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  1. For my opinion, The Lion King is more popular here than The Jungle Book which reboot earned around $20mln in 2016. So its potential seems quite big
  2. Russia: roughly RUB360mln or $5,4mln over the weekend. RUB445mln or $6,7mln including the last weekend's preview.
  3. And weekend`s final gross should be very close to $1mln.
  4. In Russia «Alita» got something about $630k per 3 days (thurthday-saturday) in preview format (3D and IMAX 3D only) just on 97 screens. Not bad at all
  5. Is there any chance that «Pirates» will reach $40 mln?
  6. But it dosn't have competitors now. And one billion (in rubles) final gross is a quite reachable target.
  7. $15M will be great. Moana lost too many screens
  8. It's ok. For comparison, «Frozen» got 66 mln rub for 2 days in preview mode.
  9. Is there any information how many «Inside out» pre-release earned on the last weekend?
  10. Could earn even more, but 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Banned in Russia’s North Caucasus
  11. Saturday's gross will be lower, because of an annual Meeting of graduates in Russia. Theatres are almost empty.
  12. If this question to me, I'm from Samara.
  13. The reason is not only the increased exchange rate. «Viy» blown up the russian boxoffice in the fifth weekend of the last year. Now theaters just don't have a film with the same potential.
  14. It's true. Many of the theaters in our town don't have JW in their showtimes at all. In the others, it's only represented by one or two sessions per day, closer to midnight. And it's weird, because it is well known that the movies with the name of Keanu Reeves on the poster always do a big money in our country. Just like «47 ronin» did it in the last year, for example.
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