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  1. Gonna keep quiet on main feedback to feedback until the festival is over but these reviews feel good, especially when I felt like I was taking a big swing that could easily whiff. Thanks judges for this
  2. how i imagine the schedule of premieres to be at the actual festival: Day 1 - Wednesday Numbers Theory - 5:00pm Learning to Care - 8:00pm Day 2 - Thursday White Wyvern - 7:00pm Day 3 - Friday The World That We Knew - 3:00pm Holland Hannah - 6:00pm Sandboy - 8:30pm Day 4 - Saturday The Space Between Trees - 4:00pm Day 5 - Sunday Dirty Hands - 2:00pm
  3. in the moonlight thread for shits and giggles after the lion king 2 announcement... wow, way to call it, @CoolioD1
  4. Screening In-Competition... The Space Between Trees An EssGeeKay Studios Film Directed by: Debra Granik Written by: Debra Granik and Katie Williams Genre: Mystery/Crime Drama Major Cast: Olivia DeJonge as Evie Diana Silvers as Hadley Smith Jack Reynor as Jonah Luks Holly J Barrett as Elizabeth “Zabet” McCabe Zoe Perry as Evie’s Mom Tina Majorino as Laura Grossman Colin Ford as Anthony-Not-Tony Ethan Cutkosky as Chad Nicholas Hamilton as Garrett Murray And Christopher Meloni as Ray McCabe Unknown actors for remaining roles MPAA Rating: R for suggestive content, language, drug and alcohol use involving teens, and graphic violent content Runtime: 131 min Production Budget: $6 million Music by: Hildur Guðnadóttir Plot Summary: Following the death of her estranged childhood friend, high schooler Evie tells a lie that can’t be untold, and gets tangled up in a web of secrets and tragedy helmed by the dead girl’s best friend. Plot (approx 9.8k words): Alternative Google Docs Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BsthGChCmGVx_v1awqz4bcaiA65shNPfL7YxfcvIs6E/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Screening Out-of-Competition... Sandboy Writer-Director: Benh Zeitlin Genre: Fantasy/Drama Major Cast: Royal Patel as Bree Azhy Robertson as Arthur Purbi Joshi as Mom Maulik Pancholy as Dad Other roles are unknowns. Runtime: 98 min Production Budget: $10 million Music by: Dan Romer and Behn Zeitlin Plot Summary: During a global pandemic, a young girl spends the summer at a beach house with her family. However, the girl soon befriends a boy hidden within the sand, even as her parents’ relationship dissolves. Plot (approx 4.7k words):
  6. after seeing chicago 7, curious if anyone will be put here. IMO rylance would be who i put in lead, but i could see netflix going with redmayne or sbc (or not bothering if it ends up having no momentum lol)
  7. Bombay Rose is very good, saw it at TIFF last year
  8. TIFF is not determined by number of votes, it’s determined by the percentage of people viewed who wanted to vote for it. So The Father being underscreened would not necessarily prevent it from winning; the people who DID see it just must’ve chose not to vote for it
  9. American Wonder has been indefinitely delayed due to script issues. Instead, Blankments Production will screen an untitled Benh Zeitlin film out-of-competition.
  10. Screening In-Competition... Learning to Care Writer-Director: Brett Haley Genre: Naturalistic Dramedy Major Cast: Nick Robinson as Rob Brigette Lundy-Paine as Ashley “Ash” Jimmy Tatro as Robby Geraldine Viswanathan as Chloe Lee Rodriguez as Savannah With Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Linda And Margo Martindale as Michelle Minor cast/cameos: All child actors played by unknowns. Runtime: 103 min Production Budget: $2 million Plot Summary: A recent college graduate takes a job at a child-care center. A naturalistic examination of the first year of work at a childcare center, heavily focusing on the relationships made with coworkers. Plot (approx 8.8k words):
  11. i highly support this as a fan of playwrights and pixar; lets make it happen academy
  12. if soul is good and comes out this year, would be pretty surprised to see it miss screenplay also, Zhao is excitingly looking good for Director
  13. having seen Sound of Metal, I would say (if it's seen) it'd be a strong contender to win Sound, lol. Like at TIFF, the sound designer credit got more applause than the actual end of the movie
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