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  1. Well, it seems I was wrong to expect the worst after this article wrongly stating the US got 2,060 deaths in 1 day because the average is now back 1,000-1,100 deaths. Sure, these numbers are absolutely terrible and far from good but at least the worst has been avoided. 3 recent studies explained that the virus mutated and as a result it's more contagious but less deadly so that's probably the reason why the US avoided the worst. Here in France the number of infected on a daily basis strongly increased, beyond 4,000 a day so it makes France the worst country in Europe when it comes to that even if the number of deaths is still very low, in sheer numbers I mean because proportionally speaking it's obviously Sweden. I feel a bit ashamed for this country and Spain..it's not like the French government didn't try to avoid it but citizens just didn't listen. The good news is: the current infections might be the result of this negligence in July, with masks being compulsory in some many places I expect a decline in the coming weeks (let's hope I'm right). That was all, have fun
  2. I swore to avoid political matters here so I won't talk about Bolsonaro, let's say I don't understand it but if that's what Brazil wants...
  3. Beyond the pandemics there is the streaming market too, with Disney+ testing releases on Disney+ with a premium price through Mulan...
  4. You expected 1,500 at best, you got 2,060 yesterday. So no. I'd love to put a mocking gif but it'd be inappropriate given we're talking about people who died but just know the spirit is there Let's hope I'm wrong though, nobody wants this to happen.
  5. Given deaths only occur several weeks after infection I suppose it's not gonna stop there....Will the US go back to their previous average of 2,000-2,500 death a day? Or maybe go beyond 3,000?
  6. Good thing it's summer with all these people out instead of closed spaces, having these policies right now will make this much more manageable next Autumn/Fall and Winter
  7. In France there are some signs of a resurgence of the virus, it's still weak and under control but it's taken seriously here and that's why the government will make wearing masks in closed public spaces (shops, restaurants, theaters..etc..) MANDATORY from next week on. I always wear a mask in such spaces so it won't change anything for me but it's clear not everyone does it: When I go shopping you basically have 40-50% of people with a mask and 50-60% without a mask. It's sad to say but forcing people is the only way. At least I'm confident it won't reach US levels, not even remotely close and that's reassuring, I'm sad for all these Americans being worried and scared..I understand them because these numbers are so crazy. Good luck everyone living in the US, wish you the best.
  8. I'm French and didn't go back to theaters yet (no interesting release, waiting for Mulan) but you know there's nothing wrong if rules about social distancing and wearing masks are respected. The transmission rate is at its lowest right now in France almost 2 months after reopening so if it's done well..why not?
  9. Even if they reopen ,what will they even watch? In France people aren't exactly very excited by what's available ^^"
  10. Nah, I shouldn't have been provocative so I edit it. Just happy things are getting better, at least in Europe and Asia.
  11. People tend to be overdramatic lol. Berlin is a city with a strong density, being higher than 5 US states isn't particularly surprising. That reminds me of these newspapers saying the situation is extremely serious in China because they found 100 cases in Beijing (in a country of 1.4 billion people) ^_^"
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