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  1. 18 minutes ago, lorddemaxus said:

    Titanic is a bad comparison here. Titanic's rerelease was 9 years ago. People's moviegoing habits have massively changed within those 9 years. Rereleases just are nowhere near as popular anymore. And Titanic was remastered into 3d, which gave it a lot of novelty, while the Avatar remaster will be a 4k upscale of a 1080p movie (since the movie was shot on 1080p), which doesn't have the same kind of novelty to it.


    I mean the Terminator 2 3D rerelease in 2018 made just 4 million worldwide and that was heavily marketed too. The recent LOTR 4k remasters (which weren't 1080p upscaled) don't seem to be making much either. A remastered Avatar re-release would end up making more in China than the rest of the world. Most people will end up getting the movie on 4k Bluray instead of going to cinemas.

    Agree with you on most points regarding the rerelease potential except taking T2 rerelease as an example. It was a very low key afair, here in Germany for instance it had a small number of screens and only one screening per day for like one weekend if i remember correctly. It was also supposed to get a bigger push in China which never happened.

  2. 1 hour ago, NCsoft said:

    in fact, Endgame was the one that needed a expansion/re-release to squeak by Avatar's box office (by $7M) in a global market that was 40% bigger and a Chinese market that was at 2019 around 8 times bigger.


    Indeed. Couple individuals keep painting the picture that Avatar had it easier because exchange rates, 3d and whatnot when in fact it is indisputable fact that the global market expanded big time since Avatar came out, with movies grossing much more globally on average than in 2009.


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  3. 7 minutes ago, ThomasNicole said:

    The trailer finished it’s first day with 9M views on Youtube, and also 9M on twitter 


    This is just from Warner channel on YT and Dune US page on twitter 


    Excellent numbers! 

    And also the reactions for it are extremelly positive, so... yeah, seems like a very effective trailer afterall.

    Swell. Hopefully that translates to good box office.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Saul Goodman said:

    Let me know when Villeneuve delivers critical and commercial successes consecutively like Nolan has been doing since the last decade.

    In terms of critical acclaim they are level, if that's what so important to you.


    Maybe if Villeneuve had done Batman he would have been able to attract a bigger mainstream following, too.


    In the end, it's a personal opinion and no numbers on RT or box office can sway that.

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