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Uncharted Territory



Hey all,

I don't know if anybody is reading this but I hope somebody is. I ended up getting an iPad Air 2 64 GB (Wi-Fi). If I need to use cellular, I'll tether it to my phone. All in all, I love it. In some ways, I've used it more than expected so that's nice.

Life is going ok. I've adjusted to my team lead leaving but there's still apprehension in filling the void he leaves. But as he leaves, our group has never gotten along better. I think we're trying to cherish as much time together as we can. But the last few days at work have been a ton of fun. I found out my brother is coming to Houston, but his girlfriend isn't. Her car broke down and she's trying to save money for her trip to Vietnam. I tried convincing her to come but she didn't seem to want to listen and was upset I was doing that. I'm not sure I understand. She already bought the tickets, so it's essentially a sunk cost, but unfortunately it seems like she's made up her mind. So it'll just be the family...but I feel like Christmas is going to go very badly this year without her around.

I am super excited for video game Indiana Jones ripoff, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and I was super happy to see gameplay footage. The combat looks so dynamic! More verticality, the ability to sneak around in combat, and more tools at your disposal. The design also looks marvelous. So many options of combat. Visually, it looks gorgeous, but not as beautiful as the teaser suggested back in May. But if you know how much I love Nolan, I love the developer Naughty Dog nearly just as much if you can believe it.


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