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  1. If the brazilian election leads to extremists taking over then expect the ER to be even more terrible, at levels never seen before. If it happens the late months of the year movies such as Venom/Aquaman/Ralph2..etc..to atrociously suffer in USD. Let's hope for the best
  2. Of course you're excited about that one Napo ^^ I think DC will try to make a high quality movie to be sure the audience comes back to DC movies.
  3. I don't know, it's just this ER that is so depressing Such a wasted potential...
  4. Excellent number for incredibles 2, considering the ER, the World Cup, Ant-Man 2 and HT3! It's close to R$100m now, it can it, that would 4x what the 1st movie has done
  5. It was expected to be honest... PS: It's off-topic but I couldn't resist sharing this with you because it made me laugh so much! xD
  6. Even staying flat wouldn't surprise me now that brazil is out of the WC and that there's no Latin American country in the finale. Plus, the France - Croatia match will be pretty late.
  7. Well, I do my best Yeah, dailies are fun to follow so it's a bit boring..now they only do for really big movies such as Avengers and Star Wars.
  8. PS: @pepsa We recently talked about anxiety crisis here, well I can say I didn't need months or years, it's almost gone. Strong will and fast reaction do wonders ^^
  9. Sounds unusual to cancel movies in Brazil, I guess the 1st one did really bad for them to do that.
  10. To be fair I imagined something close to that for Ant-Man 2, some of you certainly remember about it ^^ Yes, superheroes do well in Brazil but this one is probably the least known of all the MCU characters.
  11. First, welcome to the forums dear Bruno from Brazil Second: it's hard to evaluate its performance because the economy/election/exchange erate/World Cup are messing with the usual box office..given the circumstances I'd say it's doing pretty well, it's ok.

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