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  1. Is the upcoming weekend a normal weekend? What are the usual friday increases in China? Is Avatar losing screens despite no competition? Shouldn't friday be at least as high as last monday? Lotsa questions...
  2. Agree with you on most points regarding the rerelease potential except taking T2 rerelease as an example. It was a very low key afair, here in Germany for instance it had a small number of screens and only one screening per day for like one weekend if i remember correctly. It was also supposed to get a bigger push in China which never happened.
  3. Indeed. Couple individuals keep painting the picture that Avatar had it easier because exchange rates, 3d and whatnot when in fact it is indisputable fact that the global market expanded big time since Avatar came out, with movies grossing much more globally on average than in 2009.
  4. Chill, Batman will do fine no matter when it opens. We'll get Batmans untill the end of time. Dune needs all the help, not Batman.
  5. With the pandemic getting worse in Europe and probably elsewhere this was expected. Would have preferred December 2021, though.
  6. 24 million views on the official youtube channel and counting. More than the Batman trailer for example. I guess that's not too bad...
  7. If anyone fancies the native 4K IMAX version (still 21:9) of the trailer... It's almost 1GB, though...
  8. As i was thinking about the move of Wonder Woman to Christmas Day i started to wonder, why didn't they movie it to the Dune spot and enjoy one extra week of holidays? Maybe, just maybe, WB isn't gonna move Dune and have both movies coexist, if the pandemic doesn't get worse that is.
  9. In terms of critical acclaim they are level, if that's what so important to you. Maybe if Villeneuve had done Batman he would have been able to attract a bigger mainstream following, too. In the end, it's a personal opinion and no numbers on RT or box office can sway that.
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