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  1. OK, fair enough Saying the rest of the world is racist when the US elected Trump, it's.... LOL
  2. Pretty much, I was excited about seeing Avatar thanks to 3D and great CGI but the rest was pretty basic and it was 8 years ago, I don't care much about it now...People expecting records for Avatar 2 could be VERY disappointed, the hype is pretty limited. The sequel should've come several years ago, the hype faded...or at least I feel that way.
  3. I'm interested in A Wrinkle In Time because I see it as a welcoming break from the usual movies/blockbusters we have most of the time, it could be a trump card somehow.
  4. Well, we'll disagree here. You can have all the great marketing you want these days but if quality isn't there then the movie isn't leggy, marketing is great for a strong start but quality is important if you want your movie to hold well after the OW. Quality can also be a factor to have a breakthrough in markets that could be hostile/indifferent to your product.
  5. Now It's even more likely for The Avengers Infinity War to break records, I just can't wait
  6. Black Panther didn't just gross more than I expected DOM, it completely went beyond my most optimistic expectations in OS markets, that's incredible. It also shows that a black cast is not an issue in today's world if quality and good marketing are there Great job T'Challa
  7. Brazil reached $3.8m on Friday! Meaning it grossed $1.9m on Thursday AND Friday, strong hold! I expect the OW to be between $9.5m-$10.5m For an origin movie facing such a bad ER it's really good

    The Taiwan number is definitely very impressive, this market is much smaller than Brazil after all.
  9. $188m OW for Black Panther? Wow that's really impressive for a first movie, I can't even imagine how big Avengers IW is going to be
  10. $10m OW or so, and with the terrible ER we have now (worse than last year) it'd be fantastic!

    This Brazilian OD is definitely great
  12. Brazil Military Takes Control of Rio de Janeiro’s Security https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-16/brazil-military-takes-control-of-rio-de-janeiro-public-security I know it's off-thread but I can't stop being amazed at the situation in Brazil when it comes to security I learned last year that Brazil had more murders than the USA, Europe, Canada, China, Russia and Japan combined but still..now this?
  13. Official France Box Office Thread

    That's pretty much the Marvel average. At least it's not underperforming

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