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  1. Well, instead of stupid i'll call it a daring prediction. Wouldn't it be cool if they came close, if only to silence those that are already rendering it dead in the water. And to have a big moneymaker other than a comic book movie and a select few others...
  2. Not this again. The positives outweigh the negatives. The worldwide market has grown a lot in dollar terms since the early 2000s. A look at the top box office lists should make that clear to every unbiased person.
  3. Teaser was alright. They are clearly going for Stranger Things. Dig the setting. Expected to see some of the old cast. Maybe next trailer...
  4. Yes, let them invest big only in surefire things, let's kill any and all risk taking. Notwithstanding that being all smartass after the fact is easy, when we the consumers start to act more risk averse than even studio heads we have only ourselves to blame for the situation blockbuster filmmaking is in at the moment. Alita Battle Angel was a good movie that just couldn't find the audience it deserved because people were too busy saving up cash to spend it on the next superhero or cartoon, even though they were given a great hero in Alita (and she's all animated lol). All imho of course.
  5. Possible? Yes. Likely? Wouldn't be so sure about that...
  6. The TV show was alright (at least the 1st season) but compared to the movies (T1 & T2) there's no comparison.
  7. For sure. It doesn't deserve to flop as badly as it does. As good as it is, the filmmakers didn't do themselves any favors by basically rehashing the story told better 30 years ago. You can get away with it if you are Star Wars. Also, with Star Wars it was a long wait between Ep 6 and Ep 7, a long time since the original actors' return. Had T3, Salvation and Gensys not happened, i think hype would have been a lot higher for Dark Fate.
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