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  1. untouchable? In what regard? In Quality? lol In Box Office? A rounding error
  2. I'm no longer worried and have learned a new term! My trip to BOT today was worthwhile afterall.
  3. drag them where, why do you want to drag them i'm getting serial killer vibes here
  4. If it's a top 50 list I would hope to see it appear on more, I mean I'm struggling to even think of 50 historical films
  5. breaking news.. mouse only cares about money https://www.sgvtribune.com/2020/04/20/disney-to-stop-paying-half-its-workforce-but-is-still-on-track-to-deliver-1-5-billion-dividend/
  6. We could be looking at 10 billies if the ecomony stays on it's current projectory
  7. Marvel makes burgers, DC makes burgers but their brand has a theme! Burgers for adults It's all trailer trash
  8. Love how people are beginning to doubt the avatar 2 billies, I guess we got Alita and Terminator to thank for that. Now I just need to think of I way to make money of my billie visions... maybe bet against some rich person?
  9. the double billie dom and china inbound, trust
  10. If avatar was 2020 the 5 billies would be jarring to look at
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