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  1. The problem Maximum Avery is from within, within yourself. What you deem right and wrong is so detatched from reality that you believe any backlash against the Disney's perfect MCU is heracy. I'm not a bad person and I'm not doing bad things, you are not worthy of judging me.
  2. People really lack respect for Jim on a box office site of all places
  3. No it wasn't. Alita did ok but it didn't breakout... the billie was the breakout scenario (which is super hard a new IP) Avatar 2 is different, I know Jim is aiming for over 3 billies (fact) so if he fails to make it's going to be a failure for him. However if Jim were to fail that's like the best achievement of a normal directors life... When you're so much better than everyone failing for yourself is a success for others, not a hard concept to grasp.
  4. The thing is I am perfect, right and 2.8b would be a failure.
  5. cdsacken you said Endgame was locked to beat Avatar. I'm going to assume you have basic box office knowledge so this can only mean you're detatched from reality... thus your opinion invalid.
  6. Good god that's some terrible taste. It's hilarious because those films are all awful bar Titanic and Avatar.
  7. quality of the film wasn't what I was going for, moreso the auteurs vision of dreaming with your eyes wide open vs a studio manufactuared product does nothing to push cinema forward
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