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  1. Elessar

    Tuesday Numbers 2/19/19

    More so it depends on how quickly you bleed screens...
  2. Indeed. Unfortunately, it kinda got drowned out by the rest that was going on. In some scenes, they should have let the music do most of the work coz it shines.
  3. So we should not talk about the number 1 movie of this weekend in this weekend's thread?
  4. They will hopefully re-use many of the amazing cues Horner wrote for Avatar, so the burden to come up with awesome stuff for the new composer should be in a way somewhat lessened. JunkieXL proofed with BvS he can and is willing to work within such constraints.
  5. Shore is a weird case with me, what he did in LOTR is an absolute Masterpice (capital!), but everything else he's done.... don't know... or it reminds me too much of LOTR, he has such a signature style...
  6. The best of the best sadly left us, there can only be the next best... I dunno, some of the stuff on the Alita score is really great. There are other candidates, sure, most got mentioned before.
  7. After hearing the Alita score i'd be okay if JunkieXL does the score for the Avatar sequels.
  8. Well, Monday is basically a guess, it's not even noon on the west coast.

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