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  1. @CayomMagazine Haley Lu Richardson, Moises Arias, Tye Sheridan, and Isabella Amara have been cast as college students in New Journey Pictures' tsunami disaster film Higher Ground. The studio intends to cast more actors, especially in the roles of parents, teachers, tour guides, and seismologists.
  2. The Gentlemen getting an 8-digit OW number is a fairly notable success. Hopefully word of mouth propels the film to minor hit status. If STX has a minor hit every once in a while, they might be able to stay in the game.
  3. I remember getting the trailer for this in front of the movie Jojo Rabbit, weirdly enough.
  4. Well, this one actually has marketing, for starters.
  5. It is definitely eligible for this list. It had a 2019 U.S. theatrical release in a small amount of theaters in order to qualify for awards, and 2019 is also the year of its "awards moment." Allowing the film to be eligible for this list is a no-brainer.
  7. There's no way Joaquin doesn't win the Oscar now.
  8. There probably is an embargo if the reviews haven't come out yet. But if the film has good qualities to salvage, it's embargo will be no later than Tuesday. If they hold off until Thursday or Friday, that's when we'll know it's in trouble.
  9. I hope Lupita N'Yongo wins the SAG award just to reiterate how badly the Academy snubbed her.
  10. I Lost My Body is at least 3rd place in terms of overall likelihood to win. It was the only animated film besides Toy Story 4 to consistently win the animated film category of critics/precursor awards. The Golden Globes also revealed a palpable reluctance to award the sequel of a Disney film--especially by giving it to Missing Link of all things. I am of the opinion that not a single film in this Animated Feature lineup would make for a bad winner, but if I Lost My Body were to win, that would be extremely meaningful to the animation industry as a whole.
  11. 1. The Gentlemen 2. The Rhythm Section 3. Portrait of a Lady on Fire 4. Sonic the Hedgehog 5. Ride Your Wave 6. First Cow 7. Onward 8. The Way Back 9. Wendy 10. Burden
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