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  1. In a bid to pander to the "light and colorful" crowd they released one awful poster. I hope that's not indicative of the movie...
  2. Monday Numbers: BR 2049 - $1.45M, It - $475K

    Stop being accountants, people. We should hope they don't scrap the sequels. Not that i have much hope...
  3. Fuck that "lowest common denominator" global audience that makes average, instantly forgettable flicks like Jurrasic World a huge hit and completely ignores a gem like Blade Runner 2049!
  4. Trailer didn't blow me away but it might hint at some interesting plot developments. Although, this whole Jedi dark / light side drama is becoming a little bit stale at this point. Still, happy to see Luke again...
  5. I could live hours in that world! Oh, well, hopefully Cyberpunk 2077 by those awesome polish guys and gals will give me that sensation...
  6. Just came back from the theater. I'm happy and sad at the same time. Happy about the great movie we got and sad that we'll probably never see a continuation of that story...
  7. Just saw the movie. Really liked the kids. However, the scary bits fell a little flat. It felt like they ran out of ideas, with the most shocking moment being at the very beginning.
  8. I remember reading the director saying the film is done done, as in all work. Maybe a misunderstanding?
  9. Omg, put your pitchforks down. I was just teasing.

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