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  1. Can somebody give me 10 bucks for every time dudalb writes this very same post, please? Much appreciated...
  2. No idea what prompted this response, can't be farther from the truth but okaaay...
  3. Why aren't there 3 James Camerons? Imagine, we would be getting 1 movie every 3 years!
  4. I was surprised by the shrugs this was getting here, the trailer looked really good.
  5. "Falling for" doesn't neccessarily mean being tricked according to my dictionary. It can also simply mean to be keen on something which is what i meant. No brainwashing conspiracies here, bad taste is all it takes...
  6. I would disagree. The trailers already sucked. Another wasted potential. Well done, Hollywood, well done Shane Black...
  7. Almost. In much of Europe, while not small, it's much less of a deal, though.
  8. I don't know. Probably won't last forever, though, like with everything. Maybe it's glorification of the past but it seems to me that the film landscape has drastically changed for the worse. Hollywood has become increasingly dependant on just a few franchises and everything else seems to struggle to make a profit, unless you are a cheap horror film. There's an homogenization taking place i really dislike.
  9. This was me after seeing the first Avengers. Passable entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. Stopped watching MCU after the underwhelming IM3. Unfortunately, everyone and their mother in the US and some other regions seem to fall for these films, which has a knock on effect, like turning a Predator movie into an MCU film with a high quota of quips (as far as i've heard)...
  10. Based on the trailers critics seem spot on. I'll probably still watch it coz i'm a sucker for Predator... 😐

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