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  1. This was caused by huge competition in the summer of 2013. And remember, with today's ATP MoS would have around $390m domestic and +$800m ww = similiar level to The Batman's numbers (Matt Reeve's film also could have grossed much more if not the strong advertising HBO Max premiere 45 days after theatrical release date).
  2. I would say even less than that (under $500m WW). The DC brand is now at the bottom. To make a successful film, they need to regain the trust of the audience. Shazam !!, The Flash, Blue Beetle and Aquaman 2 (rumors about its quality are not promising) will not do that. So, Superman: Legacy will be the first DCU film after 8 box office flops/bombs in a row, most of which were poorly received by GA. No one will want to pay for another DCU movie, even if it's a Superman movie with great reviews. No trust = no $$$. Especially, not after the circumstances of Henry Cavill's departure from the role and the controversial decisions of Zaslav/Gunn/Safran (Keaton's removal, Batgirl's cancelation, reboot but not complete reboot). I think the only DC movies in the next three years that will be a box office success are Joker 2 and The Batman Part Two. DCU has had bad PR from the start and nothing has changed so far (and I think won't change by the end of the next year).
  3. I think Barbie will end closer to $600m based on its trajectory, than $650m, but we will see. 

  4. Barbie is 16.67% ahead of TDK after its 3rd weekend = around $622.2 million final dom. But Barbie is gaining more and more every day and will have weaker competition than TDK had in 2008. I think the target for Barbie is $630-660m. On the other hand, Jurrasic World ($652.3m dom) is currently almost $41 million ahead of Barbie and had better weekends so far +also summer weekdays from now on and a big boost on its 12th weekend (LDW). Catching it won't be easy, I'm convinced that Oppenheimer is heading for the $310-320m dom. M:I-7 is the saddest box office story of the summer Summer 2023 (Top10): Barbie $645m Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse $381m Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 $359m Oppenheimer $315m The Little Mermaid $297.2m Sound of Freedom $183m Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny $173.5m Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One $166m Transformers: Rise of the Beasts $157.4m Elemental $153.5m
  5. Avatar movies have a bit of live-action in them and performance-capture characters. The Lion King is 100% CGI. Disney's Dinosaur (2001) is less animated film than TLK, 2019 (real backgrounds, flora) and it is an animated movie.
  6. Barbie is now 14.3% ahead of TDK and gaining everyday. I think $600m is pretty safe at this point, especially with August and September empty. JW's $653.4m will be a real challenge here - to do this, Barbie needs more than x4 multi, so far only one non-December release had over x4 multi* and it was TGM). *among +$100m openers
  7. Okay. For me, it was probably the worst film I've seen in cinema this year, next to the last Ant-Man (I went to the cinema 13 times this year - Fabelmans, Quantumania, Creed III, Scream VI, John Wick 4, Air, GotG3, Across the Spider-Verse, The Flash, Indy5, M:I-7, Oppie and Barbie). Probably the worst screening I've been to since JWD last year.
  8. I finally got to see Barbie and... wow. I can't remember the last time I was so embarrassed during a movie screening and wanted to leave the theater. The issues raised by the film are important and the message is right, but this is such an awkward and not fanny comedy It's sad that this is the movie that breaks the last TDK and HP7.2 records to become the new WB king. I don't get the hype and I don't get the legs. In a perfect world, M:I-7 crushes it at the box office.
  9. I think WB might be satisfied with Barbie results and will push theater owners to give more screens to the Meg2 and Blue Beetle next two weekends. I'm thinking about $55m 3rd weekend and $35m 4th weekend for $650m dom at the moment.
  10. TDK was on ~9,200 screens (94 of them were IMAX).
  11. Damn. So far, Barbie has been ahead of TDK throught previews (TDK had record-breaking $18,489,000 but only from 3,040 theaters from the 00:01 shows -- NOT from 3:00 and 6:00 screenings according to Variety! -- Barbie previews have started Thursday at 3 p.m. and had some on Wednesday), Saturday and Sunday were both very close, but on Monday and especially Tuesday (if +$25 million is true) Barbie clearly wins over Batman. Of course, the average ticket price for TDK was around $8 (Mojo had $7,08 for all movies on July 2008, but Batman got $6,214,061 from 94 IMAXs this weekend) and Barbie was $12.65, but still remarkable numbers. Can you imagine TDK would be open to about $250-280 million today? With the current number of IMAX auditoriums (+400? five times more than it was in 2008?), Dolby theaters, ScreenX and Thursday previews even +$300 million wouldn't surprise me. TDK run was epic!!
  12. Oppenheimer has bigger OW than Inception in majority of the markets, and Incpetion final ourcome was $825m ww. With great legs (which wouldn't be anything unusual for a Nolan film: BB had x4.21 multi -Wed opening-, TDK x3.38 multi, Interstellar x3,96, and Inception x4.66!!). Only domestic could be as high as $330m, $470m from the rest of the markets wouldn't be that hard to achieve with current WOM. Those Monday numbers are insane. As a huge Batman fan, I thought only another Batman film can take down the Batma... I mean TDK as the highest grossing WB film domestic ever, but Barbie is getting bigger and bigger every day. +$540m final dom is looking really good at the moment.
  13. It's definitely too early to talk about $600 million for Barbie, Imho. If the movie OW is $162m as Deadline report than with similiar legs to TDK 15 years ago, it would finish with around $545 million. Audience scores on RT and on IMDb are not as overwhelming as Batman's. For now, $500m is the target. Oppenheimer with $82.4m OW = even $325 million domestic is possible. I would say $275-325m for now.
  14. Oppenheimer's opening weekend in Poland will be massive, easily over Barbie. Presales are insane for this type of movie. IMAXes are full the whole weekend.
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