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  1. Foot Update! Saw the doctor today. She gave me a smaller boot and gave me permission to walk! If I walk a lot I have to use my bigger boot and crutches to help. I am to listen to pain. If I have pain I must stop walking and switch boots. I was even given permission to wear my tennis shoes, but with the swelling I probably won’t do that. My sandals are nice and supportive so I may try those. we leave tomorrow and I have a wheelchair at the airports, so all in all today’s visit was good news. The bad news? I walked around the house getting ready to pack for about a hour and am now icing because of severe swelling. Ice bag is going on vacation with us!
  2. I have asked for premier day off, just want my shot to buy tickets. I remember last time it was crazy and we were home, so I could imagine trying to do it from the middle of the ocean. October 21 is perfect for us!
  3. Foot Update: this is a short one, real update will come tomorrow. Tried walking today. No crutches, no boot. Now trying to decide what meds to take for pain. It immediately swelled and is very painful. Remember, we leave for vacation Friday.
  4. I don’t write half the time. I just read till something spikes my interest.
  5. Here’s hoping for a new trailer on Monday with tickets going on sale Wednesday. We will be in the middle of the ocean on the 14th so I am hoping that’s not the week.
  6. Foot update: physical therapy sucks. It is very painful. I do the exercises too much because I want to walk again and be able to walk on the 10th. We leave for vacation on the 11th and if I am still on crutches it will suck. I am ready to something at work besides sit on my ass all day. I know this pain is part of healing, and I have not taken meds for it so that is something. Dry skin is gone and my foot looks much better now. But it looks as painful as it is now. I will never taking waking, driving, getting my own beer, or going up stairs for granted again.
  7. Foot update: saw the doctor again today and said goodbye to my pretty purple cast. I have graduated to a boot but still non weight bearing. I see her again in two weeks, the day before we leave for our cruise to Bermuda and our nyc trip. I fear I will be wearing a boot while on vacation, but hopefully in two weeks I can walk. i am also starting physical therapy tomorrow. Hopefully moving it will reduce the swelling. The bottom of my foot is now about 3/4 of inch bigger than normal due to swelling. Top of my foot is very swollen still. I did not expect that 6 weeks post op. For pictures of my foot go to chat.
  8. Same with Sanders on the Broncos. If he had caught the first ball thrown it would have been a touchdown. Second ball would have been a first down. When you are always double covered you have to be ready in single coverage. Emanuel wasn’t ready today.
  9. Foot update: for those who read these updates I was finally able to post a picture on our chat, so head over to telegram, join the chat and finally see the reason my foot is still so painful.
  10. Omg first day back at work, in a cast, but no ice or elevation equals a lot of pain. I took an actual pain pill, but not as strong as dilauded. Hoping to knock the pain out, and I am iced and elevated. I did not expect my foots reaction to work! They were very happy to have me back though.
  11. Foot update: today I got my cast off, and my stitches out. Foot is horribly swollen still and it has been 4 weeks since surgery. Found out I have at least two, but probably 4 weeks off my foot. So, they put me back in another beautiful purple cast. This time me foot is at 90 degrees so I can put it down when needed. Bad news is my toes are out. If I hit them it is really going to hurt. I don’t like not having protection for my toes!
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