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  1. These are interesting numbers! What about activity of those members? Correct me if I'm wrong @JamesCameronScholar but it seems like you were pointing out the total activity/posts happening, rather than the unique people who made a single or more 'impression' (potentially not even posting!). I know I'll appear the same this month as I did last year using these metrics, but the reality is I was far more active last year. Just using the eye-test the number of posts seems way down and the front page seems slow. I reckon it will all pick up though! : ) When big tent pole blockbusters are back and A2 saves cinema (literally).
  2. feel like quitting would be a scary decision right now, dole center won't send you cash if you quit you have to be made redunant or fired. Just hold in there for until next year I would say
  3. my first meetings at 9.30 every morning, im meant to login a 8.30 and work but sometimes i get a lil extra sleep in if I need it. Haven't heard any complaints yet
  4. this is a benefit of covid tbh, no commute so no morning alarms. small victories where you can find them
  5. Bladerunner was meant to be 2parts aswell, it hurts that I didn't get to see deni's full vision
  6. The first hour and a half felt like Nolan was shaking me and screaming in my ear, I couldn't really make out or understand what anyone was saying and it was constant high octane stuff (may watch subtitled viewing for next Nolan film). Seriously there was basically no down time for so long. Though I can't help but think it was meant to be this way when it started to make more sense towards the latter half... it was strangely enjoyable watching it all start to make sense and after being disortiented for so long. Favourite scene was probably the reverse airport scene was cool to see it, entire film felt like a setup for that scene. Then after that... a classic Nolan NONSENSE massing of multiple extras doing some bullshit in a weirdass place, felt very Dark Knight Rises in those ruins at the end. Overall the actions sequences are mediocre and shot poorly, but with cool concepts so everyone seems to give them a pass. Or maybe the standard is so low in Hollywood it's hard to tell. I liked Robert Pattisons character he was a cool guy, the protagonist was decent. Also Elizabeth Debicki was good, she's fit guys. I gave it a C+. It was entertaining and I glad I watched it but it still was nonsense, Jim wouldn't be caught dead making a film like this. Actually thinking about it, it's kinda of disgraceful people think he's a better director. It's ok to prefer someone, but to take an objective look and claim Nolan has a better grasp on filmmaking. Lol
  7. If cinemas aren't at full capacity they won't release!
  8. I think the most important question is will the 2nd highest grossing film of 2021 be able to make 0.25A2?
  9. All part of Jim's master plan Dec 2021 be ready
  10. Just put me through as Jim's 7 films in order of gross then 93 arthouse films of your pick thank you
  11. something like that was always going happen kjsooner or later
  12. Try Avatar 2. Isn't Avatar's 2010 jan equiv of 200m in China like atleast a billie today?
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