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Welcome to “Tales from Cucalorus,” where I will be blogging about my experiences at my hometown film festival, the Cucalorus Film Festival. My goal is to convince at least one forum user that Cucalorus deserves to be considered a “big film festival”!

Entries in this blog

Drive-In Doldrums: The 2020 Cucalorus Film Festival

Hello again, and welcome to my retrospective of the 2020 Cucalorus Film Festival. This was the year that the Covid-19 pandemic shut virtually every business down, and Cucalorus was no exception. The show must go on, however, and Cucalorus took an inflatable projector screen to UNCW’s Kenan Auditorium parking lot and played the audio of each film through everyone’s car radios!   But most films were not shown in the drive-in setting. In fact, most films were instead made available throug


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Humble Beginnings: The 2019 Cucalorus Film Festival

Hello again, and welcome to my account of the 25th annual Cucalorus Film Festival. In this blog entry, I will talk about the films I saw and the experiences I had as a volunteer. I’m titling this entry “Humble Beginnings” because this was the first Cucalorus I was truly a part of.   In years before 2019, I had a head knowledge of Cucalorus and was mildly interested in attending, but never actually did. You can chalk it up to other responsibilities like for school and stuff, but a major


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What is the Cucalorus Film Festival?

So what exactly is Cucalorus, and what makes it different from other film festivals?   Cucalorus is approaching its 28th annual festival, which will be going on between Wed. November 16th and Sun. November 20th. From then and now, it’s been screening narrative and documentary films and short films of all types as well as hosting a variety of other events. But wait a minute: what kind of films does Cucalorus select?   I will start not by answering this directly, but by instead


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