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  1. Wet Willy Studio: New Journey Pictures Director: Josh Greenbaum Genre: Horror/Comedy Release Date: May 10th, Y8 Cast: Christian Serratos, Steve Zahn, and some unknowns Theater Count: 2,745 MPAA Rating: R for Violence, Blood/Gore, and Language Budget: $10 Million Runtime: 1 hr 15 min
  2. I think it also comes back to the urge that Hollywood has to recycle older themes, story beats, etc. It's an urge that Hollywood has had for decades, and it's an especially noticeable urge when it comes to YA. So if they want to continue with the YA genre, they need to go against the grain and find particularly exceptional YA series that take a different approach to the genre. The days of being able to rely on star power (i.e. Holland and Ridley in Chaos Walking) are dead and gone.
  3. I think the superhero genre might be too big and seems to be swallowing up the potential of other genres. Well, that's what I think, at least. We need theaters to reemerge so we can see what other kinds of films besides superhero films have a chance at making a dent at the box office. But audiences likely got burned by the reputation of bad YA films. A lot of studios tried to cash in on the trend and failed. The Host, the first Mortal Instruments film, the second Percy Jackson film. Then the three biggest YA series all ended on sour notes (in regard to the quality)--Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Divergent all saw their series end in ways where audiences were like, "aw man it ended in a bit of a whimper." It seems like the YA genre depends on how big the books are. If it's not already a really big deal like Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games were, then there's less of an incentive for people to see it. The zeitgeist always needs to back the film no matter what kind of film it is, and if the zeitgeist isn't there, then there's not much you can do. And there's only so many times you can utilize the same storyline in a way where it's fresh and people want to see it again. Children of Blood and Bone is probably what I call "last chance junction" for big-budget YA.
  4. Gunman Clive Studio: New Journey Pictures Director: Shane Black based on the video game series Genre: Comedy/Western Release Date: January 12th, Y8 Theater Count: 3,100 MPAA Rating: PG-13 for Crude Humor, Violence and Peril Budget: $50 Million Runtime: 1 hr 37 min Cast James Badge Dale as Gunman Clive Haley Bennet as Ms. Johnson Adam Beach as Chieftain Bob Plot Summary Gunman Clive, Ms. Johnson, and Chieftain Bob enjoy an idyllic life in a classic western town--like, with the saloon and everything--and all of a sudden, a flock of ducks kidnap citizens with their fantastical steampunk mechanisms, so the three heroes band together to go on an adventure through the wild west. They save the citizens, and after defeating the final duck (who's operating a steampunk mech and comes close to trampling the town), Gunman Clive and the ducks form a truce, and everyone lives happily ever after. And yeah, that's the film.
  5. New Journey Pictures is reclaiming the rights to Gunman Clive after giving up the rights some time ago.
  6. Soar Studio: New Journey Pictures Classics Director: Kasi Lemmons Genre: Sports/Biography Release Date: August 30th, Y8 Theater Count: 2,350 MPAA Rating: PG for Thematic Elements Budget: $20 Million Runtime: 1 hr 43 min Cast Laura Harrier as Flo Hyman Unknowns/C-listers in other roles
  7. BIOS Reminiscence Dune HM: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins
  8. Citizen Kale: a VeggieTales Movie Studio: New Journey Pictures Animation Directors: Phil Vischer & Mike Nawrocki Genre: Family/Animation Release Date: March 29th, Y8 Theater Count: 3,300 MPAA Rating: G for General Audiences Budget: $20 Million Runtime: 1 hr 23 min Voice Cast Chris Pratt guest stars as Citizen Kale, with the original VeggieTales voice cast reprising their roles--Phil Vischer voices Bob, etc.
  9. Besides Disney; Sony Pictures Animation Dreamworks Animation Warner Bros. Animation Group Reel FX Creative Studios Paramount Animation Skydance Animation Laika Studios or they can join a start-up or a VFX company Plenty of places if they're skilled enough.
  10. @Alpha Some release date changes! I want Panzer Dragoon to release on September 6th, and I want Fullmetal Alchemist to release on May 24th. Both of them can retain IMAX, and if @YourMother the Edgelord decides to give Meeka IMAX, then I'm okay either splitting or only giving Fullmetal one week. You can also take SCYON off the list.
  11. This is exciting! I'm eaver to see where you take that concept!
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