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  1. I so, so, so, so, SO want Dune to happen somehow, someway. I think it will depend not only on the success of the film, but also on the accessibility of other Best Picture candidates. This is a very strange year where there aren't many films that feel like Best Picture frontrunners (at least not yet), so even if some festival critics are cautious, I think Dune's chances aren't entirely extinguished. I also think that Dune will benefit from being the clear frontrunner in many technical categories including Sound, Visual Effects, and Original Score. That amount of attention on its tec
  2. @CayomMagazine Studio Groundswell has selected Bikini (dir. Kelly Reichardt / $7.25M budget) as its in-competition submission for the Y9 film festival (in the case that the studio decides to submit something). Studio Groundswell will select either The Last Victim (dir. Phillip Noyce / $40M budget) or The Mirage (dir. Fede Alvarez / $40M budget) as its out-of-competition submission for the Y9 film festival. (The generous budgets are due to creative ambition and dynamic filmmaking.)
  3. I'm more excited to see the conversations surrounding this film than to see the film itself.
  4. @Cayom Magazine Studio Groundswell is ready to announce that The Mirage, after a long search ranging from names like David Bruckner, Scott Cooper, and Susanne Bier, has finally solidified its director in none other than Cayom Academy Award nominee Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead, Don't Breathe, Borrasca). The executives believed that Fede Alvarez was a good fit for the material due to his "story by" credit on an upcoming reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as The Mirage, though throwing in some extra mystery, psychological, and experimental elements, has many thematic parall
  5. So it sounds like 30M In, 75M Out is a go. Is Friday Sept. 17th – Sunday Oct. 17th a good timeframe? And who else wants to be a judge besides me?
  6. Since the originally proposed budget cut was $25M rather than $20M, that makes $30M very reasonable imo since it's only a $5M difference One more thing that could be done is do a 30/60 split instead of 30/75 to make the IC exactly half the amount of OOC
  7. Penelope Cruz's win is going to be something that helps her on her path to getting nominated for sure. France has a few options for what they submit as their International Feature candidate (Benedetta, Titane), but since Happening won the Golden Lion, they might think about selecting it over the others as their "safer choice" (Les Miserables over Portrait of a Lady on Fire, etc.). The Hand of God, Jane Campion, and The Lost Daughter benefit from this as well.
  8. Another question I have is, what would be a good timeframe for the festival submission period? One month? A little bit less or a little bit more? I was thinking about starting it on Friday Sept. 17th and ending it on Sunday October 17th.
  9. To avoid a deadlock, I suggest a compromise budget change from 50M IC / 100M OOC to 37.5M IC / 75 OOC (rather than 25 IC), which splits the middle between 25M and 50M. 37.5M is still plenty of money while also guaranteeing a mid-budget approach in terms of scope. And I do like the 10,000 word count limit for sure.
  10. So your proposal is to lower OOC to 75 and keep IC at 50?
  11. That's Per Theater Average. MC took the opening weekend box office grosses and showed how much was made from each theater. That's an important number since if the numbers it makes at each theaters is high, it's more likely that theaters will want to show it again for many weeks.
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