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  1. Best VFX? Seriously? Black Panther has good cinematography, production design, costumes, but CGI was TERRIBLE in some scenes. Easily one of the worst VFX in blockbuster this year. And Rampage isn't even in Top20 consider to be nominated for VFX at Oscars! <facepalm>
  2. I assume nothing. Fallout had 0 nominations / awards to any movie awards yesterday if I'm not wrong. It might get some, but this is not the same level as Panther, cause it's not "cultural phenomenon" outside the film. That's why I'm not fan of any film awards, they always very attached to the politics, the movie about holocaust has x100 more shot to get recognition than action film, BLACK Panther has x100 times shot to get recognition than Avengers or any previous sh film, and so on. . . PS Mad Max: Fury Road or The Bourne Ultimatum are also sequels, and both get recognition. Fallout could too.
  3. @Barnack We all know that Black Panther has great reviews, A+ from the audience (that's from the first day of screenings) and a lot of people love the film. No one deny that. But that's not the point, cause in this case, no matter how good the film is. This years social importance means more than movie quality. BP is so pumped, as I said before, because he is BLACK Panther. This year we have more blockbusters with so great reviews, there was for eg. Mission: Impossible - Fallout - 86/100 at MTC, at rottentomatoes even better grade than Panther(!), IMDb grade is also higher than Panther, people love the film, and it's a landmark in action genre. 0 nominations, 0 awards. Guess why the difference between the two is so huge in current awards season, if both are beloved films by the critics / industrie. And why You call BP "non-sequel"? It's a Civil War sequel / part of big cinematic universe.
  4. Okay. . . Yes, all people who believes that's we're living in world after #OscarSoWhite and Black Panther, as well as Selma few years ago, is so pumped to every awards, and no critic dare to gave him at least mixed review on metacritic, is racist. Believe that. Of course film about black character / with black director can have the same merits as a film about the white guy / directed by eg. Spielberg. No one deny that. But Black Panther is just not that movie. It okay blockbuster, decent film, nowhere close to be one of the year's best picture and I can name dozen of comicbook genre milestones who deserves to be the first Best Pic. nominated superhero film more than Panther. Not because they are about white superheros or something, it's just because they're better films, that's all. But again, that's only my opinion. You don't have to agree with me, and there's no reason the get mad.
  5. It's might have been the best received superhero movie critically also due to PC reasons. Check this out. BP isn't higher than IW if you look at Top10 of 2018 critics lists. https://www.metacritic.com/feature/film-critics-list-the-top-10-movies-of-2018?ref=hp Also, I don't get it why You're attacking @Kalo It's just his opinion, he doesn't force You to agree with him. Let him think what he wanna think.
  6. Should be open in 10 days if I'm not wrong.
  7. 1. Avengers: Infinity War 9+/10 2. Incredibles 2 9/10 (almost as good as the original) 3. Black Panther 6+/10 I have a great fun watching Incredibles on the big screen - clearly on of the best cinema experience this year so far - but I vote for Avengers, which is probably the comicbook film of the decade! It's the definitive Marvel film, Return of the King of superhero genre and still my favorite film o 2018. It also might be the most emotionally powerful blockbuster of all time (yeah, I said that!), cause Russo Bros. boldly made the use of this 10 years / set up of MCU films/characters (of course it didn't work that good if You're not the fan and You don't now the previous MCU films. I am & I do ). Black Panther was also fun, but it has a lot of problems, and due to all these nominations / awards / overwhelming reviews - which only harm the film - BP quickly become one of the most overrated films of the XXI century in my opinion.
  8. Here's my club, opening soon.
  9. The Lion King & Avengers: Endgame +$600 mln Episode IX ~$500 mln Is it still too early to open my club Episode IX under Attack of the Clones adjusted? Wonder Woman 1984 is 2020 movie.
  10. LOL Episode IX would be lucky if it finish on the third place, after Endgame and The Lion King.
  11. So it is Endgame after all. Okay title, much, much batter than Mortal Kombat 2 subtitle. But this trailer is... meh. Not even close to IW trailers. I prefer Captain Marvel trailer from last Monday too. I'm little bit disappointed. The scene with Tony is great, the rest - meh, no goosebumps. Sorry, R Bros.
  12. Okay, but that's not the reason why he is nominated. It doesn't matter how good the film is either.
  13. The Golden Globes were the last movie awards I was interested in and I had some respect for them. . . Were. I don't remember music and this song, so I don't mind it, but Best Drama nomination for this film is... true Drama. I have no words.

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