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  1. I just simply disagree with the idea of equating screen time to ‘lead’ or ‘supporting’ when it comes to broad ensemble pieces such as Mass and Trial of the Chicago 7. And as someone who follows the award circuit I disagree personally with going against the groundwork laid by other awards bodies. I know that all four actors take up the entire film but it’d be a stretch to say that any of them lead the film just because of how long they’re on screen. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.
  2. Hard disagree for me; Mass feels like a Trial of the Chicago 7 situation to me where there’s no clear “lead” in the film even though they’re in the film for a long time; they all share the film and support each other. Plus Bleecker Street’s campaigning it that way. So people can disagree but I’m pushing them supporting!
  3. Scripts are usually ineligible because they weren’t written by WGA members or because the production aren’t “signatories of the guild’s Minimum Basic Agreement” (The Wrap). I think Tarantino films aren’t eligible at WGA because of this.
  4. That's very good for Scream, which will likely have stronger legs than normal due to a barren January and no direct horror competition until the Foo Fighters horror film Studio 666 on Feb. 25th (unless Moonfall counts as horror which would honestly be a stretch).
  5. Actress is definitely weaker than other years, and I had the same problem finding good actress nominees. If you haven't seen Passing yet, Tessa Thompson is very good in it even though Ruth Negga steals the film. Alana Haim is also fantastic in Licorice Pizza. For actor, I think Adam Driver in Annette and Simon Rex in Red Rocket are great choices.
  6. Films ineligible for WGA Nominations: My Predictions and Commentary:
  7. @Ezen Baklattan @The Panda I have an eligibility question. Would an anthology film comprising a collection of short films count for feature film categories?
  8. I LOVED THIS. The editing is messy at times, but this film is honestly just jaw-dropping in its scope and its message. One of my favorites of the year despite its flaws in its execution. 9/10
  9. In the past Boffies, ballots have been PMed to both @Ezen Baklattan and @The Panda; I think that should be the case, but they can confirm!
  10. FYC for Best TV Show/Miniseries – Comedy Series: Odd Taxi Synopsis: A 13-episode anime series similar in tone to Tarantino/Ritchie movies in which a taxi driving walrus gets entangled in the criminal underbelly of a Zootopia-ish Tokyo. Where to Watch: The series is free on Crunchyroll, who also uploaded the first episode to YouTube. Disclaimer: IMDb lists this as a Comedy but as someone who's seen the series, this is something that could go either way because of where the story goes. In my mind, this would be a comedy in the way Red with Bruce Willis is a comedy
  11. I'm sure the folks at Paramount, who had Top Gun: Maverick slated for the same date of May 27th, 2022, are probably dancing in the streets at this news. But with the filmmakers focusing on making Chapter 4 better, I think good things will come out of this delay. It's disappointing but what can be done 🤷‍♂️.
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