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  1. TFA was a rehash and i criticized it for that from the very beginning but at least it was a pretty good movie otherwise unlike TLJ which while also in quite some ways resembling ESB (some "gotcha" and indeed questionable narrative decisions don't change that) was a clumsy affair on top of that.
  2. Alright trailer but after TLJ i can't get too excited about Ep 9.
  3. Americans have an unhealthy obsession with superheroes. And Pixar is a darling that can do no wrong. I don't believe just because some movies came relatively close to Avatar DOM that the sequel will leave them all in the dust. You would have to assume the same number of people or more will watch the sequel and that is not guaranteed.
  4. Movie is coming out in 3 months, if they still don't have much to show the production is in trouble. My guess is they want to minimize any possible backlash, that's why the trailer is short of animals talking, people are darn fickle. Or the trailer just happened to turn out that way. Just had a look at the Jungle Book trailer, we should expect something like that. Of course they have to bend reality somewhat because obviously animals don't talk. What i meant was they still look like real animals and not some crossbreeds.
  5. Dunno why footage should be months old. Usually they are rendering till the last second, the same way they are doing with whole movies, tinkering till they pry it from their hands. In the digital age, editing is a breeze. They are probaby going for a more realistic look and in reality most animals just don't have very expressive faces.
  6. I'd be happy. I'd call that a realistic expectation. Some of the Jim gang won't have it, though.
  7. Frosty from Colider is absolutely gushing about the footage. I know, i know, he likes a lot but this seems on another level...

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