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  1. I was waiting for the box office to get back to normal before starting to update the Brazil box office thread again, it's also the reason why I was still on BOT. Unfortunately it's gonna work differently: box office is gonna take time to recover from Covid and even before Covid it was stagnating due to poor economy and terrible exchange rates and it's been like that for years. Between that and the fact streaming is gonna impact the growth of moviegoing it's likely the Brazilian box office will never reach the potential that was expected of it 10 years again when it had a crazy grow
  2. Or maybe Ms Marvel will have a 2-episode first week and 2-episode last week so 1 month would be enough. I know, it looks preposterous but anything can happen. You also can take into account that Marvel might not see WHAT IF the same way as live-action series and might be okay with starting Ms Marvel before the end of WHAT IF.... So yes, maybe it'll start at the very end of 2021 but it's too early to laugh.
  3. What an episode! What a series! Best Disney+ series so far and it'll be very hard to beat, I just saw it and I'm shocked, it was intense all the way! It's gonna have more influence on the MCU than the movie ever had, the beginning of something glorious.
  4. I don't think Disney will buy them, they're still digesting Fox.
  5. These measures are there to prevent a complete shutdown of theaters down the road, it's a good thing on the long run. Besides, as the number of vaccinated will grow fast, the number of potential viewers will increase too.
  6. 2 weeks. Black Widow will probably be much higher with PA next Sunday but not sure Disney will update.
  7. 2 million households is a huge success for Premiere Access, I know many of you are worried about theaters and all and are disappointed it's doing that well but it's how it is. Don't worry, PA will end with Jungle Cruise anyway, it was an experience for the future in order to see the reactions from consumers, they got all the data they needed for a long term strategy. Thankfully people on Twitter are way more realistic about it, they're shocked to see PA doing so well. You'll be ok BOT, I promise, no need for twisting facts.
  8. Which is even better! By the way, it's nice to talk about the absence of China but $60m is what Disney would get from China with a gross of $240m OW so PA is like they added one China to their market so it's really good!
  9. This forum went from "who wants to pay $30 for PA?" to "Only 2 million paid for PA in 3 days" Make up your mind people! I know many of you will twist facts as much as they can in order for them to fit your views but it's starting to be visible, be coherent guys ^^"
  10. Disney gave PA numbers?? $60m in 3 days is very impressive for PA, even more so for Disney as they keep all the money! It was definitely worth it for them, they might get more than $100m from it in the end.
  11. I traumatized poor Porthos today lol Anyway, for me a filler is basically an episode going sideways, not following the main plot. In that case an episode not being about Crosshair or people wanting to capture Omega. You'll probably tell me that the term filler is terrible here because these episodes not following the main plot still delve into the personalities of the main cast (and particularly Omega improving as a character) or doing some important world building that might be important in the grand scheme of things or future seasons. I don't disagreee with that notio
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