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  1. Arnold might be in Katowice Poland 6-7 Oct. This might be the last chance to met him for me. I cannot wait
  2. New photos of Arnold and Gabriel Luna: Damn, Arnold has lost a lot of height. He was like 6"1 in his prime, now he looks closer to 5'10 He should shave his beard for the role IMHO.
  3. I don't know I like shorter haircut, but why did they paint his hair gray? Why not leave them brown as their are? And this beard... I don't know, he looks like a bum with it a little bit, I'd prefer him beardless. I hope for some set photo with him soon. BTW, Arnold looks great during this prank in 2015, much much better and younger than in Genisys
  4. Simply one of the biggest hits of all time. Some numbers: Production Budget: $10.5 million Marketing costs: N/A Domestic: $435.1 million [the biggest film of all time when it finished its run with $359.2M] Foreign: $334.9 million [same here with $281.3M] Worldwide: $770 million [same here with $640.5M before re-releases, but some vintage articles claim $619M or $639M] Fun fact - E.T.'s overseas (and worldwide) final numbers are some huge bullshit. As i pointed out in other topic, there are various sources that shows that the films numbers magically grown in 2004 without any re-releases. Its domestic original gross is probably the second biggest gross from single theatrical run, only behind Titanic's original run!!
  5. Some mystical +1,300% increase this weekend I see. I wonder if there is even one witness of this so-called double features with Winnie the Poof, who was there..? Eh, Disney, Disney.
  6. Just awful promotional picture. They're starting marketing bad. Davis looks so unattractive on this photo (her haircut is from Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder LOL). How did this happen? She is so beautiful woman.
  7. Juby

    Ghost (1990)

    The article also could have outdated info (underestimate). Variety in 1998 had T2 at $312 mln overseas and - if I remember right - in the book "Titanic: Anatomy of a Blockbuster"author claimed T2 overseas gross was $310 mln. But I'm not sure, maybe this was different book. Ghost overseas numbers for years were overestimated at $300 mln. Mojo updated it at $288M for the first time in early 2004: https://web.archive.org/web/20040406113035/http://boxofficemojo.com:80/movies/?id=ghost.htm
  8. Another article proves that E.T.'s numbers on Mojo (and everywhere alse, cause almost every site copy data from Mojo) are bullshit. Foreign gross is overestimated around $23M. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1993/10/04/Jurassic-Park-sets-worldwide-box-office-record/6745749707200/ 'E.T.' grossed $359.2 million domestically and $281.3 million overseas in its initial 1982 release, and tacked on another $40 million domestically and $20 million overseas during its re-release in 1985 for a combined $701.4 million worldwide.
  9. Juby

    Ghost (1990)

    It was 1993, T2 was still in theaters around the world that time. Just... different times. Ex: Polish premier od T2 was in May 1992 and it was still in theaters in 1993. Ghost is one of my all time favorites movies. Absolutely perfect mix of action, drama, fantasy, romance, based on a PERFECT script. 100% movie magic and great entertainment.
  10. M:I:3 - the smallest b.o. success in the franchise - opens with $67,5 mln with today's ATP (with smaller number of theaters and without 3D). Anything under $67,5M OW for Fallout will be a sad start. I hope for +70 mln.

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