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  1. You guys hae fun I see xD Aaah, I need to update the lists but I feel so lazy lol
  2. Youth is a mindset Think about these 80/90 yo people being in marathons I personally feel as energetic as a teenager xD
  3. Time to grow up, ignore the fanboys wars, both Avatar and Endgame are Disney now anyway.
  4. Anyway, back to box office folks! TOY STORY 4 Latin America as a region fell by just 26% to cume $170.1M so far. Notable holds were seen in Brazil (-15%) The Top 5 markets are Mexico ($66.1M), UK ($53.7M), China ($28.6M), Brazil ($26.4M) and Australia ($24.2M). Brazil easily crushed TS3 despite a much, much worse ER And I must say this Mexican number is crazy, I love it! That's interesting you know, I realized Brazil was stronger than Mexico for comicbook movies overall but Mexico is a stronger market for animated movies.
  5. We just have fun ahaha 😛 And honestly it was worth it, this thread made me laugh a lot today
  6. Having a female avatar can mean 2 things: -You're a woman -You love women, a bit like those loving animals use a dog/cat/other avatar, it doesn't mean they're pets ^^"
  7. To be honest I'm straight so I'll leave you & Pepsa alone, wish you happiness See ya! 😛
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