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  1. About this post @Eric Karga (sorry, no specific place for this kind of things so I chose this thread I created) Fine, I don't have any problem with you having taken your time, I understand, it's just that you weren't the first mod I sent this to (the other was yesterday) so I thought it was a concerted decision to ignore me. So hey, I used the only option I had to be heard, and it's not about being a baby but when you defend yourself against someone provocating you all the time and you're the only one punished and without any perspective of return it just sucks, and any person with a modicum of self-respect will not allow it without answering. So "disrespect" went both sides there. However you are right: I can express myself elsewhere, particular with a popular twitter account allowing to punish the disrespectful people without fearing consequences, which is great...it's just that I liked coming here to read the insights of nice people having a deep knowledge of the industry so this forum had value to me. However this punishment and the attempts to silence me after a legitimate self-defense following many provocations made me understand I probably no longer have my place here after almost 9 years of presence. I don't hate you or anything, that's not how I want to leave after all...but all things have an end I guess, and you guys decided it would be now. Farewell, and best wishes to all the nice people I met here
  2. It's likely I'll get banned soon for defending myself agaisnt an obnoxious person and wanting to express myself about Disney+ and its promising future but if that's the case, even if it's a temporary ban, then I decided I will leave this place forever, after almost 9 years here! Respect can't be one-sided and if after all this time I can't get it from the mods and admins then it's no use. So I wish to say managing and updating the Brazilian BO thread was great fun and loved doing so,I feel like I've seen the best of it now that the era of streaming is obvious. I wish the best to cool people I particularly like such as @Jamiem @Porthos and @pepsa
  3. Well, you must go where demand and excitement are, and that's streaming so they are right to want a share of the cake! I know people are worried for theaters but it was only a matter of time anyway with Netflix's rise and Disney+ announced well before Covid19.
  4. Guys, I'm part of the rare ones here who didn't blame WB for what they did as it's forward thinking but the attempt to deflect with Disney looks like desperation, just don't!
  5. Is it true there's a mixed reception? Nevermind: 88% on RT is great, I've been lied to.
  6. Wait, WW1984 has a mixed reception? As for Box Office numbers it's kinda sad to think we might never see the kind of huge numbers we had before, I admit I'm gonna miss this part...Let's hope some movies will manage to be huge n streaming and we get data from platform holders.
  7. It is, because the USA has a younger population so it's harder to reach such rates than in Europe.
  8. Seriously, what did you Germans do? You have been kinda spared during the 1st wave and now you have more deaths than any other in Europe, what changed?
  9. Me after I skimmed through the news this morning and saw the US got 3,700 deaths in 1 day from Covid:
  10. You guys decided to leave the EU and to be an island outside of the continent. She's just right: you're not European, not in nationality, not politically...just an island.
  11. Thanks for the anxiety thing, I'm dealing with it very well actually so it's all good, I just need to be able to breathe well and with masks it's not easy but I've been fine as of late as I don't go outside much. Virus/Vaccines: Oh I know, I'm aware of this like everything else, that's why I'm ready for this to last until at least August or September, maybe beyond. I can live with it, I'm ready Only problem: because of multiple allergies I can't take the Pfizer vaccines, I'll have to rely on another one ^^"
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