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  1. Last time March 30 was on a saturday was 2013. Movies jumped about 15% max, kids movies even went down so don't expect too much from easter weekend based on friday numbers.
  2. I do, too. They go from solid to amazing (i'm not counting AvP). No bad apples, really.
  3. I like it. Sure, it borrows heavily from the fist two movies but personally, i'm okay with that. A well executed "new version" of Alien(s)? I'm down.
  4. Sure but my point is will it have a better SUN drop than last week's? We'll know tomorrow...
  5. Thereabout. Hopefully it'll cross it, might be close, though.
  6. I was taking Batman's numbers for comparison and it did -38% vs -30% the week before, mid-March. Will this year be different?
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