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  1. Yes. Hopefully people go and watch a good film the amount it deserves.
  2. It says Avengers official trailer in the title
  3. OG Avengers go to space to get a magical glove that brings friends back to life.
  4. 4 Billie's is the low end of predictions
  5. That's why they dominate the franchise division of the box office (3rd place to 100th)? No other reasons?
  6. Franchise films like this usually made like 80% their money before the third weekend. Say Pika Pika slows down endgame by 25% (VERY HIGH), then it's still going to make 95% of what it would have made.
  7. I mean the Avatar 2 thread will probably be on 3000 pages before it's released.
  8. Great club @shayhiri I feel as though this is uncharted waters. I think Endgame will fall within 10% of IW but I'm not sure which way. I hope you're right Shay but as a pessimist I may have to go with out. Don't put me down either way for now I'll do some thinking.
  9. By the way Jim is the crazy exception to all of this because he wants to save the planet. I'm not joking he takes environmentalism very seriously and will put the message out there with the sequels and use the money to fund environmentist projects. It's ironic that Jim is the closest thing we have to a superhero.
  10. You're right of course. All directors loved films before they became a director. Problem with new Star Wars is that lots of decisions aren't being made by these people. I'm not a mindreader like lots of the posters on this site but you don't have to be to see decisions made by greed.

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