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  1. James Cameron almost started the western comic book scourge himself with Spiderman and is about to do the same for manga.
  2. https://screenrant.com/alita-battle-angel-sdcc-figure-reveal/ I need this.
  3. IronJimbo

    2018 Comic-Con Thread

    Pretty sure you'll get to see a few scenes from the movie, the first trailer (other one was a teaser) is debuting on Monday so you might get to see that before everyone else too.
  4. Just going to preface with Avatar's and Titanic 7.8 imdb scores which have a ridiculous amount of 1 scores from haters. I don't think Alita will gather haters because it won't be a Cameron gigabuster. Right now I am thinking high 7, It will be too grounded with emotion for a high score. It seems only a few hundred films in history have scored a 8/10 on imdb
  5. IMBD SCORES ADDED These are some hated films
  6. Comic book movies are on the decline are getting stale. Don't worry... leave it to me.
  7. IronJimbo

    2018 Comic-Con Thread

    another one for the ChipMunky cringe compilation.
  8. IronJimbo

    2018 Comic-Con Thread

  9. It's lazy to me however you want to frame it. An extra fucked up? You shoot the scene again.
  10. No one wins. It's crazy to me how a big name director like Nolan could let so many things like that slide in one film. Guess they can't all be Jim.

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