000 or Neo fighting Smiths in the second Matrix in 2003. The best VFX this year in my opinion: - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (probably #1, although the film sucks) - Rampage - Solo: A Star Wars Story (I saw only trailers, but the vfx looks as great as in other SW Disney films) - Disney's Christopher Robin (haven't seen it yet, but CGI puppets in trailers looks great) - Avengers: Infinity War Alternative: - Ant-Man & the Wasp - Deadpool 2 - Mary Poppins Returns (still waiting to see it) - Ready Player One (maybe??) - The Meg (decent CGI) + Still waiting for Venom, Aquaman, Alita and Bumblebee. And maybe than, there is Black Panther.
  11. Nope. At least once I was called a racist here. Maybe I'm talking about the film too much. Sorry. It's only becasue I still can't believe how overrated by the critics this film is, and all this talk about the awards - ughh.
  12. Great video, I recommend it. I mean, I disagree with the author of the video in some points (eg. flat characters is not necessary a big problem if they're likable - and I like Shuri very much - much bigger problem for me is that action sequences - in an action film! - are so weak, without energy, and almost all looks like a rip off of couple action moments from blockbusters from the last couple of years (Skyfall, Spider-Man 3, generic car chase #473), but I also have been called "racist" (on this forum) when I gave the film 6/10. It's ok, but it's so overrated by the critics and this all talks about Best Picture nom is definitely too much. It's just my opinion.
  13. Disney didn't add additional copies of the film to the theaters even once, and forgot to do any double-features. IW ended its run after 140 days - shorter than the first and even the second Avengers film! Shame, this should be the biggest movie of the year also domestically. Well deserved. But $678.8M is still an amazing result! Let's hope the next one will beat crap out of the box office.
  14. The Oscar nominations that might be truly deserved for the film in my opinion: - Best Costume Design... maybe, I'm not sure because Panther costume is much worse than its first version (in CW and in the first 15 minutes of the film). But the rest was really good. End. Best Picture of the year? 2018 would have been one of the worst years in cinema history than. XD Best VFX? More like the worst VFX in a blockbuster this year! Sound mixing ans sound editing - Disney films nowadays have a lot of problems with sound on Blu-ray/UHD market (very quite sound, low bass, very hard to appreciate sound effects in them), and if I'm not wrong, they will send to Academy members Blu-ray or UHD copies, so nope. Since the first Iron Man, not even one MCU film was nominated in sound categories! Actors? Maybe Michael B. but I don't think so, that's not Ledger caliber role, and this is still PG-13 comic book film. Screenplay/director - nope. Editing, Photography - the competition will be too strong and Black Panther isn't anything great in editing or photography. So yes, maybe 1-2 nom (costumes + maybe make-up or production design, but I'm not the fan of the Wakanda look), and of course guaranteed Oscar in Best Popular category (they made it specially for him). But as it was with Wonder Woman last year, I think BP shouldn't be nominated in any category. But of course we still haven't see any films this year, so... This is only silly prefigure.

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