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  1. Avengers:FG definetly isn't more impressive, I find it annoying that you would think otherwise if I'm being honest. Ask the non-fanboys and you'll get your true answer JOHN
  2. The HxH manga will just make you sadder, it's perfect but unfinished. The author has back issues and Haitus x Haitus is the meme of the day for the last 5 years. For jojo subbed 1080p, I watched it on crunchyroll because I had an account at the time. Dubs in general are really bad, only a few exceptions (yu yu hakusho being one). Jojo is easy in regard to fan edits and stuff, it's a 1:1 adaption of the manga just like hunter x hunter. Just start at Part 1 episode one and make your way to the end of part 5. Then switch to the coloured manga.
  3. read it instead, then watch your favourite moments on youtube
  4. I've read all of One Piece, it's great. I meant for things like One Piece/ Naruto I would only ever read them (and have). Naruto was good but peaked about 1/3rd of the way through and got a bit stale. One Piece has loads of great moments and has big heart but for me it's just not as special as HxH or Jojo. The ones I think are generic/not special (esstentially the MCU of battle manga). Hero Acad Fairy Tale Blue Exorcist Soul Eater Food Wars Magi The sort of ones which are popular at the time but are forgotten because they lacked something special or were just flat out generic. Sorta like the MCU again.
  5. There are a few super popular shows which simply are not that special, heroe academy being one. I wouldn't dare touch the 900 episode shows with filler as it's better to read them anyway The best are.. Hunter x Hunter JoJo Yu yYu hakusho Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  6. @Pure Spirit Jojo's sub is really good so just watch that. Jojo has over the top style and that's it's charm, aswell as the battles being intricate. It's just really damn cool. It just keeps getting better, it currently has 8 parts. Some parts are slow burners compared to others but all of them are great in their own right, they find ways to change it up and keep the series fresh.
  7. I mean I've seen him belittling but he's punching down I've got to say. Rich man and a Jim fan, it is kinda confusing they're called staff when they do it for free!
  8. I'll be banned from the cinema for shitting my pants with my mouth wide open so I won't get to experience this
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