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  1. Upon rewatch, Deadpool’s humor nearly entirely falls away with a few moments really still causing a chuckle. However, it surprisingly holds up as a film thanks to the depth given to Wade and Vanessa’s relationship. It’s a sweet story that doesn’t need the comedy to make it strong. Some of the action is still fun too, and Reynolds fits the character like a glove. Overall, Deadpool doesn’t transcend the superhero origin story, but it’s still a solid comic book movie nevertheless. C+
  2. Avengers: Infinity War begins the ending of the first decade of Marvel movies in a glorious fashion. It doesn't really stand on its own, and a solid fourth of the movie is dull. The rest of the movie more than makes up for it, delivering awesome setpieces and the character moments that have always made the MCU worth sticking around for. It also surprisingly has a thematic point of contention, a first for the Russos to put in their movies, and although it get muddled at points, it is a clear thorough-line through the movie. The cast is pretty great, although it's hard to really sing
  3. Tully is a charming little film. Cody's dialogue is snappy and always a joy to listen to. Theron's performance is truly special, full of intimate touches that is also heartbreaking in a very good sense. The rest of the cast is fantastic too, with Davis in particular giving a very charming performance. Reitman's direction is serviceable, but it's really the script's intriguing, unflinching look at young motherhood that makes this well worth seeing. It leads to something that might be polarizing and hard to analyze after an initial watch, but the film still leaves an overall positive impression.
  4. The first half of A Quiet Place is about as good as a gimmicky concept like this can be. There are silly moments and missed opportunities here and there, but overall, it builds a great atmosphere that ends with a remarkably thrilling setpiece that takes this idea to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, immediately following that setpiece is something so incredibly dumb, it completely derails the film. The second half is utter trash, with characters being dumb for no real reason and rules being broken for the sake of no tension. It doesn't destroy the first half, but it makes it ul
  5. Do we know how much real IMAX is in this? wanna know if it’s worth traveling a bit to see this, but if it’s like five minutes, I’ll pass
  6. I don’t think it’s fair to set a date for the festival until totals and WW numbers are done. It wouldnt be polite to rush those
  7. i got the marvel sizzle reel about returning to the movie theaters with those movies which did indeed advertise Doctor Strange, Thor and Black Panther
  8. A Historic Night for Blankments Productions Blankments Productions would like congratulate all their winners at the Academy Awards last night, which collectively led the studio to an unprecedented 12 Academy Awards for a single studio, accounting for half of the awards. Edward Nadny, longtime studio head, would like to thank the Academy for this tremendous honor, adding, "It means so much that the wealth was spread among our four films this year in such a way that resulted in something historic." In particular, the studio wants to congratulate longtime collaborators at
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