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  1. I'm just uncomfortable talking about Part 2 like it's already a done deal. We might jinx it!
  2. The average John Doe doesn't have a clue how much action the movie has. And i feel like there's plenty of sci-fi / fantasy that does well there. I believe there's no easy explanation. I guess it's fate...
  3. Too bad China doesn't seem to give a shit about Dune based on presales. Again, a Villeneuve masterpiece gets ignored...
  4. If Scott can do one thing then it's how to make aesthetically appealing movies (hairdo notwithstanding).
  5. I really do hope it cracks the $400m barrier. Needs to do a bit better than 50% plus BR2049's performance on average.
  6. This then the Napoleon film then maybe Gladiator 2? Ridley Scott is giving us history buffs plenty to look forward to.
  7. If you don't give the story enough time to breath and characters to develop then you've got a problem because that builds attachment. If you cut the first half of Titanic the second half stops working, just to illustrate. That applies to all movies, including video game adaptations. There's nothing that says video game movies have to suck forever. EDIT: Just wanted to add that i'm not saying all short movies necessarily suck. There's a right length and it's different for every movie.
  8. I wouldn't pop the corks yet either but it all must be seen in the context of the pandemic. Sequels have been getting greenlit for movies that were not profitable theatrically. And i'd like to think Dune is a prestige project for WB with awards and growth potential.
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