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  1. Do you not have the links? I only know English sites
  2. because the time is up? This is what I mean though, China is just far too unpredictable. All I can really say is Avatar 2 will make amazing money within the constraints given. Trying to put a number on it is pointless.
  3. The same happened in the west at Christmas, december was a dead month for blockbusters until Avatar
  4. Not bad. Always amazes me how Avatar made $200m in early 2009-2010. I honestly feel as though Avatar 2 will be the first film to break $1b in a single market and it will be China (so long as no interference).
  5. Serious question. If the re-release makes more in the second week than the first, will it still get canned? It seems a shame because the sky would be the limit at that point.
  6. I get what you're saying but the only example of this in the last 20 years is really Avatar. So actually its much easier to point at franchise films and go this is the way to make the most money, what you're saying is pure speculation. It may or may not be remastered, it hasn't been confirmed offcially. I think a remaster will do a better job of hitting audiences with the sense of amazement they experienced with the original film, as the 2009 visuals in Avatar aren't leaps and bounds above everything else in 2021. Seems we disagree on how much a global re-release of Avat
  7. Yeah honestly its so much harder for a franchise film to make money man, its a miracle that the few franchise films released even make their budget back. By the way if everyone here didn't know Avatar is very likely to get a remastered release, when it gets a true global rerelease I'm fully expecting TItanic tier release numbers. Also note I can source things I say. https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1511956871 - “Obviously the Avatar films will be as well, and in fact, we’re also going to do a conversion of Avatar to HDR. We’ll re-release tha
  8. its irratating because I predicted over $3b so many times so confidently but I cant say how comfortable people will be with others in public places in Dec 2022. I can say for sure it will smash everything around it and help revive cinema but i cant say 3 billies with a straight face until cinemas back
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