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  1. From official RDJ fan club on Weibo: A chartered plane was supposed to take off at 11am yesterday from Shanghai departing for Seoul to pick him up. The plane kept delayed and delayed until 6pm when airport officials announced that RDJ will instead catch Korean airline to Shanghai. I supposed he had had it with the delay and caught a flight back to US. (This part is my guessing)
  2. From Alibaba app all in RMB million 23th Midnight: 97.5 (29224) 24th: 118.8 (154112) 25th: 32.4 (109567) 26th: 41.8 (101641) 27th: 51.8 (92235) 28th: 13.8 (76805) Total presales: 371
  3. @joshrogin Oh dear they made a mistake. Should be The Eternal Capital of Israel!

  4. @dashtalksmovies In 20 years Chinese GDP would be at least twice that of US in PPP terms. knowing English might mak… https://t.co/BKEsfHkpWt

  5. @taylorcava @FONZNationalZoo @tiantianpanda97 @houseofcubs oh dear how could a panda has such soulful looking eyes! Thanks for sharing.

  6. @realDonaldTrump Nobel peace prize for POTUS @realDonaldTrump locked for 2018. Who would have thought a non politic… https://t.co/zKZy6hWhDu

  7. RT @taylorcava: Stopped to see the Bei Bei today. @FONZNationalZoo #snowday https://t.co/oyNwcSSzRb

  8. @jimsciutto @PandaChronicle Unelected? FYI CCP has 89 million members.

  9. RT @Ai_Mei_Panda: Will my BFF Bei Bei Panda @houseofcubs be in a tree ready for a nap when I see him this morning? https://t.co/G6LrMNIAHd

  10. RT @TaskandPurpose: A JROTC Freshman Sacrificed Himself To Help Classmates Escape During Florida Shooting https://t.co/JtnmfCDIdJ https://t…

  11. RT @SaysHummingbird: 15-year old Peter Wang was a hero. Before he was killed, he bravely held doors open so that his classmates could esca…

  12. RT @JimLaPorta: Cadet Pvt. Peter Wang https://t.co/UAflxVlqNb

  13. RT @taylorcava: Nap time for Bei Bei. Zzzzz https://t.co/grNUeX0b0v

  14. RT @ChinaDailyUSA: Look familiar? A huge dog sculpture sporting US President Donald Trump's hairdo and gesture is seen outside a shopping m…

  15. RT @Ai_Mei_Panda: The Bei knows Santa is on the way, right @houseofcubs? https://t.co/LzwYPMaTBG

  16. RT @mrichon1: We are headed to @FONZNationalZoo in a few minutes. Any chance we can sneak up on Bei Bei Panda @houseofcubs? https://t.co/LR…

  17. RT @CincinnatiZoo: Retweet if you want to see Fiona on the cover of @TIME! #TeamFiona (via Rosemary Mosco & Lisa Hubbard) https://t.co/seum…

  18. #VoiceTop10. Oiii. #VoiceSaveJanice

  19. RT @realDonaldTrump: Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Re…

  20. RT @Ai_Mei_Panda: Do not try this at home, right Bei Bei Panda @houseofcubs? https://t.co/rZxuvJwAd7

  21. RT @oliviaratinaud: Trop beau ... les yeux très coquins #MiniYuanZi 😍🐼🐼 Merci pour toutes les photos magnifiques de notre petite star nati…

  22. RT @zoobeauval: Bonne soirée ! :) #MiniYuanZi https://t.co/nA0uBqeqpw

  23. RT @France2tv: Les aventures médicales (et émouvantes !) des vétérinaires du @zoobeauval sont à (re)voir ici : https://t.co/NA7nzG6uDo #ADM…

  24. @zoobeauval so precious! Thanks for sharing.

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