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  1. TLJ was mediocre. TFA was a better movie, even if so derivative. TLJ was not without its own deja-vu moments, also.
  2. Thanks for the warning. Still waiting for that 4K bluray release, btw, FOX!!!
  3. Braveheart? Don't you dare to say anything bad about one of the best movies ever made!
  4. Damn... The fact that life can turn to shit from one moment to the next gives one pause. I don't follow him or anything but i have seen him a couple of times when i was watching that collider youtube show and i really took a liking to him. A funny guy. All the best to him...
  5. He's mad because not everyone buys his narrative about how Alita is going to flop.
  6. Sorry but seeing as this is not a Cameron directed movie i can only go with IN. 😉 Hopefully the movie is as good as the teaser suggests... Thumps up for your effort on the OP. 👍
  7. Can't remember any in recent years except one and it didn't look good. It's this simpleton line of thinking that is so prevalent with studio executives that i bet has prevented many good projects from happening. Ugh.
  8. Most of them i don't watch either. Having said that, there are only a few things as silly as a flying nanny...
  9. It's a case of me finding the very concept silly. Hey, you have your movies you find stupid, i have mine. What do you expect me to say? It is what it is...
  10. I dunno. The original was more than just a b-movie, it's still holding up today. I'd have preferred to see more effort on the part of the filmmakers.

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