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  1. just pumped out a list of 120 animated films ive seen.. let me order them but I refuse to post films I thought were average or bad so expect about 50 from me.
  2. Yeah I would be wondering why THR would be so disrespectful to list a god among humans.
  3. Where's the logic in this list? What criteria did they use? I don't really understand what this is actually a list of.
  4. Ok I'll do this when I'm back.. Spirited Away will be #1 that's for sure
  5. Kevin maybe in charge of mediocre cinematic universe but at least he respects big man Jim
  6. you're overcooking this big time.. 5 pages in the last month?? I'll tag you in the news posts if you want 😂
  7. the Jims will have also discovered and conquered an uncharted trench 3x deeper than challenger deep
  8. that trailer was pretty poor, what did the marvel fans think of it?

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