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  1. If cinemas aren't at full capacity they won't release!
  2. I think the most important question is will the 2nd highest grossing film of 2021 be able to make 0.25A2?
  3. All part of Jim's master plan Dec 2021 be ready
  4. Just put me through as Jim's 7 films in order of gross then 93 arthouse films of your pick thank you
  5. Try Avatar 2. Isn't Avatar's 2010 jan equiv of 200m in China like atleast a billie today?
  6. untouchable? In what regard? In Quality? lol In Box Office? A rounding error
  7. I'm no longer worried and have learned a new term! My trip to BOT today was worthwhile afterall.
  8. drag them where, why do you want to drag them i'm getting serial killer vibes here
  9. If it's a top 50 list I would hope to see it appear on more, I mean I'm struggling to even think of 50 historical films
  10. my area (km^2) is in the top percentile for outbreaks per capita in the UK wish me luck
  11. breaking news.. mouse only cares about money https://www.sgvtribune.com/2020/04/20/disney-to-stop-paying-half-its-workforce-but-is-still-on-track-to-deliver-1-5-billion-dividend/
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