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Franchise Updates

Water Bottle


Hey guys!


So we've made some changes to the franchise forums.


I looked at which franchises were on the front page and which were sub-forums and have thus changed them accordingly.


Star Wars got to stay on the main page because of Rogue One coming out in December.

Star Trek got moved to the main page because of Star Trek Beyond, it's 50th anniversary, and upcoming television series.

The DC movie forum got renamed to DC Media and was moved to the main page because of Suicide Squad.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe forum got renamed to Marvel Media and got to stay on the main page because of Doctor Strange plus the upcoming Netflix Marvel shows and the new season of Agents of SHIELD in addition to the planned X-Men TV series.

Harry Potter got moved to the main page because of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


(Animation Station remains on the main forum due to the constant release of new animated films)


I have also closed due to inactivity the Middle-Earth Tales sub-forum. The sub-forum might be re-opened if a new film set in the universe is made (it's the reason we're keeping the Fast and Furious forum alive even though it's dead of convos).


I also went ahead and changed the descriptions of many of the franchise forums to better reflect their status.

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