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  1. At least this movie has France on its side.
  2. If I may help advertise CAYOM for a moment; I've been playing the game for almost a year now, and I have to say, it's a great game for anybody who likes writing to be involved with. I've been able to write some really cool plot summaries for this game. If you have a story or an adaptation in your head, this is a great way to summarize the story that you think you want to tell. It's a really supportive group that can help your refine your storytelling. The best way to learn storytelling is to tell stories, and I've been learning a lot through this. I highly recommend that you try this game! 😉
  3. I think it helps that Portrait is the only film besides Parasite and maybe Pain & Glory that has a clear path to getting nominated in the International category. Portrait is already a film that people have a lot of passion for, and maybe, for that reason, it can get nominations other than International. I'm sure smaller awards bodies will be giving it nominations throughout the season. One thing is for certain: Neon is going to have their hands full with campaigning this year. Hopefully France actually chooses it...
  4. I'm really happy for Jojo Rabbit. I was looking forward to it being a player in the awards season, and the critical reception seemed to have torpedoed it. Excellent! The year's weak enough where it can come back in and make a strong impression!
  5. IN because people like Star Wars and fans won't be as angry and Disney is on a hot streak.
  6. @captainwondyful @chasmmi @Claire of Themyscira @DAJK @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @JJ-8 @Keanu @Mr Pastaffelees @PanaMovie @Rorschach @Sheikh @StarWarsMemer @Thanos Legion @Wrath @YourMother the Edgelord @ZeeSoh I have an announcement to make. The top four scorers in the current weekend challenge across all of the teams will receive a special secret reward. That is all.
  7. Hello again! In this CAYOM film review magazine, the CAYOM films will be reviewed monthly! One film will be spotlighted each month, and all films will receive scores. Here is the rating system: 10 - Exceptional This score is given rarely and indicates a one of a kind cinematic experience that must be seen in theaters. 9 - Adept This is a film that, by all intents and purposes, not only accomplishes what it sets out to do, but is even able to expand upon its initial vision in unique ways. 8 - Proficient Fans of this film's genre will certainly have a good time, though, perhaps, a certain pizzazz was left on the cutting room floor. 7- Fine A film that, while technically sound, often fails to offer any new or fresh cinematic ideas. 6 - Mediocre A film which leaves many things to be desired from both its technical and storytelling aspects -- though fans would surely still resonate with a film such as this. 5 - Hollow The shell of a better film which fails to hold within itself the ghost of a more efficient product. 4 - Poor It is evident that certain elements of the film fail to come together to make a coherent whole. 3 - Unsatisfactory The talent and workers involved in this film did not perform the jobs that were asked of them by the studios who hired them. 2 - Incompetent It's not that the talent and workers didn't do their jobs. It's that they couldn't. 1 - Traitorous The act of seeing or watching a film with this score ought to be considered sacrilege against the countless filmmakers in history who fought tooth and nail to ensure the prosperous cinema we have today. I am looking forward to reviewing the films of Y5 as the months go by! Here's hoping I'm able to give out many high scores this year! Yours Truly, The Slammy Slamster
  8. I'll request one of mine and one of another writer: Pikmin The Last Policeman
  9. After Jojo Rabbit experienced disappointing reactions, that was the moment when I knew A Hidden Life would have a much easier path to Oscar success. Being an outright beautiful film is its own narrative, just as it was for Tree of Life. I also truly believe the Christian sector of the Academy is going to respond to it in more or less the same way they responded to Hacksaw Ridge. I think 1917 is in a weird middle ground between War Horse and Dunkirk. I hope it's good... But there were some specific storytelling execution tidbits revealed in the trailer that didn't quite jive with me. If it's not a strong film, it can easily pull a First Man and only be a player in the techs. Baity subjects only get a film so far and really strong films are already locking BP nominations for themselves.
  10. Personally, I think it would be really cool if Abominable got the box office success necessary to allow for a nomination here. The film is pretty well reviewed and the quality of the animation is excellent. I know that the story itself looks to be stale in parts, but I don't believe that a cliche story always needs to be seen as a detriment. If Abominable does manage to be nominated, then I would suggest that the nomination is on par with The Croods. Both films do not have the best / most original execution, but the reason why they deserve the nomination lies in the artistry of its technical aspects. The Croods had a lot of very interesting directorial ideas that I really appreciated, and Abominable seems to have that as well. I think the biggest thing standing in Abominable's way is How to Train Your Dragon 3. The Academy seems like they're more than willing to nominate multiple WDAS/Pixar films in the same year but not too willing to nominate multiple Dreamworks films in the same year. I could see a scenario where both Dreamworks films split the vote between each other and miss the nomination field completely with how competitive and interesting the indie/foreign field seems to be (I Lost My Body, Weathering With You). That'd be nightmarish for HtTYD fans including myself, but I could see it happening. It's still September, and Abominable has yet to release in theaters. We'll see what its box office amounts to soon enough. We'll also see what Frozen 2 and Spies in Disguise will amount to. In my opinion, this year boasts a very interesting race on both the domestic studio and indie/foreign front.
  11. I think the good holds are a product of how varied the market is at the moment. There's something for everyone to see, and even films like Angel Has Fallen and Overcomer are being recommended via word of mouth. I guess strong holds for mid-budget films is what the studios always count on this time of year.
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