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  1. Black and Blue, Commando 3 and Pagalpanti are gone. Frozen II - 97/17/19/14 (2D/3D/Dolby/IMAX) total 147 (down 78) Knives Out - 75 (down 11) Queen & Slim - 61 (down 1) A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - 58 (down 5) Ford v Ferrari - 49 (down 13) 21 Bridges - 44 (down 16) Playmobil: The Movie - 43 (debut) Dark Waters - 42 (up 37) Playing With Fire - 34 (down 3) Midway - 26 (down 3) Joker - 20/1 (2D/IMAX) total 21 (up 3) En Brazos De Un Asesino Subbed - 17 (debut) Waves - 13 (up 8) Hold On - 9 (debut) Last Christmas - 9 (down 11) Christmas Vacation - 8 (return) The Star - 8 (return) The Whistleblower Subbed - 8 (debut) The Good Liar - 7 (down 15) Harriet - 7 (down 3) Panipat Subbed - 7 (debut) Pati Patni Aur Woh Subbed - 7 (debut) Charlie's Angels - 5 (down 18) Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - 5 (down 1) No Safe Spaces - 5 (debut) The Addams Family - 4 (down 2) Jojo Rabbit - 4 (down 3) Terminator: Dark Fate - 4 (down 8) Doctor Sleep - 3 (down 7) Honey Boy - 3 (down 17) Apollo 11 IMAX - 2 (return) Parasite Subbed - 2 (down 1) Two Tigers Subbed - 2 (down 3)
  2. July August September October November December
  3. FULL list (after the top 25, my own films aren't listed):
  4. Before I reveal my top five, here will be the options available for pre-read! In the top five post, I'll tag which pick you get and when you get to pick it. Everyone who gets a choice will only get one choice... why? that will remain mysterious until the top five is up: The Muppets... Again! Directed by Casper Kelly. After falling out of fashion again, the Muppets discover they must have another successful revival or else see their trademark name fall into the hands of an evil copyright lawyer. But how do you reboot a franchise that has already had the perfect reboot??? Co-starring Corey Mitchell, Jesse Buckley, John Krasinski, and Viola Davis. Kim Possible Directed by Kay Cannon. Set a decade or so after the events of the series finale, Kim Possible, grad student, is drawn back in to the world of espionage by her old best friend/boyfriend Ron Stoppable, who has never left the field. They must team up with past frenemies to stop an old foe. Starring Karen Gillan, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Shannon and Meagan Goode. HYPERCOMPETENCY Directed by Lana Wachowski. In the future, the rich have hoarded a gene that allows them to freeze time within their city whenever they fall asleep. When people fall asleep, time freezes for the rest of the city's population, allowing one to get ample amount of rest without missing a single minute of their lives. However, someone from the outside has broken into the city and a series of crimes that happen seemingly in an instant happen in the span of an hour. The city goes into lockdown mode as the police department's finest detective goes under an procedure to remove the gene and track down the killer during the hours that pass in a millisecond. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal. To be shot partially in HFR3D. Untitled Film Directed by Steven Soderbergh. A woman discovers she is being cut out of her father's inheritance due to her marrying a man her father did not improve of. She and her husband hatch a scheme to ensure that no matter what, Daddy will love his new son-in-law. Starring Tiffany Haddish, Channing Tatum and Denzel Washington. Written by Gillian Flynn. Ms. Blakk for President! Directed by Marielle Heller. The true story of Joan Jett Blakk, a drag queen who ran for President in 1992 and attended the Democratic National Convention there. Starring Titus Burgess and William Jackson Harper. Written by Tarell Alvin McCraney, adapted from his play of the same name.
  5. I HEARD YOU REVIEW MOVIES This will start in around ten minutes actually; I had some printer trouble. That said, I wanted to go over the rules right now! As you might've heard, the biggest release of Thanksgiving weekend was I Heard You Paint Houses: The Irishman - A Netflix Original Cinema. With a behemoth runtime of 209 minutes, it's a long movie, and in honor of it, my top 25 (plus the five honorable mentions) will be revealed in order from shortest to longest in runtime. The top five, however, will be saved for the end. New this year will be reasoning for my own flicks; as the reviews are more in-depth for your stuff, I wanna explain why I rank mine the way I did. When the list is done, first the top five winners will get pre-read rewards, and then... all the reviews will go up. Judgment day has arrived, and much like De Niro, Pesci and Pacino learn in their recent big movie, it is what it is.
  6. LiveStream – this… was not what it was hyped to be at all. It’s annoying stupid, not funny stupid, and it’s overwritten to the point where it’s not even an easy time. Very disappointed. 1/5
  7. de Blob - Oh great, not only did the SJWs get Star Wars, but now they stole my beloved de Blob from me! Canonically, de Blob is a man; it's de blob, not she blob!! Margot Robbie, renowned feminazi, has cucked me and the audience of the world from a good de Blob movie. And let me make it clear, if this was titled she Blob, I would've been better with it. It's Ghostbusters 2016 all over again. It features an emasculated villain and vague gender politics that are clearly anti-man. This is liberal propaganda of the highest level; do NOT take your kids to see this. -532/5
  8. Countdown, The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful, Abominable, Bala and Better Days are gone. Frozen II - 149/44/16/18 (2D/3D/Dolby/IMAX) total 225 (no change) Knives Out - 86 (up 78) Queen & Slim - 62 (debut) A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - 63 (down 7) Ford v Ferrari - 58/4 (2D/Dolby) total 62 (down 4) 21 Bridges - 60 (up 1) Playing With Fire - 37 (down 5) Midway - 29 (down 2) Charlie's Angels - 23 (down 29) The Good Liar - 22 (down 14) Honey Boy - 20 (up 15) Last Christmas - 20 (down 15) Joker - 18 (down 4) Terminator: Dark Fate - 12 (down 5) Doctor Sleep - 10 (down 5) Harriet - 10 (down 4) Jojo Rabbit - 7 (down 6) The Addams Family - 6 (down 5) Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - 6 (down 11) Two Tigers Subbed - 6 (debut) Dark Waters - 5 (debut) Waves - 5 (up 1) Black and Blue - 4 (down 1) Commando 3 Subbed - 4 (debut) Parasite Subbed - 3 (down 6) Pagalpanti Subbed - 1 (down 6)
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