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  1. Not released yet https://nintendoeverything.com/new-pokemon-figures-shown-off-at-mega-hobby-expo/
  2. Unrelated but this is some new, superb figurines that will make you feel better by the sheer power of their cuteness
  3. We know it's gonna be one its worst territories anyways, $2m or $3m doen't change much at this stage..
  4. "at best" Words have a sense my dear, and I was trying not to be too harsh with the movie, I'm such a good soul xD
  5. I don't know what to predict for Solo to be honest, with this strike, the bad buzz around the movie and lack of interest around SW in Brazil...$3m/$3.5m at best?
  6. So Solo is gonna be horribly low, so lw it's gonna be sadly funny. Good news for IW holding well though
  7. No, like they did with politicians from the right and powerful businessmen justice came to track them because they've done something wrong, that's all. No conspiracy. Lula was unfortunately corrupt and gained millions from that, he's not in prison for no reason. If it was only left-wing politicians I could understand but nobody is spared, no political party, no businessman... No, Justice doing its job, that's all.
  8. The woman whose popularity was under 10%? Really? All your politicians seem so crappy anyway, it's like all of them have something to do with corruption, the entire system. It's not even a matter of right/left at this point...
  9. Solo doing worse Worldwide than I ever imagined...i understand now why Porthos seemed so edgy and grumpy
  10. OMG it's more awful than in my worst possible forecasts, that's really a flop at this point, not just from a SW point of view but as a whole...
  11. So guys, while I felt Solo would be a flop from a Star Wars point of view, how bad is it exactly both DOm and OS? I was very busy so I didn't follow at all... The film seems a bit better than some people feared but not enough to save it, apparently. So, 650-700m WW?

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