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  1. Investors believe in a strong economic recovery in Western Europe as vaccinations strongly accelerated in France and Germany and are set to accelerate even further. Also note that theaters could reopen in France around May 15 (capacity: 35%) after being closed last October. Possibly increasing capacity at 65% around late June/Early July so just in time for Black Widow (in a country where Premiere Access + theaters is not possible so it matters). Normal life will probably be back in July apart from wearing masks that will have to go on until September at the very least. People should be happy.
  2. We got a first trailer for Luca on February 25, 4 months before release so maybe Encanto won't get a trailer "soon" but it's possible we get something in June/July at the very least.
  3. The situation in Europe is not a disaster and nowhere close to the situation in Latin America. The EU is expected to reach herd immunity by July 14, France vaccinated almost 1 million people in 2 days so things greatly accelerated and it's gonna accelerate even further.
  4. Brazil data for Q1 2021: Netflix: 32% market share Amazon PV: 26% Disney+: 10% GloboPlay: 8% GloboPlay is the big local streamer that's pretty popular for its telenovelas and has been on the market for years so it's pretty impressive to see Disney+ ahead so fast. Also note that Disney+ was the only streaming service to grow during Q1 2021 so it shows the growing popularity of this streamer. In June 2020 Netflix had around 16.3 million users in Brazil (its 2nd biggest market in terms of subs) and we know it barely changed at all since then so the current percentage can allow us to know how many subs Disney+ has in Brazil in March 2021: With a 10% market share it'd mean around: 5.1 million subs in Brazil for Disney+ in 5 months.
  5. I mean, Disney has Premiere Access money (100%, not sharing it with anybody) and people who want to see Black Widow will go to theaters having it, no reason for Disney to yield. Sad for AMC but if they want to be out of business that's their choice.
  6. I hope Disney won't yield to Cinemark & Co, they must pay for what they did to Raya, a masterpiece that were deserving the same numbers as GvsK. Disney will probably renegotiate terms once the pandemic is over and will give them a 30-day to 45-day exclusivity window (unless BW is a huge success as a PA) but in the meantime they should hold on.
  7. While this movie is probably not a major one at first glance it's probably the one that will determine the future of Premier Access so it's a really important one for what's to come even though I expect a 30-day or 45-day window for theater exclusivity but again a successful PA could change their mind.
  8. French theaters should reopen around May 15 according to French President, with strict rules. Theaters are closed since October in France. So Cruella should be able to release here at the same time than the rest of the world, Black Widow could benefit from less strict rules as herd immunity is expected to be reached in Europe by July 14.
  9. If it was just a sentence with nothing else I'd agree but when they follow suit with making 2 of their following releases, one of them being THE big one, premiere access it feels legit...When it's bad you don't go on and on, particularly when it's means that, one way or another, they liked what they saw.
  10. Feels like a rant from someone who is bitter, quite frankly...not a good look 😕
  11. "Following the successful release of “Raya and The Last Dragon,” People who denied my reaosoning here were wrong, it's official. Not a coincidence Cruella and now Black Widow go Premier Access, Disney is clear.
  12. It's calculated for the average family, it's technically a fair deal for a family of 4, and even advantageous for a family of 5 & more. Single people are left out but Disney bets those who can't afford it will go to theaters instead. That's well said, too many people here fail to take different points of views and focus on their own, immediate bubble. And you're right for Premere Access, it seems to be doing better than people predicted here and definitely satisfying enough for Disney a they did it just 18 days following Raya's release. Disney's own words are clear about Raya and Premier Access: "Following the successful release of “Raya and The Last Dragon,”
  13. Disney is fully transitioning to DTC, they're going all in on it...WB isn't that bold and is more conservative, that's why. WB's bet was an adaptation to Covid, Disney has a long term strategy and is using the situation to test the waters on what's the best approach.
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