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  1. OW in Poland wasn't great (140-160k admission). Not much help from us, sorry.
  2. Another great number for Toy Story 4, the second biggest jump this Tuesday. With LDW expansion, TS4 is definitely going to finish around $450 mln DOM.
  3. I am still waiting to see it. . .
  4. How much OS this can go with this opening? $800M? $900M? $1B possible? Dom should go for $550-600 mln range.
  5. Great holds for TS4. I hope it can go ofr $440 mln Domestic.
  6. How much it drops in Japan?
  7. Can someone explain me, how Endgame pass Avatar this weekend? The film was at $1.922B OS till the end of June, $1.9246 after July 7th (+around $2 mln during the whole week, previously it was around $6 mln), and than $1.934 after another week with $1.5 mln from the weekend? So, Avengers made $10 million between July 8th-14th and $8,5 mln before the weekend? Bullshit!! Disney add couple of millions to Endgame OS gross from last week to pass Avatar during ComicCon panel.
  8. Actually, there are no official dates for most of these record breaking films. Jaws might have been the highest grosing film since June 1978 when Star Wars beaten it (L.A. Times confirms this). Star Wars were number #1 worldwide for at least 4 years and 7 months till E.T.. E.T. was the highest grossing film till Oct 3rd 1993, so max. 10 years and 9 months. Titanic have become number #1 on Febuary 23rd 1998 (JP lost its title after 4 years, 4 months and 19 days) and was the king till Januray 24th 2010 - this is 11 years, 11 months and 2 days. Avatar was the most successfull movie of all time between Jan 25th 2010 - July 20th 2019, so exactly 9 years, 5 months and 26 days. Only Titanic, E.T. and (maybe) Gone with the Wind were "#1" longer than Avatar.
  9. Agree in 100%. Infinity War - 9+/10, almost perfect film, one of the best superhero and comic book movies of all time. Absolute peak for MCU. Endgame - 7/10, good entertainment, but it's "turn of your brain and enjoy" type of film with one EPIC&AMAZING scene with portals.
  10. https://www.theterminatorfans.com/exclusive-new-terminator-dark-fate-united-states-reshoot-info-and-images/
  11. Ehmmm.. WHAT? T2 was screwd with its re-released, it was very limited re-release (small number of markets and most of them for one weekend only or one day only) with very pure advertising. They've also didn't manage to release it during the 25th Anniversary of the film. If Disney will do Avatar re-release, there's no way to going to gross as bad as T2.
  12. When we will see how much theater numbers change this Friday? Is Endgame loosing all Extended Cut screens this Thursday?
  13. It might finish in this range even with this "re-releaseish thing".
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