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  1. on the other-hand, a bonafide legacy sequel for Men in Black would likely do well in about five years with Will Smith passing the torch, hire me sony
  2. @filmloverthanks for that heads up; been dying to catch D5B in theaters since it came out. Absolutely fantastic film (and unlike Dolemite, it never played any theater afaik)
  3. The Green Knight was one of the most talked about indie films of the year; if it qualifies for overlooked feature, then perhaps the issue is with how broad that category covers since it’s fairly obvious it should never qualify for it lol
  4. @WrathOfHan happy new year: 16x: The King’s Man: Good Boys, Apocalypse Now: Final Cut IMAX, Hustlers, Ford v Ferrari Dolby, The New Mutants IMAX, F9 Dolby, Black Widow Dolby, Free Guy Dolby, Candyman Dolby, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings IMAX, Venom: Let There Be Carnage IMAX, The Last Duel, Eternals Dolby, The French Dispatch Round 2, West Side Story Dolby 12x: Morbius: The Gentlemen, Bloodshot IMAX, The New Mutants IMAX, Tenet Round 3 IMAX, The Last Duel, Eternals Dolby, Spider-Man: No Way Home IMAX, The Matrix Resurrections, Spider-
  5. Are we adding a horror film category or not? Thought we had discussed it definitey coming back this year but it’s not there
  6. So Luca is a theatrical movie because I spent $20 on a ticket to it in a movie theater open to the public, yes? Cool cool EDIT: Never mind I just reread Cap’s post. I’m also cool with this because it sends Dune to the kids table with Luca 😎
  7. Wait, but if Netflix are out for simultaneous release, why should Dune, Marrix and the WB movies be eligible? Get rid of them too!
  8. I literally have a ticket stub for Luca from a commercial movie theater in Los Angeles. If you’re disqualifying Luca, you need to disqualify every Netflix release.
  9. The Music Box screened it as a public screening, so it should count
  10. what is ur letterboxd? Fully expect you not to tell me but I have to ask so I can potentially follow lol
  11. Luca and Mitchell’s count btw. I saw them both in a theater I paid for, not a rental
  12. people liked having an ending lol. The only thing that “hurt” Endgame’s legs was a 350m OW
  13. *sees score discussion* the best Giacchino scores are his Pixar stuff and his Apes scores. The Spider-Man and Rogue One scores are among his worst (not counting TV or video game work)
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