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  1. Early Man is a shocking misfire for Aardman Studios. Having a caveman end up in the Bronze Age and just making it a movie about soccer is the definition of wasting a very good premise. There’s nothing here you haven’t seen before, and most of the humor falls on the dumb side of silly dumb. None of the characters are particularly memorable, and the only one actually voice-acting is Tom Hiddleston. The stop-motion animation is still nice, and there’s some fun moments here and there. Overall though, Early Man is just a disappointing film that lacks any real level of intrigue. Very blah. D
  2. Banjo's smash trailer made me teary-eyed; that's all
  3. When did this Zoey Deutch thing start lmao; the only thing I e done with her is regret not casting her in AWITC 😛
  4. I declare this the first ever Blanks pandering in CAYOM hype!!!
  5. you guys really needed to make a spark iv spoiler thread like... as soon as it was posted lmao
  6. The Biggest Little Farm, Chasing the Dragon 2, Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk, The Tomorrow Man, My Best Summer, A Dog's Journey, Long Shot, The Intruder and Mayday Life are gone. Men in Black International - 70/2/28/2/14/19/4 (2D/2D with D-Box/3D/3D with D-BOX/Dolby/IMAX/Spanish Subbed) total 139 (debut) The Secret Life of Pets 2 - 111/33 (2D/3D) total 134 (down 19) Dark Phoenix - 84/4/16 (2D/2D with D-BOX/3D) total 104 (down 30) Shaft - 69/5 (2D/Dolby) total 74 (debut) Aladdin - 60/2 (2D/3D) total 62 (down 34) Late Night - 60 (debut) Godzilla: King of the Monsters - 51/1/1 (2D/Dolby/3D) total 53 (down 37) Rocketman - 44 (down 59) John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum - 34 (down 16) Ma - 33 (down 29) Avengers: Endgame - 32 (down 10) The Dead Don't Die - 25 (debut) Booksmart - 14 (down 16) Pokemon Detective Pikachu - 13 (down 20) Bharat Subbed - 10 (down 2) 5B - 5 (debut) American Woman - 5 (debut) The Last Black Man in San Francisco - 5 (debut) Papi Chulo - 5 (debut) All Is True - 4 (down 5) The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil Subbed - 4 (no change) Pavarotti - 4 (down 1) Brightburn - 2 (down 4) Game Over Subbed - 2 (debut) The Hustle - 2 (no change) Vault - 2 (debut)
  7. wait i thought ben foster was the main baddie in III? Foster and Foster?!?
  8. I legitimately tear up thinking about the banjo trailer lmao
  9. Can Ben Schwartz’s sonic be the bad guy in smash pls
  10. are you beating me to my Valkyrie solo movie
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