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  1. I can only hope the music is at least as good as Children of Dune's. I've actually never seen the mini series but own the soundtrack, it's pretty killer. Probably too good for a syfy show lol (even though they have brought us the Battlestar Galactica remake - there are always exceptions, i guess).
  2. I didn't mean bitter about the new movie, i meant bitter about the experience on his Dune.
  3. I mean, i understand that Lynch is bitter about the whole experience, i would have been, too, however, i like to think of myself that i'd be able to put that aside and check out someone else's version. Maybe it's a good movie, you know. Why would you deny yourself that? And ultimately, it's been decades.
  4. Sure but again, a property like Dune has more breakout potential than something like Blade Runner. That's all i'm saying.
  5. Doesn't make much sense. Why would it do as well as his other movies AT BEST? If you believe it will underperform, fine, but not seeing any way this could do more than his other projects is just ridiculous. For one, his other movies weren't supposed to be "epics", even Blade Runner was at the end of the day a film noir, a detective story. As for the studio not committing to a sequel, they rarely do. Ultimately, it is a risky proposition, it's big budget and unproven. Doesn't mean they have no faith.
  6. What is it with some people already writing off a movie before even seeing one frame of a trailer? The internet is full of smarty-pants...
  7. It's pretty clear what tone they are going for and you figured it out yourself, Pirates of the Caribbean. I actually think it looks kind of decent. I'm usually the "the more serious the better" kind of guy but sometimes a well made film in the vein of Pirates / Mummy / Indy can be a lot of fun as well. There are much too few movies of this kind (action adventure / globetrotting / mystery).
  8. I praised the teaser and reactions coming in now seem strong, might be the first Disney movie in a long time i might actually see... in a theater no less...
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