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  1. I think i'll make myself scarce for the next few days to be able to watch TDF without any preconceived notions. Always try to do that for movies i'm looking forward to, always fail lol.
  2. If true, screw that. Disney is not my cup of tea for the most part, this was one of the few projects that caught my attention, based on the teaser.
  3. That's true to some extent. They did that for a while untill it became clear during production that they got the go ahead to go R-rated.
  4. How many more times does it need to be said it's R-rated (including from filmmakers) untill you believe it?
  5. It just gets piled on now. Folks have already made up their mind that it's going to be terrible. That's internet for you. 2 more weeks. Hopefully it shut's people up. Wouldn't that be nice for a change?
  6. That, too. Or rather, Genisys should have never been released. Dunno if they have the luxury to do the waiting game given that some people involved are getting a bit long in the tooth.
  7. If they had released that last trailer as the first thing people see from the movie i think the conversation would have been a little bit different. It's pretty good. The movie will have its work cut out to make the studio enough money to warrant a sequel, judging by the interest level.
  8. I meant the narration, not the film dialog. Just that short bit at the beginning. So we've got russian, now spanish... what's next? We english speaking people never get catered to.
  9. Well, look what i found... It might be the stuff we presumably get later today, just in russian: Not sure if it'll be taken down. I stopped watching halfway through, too spoilery. Don't like seeing whole scenes beforehand, want to experience that in the theater.
  10. I agree insofar as if i had the choice between a story about a terminator yet again sent back in time to change the future or a future war movie i would have chosen the latter. I do not agree about the satisfactory part. There was very little that was satisfactory about T3 and T:S was kinda okay-ish to some extent but ultimately, i can live without it.
  11. People on the internet say he is so it must be true. Maybe they refer to him being a control freak on set? Okay, there's some truth to that but the results speak for themselves.
  12. As if the previous three Terminator movies are worthy to be defended. It's not like you cannot watch them anymore. It is less ego more a necessity to unclutter the mess and start anew.
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