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  1. I'm French and didn't go back to theaters yet (no interesting release, waiting for Mulan) but you know there's nothing wrong if rules about social distancing and wearing masks are respected. The transmission rate is at its lowest right now in France almost 2 months after reopening so if it's done well..why not?
  2. Even if they reopen ,what will they even watch? In France people aren't exactly very excited by what's available ^^"
  3. They should delay it, particularly when you see how bad it is in the US and Brazil. I really want to see it but I don't want it to bomb either. Can't they just release on DVD/Blu-Ray right away and then Disney+ and then an expanded version in theaters next year with all new scenes?
  4. Nah, I shouldn't have been provocative so I edit it. Just happy things are getting better, at least in Europe and Asia.
  5. People tend to be overdramatic lol. Berlin is a city with a strong density, being higher than 5 US states isn't particularly surprising. That reminds me of these newspapers saying the situation is extremely serious in China because they found 100 cases in Beijing (in a country of 1.4 billion people) ^_^"
  6. I'm not Brazilian so I'm really not sure, some states seem to be in lockdown but others aren't and many don't seem to abide by the lockdown. Even if they are open there wouldn't be much to show apart from older movies ^^"
  7. The launch in Europe was a huge success, you lost your mind...Here in France it was a big event on April 7. What's with the ignorant hot takes these days?
  8. I always had the best predictions though xD
  9. That's crazy to think a thread without any post in 1 month and a half was just in the middle of Page 1 of this forum lol In France theaters reopen on June 22 so now I'm starting to wonder what will happen in Brazil as this country is the new epicenter of the pandemics and seems to be in a catastrophic situation....The dream of a strong Brazilian BO market seems pretty far now, I hope it'll get better.
  10. Theaters will reopen on June 22 in France, I thought it'd be a pleasant info for the forum. :) And given I'm here writing something let's add that after 18 days of reopening the number of cases didn't increase in France: the number of deaths, cases..etc..is still decreasing. It might be too early to rejoice but it shows a good plan and dedication can work. As for me I didn't change my behavior from the lockdown days: social distanciation, wearing a mask where there are people (downtown, shops...) but at the same time I mostly go where there aren't many people in order to walk without having to wear a mask (because it's pretty uncomfortable). And now I'm ready to play Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, available on May 29th and I waited this for a very long time so have fun and let's make predictions once again in the future after normalcy is back :)
  11. I'm honestly done with the virus, it's still there but where I live it's declining and we'll have to live with it till a vaccine happens, I think it's doable. The next focus for me will be the economy! Anyway, I realized that with the Box Office being dead for the year I have no real reason to be here anymore, even if they try to release movies the numbers will be so small...Besides, all this negativity isn't healthy for me. So see you in 2021
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