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  1. This four outside Top100 You make me sad, guys. Batman Begins should be easily in 70-80s range if The Winter Soldier is there. EDIT: Also, shame that T2 missed Top10... But #14 of all time is good enough I think Very good list so far, but I;m not a big fan of LOTR, so I think Top10 wouldn't be so great.
  2. Inside Out is 6/10 for me, easily one of the most overrated movie of this decade. I love at least 10 Pixar animations more. This list (Batman) Begins to suck if there is no the BB in The next 19 spots. EDIT: RotK would be a bad winner. I prefer Titanic much more.
  3. Still no Batman Begins. I hope the film is in Top20 rather in 101-124 range or outside Top250...
  4. Great list so far! I love Pixar animated movies (except Inside Out - overrated, hope it missed the list), Alien, Aliens, Good-Bad-Ugly, Silence of the Lambs, Private Ryan, Mad Max, Return of the Jedi and many more on that list. But Braveheart and Casino Royale out of Top100 It hurts a little bit.
  5. The Dark Knight (2008) | Nolan

    Greatness indeed. T H E D A R K K N I G H T I remember this film in a very special way. This was probably the most anticipated film of my life, and thanks to the internet (I have it in my home since August 2007) the very first i could have invigilate every day. I remember waiting for every new photo, poster, every new trailer, every spot, clip, etc. This one had one of the best marketing campaign of all time: http://www.42entertainment.com/work/whysoserious I know a lot, I mean A LOT of people belives that The Dark Knight was such a hit only due to Heath Ledger's death... Well, it's bullshit to me. Of course, this sad event helped to build additional hype for this film, but this was only a boost for a monster hit anyway. After great box office legs and great reception of Batman Begins, as well as thanks to the ending scene with the Joker card, TDK was sentenced to success. The hype was huuuuge already in December 2007, I remember. Just, no one knew how big this is going to be. The results: Production Budget: $185 million* *Estimated, but Warner Bros. claimed this is going to cost around $150 million in the middle of 2007, so it might be overestimated a little bit Marketing costs: N/A** **I remember info about $75M, but I am not sure where to find it Domestic: $533.35 million [2nd biggest film of all time when it finished its run] Foreign: $469.7 million [#20 overseas number of all time] Worldwide: $1.003 billion [4th biggest film of all time untill Avatar] The Dark Knight broke so many records... The biggest release (4366 theaters), the best midnight opening ($18.489 million in 3 040 theaters), the best single day - opening day - Friday ($67.17 million), Sunday ($43.6 million), opening weekend ($158.41 million), non-holiday Monday ($24.49 million), second weekend ($75.17 million), fastest to $100M, $200M, $300M, $400M and $500 million, the biggest 1-107 days grosser, and so on... It's clearly one of the biggest success in cinema history (at least for me). This film showed everyone that Titanic can be beaten, cause for all these years (10 fu**ing years!!) no one even matched the second place (A New Hope - $461 million). TDK was the second film after the decade that gross more than original Star Wars and broke $0.5B in domestic box office. After its fourth weekend, Warner Bros. thouth it would finish with max. $510-520 million, but Batman legs were incredible. TDK finished its amazing run after 33 weeks (!) in March 2009 - four months after DVD/Blu-ray premiere!! Somwhere in February it become only the fourth movie with over $1 billion in worldwide box office. It was very impressive that time. DVD/Blu-ray trailer for "...the record breaking box office hit..." Fun fact: For almost 3 years overseas number for this film was $468.6 million, but WB updated this right before The Dark Knight Rises premiere. Before that, for almost three years, everyone thought that TDK wasn't the biggest film OS of 2008 (Indy 4 won by mere $900k). TDK was the second biggest superhero / comic book film overseas only behind Spider-Man 3. EDIT: TDK posters from November 2008
  6. Another day, another classic run of Batman BATMAN RETURNS This film is remembered as a huge box office disappointment due to the huge decrease from its predecessor (-35% domestically / over $140M worldwide). The expectations were huge, a lot of people expected it would be this summer T2, and the second Batman didn't managed. But it was a big hit anyway, with some impressive numbers. The film opened with $45.69 million ($47.72M with Thursday previews) which was the all time 3-day record that time (beaten one year later by Jurassic Park). Also, Returns was the biggest movie of the summer and the third biggest movie domestically 1992. Some numbers... Production Budget: $80 million* *Estimated around $80M, but Warner Bros. claimed only $55 million in 1992 Marketing costs: $12 million** **the-numbers.com had it at $15 million some years ago Domestic: $162.83 million [#26 biggest film of all time when it finished its run] Foreign: $103.99 million Worldwide: $266.82 million [#6 biggest film of 1992] Adjusted number for the film right now is $359.4 million (according to BoxOfficeMojo), without 3D and IMAX, which is pretty impressive - bigger than Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, BvS, Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, and more sh films form recent years... Batman Returns never hit the screens of Polish cinemas, which is odd, cause Batman was very popular character in Poland in 90s. :/ Rare trailer:
  7. I love Scream and Nightmare on Elm Streer, and also forgot about them in my Top100
  8. Batman Forever (1995)

    I disagree. Batman Forever has some great cinematography, but the nomination itself was enough. Braveheart was the very best this year IMHO, but I am the guy who prefer 2.35 : 1 rather than 1.85 :1 aspect ratio, so... Another fun fact - this song ^^ was composed, performed and released in 1994 as a single, it has also different clip that year, without any Batman moments. They re-release it as a Batman song in June 1995, but it wasn't a true song for this film. This was Both songs
  9. You guys have never seen The Terminator? What the hell are You? The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi are so high on this list... ... 200 positions too high.
  10. I'll show You how to start such a topic Batman Forever - Smashing hit of 1995. One of the most famous and most important film of my childhood! After disappointing box office results of Batman Returns - although it was a big hit - and box office flop of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Christmas 1993) no one expected that another Batman will be a big deal and no one really wanted another Batman, especially without Michael Keaton in leading role. Then Batman Forever happened. It was not only a surprise hit, but also one of THE blockbusters of the 90s. Production Budget: $95 million* *Estimated between $90-100M, according to Joel Schumacher "It was the biggest movie of the year and the cheapest “Batman” ever made. It cost under $100 million" Marketing costs: $12-30 million* *Depending on various sources, before June 1995 it was ~$12M, but probably this costs increased a lot after the film's premiere weekend Domestic: $184.03 million [#24 biggest film of all time when it finished its run] Foreign: $152.5 million Worldwide: $336.53 million [#6 biggest film of 1995] Batman Forever was the very first movie in history with over $20 million from one day (Friday, June 16th) and over $50 million opening weekend ($52.78 million - the biggest opening weekend for almost 2 years)**. Thanks to the better reception among the viewers, it had better legs than Tim Burton's Batman Returns (Forever opening weekend was 28,7% of all domestic gross, while Returns did 29,3% of all outcome during it's first weekend+previews; also Forever was in cinemas for 21 weeks, Returns "only" for 18 weeks). It was the biggest movie of the summer and for a long time it seemed that the third Batman will be the biggest movie of the year domestically. Unfortunately, Toy Story won that battle thanks to re-issues on February and March 1996. **Batman Forever broke almost every record during its opening weekend - biggest single day, opening day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 1-3 days gross, but because of big theaters number (2,842) its avg. per theater was smaller than Jurassic Park ($18,572 to $19,561). It was the first Batman film without Thursday previews. Below you can find some interesting articles/interviews about Batman Forever - its marketing, results, impact and legacy: http://variety.com/1995/more/news/dark-knight-becomes-bat-lite-99127245/ https://www.nytimes.com/1995/07/03/business/why-studios-bet-summer-blockbuster-with-bid-debts-big-budgets-hir-are-more.html?pagewanted=2 http://variety.com/2014/film/markets-festivals/qa-joel-schumacher-on-batman-ben-affleck-and-the-batsuit-nipples-1201327631/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2015/06/16/20-years-ago-batman-forever-was-the-jurassic-world-of-its-day/#7c42d61b305c https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/batman-forever-story-behind-surprise-802804 Fragments of Variety article (19th June 1995): Batman Forever adjusted number is around $387.5M today. Its worldwide gross would have been over $700M now (without 3D, IMAX and China of course). If anyone want to say something about BF, or know some interesting facts about it - maybe another articles from 1995 - this is topic for You! Sorry if I made any mistake. I'm from Poland, my English isn't perfect.
  11. Shi... Damn You guys, I love this movies. Predator Logan It's A Wonderful Life The Winter Soldier Heat Get Out Good list so far.
  12. It's not that bad. Although, it would be much better without this yellowish-pink filter on Cruise (bad photo btw) / left side of the poster. The composition inside M:I with all this characters in the middle is fine. The Chinese poster is worse, only the action in the bottom-right with hellicopters looks cool, the rest is
  13. Top 250 so far for me: 86. Unforgiven (1992) - #31 on my list 88. Avatar (2009) - #67 on my list 91. Good Will Hunting (1997) - #34 on my list 206. Leon: The Professional (1994) - #7 on my list 208. JFK (1991) - #80 on my list 215. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) - #59 on my list The rest is mostly good. I only don't get it why TLJ and Wonder Woman are on this list.

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