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  1. Frozen 2 was my most anticipated movie of 2019 as I'm a big fan of the 1st movie and I wasn't disappointed at all in the end in terms of both quality and box office. My most anticipated movie now is Raya and the Last Dragon, it's gonna be a long wait...but it's OK, so many amazing videogames to play in the meantime! PS: the fact this movie only has 103 pages clarly shows these forms aren't in sync with the overall audience, just sayin' ^^"
  2. So, with Frozen 2's run being mostly done or predictable in Brazil and worldwide I think it's time for me to leave until the next movie that will interest me (it"ll be like that now as I said months ago, I will no longer be there each week to update the thread). I'll probably be back for Disney's Mulan, after that my absence could go till late 2020 for Raya and the last Dragon. When/If I'm back for Mulan I'll update Frozen 2's numbers and the stats about animated movies. See ya
  3. Nah, you couldn't do that because you love being baited 😛
  4. Very satisfying in the end, its global growth more than offset the Japanese decline.
  5. At least Frozen 2 beat Frozen 1 despite way worse exchange rates, and passing R$100m is always an accomplishment for an animated movie, it's not as common as it is for comicbook movies. Given my initial expectations it's hard to be disappointed given it's matching my forecasts: 25-30m.
  6. So we're no longer getting markets breakdown for Frozen 2, great...
  7. Are you saying you want to be part of France to create an even bigger European box office market? Bienvenue mon frère !
  8. Belgium is never part of the main markets for movies, NEVER. You should be ashamed Pepsa!
  9. Now I just hope the legs will be strong enough to have Brazil enter the list of the top 10 markets for Frozen 2.
  10. You can see things that way, yes. You were specifically talking about holidays last time you asked so I focused on this. 😛
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