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  1. It's pretty clear what tone they are going for and you figured it out yourself, Pirates of the Caribbean. I actually think it looks kind of decent. I'm usually the "the more serious the better" kind of guy but sometimes a well made film in the vein of Pirates / Mummy / Indy can be a lot of fun as well. There are much too few movies of this kind (action adventure / globetrotting / mystery).
  2. I praised the teaser and reactions coming in now seem strong, might be the first Disney movie in a long time i might actually see... in a theater no less...
  3. A 60s muscle car? Not a fan of the designs to be honest, neither the car nor the suit are much to my liking. Then again, it'll probably look better on screen. And i'll get used to it either way...
  4. Rob Burnett read a draft of the script, calls it fantastic. Starts at 26:55... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJHEurALEsg EDIT: lol it just got pulled by WB because he read out loud a scene from the draft in the video. Maybe he should have known better...
  5. The Ramos girl wasn't even the lead as i recall. Anyway, can't understand how anyone can prefer that wannabe Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, i favor the original and especially Mackenzie Davis acted circles around anyone in Genisys. As for the plot, Dark Fate's actually was very straightforward. The solution to all this is the future war movie that Cameron doesn't muster any enthusiasm for, unfortunately.
  6. I dunno, i ate that shit up as a kid. Are kids these days such pansies?
  7. Ridiculous. While Dark Fate might have been creatively bankrupt, it was a much better made movie than Genisys.
  8. What do you mean by fun? Not every movie needs to ape Marvel. LOTR wasn't marketed as "fun", either.
  9. I remember people saying movies can't open big during December or female superheroes don't make money. We all know how that went for them... And the movies you mentioned looked pretty meh except BR2049 of course but that was a sequel to a flop and more noir cyberpunk than sci-fi epic, so your precedent is pretty lacking and superficial to begin with.
  10. No way of saying this before seeing any trailers and buzz closer to release. We can only say as much as that it's not a surefire hit like, say, some comic book movie.
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