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  1. Blankments

    *Y5 Tiebreaker Thread*

    Yeah I was not referring to supporting VA, as much as you May believe I was especially since one of the scavvies actors are currently my #1 pick in that category
  2. Blankments

    *Y5 Tiebreaker Thread*

    If you think I’d “cheat” by only voting for my own film in a category, you’re sorely mistaken about how I vote in this game
  3. Blankments

    *Y5 Tiebreaker Thread*

    I don’t understand how this is cheating. I’m only talking about the Best Actor cateogry if im forced to rank all three actors I will just abstain from that category.
  4. Blankments

    *Y5 Tiebreaker Thread*

    Can I please just vote for one actor
  5. Blankments

    *Y5 Oscar Picks*

    @Reddroast are you still on the same ETA? I’m sorry I’m just hyped lmao
  6. Blankments

    CAYOM 3.0.: Crowd Reports Thread

    I’d like to take a nap
  7. Blankments

    CAYOM 3.0.: Crowd Reports Thread

    Why would you do squirrel girl; half the movies with trailers attached will be removed
  8. Blankments

    *Y5 Oscar Picks*

    What’s your biggest Oscar hope unrelated to your own films? Mine is definitely Tatum getting nominated for Actor for Best Friends!
  9. Because I didn’t wanna commit to a 7-film long saga that would require too much work with little creative return for myself
  11. The only film I have this year that fits this is duck hunt, which my internal projections are around smallfoot level. So I 100% agree with you lol
  12. But how much will Roger Rabbit 2 make? Will it beat Countdown to Extinction?
  13. Blankments

    *Y5 Oscar Picks*

    I almost certainly won’t be online on the 5th lmao but that’s all good

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