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  1. I'm a bit sad, somehow these forums seem different....less dynamism, people are less passionate and more cynical, maybe it's only an impression but things seem darker here, not a fan at all...
  2. I didn"t even know about a new Maze Runner, and not that close.... But I like this franchise so why not?
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I don't even know this Harry Knowles you're talking about, who the hell is this guy?
  4. A common franchise of course!!! This new hero would be interdimensional and would be able to go from the DC Earth to the Marvel Earth whenever s/he wants. After that they'd use him/her to create a DC/Marvel crossover : The Justice League of Avengers. You can thank me now!!!
  5. I like your optimism At least I'm not disappointed about Spider-Mzn Homecoming in China, it's a relatively good number for such a movie there. Curious to see if Thor 3 and Justice League can beat this.... By the way, will Jumanji have a Chinese release?
  6. And Avatar 2 is very unlikely to beat Avatar's numbers anyway.
  7. Pretty cool initiative
  8. I'm a Pixar fan but I must admit this Coco seems pretty uninspired...but still it's Pixar and it's about Mexican culture, something that should be more seen so I'll watch it
  9. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    I agree, I see a potential close to Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy, by then it will benefit from bigger markets by the way and probably better exchange rates (they strongly improved in Europe apart from UK and in Latin America)
  10. I'm really, really skeptical about this movie, there is a lack of something in the trailers but I can't find what....I love comicbook movies and I was really satisfied when it comes to Man of Steel and Wonder Woman but this time the excitement is not there and it's sad because that should be the case!
  11. I'm much more excited about this movie than Justice League and on an equal footing with Thor 3, surprising given I love comicbook movies but I loved the trailers and I'm really skeptical about JL
  12. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I see, it's both funny and sad
  13. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I'm confused : first we got Pikachu reactions and now it's avatars instead.
  14. Sorry about not being very active these days, I have other priorities but don't worry I don't forget this thread, that's why I still post

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