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  1. According to Adorocinema's numbers Justice League didn't reach 3 million admissions : 2.68m admissions on Sunday (counting previews). If you take into account it benefited from an additional day then it's not an all-time prowess, it makes it one of the best with Avengers 2, Civil War and Furious 7 but not better. Impossible to say if it can beat the all-time record, the legs will be crucial.

    JL was a billion grosser, it had everything to do it. Beauty and the Beast 2017 went beyond $1B, don't forget it.
  3. I see This movie's run could be stronger than expected if the Mexican American population, and Hispanics as a whole, massively show up for it
  4. What the hell? Coco grossed $2.8m domestically on Tuesday?
  5. Some people are really ungrateful, RTH doesn't have to give us these numbers, he's not paid to do it. So thank you @Rth Ragnarok Apart from that : Do you think Coco can have a bigger OW than JL? That would be glorious
  6. Given the Frozen film is great I really don't know what you're talking about
  7. THOR RAGNAROK went from R$10.9m grossed during the weekend preceding Justice League to R$4.8m this last weekend. So the fall is obvious but I expected worse, R$100m now seems unlikely to be reached though, something between 92-95m seems more realistic. Still, it's far beyond Thor 2's 65m so it's a real success for Marvel
  8. Calm down, it's just a man, he's not the only one at Pixar doing all this. Pixar/WDAS are studios with many employees working hard to make great animation. Lasseter's misdeeds won't change my mind about these studios. And what the author of Kenshin did (pedophilia) was way worse anyway.
  9. Official France Box Office Thread

    Well, in Mexico it's pretty much obvious : Coco is the highest-grossing movie of all time there ^^ But yeah, you can bet on Japan as well, obviously.
  10. Official France Box Office Thread

    Coco will beat Justice League in France
  11. True, it's beyond Marvel. Hollywood doesn't know how to create good villains these days, sad because that must be pretty cool to imagine. A great villain can make a movie so exciting, same thing for a videogame or an anime. Look at Sephiroth in FF7 or Ganondorf in Zelda OOT.
  12. Unfortunately for them it's only because of the poor quality of these DC movies, Wonder Woman proved they're ready to watch them when quality is there. Meanwhile Marvel is very strong.

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