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  1. PS: I'll be too busy to comment for a while, I'll be back for Endgame (at least I'll try), see ya!
  2. Early data, didn't see that new number in USD, sounds very good then. Nah, why do you think the rest of the world doesn't call them BELGIAN FRIES, you dummy 😛
  3. So, +$0.6m this Monday for CM huh? Compared to 1.4 last week's monday? Sounds ok in terms of legs, no collapse.
  4. That's basically what I'm saying, not that people watched Aquaman out of love for JL but because of exposure in the movie AND trailers of the movie, it basically means dozens of millions of people saw him and the actor interpreting him well before Aquaman got a movie. This cannot be denied that it helped.
  5. So the truth is revealed, Pepsi was created in Belgium! I'm thirsty all of a sudden, I'm obviously talking about the zero sugar variety because I have a healthy diet
  6. Aquaman, highly known? By comic geeks in the US? Probably but certainly not in the rest of the world. Guys, stop acting like it's a shame to be known because of Justice League, it just makes sense and it's ridiculous to deny it. Exactly like Wonder Woman benefit from Batman vs Superman, exactly like Black panther benefited from Captain America Civil War, there's no shame here, just facts.
  7. Dumbo : March 28 CM still has time before any competition comes and takes a few screens from it. I feel like it has a chance at reaching Black Panther before Shazam's release.
  8. Aquaman went from being a nobody among the audience to being featured in a $700m (or something like that) movie, that's definitely a boost in terms of name recognition.
  9. Shazam will probably be a great movie, that's how I feel quality-wise. Box office-wise I'm far less certain, sandwiched between Captain Marvel and Endgame + no Justice League boost ala Aquaman...I'm not saying it's gonna flop but I expect a moderate success, somewhere between $600-800m and that'd be a great start anyway (look at Wonder Woman which did similarly).
  10. Is our dear @Porthos optimistic about its box office numbers? It's been a while by the way, hello Porthos 😛
  11. New UP for the newbies discovering BOT thanks to CM and Endgame ^^

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