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  1. Somebody go see if Zack Snyder is OK.
  2. JL's mission is obviously to reignite the sun that the Parademons have snuffed out.
  3. Glad to see they're doing their part to divert Sauron's forces while Frodo destroys the Ring.
  4. Aquaman seems fun. But, man, it all looks so... gloomy. Snyder's preferred aesthetic does not reallly fit the Justice League, IMO. I'm sure it will do fine, though. I await the next 5 trailers that are all different in tone and show us the entire film.
  5. That is the best poster. Just captures Spidey.
  6. Why not? Even if it gets to 300 reviews, its percentage is only going to go up about 1/10th of 1 percent. If RT has decided not to round it up now (I imagine overriding their software), why would they change it then? It just might mean they want to reserve 100% to mean "perfect score."
  7. They already are. 205/206 = 0.99514. On any other percentage, Rotten Tomatoes would round that number up, but it's still listed as 99%.
  8. I'm guessing it will never actually get back to 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. A film probably has to actually have a perfect slate of fresh reviews and no rottens to reach 100. Just rounding up from 99.5% isn't good enough. (Maybe this is just a decision they made for this film to set the precedent? Is there even one other film on Rotten Tomatoes that has a rotten review, but would round up to 100%?)
  9. I had a gentleman (OK, kind of an asshole) to the right of me in the theater who decided it was his duty to loudly and incessantly proclaim for all to hear his discontent with how it ended/was ending all throughout the final 5 minutes of the film.
  10. "That critic gave My Favorite Movie From the Past a negative review. Their opinion is therefore worthless." "Why does the percentage drop so much more when a negative review gets posted? I prefer alternative math." "Why does anyone care about the Rotten Tomatoes score that I'm caring about right now? I will make up my own mind and then write up my review on the Internet for people to read."
  11. Huh. James Cameron clearly has more faith than I do of the world surviving the Trump administration beyond 2018. (Though I suppose when you can just go live with the Merpeople you befriended at the bottom of the ocean, it's less of a concern.)
  12. Didn't they add the casket on Genesis and the Nimoy voice-over late in the game (over the objections of the director, no less), strongly hinting that Spock would return? That damn studio interference, more interested in setting up the next film than serving this one.
  13. So... Logan? (Good movie, but nothing about those three aspects of the film were particularly memorable, IMO.)
  14. I thought this film was solid, but failed to live up to the enormous pre-release hype. I think it relies on grabbing the viewer emotionally and taking you on that journey. I never quite got there (found Logan's internal arc pretty thin, though I liked Xavier's a great deal), and so all the flaws (IMO) became more apparent. The story is pretty standard X-Men stuff. I also thought it never managed to build its action scenes throughout the film. (By about the 50th brutal stabbing/hacking, they started to lose their impact.) Still one of the better X-Men films, I thought.