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  1. Marvel makes burgers, DC makes burgers but their brand has a theme! Burgers for adults It's all trailer trash
  2. Love how people are beginning to doubt the avatar 2 billies, I guess we got Alita and Terminator to thank for that. Now I just need to think of I way to make money of my billie visions... maybe bet against some rich person?
  3. the double billie dom and china inbound, trust
  4. If avatar was 2020 the 5 billies would be jarring to look at
  5. I mean you waited until the ship is already fully submerged to abandon it but welcome
  6. Been telling you guys this for years. Disney is really the worst. Also Jim confirmed the re-release you suckerss are screwed! 2023 will look like this. 1. Avatar 3 2. Avatar 2 3. Avatar 4. Endgame
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