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  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2021/06/19/friday-box-office-hitmans-wifes-bodyguard-ryan-reynolds-samuel-l-jackson-salma-hayek-luca-pixar-disney/?sh=1c361484f57b
  2. Sandboy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Original Score by Dan Romer and Benh Zeitlin Reference scores: This is a score obviously inspired by Romer and Zeitlin’s other work. However, it does utilize a bit more vocal track from a young choir. It tries to keep it to beachy sounds - I know that sounds vague, but imagine some calypso-infused with a general fantasy vibe (like the sound of the other Romer/Zeitlin scores). Track listing with time codes and description
  3. Still have a feeling PR2 will have a godly hold or even an increase next week. They moved the date up too close to release to fix the marketing (and of course nothing is really opening next weekend)
  4. Well, all I’ll say is if you see Heights, you’ll understand why it’s a weird dealbreaker lol. I’d honestly label it as a cameo, but Mom was like “no it’s bigger than that”
  5. Now I’m weirdly imagining Lin playing Corden’s role in the Prom lol
  6. My mom’s takeaway from Heights was “I would’ve liked it a lot more if Lin Manuel Miranda didn’t put himself in it” so you’re probs right
  7. Look I saw Heights in a crowd of 250 people who cheered and laughed and applauded throughout; so I’m gonna continue living in my world where that happened and when Jon M Chu says “this is a movie I made for theaters” the audience applaudes and listens to him BWCAUSE THATS WHAT I SAW
  8. I am eating week old cake to mourn the loss of my beloved heights, and the only hope for cinema remaining I am fairly certain the strawberries are rotting but it’s what I deserve
  9. also I know the meltdown stuff is fun and all but we just had to put my aunts dog down so I’m peacing out until after I see Heights tonight, later
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