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  1. It'll depend on Brazil's economic fortunes first and foremost. Brazil is now in a situation when it's no longer an "emerging economy" because its growth is inferior to the global growth and also under where it should be given its standards of living. If things stay as they are expect a stagnant market or at best a slow growth. Let's remind 2018 was the first year of decline of the movie market there since the mid-2000s. Let's say what happens but the strong enthusiasm from 2012, when I created this thread, is gone for now.
  2. Welcome back Beelze xD So it's a decline for Chapter 2 in the end, somehow I can understand given Brazilian moviegoers spent a lot already with Avengers Endgame and Lion King.
  3. OMG I took a glance at the exchange rate for the 1st time in weeks and it's at $1 = R$4.06, one of the worst ER ever! All the gains since Bolsonaro's elections have been completely erased, or should I say it's even worse... This ER issue lasted more than 4 years, it's like it'll never end
  4. Thanks Chapter 1 grossed exactly the same amount in 2 days so it's basically a stagnation for now.
  5. Weird, no Opening Day numbers for Friday numbers instead....Apparently It benefited from a strong increase over Part 1. Wait & See!
  6. Interesting to see Lion King already far ahead of Hobbs&Shaw despite being released weeks before it, great legs!
  7. Frozen did pretty well in Brazil back then but it wasn't close to a record compared to the rest oft he world so I'm not so sure..on the other hand Brazilian moviegers seem far more open to Disney/Pixar movies now that they were 6 years ago.
  8. Next weeks are gonna be intense!
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