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  1. Amazing how one tweet can influence the perception. Maybe his / her opinion is diametral to your's / the majority's. Just saying.
  2. This is exactly how it works, according to some hands on reports. The developers also said the combat was inspired by From Software games. People that played it seem quite fond of it.
  3. Thanos is nowhere near them. Essentially everyone knows Joker or Darth Vader. I bet many people have no frigging idea who that Thanos guy is...
  4. I've always wanted a good Terminator game. I guess the franchise making appearances in other games is the best we are gonna get for the foreseable future...
  5. I partially agree. I believe people are very keen on seeing especially Hamilton back. But if i had called the shots, i would have also gone the future war route, like you said. It's one of the reasons i actually quite tolerate Salvation, even though the execution was kind of lacking.
  6. Haven't read the spoilers but i'll keep an open mind. Like you said, the execution matters. Had we had internet 30 years ago and read about the killing machine from T1 getting lessons from a teenager about how to say "hasta la vista, baby", i'm sure a lot of people would have risen an eyebrow...
  7. Nope. Both are equally awesome. T2 excells at being the blockbuster, it's slick, big, great set pieces. T1 on the other hand has that raw, gritty, almost horror vibe to it. And i love the 80's synths.
  8. I'd say it's the opposite. It shows they put "getting it right" over "striking when the iron was hot". And who's to say it's to the detriment of box office returns? It might build anticipation.
  9. Maybe but i think Alita is a more extreme case since it grossed relatively so low pretty much everywhere except China, which - being a huge market - skews the picture. Unless Avatar 2 does like 800m in China...
  10. The 1st one had a OS/DOM ratio of 2,7 to 1. I'd be surprised if that changes drastically for the sequel. So with 500m DOM we get 1300m OS.
  11. Excuse me, can you tell us again how you feel about it? Maybe tomorrow and the day after and the day after the day after tomorrow and...
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