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ANNOUNCEMENT - The Croods budget and big promotion coming

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I have two things to announce:


- First, The Croods and Admission will receive estimated budgets since I can't find their budgets online, The Croods will have an estimated budget of 150M and Admission will have an estimated budget of 20M, both movies will become available on February 22, at the usual time; Olympus Has Fallen will also become available on that day.


- There is a promotion coming February 24 (next Sunday), the thread will be created at a random time with the details about the promotion and exactly 2 hours after the thread is opened, the movie will become available for the new price for 1 hour only, I am warning you all because it is going to be something every player will want (you are not obliged to buy the whole movie, you can buy just a piece of it).


Good games everyone!

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