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  1. What do people have against grey and brown? For some reason they got bad reputation. Give them some love!
  2. Its not the talented director but the product he delivers. The 80s one clearly wasn't up to scratch, even though it has its fans.
  3. Denis Villeneuve never made a mainstream blockbuster, although Blade Runner had the budget of one. Dune probably comes the closest to one.
  4. For those whom youtube is not good enough, the 1080p source file from Apple... https://movietrailers.apple.com/movies/wb/dune/dune-trailer-2_h1080p.mov
  5. Well, movies can be in pre-production without being really greenlit, can't they? Or at least there's no guarantee the studio doesn't bail out at some point.
  6. The reactions make me giddy with excitement. Apparently its runtime is 2 hours 35 minutes. Suitably epic.
  7. It is superior to the theatrical cut, yes, but i can't get past the fact he cast Orlando "wooden charisma vacuum" Bloom. Why? WHY?! The film could have been so much better with a better leading man....
  8. Historical epics from Ridley Scott is a genre in itself. I'm so there! Sure, the films went downhill after Gladiator but at worst they still look top notch from a production standpoint.
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