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  1. From $679 mln ($678,815,482). I think the Iron Man 2 scenario (minus some percent domestic, but +% overseas and worldwide) is the most probable.
  2. I think the late April would be perfect for teaser. 6 months before T6 release, just before the biggest hit of the summer (Avengers: Endgame). The full trailer later, in August. Also, I still think they should move the film to October 25th (T1 35-year Anniversary).
  3. T6 won't have $255-295 mln production budget (Genisys costs $153 mln and floped hard in US, it's clear they won't spent more money on the next one), and T2 definitely was an R-rated film. Eot
  4. I've seen 5 from Best Picture nom and. . . A Star Is Born > Vice > Bohemian Rhapsody > Black Panther > Roma (I don't like the film) I want to see Green Book too. EDIT: Academy should back to 5 Best Picture noms. This 6-10 rule is ridiculous.
  5. I brought up Poland's reception once, maybe twice. And this was only an example. Look at BAFTA Awards nominations. Only USA and South Africa love Black Panther (for obvious reasons).
  6. Noms for best production design, costumes, song - okay. Music - I can't remember, but it was okay I guess. Both sound noms and Best Picture nom. . . @LaughingEvans You have some problem with Poland?
  7. Dislike? I like the film, but still - it's so overrated. I've seen at least 2 dozens of better films last year, and know a lot of superhero "milestones" - Black Panther is not one of them. It's just another sh film.
  8. So sad, this will be the first superhero movie nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, but not for being one of the best films of the last year, or being a new milestone in the superhero genre, but because it's Black Panther. I was waiting for this moment so many years, but now...
  9. https://deadline.com/2019/01/2019-ves-awards-nominees-full-list-visual-effects-society-nominations-1202535253/ This is the moment when people who know their sh*t (in this case - visual effects) stop this "Black Panther pandering", and don't give any nomination for the film because "it's Black Panther". The movie might be great, but the vfx are its the worst elements. 0 (zero) VES nominations - very well deserved.
  10. No and no, not even close. Just a lot of typical CGI and shots copied from Spider-Man 3. One question - are these awards (Satellite and Critics Choice) were for "fine vfx in film" or "THE BEST vfx of the year"? Also, not just in one section. This is screen-shot from the very first act of the film. People with no shadow and different lighting than background on which they're standing. Awful! And the last 30-minutes of the film has worse CG than 25-30-year-old movies, with so many unfinished vfx. There's, much much more. I saw at least 10 films last year with better vfx, even if they were worse films (like Jurassic World 2). FYI: https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/24/black-panther-vfx-models/ If Oscar nominations are from people who work on visual effects / experts, than they shouldn't nominated it at all. These are Top10 contenders to get Oscar nom for best vfx: - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Avengers: Infinity War - Christopher Robin - Ready Player One - First Man - Ant-Man and the Wasp - Black Panther + I haven't seen Mary Poppins Returns, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Welcome to Marwen yet - from the rest, Panther has the worst vfx. Based on the trailers, Solo and Pppins also have much better vfx than Panther.
  11. But he isn't nominated for "being such a good movie", he is nominated (and even won one award) for BEST VFX! And in 2018 there were: - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Rampage - Avengers: Infinity War - Christopher Robin - Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Bumblebee - Ready Player One - Ant-Man & the Wasp - First Man +I haven't seen Solo: A Star Wars Story and Aquaman, but based on trailers they also have much, much better vfx than Panther. BP shouldn't be even n Top10 for Oscar/Bafta/anyotheraward nom in this category.
  12. Another best vfx nom. Yay! 20-years old Matrix has better cgi. This BAFTA noms would have been almost perfect if not BP in this category.
  13. Deathly Hallows Part 1 wasn't in 3D, Part 2 was. That's why its OW was much bigger. There's no chance Endgame will increase so much from Infinity War OW.

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