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  1. https://variety.com/2021/film/global/annecy-winners-2021-flee-sunny-maad-1235000829/amp/ So how did the Annecy competition play out? Flee, the Sundance selection about a refugee, won the Cristal for Best Feature, solidifying the documentary as a frontrunner for this year's foreign nomination slot. Neon will distribute the film, and if they can deftly campaign Parasite toward a Best Picture win, then they have a good chance of positioning this animated documentary well. My Sunny Maad won a jury award, while The Crossing, a late entry and the first feature ent
  2. @CayomMagazine New Journey Pictures will no longer be making announcements in CAYOM Magazine, with the only exception being score descriptions whenever they are necessary. Films will be cast, scheduled, marketed (via Oscar ceremonies and the occasional livestream event a la Christmas Extravaganzas), posted for release, and potentially conceived and written (in cases where they haven't previously been announced) without any magazine posts warning about it—though bear in mind that release dates and release windows will be quietly updated in the Studio Plans thread. These decisions ha
  3. @CayomMagazine New Journey Pictures News Hodgepodge New Journey Pictures has decided that its last films will be released in Y11 due to chapter 11 bankruptcy. Another studio run by the main NJP executive (a la Slam) might take New Journey's place after Y11 once they are given time to evaluate their resources. Grace and Mercy has been cancelled after careful consideration. "It turns out that there really isn't a feature film story worth telling out of the gorilla glue incident." It's a turbulent time for New Journey Pictures, and a lot of previously greenlit
  4. Dropping a few more of these; - Jabberjaw - To Your Eternity - Fire Emblem - Street Fighter - Ace Combat
  5. Keeping these: - Among Us - Cruis'n - Dragon Ball - Parable of the Sower & Parable of the Talents (Octavia Butler) - Cardboard and Ghostopolis - Wii stuff - Xenoblade Chronicles - Super Monkey Ball - Megalo Box - Street Fighter - Fire Emblem - Ace Combat - Jabberjaw - Stingray, Tiger Shark, and Dr. Dorcas - To Your Eternity Dropping the rest.
  6. @CayomMagazine New Journey Pictures is looking to make a film based on the Marvel hero Stingray. Dev Patel is in talks to star as Stingray, while Tyler Hoechlin is in talks for Tiger Shark and Caleb Landry Jones is in talks for Dr. Lemuel Dorcas. J.A. Bayona is in talks to direct.
  7. New Journey Pictures is claiming the rights to three obscure Marvel characters: the hero Stingray and the villains Tiger Shark and Dr. Lemuel Dorcas.
  8. AAAAAAAH I'm sorry for the delay! Life kept distracting me, but I'm posting my Y2 impressions now! If I missed a film you really want my thoughts on, let me know and I'll provide my thoughts! American Dragon: Jake Long @Xillix A great foundation for the lovable franchise that would spawn from it. I don't have much else to say. The Amityville Nightmare I read this in preparation for the Y5 Amityville way back when, and in my opinion, I prefer the sequel but only because of the amount of fat around the first film's meat. But there's a ton
  9. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/cannes-2021-ari-folman-gaspar-noe-bill-murray-films-added-1234965898/ An animated film has been added to the Cannes lineup as an out-of-competition selection. The film is titled Where Is Anne Frank? and is from Ari Folman, the writer/director of Waltz With Bashir. The 2D-animated film tells a story of Kitty, the imaginary friend Anne Frank dedicated her diary to; Kitty wakes up in the modern world and goes out to look for Anne, believing she might still be alive. If the film is executed well and receives praise from critics at Can
  10. New Journey Pictures: News Hodgepodge The Needles of Haystack County's planning is progressing smoothly. Because this will be New Journey Pictures' first original blockbuster franchise, the previously announced The Last Beacon will be placed on indefinite hold so the studio can focus on getting Needles made right. The action fantasy western will star an impressive slew of performers including Dacre Montgomery, Lakeith Stanfield, Ella Purnell, Jurnee Smollett, Forrest Goodluck, Diego Luna, Anthony Gonzalez, John Goodman, Margo Martindale, Willem Dafoe, and Sandra Oh among others.
  11. I think as far as modern animated films go, this looks very good!
  12. Thank you for #5, #9, #19, #23, #25, and three honorable mentions!
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