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  1. Apart from superheroes if there's something Brazilians particularly love it's really horror movies, even if it's inflated that's not surprising to see The Nun doing well
  2. For now the ER is stable, at 4.06 but it doesn't take Lula's non-candidacy into account given trading wasn't happening this weekend. Oh and other consequences of economic hardships during the night:
  3. I've been busy lately but I don't forget the thread. I'm watching...Lula not being allowed to be a candidate because he's in jail is an interesting development, to say the least..
  4. While I don't watch movies based on RT, just my guts, I still think it's a good idea to have a more diverse pool of reviewers who are more representative of our digital era.
  5. There's a telling about Brazil, it's "Always the Country of the Future" in a sense Brazil always disappoints and never reach its potential, so it's always "a great future ahead" but never a great present. In a sense it's pretty true.. This article from the New York Times in 1995 tells everything in a fantastic way, even 23 years after it sounds like it was written today! https://www.nytimes.com/1995/07/23/books/always-the-country-of-the-future.html Brazil has a special resonance for American visitors. Both countries are continental in size and attitude, both were slave societies, both are immigrant nations and both celebrate their frontier origins while suffering from an absence of historical memory. But where self-absorption in the United States leads to superpatriotism, navel-gazing in Brazil ends in disillusionment. Brazilians tend to such distrust of their own national ability that they accept as fact the oft-related story that Charles de Gaulle once stated disdainfully, "Brazil is not a serious country." As Mr. Page points out, de Gaulle never uttered the phrase, yet there is something so perversely self-doubting in the Brazilian spirit that it perpetuates the fiction.
  6. And when you see The Incredibles 2 it's clear it could also be a new huge market for Disney/Pixar animated movies in the future Let's just hope this future is not too far away...
  7. The exchange rate issue is really frustrating, when I think Infinity War would be around $120m with a "normal" exchange rate it's heartbreaking for someone who love to follow the box office, such wasted potential. And Brazil's problems are likely to last for many years so I don't know how much time the box office is gonna be held back...
  8. OMG 4.05! I didn't check in a while but that's absolutely atrocious, it's now the worst level of the century along with December 2015/January 2016! That's ridiculous
  9. BIGGEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME IN LOCAL CURRENCY (AS OF JUNE 2018) THE AVENGERS INFINITY WAR: R$235m The Avengers 2 : R$146m Captain America Civil War : R$143m Fast&Furious 7 : R$142m The Incredibles 2: R$140.3m Fast&Furious 8 : R$132.7m Batman vs Superman : R$132.6m Beauty and the Beast 2017 : R$130.2m The Avengers : R$129.6m Despicable Me 3 : R$127m Justice League : R$124.5m Minha Mãe É Uma Peça 2 - O Filme : R$124.2m Minions : R$120m Black panther: R$118.4m Suicide Squad : R$118m Os Dez Mandamentos - O Filme : R$116m Finding Dory : R$113.5m Star Wars The Force Awakens : R$109m Wonder Woman : R$109m Tropa de Elite 2 : R$103m Avatar : R$102m Spider-Man Homecoming : R$102m Twilight BD2 : R$101m Thor Ragnarok : R$99.9m I added The Incredibles 2, how incredible
  10. THE INCREDIBLES 2 REACHED R$140.3m in local currency, completely crushing the previous record for an animated movie (Despicable Me 3), when you think Disney/Pixar animated movies weren't very popular until a few years ago while Dreamworks was completely dominating! Ooooh, how everything changed so fast in this market!
  11. How important Brazil is for Hollywood movies (in USD)? Let's see this with the global ranks.Brazil is,for now,the 10th biggest BO market,so anything between the 10th and 7th was more or less in sync with the size of the market. Anything beyond 7th overperformed. PS: This is only a comparison with other overseas markets, North America is not taken into accoutn here. OVERPERFORMING MOVIES -Rio: 1st,Brazil was its biggest market -The Fault in our Stars : 1st -Rio 2 : Brazil = 2nd biggest market behind China -Justice league: 2nd, behind China -Wonder Woman: 2nd, behind China -Twilight BD2 : 2nd,behind UK -Furious 8 : 2nd -The Avengers : 3rd market,behind China and UK. -The Incredibles 2 : 4th -The Avengers Infinity War : 4th -Captain America Civil War: 4th -Black Panther: 4th -Beauty and the Beast 2017 : 4th -Iron Man 3 : 4th biggest -Captain America 2 : 4th biggest -X-Men DOFP : 4th -Ice Age 3 : 4th -Thor Ragnarok: 4th -Spider-Man Homecoming: 4th -Shrek 4 : 4th -Wreck-It Ralph : 4th -Furious 7 : 4th -The Avengers 2 : 5th -The Amazing Spiderman : 5th biggest -Finding Dory -Moana : 5th -Tangled : 5th -Despicable Me 3 : 6th -Ice Age 4 : 6th -Madagascar 3 : 6th IN LINE WITH THE CURRENT SIZE OF THE MARKET -Star Wars The Last Jedi: 8th -Guardians of the Galaxy 2: 7th -Star Wars The Force Awakens : 8th -Rogue One : 8th -The Hobbit 2 : 10th UNDERPERFORMING MOVIES -Frozen : 11th -Avatar : 11th -Transformers 3 : 11th I added The Incredibles 2
  12. Yep, Brazil being a huge market for comicbook movies it's important to have it the same week than the US to help the global OW to be as big as possible!

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