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  1. Well, if Frozen 2 is weaker, then they're just going to give it to Toy Story 4. Heck, if Finding Dory failed to get a nomination, maybe Frozen 2 could fail in the same way. That'd be an exciting happenstance--three sequels hogging three out of five nomination slots isn't very exciting for Oscar pundits.
  2. Scooby-Doo vs. Spongebob is going to be a particularly interesting battle. Paramount is going to do everything they can to assert this as a film to see. Both films have unique art-styles; the budgets are on the screens in both films. I hope it turns out well for both films.
  3. @cookie Me and Reddroast have come to an agreement on Megalo Box and Starlight. On October 20th, Starlight will take 70% of IMAX, while Megalo Box takes 30%. On October 27th, Megalo Box will take 70% of IMAX, while Starlight takes 30%.
  4. @cookie Please move Megalo Box to October 20th.
  5. @cookie I'd like to move Megalo Box to November 24th. The film releases on the Wednesday but will gain IMAX screens starting on the 24th.
  6. That's a shame about The Feminist... But the under-performance makes sense.
  7. Yeah, I'd be really happy with this grossing over The Lion King (2019).
  8. Not surprised by Ancient Magus Bride. Very surprised by Schadenfreude...
  9. https://awardswatch.com/2020-oscars-hail-satan-sea-of-shadows-western-stars-among-159-films-submitted-for-documentary-feature-race/ 159 films have officially been submitted for the documentary feature category. There's a lot of interesting films this season. Here's the full list:
  10. This season is a nail-biter... One team wins immunity, then the other one wins immunity... It's pretty unpredictable...
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