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  1. Yep you're right, they completely made this up, it's not a thing and certainly not at Disney.
  2. The fact Cruella got a sequel announcement despite these "OKish" numbers proves that box office is no longer the best indicator of a movie being satisfying or not, reception and streaming numbers might matter as much. They seem to see the potential for it being its own thing instead of a unique prequel, and the very strong reception as a way to bring people to Disney+ in the future, probably a good merchandising potential too. It's pretty nice to have reach a point where BO performance is no longer the be-all and end-all of an IP.
  3. The EU is finally ready to tap markets in a $900 billion stimulus push https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/01/covid-stimulus-eu-ready-to-raise-750-billion-euros-in-public-markets.html The EU's economy is rebounding strongly even without the stimulus since accelerated vaccination allowed economies to reopen but this stimulus will be about investing in the future, particularly with 37% of the money invested in green projects. The rest of the year is expected to be very dynamic in the European Union!
  4. Cruella never looked like the kind of movie that'd move crowds in Brazil from what I remember, it looks a bit different from your typical Disney.
  5. Such numbers from Raya would mean they grossed more from Premiere Access in its 1st week alone than from from Raya's entire US theater run, no wonder they're doing it for Cruella, Black Widow and Jungle Cruise.
  6. Cruella doesn't have a huge potential audience as a theatrical movie because it's not one of these big budget movies, people might be interested but not necessary to the point they'd buy a ticket for it and leave their house. At home on Disney+ though? Yeah, people will be much more curious, I'm definitely in this category myself so I know ^^ That's the beauty of Disney+: these lower budget movies will be seen by much more people and will add value to the platform, that's why it's smart to make Disenchanted (Enchanted 2) and Hocus Pocus 2 as D+ only, they're the sequels of bel
  7. Disney doesn't need it and is still digesting the Fox sale, also focused on recovering from the Covid crisis. Amazon could buy it but I feel like it might be overkill and not necessary as they're already big enough streaming wise, it'd be bad for the industry. Apple is the one that makes sense: Apple TV+ isn't a success and it would give them exactly what they need to be a big part of this industry it'd be healthier for the industry as a 5th big streaming giant would emerge and fight for market share.
  8. I don't see how it won't happen...Peacock isn't doing well, NBCU is now a bit small on their own...unless they decide to do like Sony and give up on doing streaming while being fine selling rights for movies and shows. Of these 2 NBCU mergers I think the best is the one with Viacom as it leads to more balance with a 5th big actor in the streaming industry instead of 4 + 2 smaller ones.
  9. Hard to imagine this passing antitrust authorities, it would be bigger than Disney buying Fox...Warner + Discovery + Universal seems too much. I believe Universal is more likely to go with ViacomCBS, combining peacock and Paramount+, it'd be more likely to pass.
  10. Sounds good enough then It reminds me of Disney, I was surprised of them saying they'd spend 8-9 billion dollars a year on Disney+ as Netflix is at $17B a year but now that I thinki about it it wasn't taking into account the spending on Disney Channel, ABC, FX, Nat Geo..etc..as their content will end on Disney+ anyway so I guess the true number is much higher than that.
  11. They want to spend only 2 billion dollars a year for HBO Max, it's gonna be a problem at some point with the competiion spending much more. I didn't expect this number to be so far behind the competition.
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