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  1. People like to use that saying but in reality it (whatever that is) ends up being somewhere in the middle most of the time. Also, there's no way Avatar 2 gigaflops, at least to my definition.
  2. Welcome! Usually, the total box office number reported from sites like BOM is given directly from studios and it includes pretty much all the latest figures from around the world. So even if individual territory figures on BOM can be out of date or countries missing, the total number is pretty much up to date. Of course late in a movie's run, the total number doesn't get reported weekly anymore.
  3. Sure, but this is supposed to be the final season, which implies there won't be anymore adaptations. Although i have read statements that could be interpreted that we may not have seen the last of The Expanse. Maybe movies? Let's hope we get "something" down the road for all of us that want to see how the story continues....
  4. These discussions are getting exhausting. It's like we are going in circles. It's about time we see some actual news here...
  5. What about the whole alien business? This can't be the end?! That nod to Aliens got a good chuckle out of me.
  6. Can't muster up any enthusiasm for this show. Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett is such a bore. Maybe they should have stuck to him being a side character...
  7. Inflation pretty much cancels out the ER difference. It will probably drop because it'll sell less tickets but i doubt to the tune of 60%.
  8. This isn't an argument for Avatar 2 making bazillion bucks in China but Titanic was a 3D remastered, advertised worldwide "event", whereas Avatar was a last minute addition, low-key affair.
  9. Well, unfortunately the 1st episode was the best of the whole season. All those people claming the 2nd season is an improvement to the first, i cannot agree. I was actually emotionally invested to what happened in season 1, not so much here. Hope they turn a corner, it would be a shame otherwise, because the show has some good things going for it. This story deserves better than an "okay" adaptation.
  10. Still sad Mel Gibson never got to do his vikings movie but this will do. One of my most anticipated movies of 2022.
  11. Probably also because of the crapload of SFX that needed to be finished. Sequel might be further along than the original was at the same point in time. That said, before summer i'm not sure if it's worth it to release a teaser.
  12. Updated numbers... DOM $106,628,486 OS $286,300,000 WW $392,928,486 Probably got hit hard by Spiderman. Odds are it might not hit $400m now...
  13. Really digged the first episode. I'm taking my time with the season, no need to rush through it, it will last me longer that way.
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