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  1. I'm not changing my grade because I need to rewatch this fully paying attention to it, but it's definitely better than the credit I'm giving it. What fascinates me though is how the film for the first half hour is still clearly one of the better Disney Renaissance films thanks to strong characters and an intriguing setting, but once the Genie shows up, it becomes a totally different and more exciting movie in every sense, making it one of the absolute best Disney films ever. B
  2. released in mid september (features minor Shiverin' Gulch spoilers):
  3. sure but don't tell me we extended it, otherwise my productivity will go back down to 0
  4. Thoroughbreds is a fun little movie. The dark humor is refreshing in this era of feel-good indie comedy, and most of it hits strongly. Finley is clearly trying to say something about the wealth gap and how that causes the dehumanization of those poorer, but it’s not particularly revolutionary or interesting. This is all forgivable though thanks to the stylish camerawork and excellent performances. Taylor-Joy adds another great lead performance to her unique filmography and Yelchin’s final role really captures what made him such a treasure, making a small role really sing strongly. However, this is Cooke’s movie easily, commanding the screen every time she appears, making an incredibly compelling character even more nuanced with a powerful performance. Finley’s script, although lacking in depth, still is really enjoyable to follow, and it’s a flashy movie that’s impossible not to enjoy on some level. Thoroughbreds is a charming dark comedy that transcends its failed satire thanks to some excellent performances and a sharp script. A very good time. B+
  5. going off of this, X2, Cap 1, Shazam, and Mask of the Phantasm are all too low, since I sent a list of 30 and all are at 31 or lower
  6. nice, at #31 the first of my top 10 makes the list. guess this makes me basic tho
  7. Here's how the current schedule shapes up Friday, January 7 No releases. Friday, January 14 (4-Day Martin Luther King weekend) All Kinds of Bull - Drama - Directed by Glenn Ficarra & John Requa - 2,900 theaters Friday, January 21 The Academy - Drama/Period/Sci-Fi - Directed by Garth Davis - 2,781 theaters Friday, January 28 No releases.  Friday, February 4 (Super Bowl weekend) No releases. Friday, February 11 Home Invasion Part II: Abduction - Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller - Directed by Juame Collet-Serra - 3,029 theaters - In 3D Monday, February 14 (Valentine's Day) No releases. Friday, February 18 (4-Day Presidents' Day weekend) Pokémon: The Cinnabar Conspiracy - Fantasy/Adventure - Directed by Shawn Levy - In IMAX Friday, February 25 No releases.  Friday, March 4 Spark: A Hero's Promise - Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure - Directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson - 4,588 theaters - In 3D, IMAX 2D+3D, Dolby Cinema, and Cinerama Friday, March 11 No releases. Friday, March 18 Hoops 2 - Sports Drama - Directed by Charles Stone III - 2,879 theaters Thermal - Disaster - Directed by Steven Quale - 3,812 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema, IMAX & IMAX 3D  Friday, March 25 No releases.  Friday, April 1 Super Mario Bros. - Animation/Adventure - Directed by Mark Dindal - 4,457 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema & IMAX Friday, April 8 Pandas - Nature Documentary - Directed by Drew Fellman - 2,450 theaters Friday, April 15 (Easter weekend) No releases. Friday, April 22 No releases. Friday, April 29 The Blushing - Horror - Directed by Jeremy Dyson & Andy Nyman - 2,852 theaters Friday, May 6 (Mother's Day weekend) No releases. Friday, May 13 No releases. Friday, May 20 Facepaint - Horror - Directed by Ari Aster - 2,805 theaters Friday, May 27 (4-Day Memorial Day weekend) Green Arrow - Superhero/Action/Thriller - Directed by Chad Stahelski - 4,062 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema & IMAX Friday, June 3 Teyonnah and the Renegades: A Righteous Sextet (Limited Release) - Sci-Fi/Comedy/Thriller - Directed by Boots Riley - 15 theaters  Pikmin - Animation/Family - Directed by Claude Barras - 2,950 theaters Friday, June 10 Teyonnah and the Renegades: A Righteous Sextet (Wide Expansion) - Sci-Fi/Comedy/Thriller - Directed by Boots Riley - 2,611 theaters Friday, June 17 (Father's Day weekend) No releases. Friday, June 24 No releases. Thursday, June 30 Bummer Camp - Comedy - Directed by Dennis Dugan - 3,736 theaters Friday, July 1 (4-Day Independence Day weekend) Yolanda Dreams of Yogurt (Limited Release) - Documentary - Directed by Morgan Neville - 4 theaters Friday, July 8 Yolanda Dreams of Yogurt (Limited Expansion #1) - Documentary - Directed by Morgan Neville - 25 theaters  Friday, July 15 Yolanda Dreams of Yogurt (Limited Expansion #2) - Documentary - Directed by Morgan Neville - 132 theaters Friday, July 22 Yolanda Dreams of Yogurt (Limited Expansion #3) - Documentary - Directed by Morgan Neville - 525 theaters Friday, July 29 Toons v Reality - Animation/Comedy - Directed by Chris McKay - 4,230 - In 3D & Dolby Cinema Yolanda Dreams of Yogurt (Wide Expansion) - Documentary - Directed by Morgan Neville - 1,249 theaters Friday, August 5 No releases. Friday, August 12 The Ancient Magus' Bride & the King of Cats - Fantasy/Romance - Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton - 3,275 theaters - In Dolby Cinema Friday, August 19 Hired Guns - Western/Action - Directed by David Michod - 3,427 theaters - In IMAX Friday, August 26 No releases. Friday, September 2 (4-Day Labor Day weekend) The Feminist (Limited Release) - Biblical Epic - Directed by Lynne Ramsey - 4 theaters - In Dolby Cinema Friday, September 9 The Feminist (Limited Expansion) - Biblical Epic - Directed by Lynne Ramsey - 21 theaters - In Dolby Cinema Wolves - Nature Documentary - Directed by Alistair Fothergill - 2,450 theaters Friday, September 16 The Feminist (Limited Expansion #2) - Biblical Epic - Directed by Lynne Ramsey - 275 theaters - In Dolby Cinema The Last Policeman - Crime/Drama - Directed by Cary Fukunaga - 3,213 theaters Friday, September 23 Baseball Boy: The Base Thief - Animation/Family - Directed by Simon J. Smith - 3,100 theaters The Feminist (Wide Expansion) - Biblical Epic - Directed by Lynne Ramsey - 850 theaters - In Dolby Cinema Friday, September 30 The Feminist (Wider Expansion) - Biblical Epic - Directed by Lynne Ramsey - 2,590 theaters - In Dolby Cinema Friday, October 7 Shiverin' Gulch - Horror/Western/Adventure - Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada - In IMAX Friday, October 14 No releases. Friday, October 21 No releases.  Friday, October 28 (Halloween weekend) Fiesta Loca - Fantasy - Directed by Nacho Vigalando - 3,850 theaters Friday, November 4 No releases. Friday, November 11 (Veterans Day weekend) No releases.  Friday, November 18 No releases. Wednesday, November 23 (Day before Thanksgiving) Thawed - Horror - Directed by Jason Zada - 2,784 theaters Friday, November 25 No releases.  Friday, December 2 Irreplaceable - Concert Film - Directed by Bruce Hendricks - 2,450 theaters - In 3D Friday, December 9 LucIId - Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller - Directed by Justin Lin - 3,892 theaters Friday, December 16 Gateways - Animation/Fantasy/Adventure - Directed by Pete Docter - 4,087 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema & IMAX (IMAX beginning on December 23) Friday, December 23 (Christmas weekend) No releases. Sunday, December 25 (Christmas) The Neon Psalms - Sci-Fi/Drama - Directed by Scott Derrickson - 2,913 theaters - In Dolby Cinema
  8. Shiverin’ Gulch Director: Carlos López Estrada Writers: Daveed Diggs & Rafael Casal and Alex Hirsch Executive Producer: Alex Hirsch and George Miller Genre: Horror/Western/Fantasy/Adventure Release Date: October 7 Formats: IMAX and Dolby Major Cast: Elizabeth Debicki as Deputy Susan Burlap Daveed Diggs as Hal Isabela Moner as Rosa McKenna Grace as Eliza Burlap Caleb McLaughlin as Douglas Rafael Casal as Sheriff Will Alfred Molina as Governor Elias Nelson Conway Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jagan With Gil Birmingham as Howahkan And Holly Hunter as Charlotte Burlap Theater Count: 3,843 MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language, thematic elements, smoking, violence, and brief crude humor. Runtime: 123 min Production Budget: $75 million Music by: Ludwig Göransson Plot Summary: Six months prior to the Civil War, a small town in Arkansas deals with the paranormal disappearances of a local slave boy and the town sheriff. Plot:
  9. Watching this in a hotel is a decent time so yay B (three in a row!)
  10. Crawl, ECCO, Aladdin, Them That Follow, Superstar, Avengers: Endgame, Midsommar and The Secret Life of Pets 2 are gone. The Angry Birds Movie 2 - 39/21/5 (2D/3D/Spanish) total 65 (debut) Good Boys - 63 (debut) Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw - 42/6/13 (2D/Dolby/IMAX) total 61 (down 59) Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - 60 (down 7) Dora and the Lost City of Gold - 55 (down 6) The Lion King - 49/4 (2D/2D with D-BOX) total 53 (down 36) 47 Meters Down: Uncaged - 52 (debut) Blinded by the Light - 40/10 (2D/Dolby) total 50 (debut) The Art of Racing in the Rain - 48 (down 7) Where'd You Go Bernadette - 45 (debut) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - 36 (down 27) The Kitchen - 34 (down 17) Toy Story 4 - 24 (down 10) Spider-Man: Far From Home - 14/5 (2D/3D) total 19 (down 31) Brian Banks - 16 (down 21) The Farewell - 14 (down 7) Bring the Soul: The Movie Subbed - 6 (down 17) Batla House Subbed - 4 (debut) Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy Subbed - 4 (debut) Luce - 4 (down 1) Mission Mangal Subbed - 4 (debut) The Nightingale - 4 (debut) The Divine Fury Subbed - 3 (debut) Exit Subbed - 2 (down 2) Yesterday - 2 (down 5) Annabelle Comes Home - 1 (down 2) Apocalypse Now: Final Cut IMAX - 1 (debut) The Bravest Subbed - 1 (down 3)
  11. LucIId Director: Justin Lin Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller Release Date: December 9 Major Cast: Henry Golding as David Karl Urban as Mark (voice role) Kyle Chandler as One Ben Mendelsohn as Two Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Zero John Boyega as Paul Zane Format: Scenes in italics are shot in 4:3 and are in black and white. Theater Count: 3,892 MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sci-fi action, sensuality, strong violence, and language. Runtime: 134 min Production Budget: $105 million Music by: Alan Silvestri Previous Film: Lucid - 44.9M/144.3M/507.9M (OW/DOM/WW) Plot Summary: Following the previous film, David must find Mark on four dream layers in order to finally wake up from this nightmarish dream. Plot:
  12. Annihilation is remarkable in how disappointing it is. It features terrible dialogue, a dull first eighty-minutes, and a true lack of strong visual identity. The much talked about final twenty minutes are indeed incredible, but they almost seem out of a totally different movie. Finally the film stops telling us what to think and just presents something bizarre that we must come to our conclusions on it. This is too late though, because by this point, it’s hard to care about anything that happens. On the technical side, the music fluctuates from good to feeling like a discount version of other similar scores, and the cinematography is average until those final twenty minutes. Garland’s direction falls in a similar spot, not being able to find any tension in a film that should be much more horror than the meandering mess it is. Leigh is the only actor who makes an impression, wasting a very strong ensemble in nothing roles, or, in Portman’s case, a role that has barely anything to it. Annihilation’s final act is incredible filmmaking, but everything that precedes it negates its power thanks to the cliché boredom of a generic sci-fi thriller with paper-thin characters and obvious themes. This isn’t a good movie. D+
  13. 1. Blinded by the Light 2. Jojo Rabbit 3. Soul 4. Gemini Man 5. In the Heights 6. Parasite 7. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 8. Wonder Woman 1984 9. Bond 25 10. Knives Out
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