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  1. I just checked right now..I knew they would delay it, it is for the best!
  2. Beyond that it's gonna be a powerful argument for Disney+, without forgetting VOD / DVD / Blu-Ray. This movie will bring way more than 1.45B in the end.
  3. Do we know how successful Frozen 2 was on Disney+? I'm gonna guess Disney doesn't communicate on individual performances but maybe there's a chance...
  4. So, is Brazil on lockdown or not? I'm a bit confused, and if it is then the movie market will suffer there as well.
  5. The good thing is that you got more time to prepare, Latin America as a whole is thankfully doing well.
  6. That's what your press was saying, not my fault if they lied about him.
  7. Some people want to impose their views, that's how some people are: my way or the highway. That's why this thread is toxic, and why I had to be aggressive with 2 of its members despite me never being aggressive with members here. Honestly I came here to talk about it because people here tend to be pretty mature and think things through but that's no longer the case, aggressiveness and toxicity took over so it's better for me to leave..if people want to have anxiety crisis that's their problem after all. See ya, and for good this time, otherwise I'm gonna insult some people with even harsher words (see previous page), it was so pleasant to say though so it'll be worth the potential warning/ban 😛
  8. Constantly talking about "reality" when you never lived in this reality to begin with, ignoring positive signals and focusing on the bad ones. You created your own reality but you decided to escape the real one. Leave this bubble, stop being such a pathetic, desperate human being. I pity you!
  9. If you're fine with being attacked and people making you depressive then I don't have anything else to say, it's your choice. A weird one but I'll respect that.
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