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  1. Anything over $269 mln (breaking TFA OW adjusted and TFA avg. per theater) is a huge win. $285 mln would be f***ing INCREDIBLE!
  2. Out. I think it might hit over $900 mln till Sunday, but $1B will break on Monday 29th.
  3. Out. TFA opening weekend with the current average ticket price would be around $268.5 mln. Even if Endgame will be released in 4484 theaters (TFA +350) I think $291 mln opening weekend is the limit. The film is very long (3 hours 1 minute), so I think it won't even break these $290 mln. $300 mln is out of reach. But I hope I'm wrong.
  4. My reaction to this trailer. This is how the Death Stars were destroyed. From yesterday: 🤣 Johnson destroyed Kylo's mask, Abrams fixes his mask. Another dessert planet & Death Star AGAIN! + absolutely no feel of epicness ar anything to show this is the conclusion fo the trilogy / 9-film-saga. Star Wars R.I.P. 1977-2005 (+2016)
  5. How You know how much he weighted in IW? He was in his suit all the time, You can't tell if he wasn't slimmer in IW already.
  6. This. TLK is classic, but this looks horrible and it's the most unneeded remake of all time. Opening weekend: $200-210 mln Domestic: $620-640 mln Worldwide: $1.3-1.5B But I hope it will underperform.
  7. My prediction: Opening weekend: $285 mln DOM / $950 mln WW Domestic: $715 mln Overseas: $1.485B (including $405 mln from China) Worldwide: $2.2B And a lot, a lot of records.
  8. Infinity War is the biggest superhero / comic book movie in Poland (after 1989). Endgame is gonna be MUCH BIGGER. I believe we can do $9-10 mln.
  9. The stills looks fine. The cast looks fine. The title wit modified Terminator font looks fine. Everything looks better than Genisys so far. But did they seriously have shown line "I'll be back" in the very first trailer again? Eh. . .
  10. Nope. Watchmen (2009) Runtime: 162 min | 186 min (Director's Cut) | 215 min (Ultimate Cut) Although, Avengers: Endgame will be the longest sh film ever in theaters. So far, the longest was The Dark Knight Rises (164 minutes 30 seconds).
  11. I've got my tickets. 24th April, 7:30 p.m. in Poland (it will be like 11:30 a.m in New York). I will let You know how good it is.
  12. $160-200 million budget according to Arnold. We can all say. . . . . . to the R-rating.
  13. If I remember correctly, non-digital IMAX theaters can't show films over 165 minutes. That's why most of the blockbusters in the last 10 years were shorter than that (I think only the first Hobbit and Interstellar were 169 minutes, probably IMAX screenings cuts their end credits). The longest comic book / superhero movie in theaters was and still is The Dark Knight Rises - 164 minutes and 29-31 seconds (depending on source). IMAX cinemas can't cut Avengers, cause MCU films have mid-credit and post-credit scenes. I think Avengers: Endgame will be 165 minutes max.!

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