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  1. Was this a dis of The 13th Warrior? Anybody else liked that movie? I did...
  2. Phew, action comedy this is not really. Unfortunately, i kinda agree with this assessment: If i hadn't known i would have thought i just saw a trailer for Paul W. S. Anderson's Alien vs Predator. Oh, well, it's just a trailer...
  3. I expected Predator, you know, what's in the title. Plus he had a hand in the original. Now, the person that wrote that might be exaggerating slightly since other reactions don't quite confirm that...
  4. @CJohn is already thinking about creating a club...
  5. You open the property up to a much wider audience, i wouldn't call that redundant.
  6. Not if you spent $50m on US marketing.
  7. Luckily, there are still some people willing to take risks in Hollywood. While it's a franchise movie, at this point a Terminator movie can be considered a risk...
  8. How about giving it a chance, because at least this time it's actually some talent behind the camera. No, rather they should be doing another comic book movie, i guess...
  9. The director is the only thing that gives me a little hope. The trailers surely didn't...
  10. Actually graphics look pretty impressive for a builder strategy game, which are usually not build for you to zoom all in. This actually holds up. That said, i'm not gonna play it, it's not my type of game...

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