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  1. Previous films were bad, perceived as a dead franchise. Mexican and woman leads Is a decent action movie with some humour and lots of fan service.
  2. Obviously not as good as 1 and 2 but it was a good watch. Quite a few cool moments and an all round great action movie. Loads of winks to the audience which was full memberberries like TFA or something. My favourite line. "my whole bodies a weapon" followed by the smirk I saving it for the ladies
  3. That's just your opinion deecee Famous directors calling marvel disgraceful is a fact of life
  4. lorddex I think you'll enjoy life more if you won't so fcoused on American social polictics. ou
  5. I can pronouce all those titles RealLyre, you need to become patrician like me and you're far off.
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