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  1. My Oscar Preview Ranking I'm not counting Big Papa or anything other trailer that didn't appear in this thread specifically. But that Big Papa preview is really good, and the prospect of Tom Cruise playing the pizza guy man is a fascinating one. But without further ado: 1) The Last Airbender trilogy. Biggest surprise of the night by a landslide. 2) My Hero Academia. The scene you chose gave me the sense that a lot of heart is being poured into the project. 3) World War Z. I'm impressed by the sense of scale. The dialogue is appropriately cryptic if a little on the nose. I hope work is done to make sure the film's themes take precedence over the battles against the zombies. 4) The Wild Thornberrys. There's a Thanksgiving dinner's worth of adventure permeating the entirety of this peek. It's not higher because I've read the film, and while I'm optimistic about the film, that just means a sneak peek doesn't really surprise me--since I've already read the film in its entirety. 5) Plus Two. Charming! But a little vague. 6) The Castaways. Very vague! I like the cast, but I don't know what going on yet!
  2. from the director of hush and doctor sleep ross lynch angourie rice alex wolff henry hunter hall brianna hildebrand jorge lendebourg jr. jason genao kodi smit-mcphee "You have to get eight people together, and everyone joins the same 'octopus'--in other words, each person is one of the tentacles. Doesn't that sound cool?" coming soon
  3. I'll say, I feel like Tower of Babylon has a similar Oscar trajectory to Life of Pi, for what it's worth!
  4. And then I'll sign up for Y13 in advance if I'm allowed to
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