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  1. Black Panther is officially beaten, Aquaman is the highest-grossing origin story movie now. Captain Marvel is the only one who can beat that, let's see if she'll be strong enough : she has a disadvantage because she never appeared in a former Marvel movie while Aquaman and Black Panther got boosted by their presence in Justice League / Civil War so if Captain Marvel can beat them without this advantage it'll be fairly huge. DC is definitely back after a few missteps.
  2. It's hard to know what to expect, I feel IW punched above its weight when it comes to Brazil and it could be unrivaled for years or even a decade. On the other hand Marvel has a history of breaking records again and again.. Anything beyond R$200 would be fabulous anyway, no other movie came close to that.
  3. I wouldn't trust polls though, they're not very reliable. There's just no way Shazam will beat Avengers Endgame, not even remotely possible.
  4. Rule N°1 : Underestimating Marvel is rarely a good idea.
  5. Well, with such legs it's clear Black Panther is over, Aquaman is the new biggest origin comicbook movie now for sure, it'll be done by Sunday I guess.
  6. Good Bye Black Panther and Aquaman? Sounds like something huge is coming!
  7. Let's see if Ralph 2 will have legs this weekend.
  8. Aquaman beating Black Panther is likely but it's not a lock yet, let's see next weekends numbers to see if it'll happen and by how much it will beat it. PS: Wonder Woman is a better film so I don't know if it's a good thing to see Aquaman beating it.
  9. Captain Marvel will be very interesting to compare with Black Panther, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.
  10. My Name / Kimi no Nawa deserved better when it comes to Japanese movies But hey at least it was huge in Japan!
  11. 6 pages on something that will never happen, beautiful waste of time guys ^^
  12. Moana, January 2017: $4.6m, ER: $1 = R$3.22 => local currency : R$14.8m OW Ralph Breaks the Internet, January 2019: $4.8m, ER: $1 = R$3.72 => local currency : R$17.85m OW Moana ended with $22m so it's a good start for Ralph 2
  13. With $28.4m this weekend Aquaman is sure to reach $30m now, it's a lock! Waiting for Ralph 2 OW data now

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