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  1. I am a big fan of Frozen 1, this movie reminded me of the golden era of Disney animated movie, the 90s and it was delicious even if Tangled was pretty amazing already. So yeah I was highly anticipating Frozen 2, even knowing that sequels are rarely as good as the original movie but still, I somehow trusted Disney all along with this and particularly WDAS which never disappointed me. I saw it on November 20 in my current country, verdict! Is Frozen 2 as good as the first one? I think it is, in some respects it's way better I might say but it's also so different that it's hard to compare as this movie has a darker tone and mostly happens in an uncharted territory: same characters but a completely different environment. -The animation is definitely superior, the best animation ever seen, it's absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end..They put everything they had in it! -The movie is funny, serious, magical, sad and full of joy...Many emotions are felt while watching it and it's a real pleasure to have these characters on screen once again! I just can't imagine a world without Frozen 2 because it brings a lot to the mythology with a pretty unexpected end. -The songs, of course, the songs! There are more of them than in Frozen 1 and beyond the first half this time, the quality is as good as in the 1st movie so it's a real treat. I don't know whether they'll be as catchy as the others for the kids but they're amazing! It's hard to tell more without spoilering so I will just say it got an A from me, I'm highly satisfied and I don't think a sequel could have been better than that, not much better in any way, they did what they had to do with their usual talent ! I love Frozen 2 and can't wait to see it again! As for the spoilers:
  2. Frozen 2 has the best OD of all time for a Disney animated movie in France, it's a great result considering these movies are pretty popular in the country.
  3. Frozen 2 has the best OD of all time for a Disney animated movie in France, it's a great result considering these movies are pretty popular in the country.
  4. I don't see any proof of 'weaker WOM' as you like to repeat it. That's not what I see and it's too early for saying something like that.
  5. I expected it more for Frozen 2 but it's a family movie, even more than TLK. The weekend will be good for it.
  6. You wouldn't even hear the sound of laser bolts in space if Star Wars was realistic, it would be a silent war. We can all agree it would be lame for a modern movie ^^
  7. Some people asked me if Elsa was lesbian and has a girlfriend in the movie, I wonder where this rumor came from, I didn't know about it until very recently.
  8. I'm just trying to imagine a newcomer to the forums reading this and going like "WTF???" at all these abbreviations xD
  9. If it can make you feel better...Brazil will also have to wait till January 2, you're not alone xD
  10. Anna deserves better to be honest, she was my favorite in both movies.
  11. Brazil will absolutely destroy Frozen 1 in local currency, very likely to beat it in USD but harder to predict : the exchange rates have never been so bad there and worse ER can't even be excluded by January.
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